Unexpected You Episode 14 Recap

Every character in this drama have their own flaws, as wells as their own charms. YH, though usually ignorant about many things, and spends more time worrying about her own life, decided to sacrifice something she wanted for her husband’s happiness.

If there is one character in this drama that I truly admire, it is Il Sook. I really feel for her, and I hope one day her ex husband realizes that he was wrong, though I don’t want them back together. She deserves much better. I can already¬†foresee¬†the heart break her parents are going to face once they find out she has been divorced and abandoned by her husband. She is really strong though, I would’ve been a bigger wreck than her, if I were in her place.

As for YS and JY, they finally cleared their misunderstanding! JY is getting back at her for all the times she talked rudely to him. Its funny too watch, how can a grown up man like him be so childish?

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