What I Do.

I watch a lot of k-dramas, I am not Korean, but I do know enough to understand what is being said in the dramas. I recap dramas that I think are worth watching. I think recapping them may develop people’s interest in it, and may get them to start watching it. I might be a little late on posting screen shots/pictures for the episodes I recap, but that’s because it takes up a lot of my time, but I will post them eventually. ^^

2 thoughts on “What I Do.

  1. I really appreciated what you and the purpose of this Blog. I’m one of many who are very picky with Dramas and are looking for those detailed kind of insights to Dramas, that are considered to watch. So besides the synopsis, which does do any help in finalising a decision on whether to watch the drama, these recaps, really help build an interest in what I’m about to watch besides the fact that it can spoil the Drama, but I try and be very careful with that, so yeah. Basically I don’t want to waste my time on some Drama without knowing initialing what it will actually, actually, actually (yes, disincluding you synposis) be about, so yeah. Thank you. I’m not Korean, although I say I am when I’m not lol. But I want to learn the language but sadly where I’m from they don’t offer subjects that teach the language. At least I’ve go KDramas and Films to tutor me. =D

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