May Queen Episode 6 Recap


KC is about to push Chun off the cliff, and HJ witnesses this and calls out KC and asks what he is doing? Chun turns around too. KC says its nothing. HJ suggests to Chun that they eat out today. Chun asks why? Just then the Loansharks come, they want their money. Chun moves HJ behind him, and KC has no idea whats happening. They take HJ and give Chun their phone number and account number, to pay by next week. They put HJ down and leave, as Chun holds HJ. They ask him for gas money, since they didn’t do much damage today. KC gives the mone, the guy just snatches his wallet and takes all the money in their.

KC asks Chun how he got into debt? he tells him that he was driving a boat drunk and got into an accident. HJ invites KC for dinner, but he passes.

DH is enraged that KC didn’t bring Chun along with him. KC tells him that he couldn’t persuade him to come. He is in debt and if you give him enough money, he will leave here. DH tells him that if he gives money, Chun will keep asking for money. KC convinces him that he isn’t that kind of a bad person, if you just pay his debt, he will leave. DH agrees, and tells him to take responsibility for it, and when DH comes back after 2 days, things should be back to normal. He also doesn’t fail to threaten KC using CH.

Chun is standing outside, thinking, when JW is passing by and greets him. Chun suddenly tells him to wait and the ygo inside and talk. Chun asks JW about DH and asks if he really has a dead daughter? JW clears the misunderstading, informing him that the daughter was GH’s and from her 1st marriage. DH is her 2nd husband. JW asks why he asks? Chun says its nothing.

Chun is thinking on his own, so this is his 2nd marriage. BINGO.

GH tells DH that BH, her sister, stopped by today. They talk about how she is so busy in her work that she doesn’t want to meet men. DH says thats why she should meet with him, he will introduce her to a good person. He asks where she is? and she says she doesn’t know. DH tells her that he is going to Seoul for one night. She asks why, and he holds her and asks if she will miss him? I think he is trying to give her a cheek kiss, but she keeps moving her head away. She says she was just asking and let’s go of him and goes to the bathroom. DH looks disappointed. (that’s right man, she doesn’t love you)

Chun is staring at HJ’s baby outfit, and sighs. HJ comes to wash the blankets, happily. He watches her with pitiful eyes.

Chun tells the family they have to move again, debt collectors are coming again. He suggests they go somewhere near DS’s hometown. She exclaims that b/c of him, her brother is facing bankruptcy too. He asks where can they go then? She tells him to figure it out himself. She lies down and loudly says I will go into labor any day, and he wants us to move, what a awful life I live. HJ looks at DS and then at Chun.

KC meets Chun and gives him enough money, with which he can even buy himself a boat after settling the debt. But in return he needs to give him HJ’s baby outfit, and leave Ulsan. Chun thinks back to HJ asking him who her real mother is and then looks at the money. He puts the money back in the bag, and walks away. He asks if DH gave this money? KC nervously says its his own money, that he earned. Chun says he knows DH is GH’s 2nd husband. And her first child, Yoo Jin..she is HJ right? KC adamantly denies it. Chun continues saying, that the child was the only thing stopping DH from marrying GH.. that’s why you told him that she died, but gave the child to his care? KC denies it. Chun says ok then i will go confirm this with GH. KC grabs him, Chun let’s go and says he doesn’t trust him anymore. KC tells him to consider his family, and HJ, they can live happily with this money. Chun says he did think a lot, but he can’t do this. KC finally tells him that what he said before is true, HJ is GH’s child, but if you go and tell them, its not going to be good for HJ either. Chun says even so, its can’t be as bad as the way HJ lives right now. Chun pushes KC to the ground, and walks away. KC grabs a big rock from the ground, and stares at it, and cries. He says he will lets him meet with GH, but DH can’t find out. Chun asks where and when? At 9 pm by the dock, he replies. (this doesn’t sound good )

CH is looking for books. He goes to his empyty classroom, but finds KS working on the board. there are a bunch of math and physics equations. KS tells him its Fermat’s Theorem, CH seems lost. But KS thinks CH knows b/c he is good at math. He tells him it hasn’t been solved for 350 years. CH asks if he is trying to solve it? without any books? KC shows him he solved this much, but is stuck to there. He talks about the stuff he did, all these math words coming out of his mouth, leave CH amazed. CH asks if he solved it? and KS calls him an idiot, since he just said he hasn’t solved it yet, that’s why he is doing this. CH asks why he is last in the class when he can do all of this? KS says school isn’t interesting, its best to be last. KS gives up and is about to erase the board, but CH says he wants to look at it. KS says he is leaving then, but CH is emerged staring at the board.

KS is walking and IH comes to annoy him. He tells her to leave, and she brought a book that DH wanted to give KS.  it’s called “Fermat’s Last Theorem”. KS is stunned, and runs to grab it. She hides it and asks what he will give her in return? KS agrees to buying her something delicious so she gives him the book. (it’s the book that GF was asking DH about, for KS to use). He reads it interestingly, and IH is still there asking what he is going to get her? he knuckles her head, and says he just gave her a delicious knuckle nudge and tells her to thank DH. He runs off. IH is upset.

HJ finds her baby outfit, and asks DS if she got it for her baby? DS recognizes it, and tells her to throw it away. HJ asks why? its hand nit, and someone made it from their heart. DS screams at her to throw it. After HJ leaves, DS asks if he (Chun) kept it all this time? he can’t forget, fine! her eyes are filled with hate.

KC gets a small truck and drives off. DH’s body guard (i think) notices. KC stops somwhere are changes the name plate of the truck. He drives with full speed, hitting a large metal cylinder. He trembles as he steps out, but looks determined.

CH finds HJ by the coast, and happily stops to talk. HJ whispers she got pumpkin leaves from someone’s farm. He offers her a ride home. They both seem to become conscious of each other as she holds onto him.  He sees DS talk rudely to her, HJ tells him to wait, DS glares. HJ makes food, and tells CH to eat too. ST also agrees. As CH eats, DS scoffs that he dares to eat even when his father tried to kick them out of Ulsan.  HJ is going to out to give Chun some of the food, and CH offers to give her a ride immediately.

HJ is holding onto his uniform rather than him on the bike, so he says she might rip his uniform, and to grab his waist instead. As she does, they both blush. She tells him to eat one of the buns she made, and he says he is ok. She brings it by his face, and the bike runs over a big rock, causing them to fall, CH on top of HJ. They both become shy as they make eye contact and quickly get up. They pick up the buns that fell, and end up grabbing the same one, and touching each other’s hands. They look at each other, and laugh. KC drives past them in the truck, with a deadly intent, and not noticing them.

CH brings HJ to Chun’s work place. She thanks him. He says its bc when he sees her, he feels better too. He leaves the bike with her, so she can take it back. They happily wave each other good bye. HJ notices her heart racing, and wonders why? But smiles. She goes to Chun, and gives him the bread. He is pleased, and wants to eat together with her. She asks if they are really moving again? She’s become attached to friends here. But they can go. Chun says she can stay, he will come see her at times. She says there is no point if they aren’t together. He takes her on a boat ride, and they are happy. He tells her to take the wheel, she is still not confident. He says he named her Hae Joo (=sea owner), she will be fine. She drives, and he puts his hand on her shoulder, and tells her that she doesn’t have to always live together with her family. There are families that live together but fight viciously. If they live apart, they miss each other, that is real family. She agrees. He says he will always be with her, watching over her. She asks why he talks as if he is leaving? She tells him not to be sad, this isn’t their last and Chun tears up. She tells him to sing, and he does, but there are many sad feelings.

JW is at the grave with BH, paying their respects to his brother. BH says she will find out who killed him, she will reveal it. JW asks if she still hasn’t give up? she asks who can she? She says there was no research. He points out that its been 10 years. She scolds him, asking if he isn’t even curious about his hyung’s death? He says he won’t forget, and lived in dispair but it is destroying him. He will live normally, that’s what his hyung would want. GH comes there too, and she asks JW where he’s been all this time? its been so long. She searched for him so much. He doesn’t even look at her face. BH tells GH he lives near the her. She pays her respects to her first husband, as JW stands far from her. She thinks back to the last time she saw him, when they ran away. She cries. GH then goes to JW, calling him “samchon” (uncle, she could be referring to him as her daughter Yoo Jin’s uncle). He bluntly tells her no to call him that, why is he her “samchon”? Yoo Jin has been dead for years. She apologizes, and asks where he lives? and he doesn’t tell her. He asks her why she is here? GH says she comes every year, since she is sorry. JW laughs sarcastically, and tells her she shouldn’t even have the nerve to come here. Though his brother may understand, he won’t. don’t come. She is about to call him samchon again, when he shouts not to call him that! He hasn’t forgotten, they are strangers now. She is married to the rich DH, so pretend not to know him. He coldly walks away, as BH asks why he is left? GH  says its nothing, as her eyes are watery.

DH is in Seoul and meets a hoobae, and tells him his plans on starting a shipbuilding company. He says Haepoong’s old man (KS’s grandfather) provoked him. He wants his hoobae’s help, since he is an official. DH’s bodyguard comes in with a bag full of money to bribe the official, who looks nervously.

BH is trying to get JW to tell her what happened. BH’s worker comes with the analysis of the pear tree. It was indeed a herbicide, so the trees are dying.

JW and BH hunt out at the orchard at night, hoping to catch the culprit. 3 men comes trying to kill the trees and BH lashes out and runs after them. JW tries to catch up o her. She grabs one man, who kicks her and runs off. JW also tries to fight off another man. He pushes JW, who falls on top of BH. She is screaming and JW reminds her that its just him. She calms down, and asks where he is touching her? His hands are on her chest, and he immediately gets up and says sorry. these two. 🙂 She blames him for losing the culprits. They can’t even make eye contact with each other after the awkward moment.

JW tells GF about the herbicides. GF is furious with DH. He will catch him.

KC is waiting in his truck, and sees Chun come out of his work place. But he is with an employee so he stays still.

Chun is sitting somewhere drinking.

HJ and the others are eating, and DS lost her appetite. HJ wrapsthe food for her, but she complains that she is tired of eating weeds. HJ says she will try to get pork next time. She tells DS to leave the dishes, she will come and wash them, but she has to meet Chun outside. DS is obviously jealous and says they should just go live somewhere on their own. HJ gets up and says she will be back soon. DS tells her not to comeback. T_T she is so mean. HJ goes out, and DS follows and tells her to not come back, her and Chun can go die. HJ smiles and says she will be back, taking CH’s bike. DS is shocked that HJ brushed her off.

HJ rides the bike, blushing thinking about CH.

KC is in the truck, ready to drive, the minute Chun comes. KC sees him, and accelerates aiming for him. But just then, HJ comes in between, not seeing the truck. She calls out to Chun, and Chun smiles but sees the truck is there, so he runs to it, trying to stop it. KC steers the truck, since he realizes he can’t run over him, but sees HJ, and steers again, ultimately hitting Chun with the truck, while screaming. (did i mention how much this guy’s acting displeases me, he is not a good actor, the man that plays KC). Chun is bleeding, and HJ runs to him, and KC flees. KC is panting in his car. Chun is unconscious, HJ cries helplessly calling for help but there is no one.

Finally Chun is taken to the hospital, and HJ falls on the hospital floor, crying, cared, and alone. She can’t even put money in the phone to dial, since her hands shake, covered in blood.

KC gets out of the truck and cries. He hits his head on the rock, purposely b/c of his mistake.

ST, YJ, and DS come running there. HJ cries as she says “a truck..his head..his head got hurt”. DS sees the blood on her hands, and looks terrified at whats to come. They wait outside the room. They finally bring Chun out. The doc tells them that they tried their best, but they should prepare for the worst. DS faints right there. HJ calls out “father” over and over to Chun.

KC comes home, CH is washing dishes, and he tells KC that when he sees HJ, he finds out that she is more and more amazing every time. KC is too shocked from what happened. CH says that she lives a harder life than them, but when he sees her he feels better. CH turns to see KC’s head bleeding, and asks if he got hit again? KC can’t talk, he is trembling. CH asks why he lives like this? what wrong did they do? He hugs KC, and says he won’t stand still, one say he will… he holds him and cries.

DH returns the nest morning. IH and IM greet him. IM tells him that GH doesn’t look so well since yesterday. He goes to see her. She doesn’t even look at him, she is sad. He touches her shoulder, and she leans away from her, so he lets go. She wants to be alone. DH looks frustrated as he comes out and asks IM what day it is on the lunar calender? he doesn’t know, but DH guesses.

DH calls KC, asking how it worked out? Just then IH runs in telling DH that HJ’s dad got into an accident. DH is shocked. KC looks guilty.

IH informs GH as well. IH is her friend, she has to go see her. GH says she will go.

KC comes out of DH’s house, and CH runs to him, telling him about HJ’s dad. They need to go see them, he wants to go too. KC says no. CH says he knows HJ well, he should go.

At the hospital, HJ tells ST to take DS and YJ, she will stay here and watch over. ST says he is hungry. how is his kid HJ’s “oppa”? he is so useless. -.-

KC is driving the car, CH is next ot him, and GH and IH are sitting in the back. IH is crying. CH notices KC is not really paying attention to his driving, he almost hits a man crossing the rode.

HJ is holding Chun’s hand telling him to wake up. He moves his hand, and opens his eyes slowly. She is going to get the soc but he holds her hand, and says sorry. She says she is sorry. He wants to give her a happy life. 😦 He continues saying you mother…you mo mother is… Just then GH walks in, and Chun points at GH, shaking.




May Queen Episode 5 Recap

So I was always wondering why on this drama’s main synopsis page, there is no mention of the grown up versions HJ’s step siblings ST and YJ. After watching this episode, its obvious that Chun’s death is inevitable. And he is the only person tying DS, her kids, and HJ together. If he is gone, DS sure as heck not going to take responsibility for HJ. So they will go different paths, of course this is only one of my speculations. This drama is quite unpredictable at moments, you know. But then again, HJ is probably the only person capable of earning, aside from ST, but who am I kidding, he is lazy, and selfish. And DS’s pregnant, so she may not let HJ leave. But i hope HJ does escape from this horrible treatment.

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May Queen Episode 2 Recap

Main Characters:
Hae Joo (HJ) played by Kim Yoo Jung and later by Han Ji Hye
Kang San (KS) played by Park Ji Bin and later by Kim Jae Won
Chang Hee (CH) played by Park Geun Tae and later by Jae Hee
In Hwa (IH) played by Hyun Seung Min and later by Son Eun Seo
Ki Cheol (KC) = CH’s father; DH’s servant
Do Hyun (DH) = IH and Il Moon (IM)’s birth father & Geum Hee’s second Husband
Geum Hee (GH) = IH & IM’s adoptive mother; married to DH; HJ’s birth mother, but both of them don’t know this.
Yoon Jung Woo (JW) = HJ’s birth father’s brother, her uncle, unbeknownst to the two.
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