May Queen Episode 23 Recap

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DS tells GH that HJ is her daughter, Yoo Jin. The yellow baby outfit was the same outfit that HJ was wearing when her dad brought her home. KC keeps saying that DS is spouting nonsense. GH, who is getting emotional says it can’t be, she ran some DNA tests while HJ was here, and they didn’t match. DS says she remembers the picture that GH showed her clearly, its the same face that HJ had as a baby, her memory is sure. GH hesitantly says it can’t be, the tests said they aren’t related. KC pushes DS, asking if she is doing all of this for money? DS scoffs, but is shocked to hear that the DNA tests were wrong. She walks out of there, confused, how can the tests be wrong?

KC is feeding GH’s mind with bad remarks about DS, she is greedy and blah blah. He asks if GH really did the DNA tests? She says she did, and they didn’t match. But she wonders, what if the tests were wrong? KC assures her that he told her before that DS was pregnant with HJ. GH is distressed and weak headed, and leaves for her room. KC wonders to himself how were the tests were wrong?

HJ is working on the thruster at the factory, and KS watches her from a distance. it’s kind of funny how they show HJ working in slow motion, from KS’s perspective, buts supposed to be a serious scene. KS asks his dad what he liked about his mom so much? That he would live for everything, and throw away everything. He smiles at HJ and walks to her, saying hi. She is working to reduce the corrosion of the surface for the thruster so she welds it. KS says it might become heavier though. HJ thinks with more weight it would have more energy to work, but KS isn’t sure though he thinks it might just work. She says success is unknown.

at work, IM says he doens’t  mind HJ coming back, but it must make CH uncomfortable. CH asks him what is it that he really wants? IM wants the handle the whole KS and the truster matter, since he couldn’t make it before, he wants to settle it himself. He warns CH to not get involved, since he is better at this. CH tells him to do that then.

After testing out the thruster, it worked longer than the last one, but it still didn’t last. HJ says she will try harder. KS is still disappointed, and says it can’t jusst be solved by working hard. But stubborn HJ says she will make it no matter how expensive it is. KS smiles and asks if she thinks he is as rich as DH? He tells her that he is still paying loans for this factory, that he recently bought. Plus the materials needed for the thrusters cost a lot, and renting the research lab is also hard. HJ is surprised since she was never told of this, and asks if it’s really that bad? KS laughs and says it is hard, and pretends that his back is starting to hurt b/c of this. She says sorry. He tells her that if she wants to do it, she should, as much as she can.

They go eat, and while HJ is not there, KS cuts the food for her, but when she comes, she takes the whole peice (not the ones he cut) and starts eating it with her hands. KS looks kind of disgusted at the way she eats lol. She gives a piece of kimchi and puts it on his rice, but KS looks like he lost his appetite since she ripped it with her hands (but doesn’t say anything). HJ tells him it tastes good that way. While she isn’t looking, KS hides that kimchi piece in his sauce lol. He really can’t stand seeing her eat in that manner, and says its gross, and tells her to wipe her hands. She says she isn’t even sure if that napkin is clean, but KS says its still better than licking her fingers that are full of germs. HJ tells him she came after washing her hands, and he feels a little better. He wipes his hands, and brings them close to her face, and asks “what about my hands?” and she taps his hear with a spoon. She threatens if he wants to become like the bone they are eating? He mutters “what kind of a girl acts like this? aishh”.

DS is looking at the picture of HJ’s real family in JW’s room, and HJ comes and asks what she’s doing? She asks for the picture from DS’s hands. She asks where was DS planning on taking it? They sit down, after DS tells her she went to GH’s home because she wanted HJ to return to her real mom. HJ doesn’t like this. DS wonders if GH is crazy since she didn’t believe that she was her real daughter, because some DNA tests didn’t prove it. HJ asks DS if she wasn’t the one that was mistaken, but DS is sure that the baby in the picture was indeed her from when Chun brought her home. She plans on taking the picture from JW’s room as proof, but HJ asks what if she doesn’t believe her?! DS wants her to go there though, doesn’t HJ even feel bad? CH made her quit the job she loved, isn’t she angry? DS wants to send her there so she can crush all of those dirty people. HJ tells her that she can find other companies to work at, she is working at one right now, she won’t let her family starve. DS asks why they must depend on her? If HJ lives like this, her life will be so predictable, until both her sisters graduate college and get married, HJ will be sacrificing herself. HJ tells her to stop, does she think that if she goes to that big house, she will be happy? Plus she will see CH everyday there, how does she think she will feel? Why is she abandoning her? DS tells her she isn’t, but still thinks she is. HJ says if she will keep doing this, she will go away and live by herself. DS cries, saying it’s because she feels so bad towards her, that she is doing this. HJ says she only feels bad when her mom wants to abandon her. If she really wanted to do that, she should’ve left her after dad died, why now? DS weeps that she is sorry, and hugs her.

GH is looking at the DNA test results again, and calls them, asking if it’s possible they made some mistake? But IM walks in so she hangs up. IM notices the DNA papers, soo GH puts them in a  drawer. IM wants to apologize, for all the mean things, since she raised him all this time. But during that time, he was really mad because she was looking for her lost daughter Yoo Jin. She asks how he found out about that? He says he heard her talking with BH. IM starts tearing up as he says that father is already being harsh, but it mother does something like this…she holds his hand, saying sorry. IM adds that his real mom died because of her. GH expalins that long ago, after she lost her child, she tried to kill herself, and at that time DH saved her. She didn’t know that DH’s first wife was that sick, if she knew, she wouldn’t have let him stay by her. GH didn’t want to leave after her child died. IM gets upset saying that both his real mother and her real daughter are dead anyway! He doesn’t care but he worries about IH finding out. He also wants to be acknowledged as her son, he is so lonely and his life is hard. He cries, and GH hugs him saying she is sorry, while IM immediately stops crying, and makes a angry, evil face.

JW is called to his office, his colleague wants to talk about the person who send HJ the picture. JW looks at the report and it’s from Cheonji that the phone was used but they don’t know who it was.

DH and CH are eating at a restaurant and toast their drinks. CH wants to ask about the thruster that KS is making, even if it’s successful, it will take a long time to be produced for them to install to the ship. So why does DH still want it in this situation? DH has a reason, and says he will only tell CH, no one else, the National Oil Corp. is thinking about giving the company that makes the drilling stuff, the oil drilling right for exploration. Therefore DH doesn’t plan on using it for the ship, its for long term. DH asks if CH is uncomfortable about bringing HJ back, and CH says no. DH explains why he is keeping him by his side, it’s because his own son IM lacks a lot. He wants CH to protect IM well. DH says as long as CH doesn’t aim to get the #1 position, he will compensate for everything he and his father suffered. CH understands, and DH presses that CH can’t be #1, if he notices even a hint of CH trying to reach the top, he wont be forgiven. (haha too bad CH is aiming for #1, because you provoked him). CH says he will keep that in mind.

CH escorts a drunk DH to his car, and after DH leaves, CH goes to the bar. He thinks back to all his times with HJ on their date. And then how he slapped her. He looks like a mess. IH walks in with her friends, but upon seeing CH, she tells her friends to leave. She looks happy to see him, and sits next to him, asking why he is drinking alone? CH says it’s because of her his heart is filled with her but he is still the butler’s son, and IH is still above him. He continues that if her family finds out he likes her, he should hope he doesn’t lose his home and job. Besides he dated another woman for 15 years, any parent wouldn’t approve. IH says it’s not that big of a deal, she too liked someone for a long time.  She asks how far he went with HJ? CH pauses for a moment before pouring alcohol in his glass. She seems upset, guessing they went all the way. She angrily starts marching off, and he stops her. She tells him to let go of her, she doesn’t want to see him. He grabs her closer, and kisses her “passionately”. He tells her it doesn’t matter how far he went with HJ, now its only about where he and her will go.

BH is making eel for JW to give him energy, and DS stays around to see what she is up to. She asks BH if she won’t be doing the push/pull anymore? BH says it really doesn’t match her style. As BH struggles to flip the eel DS sees a big bottle filled with blackish fluid and asks he what it is? BH grabs it from her saying it’s raspberry. DS seems to know the connection between eel and raspberry and they both giggle. They both smell something burning, and BH runs remembering she left the iron on JW’s shirt. The shirt is burned with a hole in it. JW angrily comes in his room looking for BH, he holds his sweater and asks what this is? He says it needs to be hand washed! And notices some of his other clothes got color on them. BH laughs nervously saying she is new to housework. JW is frustrated. BH gets emotional and says she is just trying to help him, she even got him eel. She suddenly remembers her eels are still on the grill and she runs to the kitchen. JW sees his burnt shirt, and cries out in frustration and anger. In the kitchen the eels are gone, she sees ST eating them. She hits him and takes them from him, and shouts at him for not asking!! ST even drank half of the raspberry juice. She hits him, and leaves being distressed. Even though she hit him, ST doesn’t feel a thing, it’s as if the eel and raspberry gave him energy LOL.

KS is working, and suddenly thinks back to HJ licking her fingers while she was eating. He makes a disgusted face just thinking about it. He holds the headband she gave him when they were little, and scoffs, saying he is really sick, to think “that” (her licking her fingers) is pretty. How can a woman show that side of them? He goes to the top of his yacht., and calls HJ, who is working, even though its already night time. He says the wind here is nice, does she want to come? She catches him, saying his chattering is very obvious and asks the why he called? He clears his throat and says he is telling the truth, there are lots of stars in the sky, and the moon is beautiful. HJ says the weather shows it will rain, so stars? KS tells her that whatever her teacher says is what it will be! Why ask so much? He says the weather is nice, should they go hike again? She says she can already see it, he is soaked and trembling, but if he really wants to go, they can. He is shocked that she actually agreed, and is very happy, he wonders if his phone has a function to record what she just said. He warns her, she better not break the promise! She says he too will ave to stay by her side and help her with everything. He agrees, and eagerly asks where they should go? Anything is ok with him. She wants to go to the theme park, and go on the roller coaster, and te viking boat. He tells her she is going too far, she knows he is scared of heights. She says going on those rides will cure his fear, and names their trip “Challenge the limits of acrophobia”. She tells him if there is nothing more, she will hang up. He ungerntly tells her to wait, he really has something to say. He asks if she knows how to play a game called “Go-Stop”, to socialize with people on the site, she needs to learn it. Annoyed with his nonsense talk, she hangs up lol. He looks disappointed  and tells the humg up phone, that it’s because he wanted to just hear her voice, can’t she talk more? He sighs holding onto the headband, he says she really doesn’t have any feelings (towards him). He looks sad. aww.

The next day, DH is outraged to hear news of an explosion at the Indonesia shipbuilding plant, the company IM invested in. DH’s company is starting to face loss. The whole company is in chaos, getting phone calls from everywhere. DH walks in and demands to know where IM is! Cho tells him he went to do something. He asks why “this” hasn’t been suspended yet? (I think he is talking about the Indonesia thing). CH comes running telling DH that the local embassy wants to talk with him, the loos amount is much more than they imagined. Even BH runs there after hearing the news. DH shouts at her, where was she when this was happening? Why is she here now? BH asks if he is blaming her? She had opposed to this since the start, Indonesia project won’t work! DH is frustrated, he shouts at Cho to bring IM here NOW! CH watches DH as he cusses at IM.

ST is working at the factory, and IM comes to visit. They go to a high class restaurant, and ST eats like a pig. IM says it seems that ST has to take KS’s help to get a job. ST says he is suffering there. IM says he heard KS is making a propeller, and ST says he has no idea, that isn’t related to his part of the job. ST calls IM a friend since he is treating him to such nice food, and calls KS the enemy for making him suffer. lame. IM asks if ST can tell him when the propeller will be made? He hands ST $4000, and tells him that if he does as he is told, he will get triple that amount. ST agrees to do it.

CH reports that there have been 2 deaths in the explosion but they still were able to avoid the worst case.  BH says that company will probably shut down, luckily not much oil was burned. They can’t avoid the responsibility of this though. DH wonders if the loss sum can be liquidated? CH explains it can’t since they don’t have a proper reason, and adds that their shares are dropping -> company reputation is dropping. DH is really frustrated, talking about how he insisted they don’t participate!!

KS and HJ read the news about the explosion, and the frenzy at CheonJi. HJ suggests KS go take a look at the company. KS says he only cares about the drill ship right now. HJ says he is still a partner of that company, but KS reminds her that company fired her. They look at their designs, and KS added his own pattern for the propeller. They both look for the previous blue print, and while rummaging through things HJ sees KS’s dad’s diary again, and looks through it. She asks if he knows his parent’s death anniversary? It wasn’t written in the book. KS says he knows, it’s August 11th, he plans on doing memorials every year. HJ mumbles the difference is only a day then. KS asks from who? HJ says from Prof. Hak Soo. She says she found out from JW. KS seems to be surprised, and in urgency tells HJ to wait, he will be gone for a bit. He rushes out. HJ gets a call from DH.

KS drives to DH’s mansion, to speak with GH. She asks why he is here? He reminds her how she told him she knew his dad last time. GH nods but she doesn’t know a lot about him. KS says he heard that Hak Soo is her former husband, and asks if she’d ever seen him holding a book called “Memorandum”? The book KS’s dad gave to Hak Soo. Did she see it, while she was taking care of Hak Soo’s belongings after he died? She says since she wasn’t in a proper state of mind then, DH took care of it. KS seems to be thinking.

HJ visits DH’s office, and asks if everything is okay here, after the explosion? He tells her not to worry, and suggests she return to the company. She says she was fired by CH, and he tells her he couldn’t recognize her talent. He asks if he should reassign him? She says there is no need, she wanted to work here for the research and development, to make drill ships. He gives her permission to work there. She is truly touched, and leaves. DH makes an evil face, (makes him look constipated) after she leaves.

HJ returns to the office lounge where everyone is busy. She tells CH that DH gave her reinstated her. CH says he knows, but she can’t do anything here right now, and tells her to put more effort into her project that KS assigned her.

DH is telling his secretary that if it keeps up like this,, the company can be in danger. They need to make sure they get the Azimuth T.

Back at KS’s office, HJ tells him she is reinstated. He isn’t happy, doesn’t she have any pride? Why go back to the place that fired her? She says the company is going through difficulty right now, but he says that shouldn’t matter. Does she want to be held responsible for the drill ship accident? He tells her to just work for him, he will supervise her, and pay her generously. HJ argues that his company is also facing trouble financially. KS tells her it’s not to the point where he can’t pay her. She reminds him how much work she put into the getting accepted in Cheonji. He asks if she still wants to work under CH? She shouts she didn’t go there because of CH. Didn’t he tell her that weak peope can’t survive? She will be stronger. He argues that she is already making the propeller with him! He can’t stand it anymore, he going to that company to get bullied, so she should just work here! She asks why he is acting this way? She will still work here, even if she goes to Cheonji. KS explains that a person can only be focused if they do one thing at a time. He leaves angrily, and she seems sad and frustrated.

ST gets lots of food for the family (thanks to his extra pocket money). JJ asks him where he got this much money? He makes up an excuse saying he’s been working hard. Even YJ suspects him but he insists. ST proudly says he will take care of them, and confidently tells DS to quit working at the soju stall. DS wonders if he got a promotion like KS mentioned? ST tells her to stop talking about KS. He wants HJ to stop working, he doesn’t like seeing her with that brat (KS).

EEW the ugliest scene ever. KC is eating and watching TV, and enjoying himself. yuck. IH walks in, he tells her CH isn’t here yet, what brings her here? IH asks why he is eating alone? Didn’t mother tell him to eat at their house? He says CH isn’t even here, its okay, but she insists that even if he is eating alone, he should have a better meal. She brought him something to eat, and custom made clothes. Se kindly tells him to keep eating, and leaves with a smile. KISS UP! they both are kiss ups!  KC is truly surprised and happy.

DH returns home, asking if IM is here? He isn’t. GH asks him if he toook care of Hak Soo’s belongings after he died? He says yes. She asks if he saw a book called “Memorandum”? DH’s eyes change, but he maintains his cool and says he hasn’t, why? She tells him KS wanted to know, it was a gift that his dad gave to Hak Soo. DH looks pissed. She tells him he is curious about his parents. Just them IM walks in, and DH shouts to follow him!

They go to the study room, and DH throws him to the sofa, demanding to know where he was? He didn’t even pick up his phone! IM asks what happened? DH tells him about the explosion in Indonesia. IM is shocked, and explains that their contract should be suspended by now, since he talked to them. DH punches him. GH runs in and blocks DH from hitting IM. He tells her to leave, IM needs to learn a lesson. She tells him to talk nicely to his son, why use violence? DH argues that she shouldn’t say this, IM caused big trouble. She says company matters don’t matter, as much as her kids. She warns him, if he lays a hand on IM again, she won’t let it slide. DH and IM are both surprised.

KS meets with JW to confirm Hak Soo’s death day was August 13, 1986? He tells him that his dad passed away a day before that, in japan too. One was involved in a car accident, the other was shot to death by some unknown; both of them believed in the 7th min field exploration, and both of them know DH. JW asks what he means? KS explains that DH is interested in the 7th mine exploration right now. that can’t be a coincidence. JW asks if he thinks DH is related to their deaths? He doesn’t know about KS’s parents but for his brother;s death, there were may eye witnesses that said DH tried to save him, including GH, and KC, who was also shot on his leg. KS asks if they did an autopsy of Hak Soo? JW says they didn’t get the chance since the funeral was done by the project department. KS finds that strange, and shows JW the diary “Memorandum”, that KS’s dad gave to Hak Soo. JW looks at it.

KS goes to the factory and sees his GF drinking there. He walks past him, and GF asks where he is going? To see the thruster production, HJ is inside too right? GF asks if it’s going well? KS tells him to have talk tomorrow with him, he is busy today.

HJ is working on the propeller, and KS walks in. He just lurks around her like he doesn’t notice her, and she asks if he has something to say, lurking here. He reminds her this is his factory. She calls him petty. He whines at how she changed his design, and she says only by a little. They both are pouting. They both are so cute, acting all angry with each other. He asks her why she is mad at him? (he should be the one who is mad). She says he was mad first. He grouchily says the one that gets mad, farts. She laughs, and repeats it, the one who farts gets mad? KS says he got mad first, so he is saying it from his situation. She smiles to herself. He tells her to go to the drill ship construction firms tomorrow with him. She argues didn’t he tell her not to go to Cheonji?! He says “since when did you listen to me?!” and tries to nudge her, but she dodges it. He says “oh president” making HJ look the other way, and he nudges her, with a victory smile, sticking his tongue out at her. He runs away, and she laughs to herself saying she knew he would do that, and smiles.

JW is standing outside DH’s mansion, thinking.

HJ and KS go to the site, examining the work. Everything is done, only the azimuth thrusters are needed. HJ notices the power cables, and KS says they are strong and firm so whats the problem? She says these ones can corrode. KS says usually people wouldn’t notice since power cables look similar. She asks if he already knew? He says duh, of course! She asks why he didn’t tell her? He says he wasn’t going to, but since she knows it looks like he says to fight.

KS angrily marches into DH’s office, saying IM is braver than he expected. How much did he embezzle from the company? DH is tired, and asks him to get to the point. KS tells him the power cables installed shouldn’t be used on drill ships. DH is shocked, is that true? KS says the explosion wasn’t enough, do they want a drill ship accident? There will be so many people on board, the ship can explode! Isn’t he going to sober up?! DH wonders how this even happened? KS tells DH to tear it and redo it! To re install the cables, 3 months are more than enough. KS warns DH he may lose millions b/c of this. DH falls to his seat, his head hurts, he is angry.

DH walks in to the office lounge, and starts hitting IM with things, even CH can’t stop him.  The explosion wasn’t enough, now he wants to ruin the drill ship?! IM says “father”, and DH asks who are you calling your father? What does he want this company to end up in? CH holds onto DH, as he screams, and IM runs away like a coward.

JW goes to Hak Soo’s grave with the memorandum. He apologizes, saying if the rumors are true, please let him know? He cries, and gets some men to dig up his grave, though it’s just cremated pieces left. JW must know the truth. He opens a box that was also buried in the grave, it has a picture of Yoo Jin, and two things that look like bullets. Upon seeing them JW breaks down.

IH marches into CH’s office, unhappy to hear about HJ being reinstated. CH tells her it was DH’s order. She asks if he is okay with seeing HJ like this? CH says work is work, he can’t do anything. She tells him to come with him to talk to DH, he will listen to her. She goes by herself, and he runs to stop her, he explains that its company affairs  what she says doesn’t work here. She says she can sort it out. He tells her to listen to him, but she asks if he still likes HJ? CH tells her that’s not it. IH sees HJ watching them so she kisses CH, while staring at HJ. CH doesn’t know since his back is facing her. KS comes and stands next to HJ, and sees the kiss. They are both shocked.

May Queen Episode 22 Recap

Finally posted! I have gone to hell, and returned. Lots of things happened this week, Hurricane Sandy, plus a back log of personal projects and assignments, that I couldn’t avoid, therefore, I didn’t even have time to check up on my blog. But I am back, and I have started on Episode 23 already. P.S. to everyone that was affected by Sandy, you are all in my prayers. Time will heal all.
My thoughts on this episode: It was a good episode. My favorite scenes, included BH acting out because of the unjust treatments that her family did to JW; HJ finally understanding KS’s point of view on the whole GF issue; and HJ finally burning CH’s letters. While CH’s voice over was being played for the letters, it was so boring. Just plain dull, there were no sparks or nothing in particular that touched me. He kind of sounded like a no life. ahh I am so mean, maybe it’s just all my frustrations from his reversal of character. The best and most entertaining scenes included the KS’s imagination going wile, and whole BH and DS interaction, being all sister like. 🙂 But the best of the best was DS thinking back, and truly analyzing HJ’s pain and suffering, and her determination to end the misery in her daughter’s life. She wants HJ to live a better life, the kind of life Chun hoped she would have. DS has come such a long way from that annoying step mother cliché. She knows what’s best for HJ, and will go the extra mile to make sure her daughter gets the happiness she deserves.
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