May Queen Episode 22 Recap

Finally posted! I have gone to hell, and returned. Lots of things happened this week, Hurricane Sandy, plus a back log of personal projects and assignments, that I couldn’t avoid, therefore, I didn’t even have time to check up on my blog. But I am back, and I have started on Episode 23 already. P.S. to everyone that was affected by Sandy, you are all in my prayers. Time will heal all.
My thoughts on this episode: It was a good episode. My favorite scenes, included BH acting out because of the unjust treatments that her family did to JW; HJ finally understanding KS’s point of view on the whole GF issue; and HJ finally burning CH’s letters. While CH’s voice over was being played for the letters, it was so boring. Just plain dull, there were no sparks or nothing in particular that touched me. He kind of sounded like a no life. ahh I am so mean, maybe it’s just all my frustrations from his reversal of character. The best and most entertaining scenes included the KS’s imagination going wile, and whole BH and DS interaction, being all sister like. ūüôā But the best of the best was DS thinking back, and truly analyzing HJ’s pain and suffering, and her determination to end the misery in her daughter’s life. She wants HJ to live a better life, the kind of life Chun hoped she would have. DS has come such a long way from that annoying step mother¬†clich√©. She knows what’s best for HJ, and will go the extra mile to make sure her daughter gets the happiness she deserves.

CH slaps HJ, after she tells him he is the same as his dad, they are both bad. He fires her from today on, and she asks why does she have to be fired? CH can’t look at her, and says he needs to protect Director Jang. HJ says that man is bad, and all his charges are true! She cries out in frustration, that he should know that better than most! He tells her to leave now! And reminds her how she can’t call him oppa anymore. Why is he her oppa? He starts walking upstairs, and IH pretends to not be listening, and he walks past her. IH glances at HJ and then runs after CH. She gives him a present for becoming the director here. He thanks her half-heartedly, and she asks if he is even grateful? She asks if he is trying to play the push and pull game with her? He wonders if she is asking her on a date? She says he sucks, and leaves. He opens her present, and its a tie. There is a letter, saying he looks a bit more handsome to her now, but don’t misunderstand, she has no interest in him. He smirks.

HJ is leaving the hall, wiping her tears, and IH stops her. HJ asks if she’s been well? IH asks what she will do now that she is fired? It’s too bad since she worked so hard, she says with sarcasm. While leaving, she stops to tell HJ that she never noticed but CH oppa is kind of attractive. When he slapped her just now, he seemed motivated. She wasn’t sure why HJ liked him for 15 years, but she can understand now. IH smiles and leaves. WHAT A BITCH!

HJ is packing her stuff from the office, and Cho and the other employee watch her. Cho asks why did she stood up to CH? No wonder. HJ tells them thanks for their time together, and leaves. The employee asks Cho if they will be fired too? Since they knew about the Indonesia thing with IM. Cho tells him to stop talking nonsense.

HJ drives off from the site, and stops to look at the ship building on last time.

KS meets with BH, wondering if she found something about his dad in Japan. KS comments on how Korean men have no eyes, if they can’t get BH as their woman. BH mutters there is only 1 man like that (JW). She changes the topic and says that “Akiyama” was a really big person, the most promising in Mitsubishi Ship Building. KS asks if his dad was part of the 7th exploration lot? BH¬†comfirms¬†that the Korea Japan joint exploration in 1986, his dad was the head for the Jap. side. The last exploration, after that he died in the car accident. and the exploration was put to halt. She tell him she talked to the police there, and found out KS’s dad¬†committed¬†suicide, together with his mom. KS is heartbroken and gets the date of his death from her, August 12, 1986. KS wonders what that date signifies, but then gets a call from HJ, wanting something for the thruster, and he says he will send it and stop by later.

HJ goes to KS’s factory and sees GF scolding ST about not doing work right, and how he has to work extra for the days he missed. After ST leaves, HJ goes to say hello with GF. GF tells her that ST should be well off in a few days. GF and her go to have lunch, and he is drinking lets of rice wine, and she tells him to slow down on the alcohol. GF asks her if KS told her anything? She has no idea. He tells her that KS is giving up on him, his only grandfather. GF says how can he live on without KS? She asks what he means? GF tells her that he was responsible for KS’s parents death. He says everyday, to live with the guilt of killing his own kids for 30 years, its painful. GF feels sorry for burdening KS, who has no one to give his love to. GF cries, saying he deserves to die for making KS like this. HJ feels bad seeing him like this.

JW is packing his stuff at the office, and tells his colleague to continue the search of the person that sent HJ the picture, during the month he is away. BH walks in with KS. BH realizes JW is really suspended since he is packing his stuff. KS is shocked to hear this. BH asks how? JW is the most truthful man out there! JW says he was trying to catch IM, but was trapped by CH. CH reported lies about how JW was involved in¬†corruption. BH is outraged, how dare CH, and stomps out of there. KS asks JW if this was because of the embezzlement thing he told him last time? JW tells KS him not to blame himself, since no one saw CH interfering. He asks KS what brings him here? KS wants to know if JW still has Hak Soo’s memorandum. JW has never heard of such a thing but tells him that GH took care of the belongings of his late brother. He asks why though? KS says there is something he needs to confirm.

In DH’s office, DH demotes IM to a lower position b/c of his wrong deeds, and CH is standing there too. DH tells IM to work hard and start from the lowest level again. BH walks in, and grabs CH’s collar, asking if he is even a person? Dumping a girl he was with for 15 years wasn’t enough, but now even trap JW? ¬†What will he gain from this?! CH pushes her hand away, and tells her he did it for the company. Isn’t she also part of this company? BH asks if he was always like this? He talked well, and from here on, she says she is no longer working here. She tells DH to fire her, or she will resign! She threatens CH, ¬†if she sees him on the street, he better run, or else he may die,¬†pierced¬†by her heels. She walks out. I LOVE HER!

CH and IM walk into the office, and CH announces that IM will be the team leader of the team from now on, and Cho and the other employee will¬†be¬†pushed down by one level because they were also involved in the mess with IM. IM is shocked that he doesn’t even have his own office anymore, and has to sit in the office lounge. Regarding HJ, CH tells them she resigned for personal issues. He leaves, and IM is pissed. LIES! YOU FIRED HER YOU ASSHOLE!

KS meets with HJ at the facotry, and they both have their own propeller models completed. He is surprised she finished this fast since she was making it with her hands. He asks if she just did it roughly? She says the same about his model though he used a machine. She says no machine can track the sense of a person. KS wants to prove which one is better, and she agrees. She asks if he got a testing lab? They go run the tests on the models. The lab tester tells them that the model is¬†erodible. HJ says if it can’t last in the test, it won’t work.

They are on KS’s yacht and he is¬†disappointed¬†that their test failed. HJ says its just a start, it’s no fun if we find success this fast, and tells him to keep his chin up. He says he appreciates her¬†positivism¬†but his pride doesn’t allow such failure. She asks if he is scared it will ruin his genius image? He credits her that her hand made model did last longer, she is talented. She says it’s all hands on experience from working on this for a long time. They must have missed something though, and he says they can have a restart. She suggests that tomorrow they go out and play. He thinks she s joking and asks if she is sick, but she is being serious about it, she asks if a picnic sounds good? He is totally shocked, in a good way. Is she for real? If she is lying, she is dead! She asks if he lived being lied to? If they are to start again, they need to clear their minds. He does his cute victory cry, “yes!” He is really excited, and tells her to come by herself, he will prepare everything! HJ laughs and agrees.

GH recieves the test results, and finds that there is no match between her and HJ’s DNA, and is¬†disappointed. IM comes and asks what is she up to? She asks why he is back so early? He puts on a sly smile and says he wanted to suddenly see her face. He asks what those papers are? She makes up an excuse, and nervously asks if he is staying for dinner? He says he is going out, and asks if he made her act like this? She doesn’t look so well, and tells her to take some medicine. He goes upstairs and she looks at the papers again, and it says her and HJ can’t be related. IM smirks.

GH is holding her Yoo Jin’s small¬†shoe and thinks back to when she found out that Yoo Jin died, and all the pain she suffered as DH held her back. GH cries thinking back at all of this, and apologizes to Hak Soo, her first husband. She was hoping Yoo Jin was alive, but the sins she committed to Hak Soo are too many. She will pay for them when she dies and tells Hak Soo to live well with Yoo Jin up there. She throws the shoe into the sea and weeps painfully.

While she is walking back, HJ sees her and greets her. HJ was on her way home. GH takes her back to the sea shore she was standing at and tells her that this is the place she lost her baby. GH says with grief that not long after Yoo Jin’s first birthday, she died here. As GH tells her that she thought he was Yoo Jin, HJ looks down. GH says she was so sure but something must be wrong with herself, since she can’t recognize her own child. She also mentions how she even hit her when she was a kid, but forgot about it. HJ says she also forgot about it. GH is sorry to HJ, and HJ tells her not to feel that bad, she still has IH as a daughter. HJ reassures her¬†that¬†even if Yoo Jin is alive, she is¬†probably¬†all grown up and living well, and she won’t forget her birth mother. GH thanks her for saying that. HJ looks at GH and tells her to be healthy and not feel bad. GH smiles and tells her to visit sometime, and is sorry for what happened btw her and CH. She strokes HJ’s cheeks, and HJ tears up. GH tells her there will be better days. GH is walking away, and HJ quietly says “omma”, and GH turns to look at her, asking if she said something, HJ wipes her tears and says its nothing. GH leaves, and HJ says she is sorry ..”omma”.

JW and IM are at a cafe. JW isn’t don with IM yet, and IM reminds him that he is a suspended¬†prosecutor¬†right now. JW ignores that and says there are times now when a person has to be prepared to give up their family to get the crown. IM asks if he still wants him to look for his fathers crimes? JW tells him that he will be a prosecutor again in a month, but how long will it take him to get to the highest position? Will DH even acknowledge IM? Won’t CH just get the position? IM’s face changes, its insecure. JW tells him to consider the offer and contact him. He pats IM as he leaves. IM seems to be thinking about it.

YJ is sitting at a restaurant and IM finds her there, asking eagerly if she is finally accepting him since she called him first this¬†time¬† YJ gives him all the presents her gave her and says her sister found out about it. IM nags, how can she get caught? she should’ve kept these in a safe place. YJ says her younger sister is the bigger problem. Their food is served, and YJ starts eating, and says since she returned everything, she will eat everything she wants, and he will be paying of course. IM laughs. IM gives her another gift, its a necklace. She really loves it, but tells him to stop tempting her with gifts. He says he wants to because he likes her. He is just happy to see her, since his life is usually depressing. She asks how come, isn’t he rich? IM says with a determined face that he doesn’t want to be depressed any longer, he will reach the top, and live the way he wants. YJ doesn’t understand him and he smiles and says “lets eat”.

CH and KC are eating dinner with DH and his family. IM isn’t there. GH tells KC to eat here from now on, and DH agrees. KC is happy but CH doesn’t want GH to have the burden of cooking for them too. IH asks if he doesn’t like the food here? GH tells him she is thankful that he helped IM, and she’s also known him since he was little. KC tells CH not to refuse. As they eat, KC scolds the cook, saying the dish is too salty, and CH doesn’t like it. Seeing that, but CH says it’s okay. IH looks at CH and supports him by saying it is salty, and tells the cook to make salad for her, since she¬†doesn’t¬†like salty things. KC grins.

Meanwhile KS is preparing for the picnic with HJ, and his imaginations go wild. He dreams he is sitting next to HJ, who is trying to feed him. And KS says people are watching, but HJ has an outburst of aegyo, and KS blushes and puts the kimbap in his mouth, and then leans to HJ for a kimbap kiss. She cutely shakes her head (saying no) but he keeps insisting, and then HJ goes back to her normal self, and asks if he wants to die? KS snaps out of his little dream, and says he better not try that at the picnic, if he pushes himself, he will really get killed by her lol.

HJ goes to JW’s room with tea for him. DS listens to them from outside. They both chat, and she wants to see the letter she read as a kid. The letter that Hak Soo wrote to his baby girl. JW says he does have it, she didn’t read it properly last time since she was crying. She reads it again, about how Hak Soo is thankful for her being born, flashback of when she read it as a kid. Hak Soo wrote that though the world may be tough but she will shine. He prays that she brightens the world with her smile. They show the scene of Hak Soo playing with ¬†baby Yoo Jin/HJ before he died, on his voice over. He continues that when life is harsh, she must remember this letter. The hope will begin inside her, she is the “dazzling may queen.” ¬†HJ tears up, as she reads “I love you Yoo Jin”. JW says she is still a crybaby. DS goes back to her room, and asks Chun if what she did was right? To leave HJ in this state? What would he have done? Should HJ keep living this way, forgetting her real uncle and mother?

The next day, KS is setting up the picnic table, really excited and jolly. HJ comes there, with GF walking behind her. She calls out KS: “oppa! liar oppa!”. He looks at her happily but his face drops upon seeing his GF. HJ pulls GF towards him but KS leaves, upset. HJ chases him, and asks why he is like this? He asks her why she brought that “old man”. She reminds him that is his grandfather! She tells him she understands him but he shouldn’t behave this way. She tells him GF told her about his parents. She reminds KS how he told her to return to family no matter what, but now he is running away? KS says this situation is different. HJ tells him that he is the only family GF has left. GF walks to them, watching for a slight distance. HJ tells KS¬†that¬†GF is already old, why must KS do this? KS says he’s lived long enough, after pushing his young perfectly fine children to death. KS walks off, and HJ looks at GF apologetically. GF watches KS leave.

CH visits IH at her store, and she asks why he is here? He wants to go hiking but since she is busy, he tells her to keep working. IH says urgently that she isn’t busy, she will go hiking with him. They put on their hiking clothes, and climbing up, IH is already tired. CH asks if she is going back down? She says she will keep going up! She falls and twists her ankle and he comes running to her. He touches her leg to look for injuries and she taps his hand away. He doesn’t care, since she may be hurt; he puts medicine on her ankle, and she looks shy? He asks if she can walk? She says she doesn’t know, and he tells her to hold it in and enjoy the scenery. He gives her his hand to get up, and she doesn’t take it, so he starts walking. IH gets up, but almost falls, so he walks next to her, holding her. They reach the top, and she is amazed at the beauty of nature, CH smiles and says its good here right? He tells her to come here often, the world will seem changed, he pulls her close to his side. She blushes and smiles. On their way down, IH’s injury is hurting more, so he piggy backs her. While walking, he tells her to eat more, she is really light.

HJ is eating food on KS’s yacht, and calls him a filial grandson for not sharing this food with his GF. KS ignores her, and focuses on the newspaper his is reading. She tells him this doesn’t suit him, he is handsome when he smiles. He asks if she even looks at him that ¬†way? She says only when he is really nice, right now he looks ugly. (Sorry to interrupt, but Kim Jae Won is perfection itself, he will never look ugly to me, ever!!!) KS gets up and brings HJ, his dad’s diary. He tells her to read it, and she does. She sees the first page, and it says “to my best friend Hak Soo”, she is shocked to see her real fathers name there. She reads it, and finally understands what KS is feeling right now, why he can’t even look at his GF. KS is standing on the dock, and she comes there, she read it all. He asks if she can still tell him to understand his GF? She says he must have suffered a lot (after reading it). She reminds him about how he told her she had trauma, after watching her dad die because of her, at least KS didn’t go through that. She praises his cheerfulness even among his greatest sorrow. She tells him to never lose that cheerfulness. He smiles and calls her a brat for giving her a sweet talk after so long. She mentions that she has a strange destiny with him. He asks expectantly if she means destiny of love? She glares.

Meanwhile at DH’s home, BH decides to move out since she doesn’t want to face DH or IM again. She doesn’t like seeing DH sitting there so carefree after suspending JW. GH is shocked that JW was suspended. DH butts in and asks if BH is really going through with this? He lies that he didn’t do anything wrong, and IM was set free because he was innocent. Can’t she believe CH? She says CH is a guy that dumped his girlfriend of 15 years, and¬†back-stabbed¬†his ex boss, so why would she? She says CH and IM are made of the same trash LOL! GH asks how BH can say that about her own nephew. Seeing that her sister is also taking the bad people’s side, BH tells her not to do that, she is starting to lose her love for her too. She leaves ending all their relations. GH tells DH to stop her, and he is just standing there, pissed.

HJ’s family and JW are eating pizza, and JW wonders if they should save it for HJ too? YJ asks why, she isn’t even here. BH walks in telling them to leave some for her. Seeing her luggage, JW thinks she is going on a business trip but she says she will be staying here. She can’t go back to her old home since she cut off all relations with her family¬†because¬†of him. He scolds her for doing that but she tells him she can’t stay in that evil hangout when they made him like this. She declares she will stay in this home forever. She walks inside siming for JW’s room, and he runs to black her from entering. He says she can’t do that, plus there are others living here. BH tearfully asks if she has to live on the streets? DS supports BH by saying they can share the room, they’ve been together for decades. JW says “ajummoni” hoping she will stop talking. BH fake cries but JW says she can sleep on the living room floor, and closes his rooms door. She shouts at him to open the door! DS whispers to BH that she won’t get in the room right away, it will take time, so she should unpack in her bedroom. She says JW will be home all day for a month b/c of his¬†suspension, so she will have plenty of chances.¬† BH calls DS her unnie and thanks her. They both giggles happily. HAHA i love them!

CH and IH arrive home, and he asks if she can walk? She slightly nods, so he passively tells her to walk in by herself then. Oh btw KC is watching this. IH calls him stupid (for not knowing how to treat a girl), but when he turns to look at her, she lies that she said “Park CH”. He asks if she will keep calling him by his full name? She says yes but changes her mind and thanks him, calling him “CH oppa”. IH limps her way to the door, and CH just stands there, and KC is surprised seeing IH like this. IH comes inside, and GH asks if she got hurt, looking at her leg. IH sweetly smiles at GH, and tells her she went to the mountain, and she actually had fun. She will go again too!! ūüôā

CH tells KC, in his home, that he will marry IH. Isn’t that what he wanted? He will marry her, but¬†that¬†only the beginning. KC is happy but is concerned since HJ works at¬†the¬†same place as him. CH tells him that he fired HJ. He tells KC to not have any pity of her, since devils don’t have a¬†conscience. KC looks worried seeing CH like¬†this.

HJ looks over all the letters from CH. They are super cheesy. HJ gets emotional reading them and thinking back on how he slapped her. DS walks in making HJ hide the letters back in the box. DS asks if she was crying and HJ denies it, so DS pulls the box from her and spills all the letters. DS¬†advises¬†her to forget about CH,, holding on to these letters won’t help. HJ says she is trying but it can’t happen this fast. DS asks if something happened again? HJ tells her about her being fired, and she is outraged to find out that CH ¬†did this. HJ still understands, maybe it was hard for CH to see her everyday. DS sighs.¬†HJ burns all the letters, and DS watches her from behind, seeing HJ cry.

KS comes to work and learns about HJ being fired. KS asks IM if she fired her, and finds out he was¬†demoted¬†to a lower position so he doesn’t have that power. KS walks into CH’s office, trying to compose his anger. He asks if he fired HJ? He can understand if it was someone else, but CH? He can’t do that to her. He fired her b/c of her personal feelings? CH cleanly says HJ was trying to harm the company, and reminds KS that he doesn’t have the authority to discuss personal¬†company¬†affairs. KS says HJ is a hard worked, so what’s the reason for her being fired? CH doesn’t want to explain to an outsider like him. CH suggests KS give her a job and salary, since he cares so much. KS reminds him how hard HJ worked to get this far, through her rough situations. He asks how did CH¬†become¬†this way? Did he sell his soul to the devil? CH kindly tells him to leave. KS tells him he is wondering these days, why he saved CH’s life when they were kids, and walks out. CH doesn’t really smile or grimace, but he does look down.

IM and CH are called in DH’s office, after he hears HJ is fired. DH wants her back, she is more valuable than they think. KS is making Azimuth Thrusters, which IM failed at making. DH has faith that KS will succeed. CH asks how does this concern HJ? DH explains that KS takes HJ to his¬†factory¬†to work on the thruster. HJ can sneak out the technology for their company. CH says that will not be easy (knowing HJ’s personality). DH says he will take care of that.

KS and HJ are sitting on a bench by he sea. He asks her why she didn’t mention her losing her job? She says she didn’t want to lie, but she thought she would tell him slowly. KS takes a deep breath and says its for the better, he will pay her salary, so she should focus on his work. She says she can’t because she is helping him to repay all the times her tutored her. He says he will make her work as much as she wants, so she should takes this chance and both work and study hard. She tells him that she wanted to work at Cheonji¬†because¬†it was a big company, and wanted people there to acknowledge her, and so she can support her¬†family. But now, just like him, she has a reason for wanting to make a entire drill ship with her own hands, He¬†nudges¬†her, nagging about how she still needs to study more. She says her heart hurt after being fired from there since she felt that Cheonji gave her a chance to make a drill ship. KS says he got it, he just needs to make a big ship building plant, since her students dream is so big.

DS is sitting in her room, thinking back to how HJ regrets not getting to go to college, or graduate high school because she had to support the family. About how they are so poor. And the fight between her and ST. DS gets up.

DS goes to the mansion, and KC is shocked to see her¬†there. He tries to stop her, but she ignores him and tells him to move. She tells him that since his son fired HJ, she is going to ask GH for a favor to help HJ work¬†again. KC says it was weird if they both worked at the same place after breaking up. She says even so, he can’t fire her like that. KC arrogantly asks if DS is still hoping CH would take HJ back? DS scowls, calling that utter bullshit. KC tells her to give up on CH, he will marry IH. DS cares that he is already considering marriage, when it hasn’t even been long since he broke it off with HJ. She angrily pushes him to the side and goes¬†inside. GH meets her and asks if there is a¬†problem? DS confesses that she lied, HJ is indeed GH’s daughter, its true. KC who runs in, is shocked. DS ignores him and¬†continues¬†that HJ is GH’s daughter, Yoo Jin.

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  1. Hi – i was worried for you and prayed you are safe eversince there was silence from you. Stay Safe and many thanks for the recap ~ ūüôā

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