Unexpected You Cast on Happy Together Season 3 (Full/Eng Sub)

After relentless searching for eng subs, I finally found a website!!

  • Jo Yoon Hee as Bang Yi Sook (YS)
  • Oh Yeon Seo as Bang Mal Sook (MS)
  • Lee Hee Joon as Chun Jae Young (JY)
  • Kang Minhyuk as Cha Se Kwang (SK)
  • Yang Hee Kyung as Aunt Soon Ae

LINK: http://kshowenglishsub.blogspot.com/2012/07/happy-together-ep252.html


Unexpected You Episode 43 Spoilers

we finally get a kiss btw YS and JY!! ok so, i don’t mean to sound like a total freak, but I have been waiting for this moment from the first scene YS and JY had together. yup, the one where she hit him with a trash bag, causing him to bleed on this forehead lol. I just knew these two will be the cutest things ever. did I mention how much I love JY for directly asking her, and understanding her answer, even through her silence!

some Spoiler pictures!!

JY: were you jealous?
YS: no!!!….people do that if they like someone.
JY: then do you like me?
YS: that’s nonsense

YS’s silence answers his question, putting a big grin on his face as he watches her swing. 😀

suddenly JY grabs the swing, surprising YS, and leans in for a kiss!! 

BEST SCENE EVER!! actually there were many other fun scenes in today’s episode, not just the JY-YS scenes. i can’t wait to recap this!

Unexpected You Episode 40 Recap

budding love 😀 I like how JY is so straight forward about liking YS, and telling her directly. I also like how YS is totally aware, of her feeling shifting more towards him, and not GH.

But the obstacles will come with an over protective brother that Terry is, and YS’s dad, who has a general dislike towards JY, who he feels doesn’t treat YS as well as she deserves to be treated. LOL look at this picture, it feels like JY is being jailed away, though he is outside. Terry seems to symbolically telling him to STAY AWAY from his sister.

SK has completely fallen into MS. Look at this face, when MS tells him about her seeing other men. :O

And lastly, the face of satisfaction. The feeling you get when you find out, the one you like, thinks just as much about you as you think about them. And they are there for you at the time of need!! 😀 ❤
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Unexpected You Episode 39 HighLights/Recap

finally, we are seeing YS’s feeling grow more and more by each episode. Their feelings are going to grow with so much alone time with just them. No GH interfering. I know this is a big skip, but i’ve been so busy this past month, so I am behind on my recaps. I think I may just add screen caps for the missed episodes. Since they are all subbed by other websites, I think recapping those episode will be just pointless. Screen caps will be more useful. I will recap the upcoming and recent episodes though. 🙂
OH GOD! He is back, and determined to get Il Sook to stop working as YB’s manager. GGRRRRR. he has nothing better to do. I almost pity Min Ji for having such a father. I wonder how she will look at him as she ages. What he did was so unforgivable, he isnt worth it.

Unexpected You Episode 24 HighLights/Recap

  • The mom is driving and YH is there too. A car almost hits them, the guy in the car opens his window and says bad things to the mom. YH gets defensive and shouts at him for saying that to the mom, she even says she will report him to the police for being rude. They reach home, and YH says they will go again tomorrow, and the mom says its ok, she doesn’t need lessons anymore, and goes in. YH wonders what happened? LOL
  • The mom tells halmoni the whole thing, and she says she forgot YH was aggressive, since she’s been so nice ever since she found out she was their daughter in law.
  • Terry and the dad are hiking, they see a small hole, and the dad covers it with soil he got. He says now that he is old, he uses a stick, and we should cover the holes for the safety of others though there may be many holes on this mountain trail, others may be covering it with soil like me. The dad starts walking, Terry looks at him almost inspired and taps the soil into the hole. The dad continues saying living apart these 30 yrs, we both have scars, and lets hope they heal themselve slowly with time. Terry smiles and says yes.
  • They have lunch, and the dad says to Terry that he loved this place when he was little. The adjumma that works there congratulates them for finally finding each other. She tells them about all the rumors that were going on when Terry went missing. One was about Yang Sil who supposedly lost him on purpose b/c she was jealous since she can’t have kids. The dad gets angry and leaves with Terry.
  • They are at the marketplace where Terry was lost. They get flounder for dinner.
  • The mom is cooking, and asks Il Sook if MS is out of her room yet? Il Sook tells her MS got dumped, and the mom is shocked, and says that guy must be great to dump MS. She goes to wake MS up, and sees that she is sick.
  • Terry and YH are over for dinner, and the mom tells him that MS is sick, Il Sook said she got dumped. She hasn’t eaten all day and yesterday, and cried, she is sick. Terry goes to check on her, and YH is secretly smiling haha, it must be karma. The mom asks if YH is glad that MS is like this, YH denies it. Il Sook also agrees with the mom saying YH does look glad, YH denies it again.
  • SK is working on a robot, and his friend comes all dressed to meet with MS. SK advices him to start as a friend who comforts her since she must be sad, and then after a while tell her about his feelings. Sk isn’t smiling at all, its obvious that secretly he doesn’t want to hand MS over to him.
  • During dinner, Terry says its better to put her in the hospital. YH is eating her food, and the mom gives her more. BJ asks the mom to pay attention to Ko Ok as well, since she is pregnant. Terry says YH is eating well, she is even sweating. The mom looks at her with her mouth open, she thinks YH is pregnant still.
  • YB is singing and palying guitar, and JH comes there and sings along. He tells YB that he could be like Lee Seung gi. YB says in 1994, he got a singer award already, he is LSG’s senior. He shows all the awards he has won, and JH is amazed. JH sees the painting that was actually his but Il Sook misunderstood and thought it was for YB. JH says it looks like me, but YB says its not.
  • The mom tells the dad that strangers are strangers. Since MS was sick, the family lost their appetite including Terry, but YH was eating like nothing happened. The dad tells her not to think like that because Il Sook was also eating like nothing happened. The mom is speechless.
  • The restaurant is closed, but GH comes to talk to YS. JY and an employee are leaving and JY is angry that GH is here at this time. He makes an excuse that he forgot something, and tells the employee to go ahead without him. LOL GH tells MS that he broke his engagement, because Hye Soo always wants it her way. He tells YS to not get him wrong, and not blame herself for their break up. He goes to wash his hands, JY comes there and tells him to stop coming here all the time, since he always comes to talk to YS instead of eating. While he is talking, GH leaves without him noticing.
  • JY goes to YS and GH, and tells YS he needs to have a meeting with her about the menu, making GH leave. JY jusst makes up some things for the “meeting” since his main goal was to make GH leave.
  • YH comes to visit MS at the hospital. She asks if she should set up a blind date for her? MS gets upset and scolds her. The mom scolds both of them.
  • At work, there is a scene the actress has to cry. She is annoyed. YH tries to convince her, and they bet that if she cries reading the sript, she will cry too. YH starts acting according to the script, and does fabulously. Everyone claps.
  • Soon Ae registered for a show for singles over 50. She is telling Bo Ae about it. They go to their dance teacher (the one soon ae has a crush on), but he doesn’t really feel sad about her joining a couples show.
  • At the hosp. MS asks Il Sook to take a pic of her looking sad in hosp clothes. Il Sook calls her crazy. MS puts it on her online profile.
  • SK’s friend ( the one that likes MS) shows him the pic. SK guesses she just wants them to visit her, and leaves.
  • Terry introduces SJ and the mom to each other. Su Ji reveals she was abandoned by her single mother, and she came to Korea to look for her. Terry walks the mom out.
  • SK’s annoying friend is at the hosp. to see MS. She is really rude to him, calling him a stalker. She already told him she doesn’t like him, why is her coming all the way here? She says she will mail back the bag her gave her, so stop bothering her. He starts crying and leaves. Il Sook scolds her for being mean. Terry and SJ come in. He introduces her. SJ brought her nail polish, pleasing MS.
  • Halmoni comes to see BJ where he works. She gives him money saying the mom gave it to him, but told her not to tell BJ that its from her. Its to congratulate him on Ko Ok’s second pregnancy. She just feels sad bc of his financial situation. BJ says that money isn’t everything, and he is happy.
  • At school, JH and Man Shik talk about his good grades this time. They shake hands on a friendly competition. Ji Young watches this and says others may think these two are talking about a fight for 1st and 2nd place. LOL
  • YH is back at hte hosp. with food for MS. SK is also at the hosp. he gets on the elevator that YH almost gets on. MS is telling Il Sook that Terry should’ve married someone like SJ. MS suddenly realizes that her room name is Bang Mal Sook, not Min Ji the one Sk knows of. She asks Il Sook to get her tag changed to Bang Min Ji. Il Sook is confused. SK sees Il Sook come out of the room, and sees the tag saying B Mal Sook, and smiles. He is about to go in when he hears YH. He panicks and hides. YH is so scary, she senses his aura. She walks towards where SK is, he runs but she is catching up. She looks in all directions but can’t see anyone so she retreats. A relieved SK comes out of his hiding spot.
  • Il Sook gets the tag changed. YH comes and gives her to food. She is touched.
  • Terry and YH are going home together from the hosp. He tells her  about how he felt when the dad took him to the place he went missing. He wondered what would’ve happened if his life was different. Terry thinks about what the adjumma from the restaurant said.
  • The mom is at Bo Ae’s boutique. They are worried about Soon Ae going on the show. She is supposed to be at the shooting for a week, but she suddenly comes back, in 2 days. She says she just didn’t like it there bc the food wasnt good. They guess no guys she liked.
  • MS is asking the counter if anyone came to visit her? She wants to go home. They pack.
  • YB is making something with his face stickers. Il Sook comes there and sees they are promotional gifts. She helps him. He thanks her. She understands how he must feel doing this, and says if he needs any help to ask her. He says he will hire her as a manager, but can’t pay her until he gets money. They call it even with him giving Min Ji piano lessons.
  • The 2 sisters are at the sauna, and the show Soon Ae was going to be on, is on tv. they watch while Soon Ae hides in a towel. On the show, Soon Ae is seen, she is given a jacket that doesn’t fit her. The ppl at the sauna laugh. Soon Ae hides her face. On the show, she is female #1, but in her introduction, no one is interested in her. Everyone eats with ppl they like at lunch, but she is alone. aww. She suddenly says she isn’t eating and walks off, but she already finished everything in the lunch box. She even ate all the food in th fridge. One man on the show says he was interested in her, and was going to tell her but she left before that. He is the same guy that Soon Ae liked. They both watch this open mouthed. This whole scene was FUNNY! She calls the writer to find out he found another girl.
  • Terry and YH are going grocery shopping. Terry gos back to get something. YH goes into the bakery to see the dad. She asks kindly, taht she wants to treat the staff the bread for their all night shoot tomorrow. 100 ppl. The dad says he will pay for it, she rejects his offer. She also suggests they get sno cones in the shop for summer to increase sales. something cold for the summer. He considers it. Terry comes and they leave. The dad smiles as he watches them.
  • Terry and YH are grocery shopping, they see the place the mom fell into labor, and had to leave Terry behind. Terry remembers it, and is overwhelmed. He remembers going to look for his mom. He remembers getting on a bus with Yang Sil. They run into Yang Sil who is sitting at the bus stop. and she is shocked seeing YH and Terry, who seems to know now.

Unexpected You Episode 18

Terry opens his secret box from childhood after finding it. He looks at the hand of the broken toy figure he found a while back, and sheds a tear and remembering his first memory from before he was lost.
YH is helping the mom in the kitchen. They wonder why Terry is so late. She is worrying and Terry finally comes back with his toy box, he forgot to buy the food supply they sent him for. Halmoni and Yang Sil come out of her room, and he shows all of them the box and about how he remembered. Yang Sil looks nervous. Halmoni is very happy saying his memories are finally coming back. Yang Sil decides to leave, making an excuse.
She goes home, and calls her husband. She asks him to come home early, she needs to tell him something. But he is busy. She cries as she tells him he is never there when she needs him. He hangs up, saying they will talk later. She cries.
Everyone back at home, is eating on the table. The dad praises YH for making good noodles, so does the mom. The mom says Il Sook’s husband really likes these noodles. Il Sook glances at YH, since she knows her secret. Il Sook changes the topic, about the mom’s birthday coming up next month. YS remembers too, she wonders it must be her 61st birthday. JH suddenly jumps in and smiles as he says “so it’s your 60th birthday”. YH breaks into laughter, while Terry, Halmoni, the dad, the mom, BJ all look at him in shock. He said something stupid again, something that doesn’t really make sense. 😀 BJ scolds him, how is it her 60th birthday? JH again says isn’t it called the 60th birthday? This time YH, Il Sook and the mom break into laughter. Min Ji corrects him. And Il Sook pats her calling her really smart. Halmoni also scolds JH for not knowing this. JH again makes his point, and even Ko Ok agrees with him, but its wrong, so BJ scolds them. The dad tells him to stop, but he tells him, he has Terry who is smart, so he doesn’t know how it feels. YH is laughing really hard, Ko Ok tells her to stop, she apologizes but her laughter is hard to control.
T and YH come home. She is still laughing. She says this was funnier than Bang Gwi Nam. Suddenly T becomes serious, why did you bring that up again? lol She tells him, its good that the mom’s birthday is near, she got her a washing machine, since hers was broken, and she didn’t really give wedding gifts to in laws after marriage. He hugs her.
YH buys a phone for halmoni as well.
The mom is taking how the trash, and see’s YH’s trash bag has things she didn’t completely use, she digs in it, and finds bills from their daily expenses, and gasps at the costs. The dad comes and asks what she is doing? She complains about YH’s trash bag, and how she didn’t use all of it. He defends YH. She whines that he supports everyone but her. She takes the trash bag, and says that it wasn’t even full, so she will fill it up.
YS is at JY’s restaurant for the interview. He comes to sit in front of her. “It’s you again”. She tells him taht YH told her to come. She is polite. He lets out a sigh, and notcies he wore shoes today, not heels. He asks if she brought the resume? He says rather than a resume interview, he is going to interview her on actual work. He makes her carry heavy goods and go other labor work, which she fits right into. JY is also surprised that she is doing so well. One of the employees keep praising her skills saying she is better than the male employees. He hires her, though he is frustrated that he has to. He tells her he believes that there are somethings a man should do and sometings a woman should do. But she is too harsh to be called a woman, last time she even hit his head with a trash bag, and she also thought him and YH were having an affair. She jumps in saying she is sorry for that. He is concerned about her rudeness and simple-mindedness. He tells her to watch out for that, and he will use a 3-out rule on hiring her. She has to obey him, since he is the supervisor, looking down on him is not allowed, if she doesn’t do this she will be fired. She agrees, though she thinks his condition is stupid. He is surprised, but happy that she will not be rude to him lol, and tells her to forget about the past. He is satisfied and laughs, he tells her to take her phone out, and tells her to remove him from spam. He says he has never been spammed before, she was the first one hehe. She apologizes and laughs too since they have settled everything. He just stares seriously as she laughs making her stop. She thanks him for hiring her. She runs to get to work but bumps into a shelf, making things fall down along with her. He looks concerned about hiring her, but seems to see a different side of her everytime they meet.
The aunts are at the mom’s place for tea. The mom is really happy that Terry is back, but Soon Ae isn’t smiling, she is still upset about the incident with the broadcast. Soon Ae asks the mom if Terry feels the same way as her about finding his parents? She says even kids that grow up with their parents don’t understand them, how could Terry understand? Bo Ae scolds her “did you come here to ruin things”? She tells the mom that Soon Ae has been depressed b/c of menopause. Soon Ae is serious about her point though, she tells the mom to not be so into Terry, babying him, he is already married. The mom says Terry is not like that, he is different, he is warm.
SK, and his 2 friends (including the one that loves MS like crazy, the one with the glasses) are talking. He is asking SK is MS is dating him? SK says they are seeing each other. This upsets his friend, he thinks SK is lying. SK brags saying she bought me the clothes I am wearing now. His friends are shocked. The friend who likes MS, is surprised that the MS, the one that makes others buy her things, bought sometihng for SK. The other friend tells him, she must have fallen hard for SK. SK smiles satisfied that his plan is working. SK tells his friend not to worry, he will make MS apologize to him, for breaking his heart, and make her go back to him. His friend is realy happy, that she will come back to him. HAHAHA dude she is not into you, its best to give up, you can’t force someone to like you. :/ SK explains to him that when a girl is hurt by a bad boy, she will go for the good guys after that, and he is the nice guy she will go to. SK then tells them about how his noona (YH) lives in the same neighborhood, and how he almost died running into her at the park, she was going to fly kick him. SK gives out a deep sigh and shows his fear for his noona. His friends also say they are scared of YH. SK asks them how he must have felt, living with her since he was little, she always hit him, he cringes. He has to be careful. He gets a text from MS saying she is getting her pay tomorrow, and she wants to treat him. The friend with the glasses looks with jealousy, and starts crying. oh god.
MS gets a text back from SK saying he will pick her up tomorrow evening. She smiles and then changes his name on her phone from SK to ❤ a heart 🙂 .
YH gifts the cellphone she bought to halmoni, saying she couldn’t see well on her other phone so she bought one where she could read easily. Halmoni says she didn’t have to. YH tells her that when she married Terry, his adoptive family was in the States so she couldn’t gift them but this is the least she can do to the elders of Terry’s family. The mom explains that YH already bought them clothes last time. YH says thats different. The door rings, and the washing machine she ordered for the mom is also here. The mom is surprised and almost feels bad, she says she should’ve talked with her first before ordering it. YH wanted it to be a surprise though. The mom says she is surprised but her old washing machine can be fixed and can be used 10 more years. The mom tells her thank you she will use it well, but doesn’t smile, and she doesn’t look pleased either. YH is a bit dissappointed and confused. She wonders, wasn’t the mom hinting me last time to buy her the machine? The mom on the other hand is upset that YH bought this, wasting money, “who told her to buy this, though it looks nice”? and pouts.
YH is telling her mom about the machine thing, how the mom wasn’t that happy. Her mom calls her clueless, and tells her that her mother in law is saying that the machine isn’t enough, she wants more. UMM ACTUALLY THE MOM WAS SAD B/C IT WAS MORE THAN ENOUGH 😦 I wish YH mom would stop putting wrong things in YH’s head. YH asks if that means she has to buy her a whole new set of electronics? She can’t do that. Her mom tells her to pretend she doesn’t know. YH asks how? she lives right next door to them.
YH is escorting her mom outside, and they see MS coming home. YH politely asks her, you are coming h

ome at this time? MS says yes. YH introduces her mom. MS puts on a fake/ uncorfortable smile, and greets her. Her mom is also all nice and smiles, she calls MS pretty. She thanks her and leaves. After that YH’s mom asks if that girl is the brat that bothers her? YH nodds saying she is the maknae sister in law. Her mom says she looks like the type. YH tells her she brought up the wedding gifts topic. Her mom pities YH saying you have a greedy mom-in law and a bratty sis-in law. (but the mom is not greedy!!! 😦 )
At the restaurant, YS is working hard. JY stops to watch her, surprised at her work ethic. He talks to himself, what the? she smiles a lot. Then why is she always mad when she sees me? She is such a strange woman. The male employee from last time comes to JY and asks if they can have a company outing tonight for welcoming the new employee YS, she is the only girl. JY scoffs and says even though she is a girl, he can’t even guess her gender when she is among the other employees. The guy tells hims that everyone here thinks she is cute. JY tells him they have not taste lol. They watch YS talk to another male employee, nicely. JY wonders again, she keeps smiling! He stares intently at her conversing with the male employee. I think he is jealous that she doesn’t talk that nicely to him lol CUTE! 😀 He agrees to the welcoming party.
Back at home, the dad finishes talking to YS about how she will be late b/c of the welcoming party. The dad tells her he will be awake when she gets home, and to come safely. Il Sook asks if YS will be late? The dad wonders why the party will be so late? MS reassures the dad that YS is a good fighter, so nothing will happen. The dad says YS is still a girl. They laugh arounds a bit after that, and MS notices how much the dad smiles lately.
At the welcoming party, they make a toast to YS working as a new employee.YS toasts with everyone, while JY is expecting to toast with her, seeing that she isn’t, and drinks his wine. He smiles as she eats the food, but then looks at her as if she is strange. They play a game, and YS gets the first turn, JY asks her a question she has to answer. He asks, more like assumes, if YS has ever dated anyone? Before she answers, he says well its obvious. You’ve never liked anyone either? She tells him she’s never dated..he laughs since he guessed right, she continues: but i’ve liked someone before. She blushes. He is surprised. Unrequited love, 10 years ago. The others ask if she still likes that guy? She smiles/blushes, which means she still does, she says she doesn’t know. JY lets out a laugh and asks if that guy knows? He probably doesn’t, if a girl like YS liked him with no one knowing for 10 years, its creepy. JY is being rude, the other guys give him glares. Everyone is leaving after the party, most of them are drunk, and YS is helping one get into a taxi as JY watches. YS is drunk though, and she stumbles, and JY looks concerned. He waits until she gets on a taxi, and even takes a photo of the taxi’s name plate in case of emergency. He is so sweet, he always hides his affection, he doesn’t even realize it 🙂 .
JY gets home, but still seems worried if YS got home safely or not, he stares at his phone and then snaps out of it. He wonders why he is doing this? He shouldn’t care, she probably got home safe. She can beat up a cow.
The dad is waiting outside at night for YS. She arrives, and is a bit tipsy. They are going back in, when YS gets a call. Its from JY lol he WAS worried!! He calls her with an excuse of course, asking if she knows what time she needs to be at work tomorrow? She knows. He realizes he already told her during the day. With an unconcerned tone, casually, he asks if she got home safe? She did. He even defends himself on the phone saying he wasn’t curious or anything, and reminds her about the 3 out rule. She says okay and hangs up. JY still wasn’t finished and he lets out his frustration about her hanging up on him again! lol he realizes he should’ve also told her about the hanging up on the phone thing, that its going to be a warning too.
In the morning, YH and Terry are at their home eating breakfast. The door bell rings, and YH goes to get it. Its her own mother. And she has a bag with her, she tells YH she needs to stay with her daughter, so her mother in law (terry’s mom) won’t come by so often. Terry comes out to greet her, he tells her she is welcome to stay as long as she likes. Just then, the bell rings, and the mom comes it with soup she made. The two mothers greet each other, YH’s mother says she is hear to help YH out since she is so busy with work all the time. She also says she will make good food for Terry. The mom says thanks but she also lives next door, so she will just do that. it becomes tense as YH’s mom says she can’t let her do all the work, she will do it too.
YB is eating ramyun in his apartment, when he hears someone playing on his piano. He runs out to stop them. It’s MinJi. He tells her that no one can touch the piano. She wants to play, and he tells her to make her mom buy it for her, but not to play with his. She says her teachers say she isn’t good at the piano. She asks if he is good at playing the piano. Il Sook is coming up to the roof, and she hears an amazing tune coming from the piano, of couse YB is playing it. She watches in amazement, and claps when he is done, she tells Min Ji to clap too. Il Sook tells him that she can’t find a decent teacher for MinJi’s piano lessons. He tells her he wants to raise a piano prodigy, and he says its not late for Min Ji, and he will teach her. Il Sook is ecstatic, Min Ji is indifferent.
YH’s mother, and Terry’s mom run into each other in the hallway. They have tea at the mom’s house. They sing praises of YH and Terry. But as YH’s mother talks about all her times with Terry, the mom gets jealous, since she has never had that with him, her own son. YH’s mother slips out about how they borrowed money from Terry and got it ripped off, but he still treats them kindly. The mom is surprised, and suddenly, YH’s mother is embarrassed.
YH is at her drama’s screenwriters home. She asks her to find someone to take her next drama, though the current one hasn’t ended, and is doing badly. She talks about her new drama script, and it sounds pretty bad. LOL she wants So Ji Sub or Jo In Sung as the male leads and the female lead is someone YH is not so fond of. She doesn’t know that actress personally, but just doesn’t like her. She goes to the actress to talk. She praises the actress. The actress is rude, and she only does dramas where she is the main lead, not the male. But the actress’s boyfriend tells her not to.
YH and Terry are out for a walk, and she is complaining about all of this. He says she looks decent of tv, how can a actress be so mean? YH asks him if he will pick that brat of an actress over her? Who is prettier. Terry is almost scared lol, he tells her its you honey. He asks her if she should get revenge on her? YH nods. At home, he is putting up a mean comment about her on the internet. But he says it a bit nicely lol!
YH’s on the phone with her mother, and she asks if the mom said anything? The mother tells her to be nicer to the mother in law from now on, and hangs up. YH’s brother goes to talk to his mother, but she hits him and blames him for all of this! She was embarrassed because of him. His wife, Ji Young comes and stops this. She tells her that he is her husband, and she can’t watch him being hit. YH’s mother is shocked, as her son leans on Ji Young saying she is all he has.
MS and SK are at a restaurant, and MS keeps getting texts. It seems to be from her ex, who says he is standing outside, should he come in? MS excuses herself and steps out, SK looks on. MS goes out and angrily asks her ex if he followed her? He asks why she isn’t picking up his calls? She says she never officially dated him, so he shouldn’t care! He says she likes recieving gifts from him but can’t pick up his calls? She asks if she should give the gifts back? He holds her hand and says he knew she was a gold digger, but he thought he would get as much as he gave from her. She tells him to let go. SK comes out and tells him to let go of MS. The ex tells him to let go of her, he will be ripped off. MS walks off, crying. SK calls out her fake name, “Min Ji ssi!”. The ex asks if he even knows her real name? SK gives him a deathly glare and tells him he knows her real name, and he also knows who he is, and why he is doing this to her. he tells him that he cheated on MS, so he can’t blame her completely. SK warns him, does he want to get dumped by the other girl too? Get lost.
MS is somewhere crying, SK finally finds her and sighs in releif. They both stare at each other. He smiles at her, and says he would catch her if she ran away. She asks if he is dissappointed in her. He holds her hand and says no. He cheers her up. SK is driving, and gets a text from MS, thanking him. She adds that she wants to become a nice person not just pretty. if she is both, he would like her more. He smiles reading it, but then realizes he has to break up with her soon.
YH comes to give the mom the skin care set she got. The mom wants to talk to her alone. BJ adjusshi and Ko Ok are there too, and he senses a fighting aura. In her room, the mom thanks her for a lot of things. She carefully tells YH that she should spend her money wisely. Money only lasts until you are young and successful. She tells her to not spend too much. Meanwhile Terry comes into the home, and BJ adjusshi tells him that YH is being scolded. Terry listens in, and hears the mom talking about the laundry machine, and how she wasn’t happy in recieving it. She also bring up about how YH’s family lost all of the money. YH is surprised taht she knows. The mom asks how can she lose all the money Terry has worked hard for? Terry comes in that moment, and tells YH to step out for a bit. He asks if she is uncomfortable with him still? The mom is really happy just seeing Terry, and is talking excitedly. Terry says that if she has something to say from now on, just say it to hime, scold him. She asks if he is saying this b/c of how she was talking to YH? She tries to clarify it, but he cuts in. He says if she needs to scold her, she should, but in front of him, not when she is alone. He says all of this politely. The mom is obviously upset, but Terry doesn’t really see that. He even asks if he offended her, but she says no. They come out of the room, YH is waiting outside, and they bow and leave. The mom starts crying as soon as they do.

Unexpected You Episode 17 Recap

Terry is a really good husband, he really looks out for YH when its truly needed. MS’s constant behavior toward YH needed to stop, and hopefully it does after this episode. But I want Terry to come to understand how important it is to support his whole family, rather than just his wife. Always taking his wife’s side can hurt his parents and sisters, in ways he has yet to understand.

On another note, I am so glad someone other than Il Sook knows about her divorce. Now that YH is aware of this, Il Sook can maybe seek comfort from her, as not only a sister in law, but a friend. I think YH should open her heart to Il Sook as well, I think these two could be great friends.


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Unexpected You Episode 14 Recap

Every character in this drama have their own flaws, as wells as their own charms. YH, though usually ignorant about many things, and spends more time worrying about her own life, decided to sacrifice something she wanted for her husband’s happiness.

If there is one character in this drama that I truly admire, it is Il Sook. I really feel for her, and I hope one day her ex husband realizes that he was wrong, though I don’t want them back together. She deserves much better. I can already foresee the heart break her parents are going to face once they find out she has been divorced and abandoned by her husband. She is really strong though, I would’ve been a bigger wreck than her, if I were in her place.

As for YS and JY, they finally cleared their misunderstanding! JY is getting back at her for all the times she talked rudely to him. Its funny too watch, how can a grown up man like him be so childish?

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Unexpected You Episode 13 Recap

You can see the fear in his eyes, when he saw YH at the park. I hope one day he comes to understand why YH is so strict with him, she doesn’t want him to end up like their older brother. I think love might change him in the future, it will teach him what responsibility is.

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