May Queen Episode 21 Recap

One important thing I learned from this episode, CH is a PSYCHO! WTF. He slapped HJ, I don’t care that he closed his eyes first in agony, and then slapped her. Because ultimately he slapped her, the girl he loved for 15 years, and probably still does. THAT IS MESSED UP, he did that for his revenge, and ambition to defeat DH. I am really disgusted right now. And poor KS is going through so much pain after finding out his parents truth, and his grand father’s potential involvement in their death. To top that off, seeing HJ watch her real mother from far, thinking about how different their worlds are, just crushed me. Terrible Terrible Terrible. Really left me depressed. ūüė¶
Recap (Done):

DS tells HJ to leave, and tells her the truth that Yoon Hak Soo is her real dad, and GH is her real mother. HJ is completely broken, and doesn’t believe it. DS explains that GH brought a picture of her lost baby, and it confirmed that HJ was Yoo Jin. Also the yellow clothes that HJ wore as a baby when Chun brought her with him. DS explains she didn’t want to reveal the truth, b/c if HJ left them, how would they manage the living expenses? She says she didn’t know until now that Chun wasn’t HJ’s real dad, he cherished her so well. DS also tells her about the picture in JW’s room of the her as a baby, with GH, Hak Soo and JW. Hak Soo is JW’s older brother, and GH’s first husband. HJ tells her to stop, she doesn’t want to know. DS says JW, who she calls “uncle” is her real uncle. There is no relation between HJ and this family. HJ leaves crying. DS follows her, and understands her shock but this is the truth. DS suggests she ask her real mother¬†about¬†all of this but HJ doesn’t want to, why should she? DS tells her that she is a complete stranger to this family, how can she stay here? She has to go to her own home now. HJ says “mom”, and DS looks away, getting emotional saying there is no such mom here. HJ’s real mother is still looking for her, so she should go call her “mom”.HJ says blood isn’t that important, what about all the time they spent together? DS says she is sick of all of that, and mooching off of HJ. She tells her to go, and pushes her. She tells HJ to stop turning her into the bad one, it’s her fault, CH wouldn’t have broken up with her and she would’ve lived like a princess. She tells her to go, and HJ cries. DS sits down, also emotional.

KS opens the book, and finds a picture of this parents. He reads his father’s diary, where it says meeting “Chae Kyung Mi” (KS’s mom) was the best day of his life, all his life he was pressured b/c of his family’s business, but she gave him¬†liveliness¬†and freedom. She taught him how to love. Days with her become a prelude of the terrible days. This is an audio play over of scenes of KS’s parents together. He continues, that his father (KS’s GF) found out and even tried to kidnap and kill her. So they smuggled themselves to Japan. (scene shows them getting on the boat, and KS’s dad is looking back in regret, and KS’s mom seems to feel his pain. The playover says he wished at that time to get what he promised Hak Soo in university, that he would leave his country, but never abandon it. Next fall, he says a child was born (KS), and named him San (means mountain) and applied him as a japanese citizen. The scene shows KS’s parents playing with baby KS. After the child was born, KS’s father named himself “Akiyama” (autumn mountain). Voice over continues, that for his child’s future, he will go out in the ocean to prove what Hak Soo has been claiming. But his father found them and took KS away from them. (scene shows GF’s men fighting with KS’s dad who is protecting baby KS and his mom. GF shows up, and his men beat them up in violence, and KS’s father is¬†devastated. They take KS away, as his mom screams “NO!” GF holds baby KS and leaves. The voice over says he couldn’t protect his wife and child, and lost the will to live. KS continues to read, shocked, probably hurt. KS’s father writes that his wife got aphasia (disorder caused by damage to the parts of the brain that control language. It can make it hard for you to read, write and say what you mean to say.) He says he does’t want to leave her in her current mental state, but has to go to the ocean. He says if he fails this ocean exploration, he will leave this world, now that his dream and love have fallen, giving him no reason to live. He writes that once he dies, give this book to his son. KS puts the book down, really emotional, and shocked.

He speeds on his bike and goes to see his grand father. GF talks normally with him, asking why ST isn’t showing up these days? KS with his peircing look and serious tone, asks why he didn’t tell him? GF asks what? KS shouts: that my parents passed away because of you? Why didn’t you tell me?! They go to a place to talk. GF asks how he found out? KS just wants to know if it’s true? That’s why he kept his parents story a secret from him all these years? GF says now that he knows everything there isn’t anything left to say. KS, really hurt, asks how can he be so cruel? Didn’t he ever feel guilty? KS shouts, why did he¬†separate¬†him from his mother!? GF says his only hope, his son was taken away by KS’s mother, so he took away her hope, her child, KS. KS just looks away, disgusted. GF asks if him knows what type of person his dad was? He was 1000 times smarter than KS, a¬†genius¬† KS look at him angrily, and betrayed. If he hadn’t met KS’s mother, he would’ve had a bigger shipping company than DH. KS explains that if he had accepted his parents, that could’ve still been possible. GF tells him the world was different back then, brain wasn’t the only important thing. The reason why DH defeated him was because he didn’t have any power nor background. KS’s father could’ve married lots of women from such powerful families. KS asks if that’s why he wanted him to marry IH? KS feels betrayed as he says in the end, GF and DH are the same kind of people. GF asks KS if he knows what it feels like to lose one’s own child? The world collapses and only deep sorrow remains. A tear comes out of KS’s eyes, as he tells GF that he no longer has the confidence to see him anymore. GF looks at him saying “San-ah”. KS asks if he has any idea how much he missed his parents? Parents that every one has, but he doesn’t, they never showed up at school¬†festivals¬†or sports. He missed his parents a lot, but didn’t bring them up worrying that GF would feel sad. GF closes his eyes, in sadness, and KS cries as he says “how could you?” He wipes his tears, and tells GF from today on not only did he lose his son, but also his grandson. “Do you understand?!” KS marches off, upset. GF calls out his name, but he doesn’t look back, and speeds away on his bike, tearing up. GF is really sad too.
HJ is by the shore, flashing back to how she talked to Chun about how she knew that DS wasn’t her real mother and DS hates her, and he explained that blood relations aren’t everything. He tells her that no matter what other say, even if the sky falls, she is still his daughter. HJ looks at the sky, and asks it;s not true right? She is still his daughter right? Why else would he have treated her so well? He has to be her real dad. Plus she doesn’t like rich or really smart people. She is still his daughter right? She cries, telling him to answer back! You’re still my dad right? Aboji! Aboji!

IH is sitting on the bench outside her home, and GH comes next to her. IH asks her who her first love was? GH smiles as she says it was her dad, DH. IH says first loves don’t¬†work¬†out normally, how did hers work? GH looks ahead as she says DH made a lot of efforts (scoffs, yea including murdering your first husband) IH wonders if it will work for her? It has to be KS for her. GH says after time, she will meet someone better than her first love. IH asks how she knows, her first love worked. ¬†GH says she had someone else too. IH is surprised, and says he wasn’t as good as dad right? Or else you would’ve stayed with that man. GH strokes her hair saying after time first love will just be a pleasant memory. IH gets annoyed since GH got to stay with her first love. HJ shows up, watching them from far behind, watching GH take care of IH. She leaves without a word.

She goes back to the shore, thinking back to what Chun said, family doesn’t have to be blood related, when they can share pain, sadness, and hunger together. She seems to have gotten her answer.

DS is still sitting at the same place since HJ left, feeling sad. HJ walks in, and DS wipes her tears asking why she returned? HJ calls her “mom” and DS wonders why she is still calling her that? Did she meet with her real mother? HJ wants to talk. They go to a room, and she says she saw GH from far. DS asks why is she like this? Staying here will just be a hard life. If she goes there, she will be rich. HJ says she also went to the shore where they threw father’s ashes. DS says he isn’t her real dad! HJ says she should know how Chun raised her, though they aren’t related. DS is about to cry. HJ says she can’t deny that Chun is her dad. DS calmly explains how diligently GH has been looking for her? HJ knows that and ¬†about how her real dad is also dead, she is grateful to her real parents, but she spent 27 years of her life in this family, laughing crying. This is her family, so she doesn’t want Uncle JW to know any of this. DS says she is being generous, telling her to leave, so why is she like this?! HJ asks if she really wants her gone? DS looks away, hiding her tears, asking if she really doesn’t get it? HJ holds her hand, begging to not push her away, she has to be by her side at least. She treasures her like she treasured Chun. DS cries and hits her asking why she wants the hard life? HJ hugs DS, and DS cradles her in her arms, both crying.

CH is talking with DH at work. CH tells DH to request an arrest warrant 48 hours in advance. And they have to take care of “it” in that time. CH suggests they use the subcontractors from the last case. They can lie saying JW forced them to¬†testify¬†falsely against DH. And also that JW took ¬†money from those¬†contractors¬†by blackmailing their weak points. They can make the arresting IM thing part of the same context. CH already knows JW’s account number. And the subcontractors will cooperate as long as they get something. DH asks if they can really get rid of JW that way? CH says he will step forward but wants DH to deal with some things senior level. DH is pleased.

Meanwhile, JW is interrogating IM. He angrily asks IM why he is denying all his crimes when they already have evidence? IM arrogantly says he really doesn’t know, and won’t talk until his lawyer shows up. JW leaves the¬†Indonesia¬†topic, and discusses the embezzlement issues. One of JW’s colleagues is also there, and he slams a big book on the table. And pokes IM’s head with a pen asking if he really doesn’t know? IM says he will sue them for using force! The colleague asks if he wants to get beat with the book? It won’t leave bruises. He pretends to hit IM, who inches away scared. He says so many millionaires go through¬†prosecutors, IM is no match for them! JW talks about all the bribes IM did, and the millions he spent on it, on top of that his gambling issues. He asks if DH knows? IM looks at JW, scared. JW says CH became a director of DH’s company, and if he finds out about all of this, IM won’t even be able to dream about successing the company. IM is nervous, as JW says he will have to rot in jail for 3 years, even rich people are in scrutiny these days. But if IM cooperates, it can be different, and IM falls for it, and asks what they want? JW says he wants to know about DH, IM will never get to a higher position as long as his father is around. JW smiles and asks if he understands what he is saying? IM just looks nervous. He is such a wuss.

YJ and JJ come home from school? HJ confronts YJ about where she got the bag and watch from? YJ asks why she cares? She isn’t even her real sister. HJ hits her, asking who said that? JJ defends HJ saying they have the same father! HJ says she is till their sister, she has YJ on her back, and JJ in her hands. YJ tells her that the director at HJ’s workplace gave them (IM). HJ asks why? YJ tells her that IM likes her. HJ scolds her that he isn’t a type of person to¬†receive¬†gifts from. YJ says she didn’t want to but he calls her everyday and chases her. HJ tells her to never meet him again. YJ agrees. JJ tells HJ she called ST but he doesn’t want to come home. HJ is frustrated on what he is doing.

ST is on the streets, and sees little boys eaing chips, and wants some since he hasn’t eaten. The boys are playing video games, and ST tells them that if he wins the game, they have to give him the chips. One boy asks if he knows how to play? The other boy says he probably doesn’t judging from what he looks like. The tells the first boy to let him play, he will win for him. But he loses against the 2nd boy. They call him a homeless guy and leave.

KS is watching the sea, feeling really sad. He gets a call from “Dummy”.

ST is trying to steal some ddubokki from girls that are eating, and KS shouts “its a¬†thief¬†” and the girls leave. ST asks why he came so late? He is starving! KS kicks him, asking why he left home? ST asks for money to eat, and KS tells him to work with his 2 hands to feed himself. He lived off his sister HJ all this time. ST looks down. KS says he knows, about how ST got to go to college and HJ didn’t go to school to take care of his needs. But what? ST hurt HJ’s heart by telling her she is’t his sister? Does he have a conscience? ST says he wasn’t feeling good that time. KS says she even begged him to get ST a job. ST gets mad asking if KS has any idea how hard GF makes him work? ST worked for a whole week! He tells KS to settle it with GF! KS says the one that put him to work was GF, so ask him to for the pay. ST begs KS for just 1 dollar or he will die of hunger. KS tells him to go home and eat food if he is that hungry. ST sits down saying he has his own pride, and won’t go back! KS pats his head, saying if he only help out for a month, he was going to put him in materials management but ST didn’t last. ST lights up asking if he really will do that? KS says it too bad he quit. He hands ST a container, and tells him to at least beg in style. He puts 3 coins in the container, and ST is shocked. KS leaves and ST runs after him.

ST sneaks into the house, and JJ finds him. He asks if HJ is here? HJ comes there and nags at ST like she normally would. She serves him food, and she ordered his favorite, but he wasn’t home so the sisters ate most of it. She scolds him asking why he is going around starving himself? ST is touched. HJ says it’s okay if he quits if it hard for him, and he suddenly says no, he will keep working. He cries that he’s done nothing for her, she hits him asking why he is spitting out his food while talking? They both quietly cry.

GH goes to DH, asking about IM. DH says it will be solved soon. She asks why was he arrested? He says things like this can happen. GH asks why then, did JW personally come to arrest him? DH says she should know that JW doesn’t like him. He is actually JW’s target. DH thinks it’s because of “his and GH’s stuff” back then. DH is sure that JW knows about it. (were they having an affair?)

JW is still in the interrogation room with IM, asking if he can bring him the evidence (regarding DH), and IM doesn’t say anything. JW¬†explains¬†that a company cannot be divided, there is only 1 person in charge. Isn’t it time for DH to retire now? As IM is asking him what he should do, CH comes in. JW shouts at his colleague for letting an outside in, and CH says he isn’t an outsider but IM’s lawyer. JW can’t allow them to talk alone here since CH is also involved in this case. CH says it’s his right under law to meet with his client. JW shouts that when it’s possible that they can destroy evidence, there is law that allows him to not let them talk privately. CH says he can’t limit this unless he has solid evidence. JW hesitantly agrees to give them an hour but CH wants 2 hours, since JW is going to interrogate IM all night anyway. JW glares and leaves. IM arrogantly asks why he came? There should be top lawyers defending him. CH tells him to listen close, when¬†prosecutors¬†ask IM any questions, he can’t answer without his permission! IM confides in CH, saying he is scared to death, they even hit him with a book and pen, and wants them sued. CH asks if he said anything to them? IM nervously lies that he didn’t. CH tells him to hang in there for one more day.

JW is scolding his colleague, saying if he had made CH¬†come¬†in a few minutes late, he could’ve¬†gotten¬†a statement from IM. Since it’s no use, they will keep him in custody and find out another way. He asks if it’s possible to have the arrest tomorrow? The colleague says they have enough charges to have it passed.

HJ goes into JW’s room to hang his clothes, and sees the picture of GH, JW, Hak Soo, and her as a baby. She sighs, and puts it back.

HJ goes to JW’s office to drop off things he asked for. He is sorry to make her run over for this. She asks why he needs to stay at work for all these days? JW says she will find out about it when she goes to work anyway, he is trying to confine IM for embezzlement of funds. She asks if it’s b/c of what KS oppa said? JW says IM is also involved for personal corruption, and tells her not to worry. HJ hesitantly asks what JW’s older brother (her real dad) was like? He asks why so suddenly? She said last time when they were with KS, he had said that Hak Soo was murdered? JW says its¬†true but he doesn’t know how. She asks if he was good like him? JW says yes, he was better than him, thoughtful, considerate..with a big dream. She looks down as she asks if Hak Soo loved her late daughter a lot? JW says he loved Yoo Jin so much it can’t be described in words. ¬†When he died, he must have worried so much about that baby. JW, who is emotional, clears his throat and asks why she is so curious right now? She says no reason, and tells him to take care of his health. She says she is happy to have an uncle like him in her life, and JW smiles, and says the feeling is mutual. She leaves.

KS is back in his room, reading more of his dad’s book. His dad writes that he only thinks about drill ships these days. Even in japan, with a vast ship industry, there are only vessels that explore oilfields under the ocean but none that drill. Will there ever be a vessel that can handle both exploring and drilling oil fields in the ocean? If he had one, he would explore the worlds oceans, and secure what their (Hak Soo and his) children can use for the future. KS wonders to himself, who sent this to him, and why?

HJ goes back to JW’s room, and brings in a picture of herself as a child standing next to Chun. She puts it side to side with JW’s photo. She says she is happy that she had 2 good dads. She is fine with that. She smiles at both and holds them against her heart.

HJ is called into DH’s office. DH heard that KS has a propeller company now? She says it’s true and she has been there. He asks what KS is planing on making there? She says obviously making propellers. He asks what kind? HJ doesn’t answer, and DH says KS isn’t only her boss, he is too. She says KS is also trying to make azimuth Thrusters. DH nods saying ok, and telling her to hold KS with that. She asks if it’s really okay to do that? DH says yes, and encourages her to make it well. He might even buy it if its good. He tells her to concentrate there, he will excuse her absence here. She thanks him and leaves. DH stops smiling, and looks angry as soon as he is alone. He calls his secretary, ordering him to support KS’s factory workers secretly. He smiles.

Back at home, KC nags at a worker, who is wiping the car. But as soon as IH comes out, he snatches the cloth from the workers hand, and starts wiping the car. He asks her if she is heading out? She asks why he is cleaning her car? He says he wants to, to make it shiny. She ignores him and walks to her car door, and KC guesses she must be very worried about IM. He brags about how CH is going to be his lawyer for this case. IH says so what? KC says CH was always first place in everything, so he is better than other lawyers. IH pretends to be amused as KC tells her to trust CH in this matter. She says he must be proud to have such a son, and KC nods, embarrassed. IH turns around, not smiling  but annoyed. She gets in the car, and drives away, and KC smiles watching her. eww.

CH is talking to JW in his office. JW asks if he will keep interfering? CH says it’s IM’s right. He also wants IM examined since he isn’t feeling well. JW laughs that IM is already sick after one night here, he will still get the warrant for IM’s arrest. Two men from the special inspection unit walk in, they want JW to cooperate, since they¬†received¬†some hints about his corruption. JW is pissed, what corruption?! They tell JW to follow them. JW glares at CH, knowing that he did this. UGH THAT SCUMBAG, GOOD FOR NOTHING, SCREW UP, SON OF FISH LIPS! I want to puke looking at his face. yuck, ruins my day.

DH is praising CH back in his office, telling him he did good, messing up JW. CH says its still too early to be happy, and JW won’t be fired yet. DH says it’s fine as long as IM is released.

KS is by the yacht docks, in deep thought, looking gloomy. IH walks behind him, asking if he is well with HJ? Since she is done with CH, it seems KS and her can date openly. She curses at HJ. He says HJ has a lot of wounds in her spirit, so don’t cuss at her. She selfishly asks if he even sees her wounds? KS looks at her, saying there are people in this world with wounds that she can’t even imagine. She won’t know. IH agrees, that she doesn’t know such things, but that doesn’t mean she¬†doesn’t¬†have a right to love him. oh give it up already, he don’t love you! KS says even if it takes a long time for him, he wants to stay by HJ, until she can smile brightly like she used to. IH is heart broken..again. He says he wants to protect HJ. She holds his arm, saying during that time she might even waver, can’t he stay be her side now? She only wants to love him. She leans against his shoulder and cries, saying she wants to be loved too by the one she loves. KS moves his hand to hold her, but takes it away. (ohh Kim Jae Won is so tall! HOT DAMN!)¬†
IH is in her car later, and she hits a car while putting her gear on reverse. A man walks out of the car calling IH an adjumma while pretending to look hurt. She asks how is she an adjumma? She is young and pretty! She looks at him, and guesses he is trying to take advantage of the situation but she won’t be ripped off that easily. He is about to hit her, and CH comes and stops him. CH says he can be charged for assault for hitting her. The man tries to hit CH, but CH twists his arm, and says with the way he is moving ¬†it doesn’t look like he got hurt. The man says ok, he will let this go, but they have to at least pay for the damage, and CH lets him go. CH hands his card to the man, telling him to send the repair bill to him. The man is scared to death knowing that CH is a prosecutor. The man says they don’t need to pay for the damage either, and leaves, bowing at CH. IH looks impressed but pretends not to care. He asks if she is okay? IH asks why he is here? He tells her IM will be released tonight, so she should return home early. Plus she opened her store but he was too busy to visit, so he hands her a gift. She asks what it is? and he leaves without a word.

She goes inside, and opens it to find a spinning ice skater inside the globe. There is a note too, which says “this was when you were the prettiest, it’s still in his heart, because he can’t forget.” She looks really happy, and says he surely has good taste.

KS is leaning on his motorbike, staring at the ship building site, he sees HJ doing the same thing across from him. He walks to her, hey tinker! “Liar oppa.” She says she was just staring at the drill ship. He asks if she¬†believes¬†in fate? He never believed in that, but he thinks he does now. Fate is the reason he must make a drill ship. She says she too was thinking the same thing, she must make the ship. She says he dads, it’s because of their dreams. KS asks “dads”? She asks if he is really planning on making the drill ship? Doesn’t he ¬†need a shipyard? He says they do. The blood that runs through the drill ship, runs in him too. He says lets go, to make the Azimuth T. ¬†They both get on their motorbikes, and drive side by side, smiling at each other. badass OTP.

They go work at the factory.

GH and IH are working in the kitchen, and, they run to see IM return home. GH asks if hes been okay? She was so worried, but IM doesn’t even look at her. DH says see here was nothing to worry about, CH pulled some strings to get him out. GH thanks him, even IH smiles at CH. KC is happy like a fool, its gross.

JW is at home working on a making a table. HJ comes surprised to see him here since he was going to be at work for a few days. JW says he might have been suspended. HJ is shocked. He says she did well breaking up with CH. CH is a very bad man. JW tells her they misjudged him. HJ looks worried.

She drives off on her motor bike at night.

IM’s family is celebrating his return. They all cheer with their drinks. GH thanks CH again, and CH smiles. DH tells KC that his son did really well. KC laughs along, saying it’s not b/c CH is his son, but b/c he is good with work, and he asks IM is he is right? IM glances at CH, who is staring back, and agrees unhappily. GH tells IM to eat a lot, it’s his favorite. IM doesn’t look at her, and says it’s fine he will eat slowly. DH asks why he is sp depressed? He only went to the police once. IM says¬†that’s¬†not it, and DH tells him to¬†smile¬†then. Its nice to eat like this with family. ¬†IM puts on a fake smile. KC wants to make a toast to IH for her new store, since he couldn’t go. IH just smiles, knowing he was going to do something like this. While KC is picking up his glass, it hits the plate, making wine fall on his face. EEEWWW HAHAHAHAHA! DH asks if he is already drunk? He is so excited, if someone saw they would think his son got out of jail. They all laugh, even IM smiles. CH isn’t laughing though, and IH notices. She puts her glass up to toast with his, and he toast back.

HJ sees this toasting session. She watches CH drink wine, with the same cold expression he always has. She is disappointed  and hurt. She looks at GH too, who looks happy and is laughing. HJ looks sad, and leaves.

BH reurns from Japan, and arrives at the airport. She sees JW waiting there but he doesn’t see her. She is really happy!! But then remembers she needs to play hard to get. She grabs some random man that came out of the same flight, and tells him to play along. He asks what is she doing? She tells him to not say a word and just walk with her. JW notices her walking ahead of him, and runs to her saying “Bong Hee-ah”. She asks whats up? He says what else? He came to get her. JW looks at the man, and then at how their arms are linked together, and asks who he is? BH scoffs, and slightly takes her sunglasses off, and asks JW who he is? JW just looks at her weirdly, saying what? The man gets annoyed and walks off. LOL. So BH shouts all cutely, “honey, call me when you get to the office.” She stops smiling as soon as she sees JW, asking again who is he? She starts walking away. He wonders to himself when will she ever grow up? They both go outside, she is waiting for a cab. He tells her to just come, he brought his car. She says she will go by taxi, and he whines at her to just come with him. She comments he sure is trying hard to chase after her, when he has a high standard. He says he probably won’t be doing much in the future since he got suspended. BH immediately forgets her plan to¬†play¬†hard to get, and asks him about it. A taxi stops by her, and she says her driver is already here, so she won’t be getting in! She asks him why did he get suspended? JW is having fun watching her and laughs. He says she is finally back to her normal self. She starts acting again, and says oh well it can happen as a human, but then her says she really can’t do this, she will just be her old self again. JW laughs. She asks him what did he do wrong? It isn’t a girl problem right? He says “ah really this girl” and pats BH. She laughs nervously saying, right it can’t be possible. She ask what it is then? She grabs his face, squishing it between her hands, saying she can forgive him for anything as long as its not girl related lol. He pushes her off of him, and looks around,¬†embarrassed¬† and tells her to follow him to the car. He takes her bag and walks off.

HJ is shown running into CH’s office. Cho wonders how can she not even greet them? HJ marches in, asking CH if its true that he fabricated evidence to get JW suspended? CH asks what is she doing? He tells her to¬†separate¬†personal and work matters. She is angry, and asks if he is worried people might hear? Why did he do that to¬†uncle¬† JW. He tells her to follow him, and they go stand on the stairs. IH eavesdrops on their conversation. CH starts off “Miss Chun Hae Joo, are you working for the prosecutors office?” Shouldn’t she be happy that IM, her boss, returned? Why is she blaming him? She says¬†because¬†he framed uncle JW, he has been suspended for a month! Though he works for CheonJi, this is wrong. She reminds him that JW shared life by his side for a long time. He coldly says this is none of her business. She tells him she knows everything about IM’s embezzlement. She tells CH to go to the police and report the truth to clear JW’s name! He asks who is she to tell him to do this and that? HJ asks if he was really this kind of a person? Though his dad did bad things, she thought he was different. But now she knows they are the same! Not feeling guilty or ashamed of their wrongdoings. CH notices IH listening, and he closes his eyes for a moment, and then slaps HJ across her face. OH THIS BASTARD! DAME YOU! DIE! DIE! DIE! CH tells her she is fired from today. She looks back at him, in disbelief.

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  1. it’s super sad for haejoo. i don’t blame her for wanting to stay with her family that she’s been with for 27 years. it’s that attachment and bond you create and can’t break over night

  2. i feel sorry for hae joo. the thing is, i don’t really understand how chang hee’s feelings can waver within a day or two. that’s pretty unrealistic. or maybe he’s just concealing them or pushing them deep into the depths of his mind??? dammit when he slapped HJ i was in utter shock. how can you treat a girl who you have been dating for 15 years like that??

  3. I am not saying that hyejoo deserves it,but I think somehow she is also responsible for the turn in events….changhee time and again asked her to marry him but she gave absurd reasons ,he even told her that he will take care of her family,she disagreed but she is ok with kangsan helping sangtae get a job or bring beef over,I don’t understand her logic,changhee shouldn’t do it but kangsan can,why???anyone would get frustrated. Changhee is ready to leave his father whom he looked up to and run away with her,he tried all methods so its natural for him to just give up,though that is no excuse for him to hit a girl.

    • Well the thing about sangtae is different. KS didn’t hand money over to him like CH did for the car. KS found him a job, and the job isn’t all fun and games either. And HJ didnt shout at CH when he brought gifts over when he came to introduce himself as her bf to her family. She did nag at KS for bringing all those gifts.

  4. We must not overlook the point, CH want to run away with HJ and not wanting to tell
    the truth. He is just like his father …..selfish . I dont pity him at all and he is playing with IH ‘s feeling. I hope he get punished in the end. His future will ruined.

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