May Queen Episode 20 Recap

ok somehow my hard worked recap was erased, and I don’t have a saved version of it outside of WordPress so this is a problem. I will post the screen caps for the episode again and a summary that sums up everything in this episode for those that didn’t get to read the recap. I will do this once i get home from college. There is no way i will have time to rewrite this whole recap in detail again, sorry 😥

Recap is finally complete, sorry for the delay. I have one exam next Sunday, but I doubt it will get in the way of my recaps. 🙂 happy dance!!
My Thoughts on the Episode: Just when I thought KC would be the most disgusting character in the drama, poof! walks in CH. He is a monster! But I don’t know, I feel like he really put this upon himself. He could’ve escaped from DH if he really put his mind to it, but now he wants to crush him instead of just moving on. But with this revenge, he is crushing many people who supported him through the years. His old friend KS, his boss JW, IH, and to a certain extent HJ. I know DH-CH will mess up both JW and KS’s lives, i see it happening. Just when I thought the good guys finally have a chance at beating the bad ones to the punch, nope, it doesn’t happen. I just hope whatever storm is to come, HJ stays by KS’s side selflessly, like he has done for her all this time. And also I pray she finds out that CH was partly behind all the horrible that is to come, and finally get’s over him. He was always a coward, sorry CH fans. This is the extent I hate him right now, my patience is up to here. If he lays even a little fingerprint on KS or JW, I will never ever post a screen cap that has his face in it. grrrzz!! 👿


HJ confronts KC about how he had her kidnapped to be sold off. He confesses that he hated her being close to CH, it was distracting him from his studies. He wouldn’t hesitate to make the same mistake again. After hearing this, HJ loses all respect she may have kept for him, and leaves from there, hoping to not see him again either. After she leaves, KC sits there saying he will repent in hell for this, and he is sorry.

GH sees HJ outside KC’s door and invites her in for tea. GH asks if it’s possible she is her daughter, since the situation has changed and it’s possible that an AB blood type can be her child. HJ doesn’t believe it.While HJ leaves, GH takes pulls out a hair strand without her noticing, and also takes the cup she drank from. IM witnesses this.

10 thoughts on “May Queen Episode 20 Recap

  1. Hi… I really salute your “fighting” spirit!! And I really loves reading your most updated recap! Least but not last, wishing you all the best for your examination result!!

  2. Thank you so much once again for your kind help and effort in putting up recaps for us. We sincerely appreciate it and also thanksssss for the patience haha! <33 💛 good luck for your exams!

  3. Thanks for the recap 🙂

    LOL at your comment about CH. I totally get where you’re coming from. He had a choice and he chose the wrong one. It really pisses me off when people uses “revenge” as a justification to do bad things just to reach their goals. Two wrongs doesn’t make a right. But i can’t bring myself to hate him though he’s clearly a bad guy in this probably because of my JH bias lol (i’m having the same issue with Five Fingers and the whinny little brother IH)
    The thing with In Hwa though. CH didn’t really have to do anything to get her trapped. I mean she was always the one following him asking questions and getting all hot and bothered by herself. I mean how can a forced kiss make you rethink your feeling for a guy who committed such deed? Or is she just sexually frustrated to react like that since KS rejected her? lol He is just now using the occasion to his advantage so i don’t really feel bad for her being used as much as i do for the others (since it was already spoiled in the outline where their thing is going)
    Though i don’t ship HJ with anyone, i really hope for the KS/HJ shippers that those writers don’t go the way of Feast of the Gods cause that drama as a shipper left me with a bitter taste in the mouth. Though the lead girl was less self absorbed than HJ or even possessing such an annoying inferiority complex, i was still not convinced that she loved the guy half as much he loved her. Mostly cause they were focusing the drama on her getting back at the other girl and on her family instead of at least showing her say or even show whether or not she loved the guy not just “liked” Ugh Painful memories lol

  4. wow! great recap!!
    anyway i cant agree more with you!! CH is hurting way too many ppl!! ( I LOVE YOUR COMMENT BOUT CH HAHAHA)
    anyway i hope HJ eventually will get over CH and like KS!! (please writer!! dun let down KS&HJ shipper) ToT
    i personally think KS is more worth loving cos CH focus on his revenge and is becoming the bad guy~ (peace CH fans!!)
    a bit worried though, feels like KS will be going through something bad in the next few eps!! i hope KS stays strong!! ^^

  5. hello bloomingbird,,
    i was going to read ur recap, but i dont se any recap,,
    it goes blank under the title Recap :
    is there a problom or it only on my laptop?

    • thats weird, its doing the same thing for me..hmm i did publish a finished recap.. when i get home, i will try seeing whats wrong. oh god i hope i dont have to rewrite it again 😦

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