May Queen Episode 19 Recap (Done!)

All the secrets are finally coming out in the open one by one, I am really excited! I liked many things about this episode. I am so glad that KC will be confronted finally after all these years of concealing his sins!! Today’s episode especially showed more perspective on the supporting actors, like Il Moon, Sang Tae, Geum Hee, and Dal Soon. Il Moon’s suffering, that he hides inside his heart, he can finally open up about it to someone, slowly, and that’s Young Joo. But even so, slapping a girl, and back talking to the woman that raised him is no excuse. He needs to learn manners before anything else. It seems from this episode, that Sang Tae has finally found out about HJ being adopted, and I am not sure how he will take this. I hope he just pretends he didn’t hear, but that too is a secret that will come out in the open before the drama wraps up. I really love that In Hwa might finally be moving forward, she might finally forget about Kang San, after seeing Chang Hee in a different light. Chang Hee is better off with her, than Hae Joo. Why? Because, Hae Joo and Chang Hee are both introverted people, that like to suffer in silence, and having extroverts like Kang San and In Hwa in their lives, will create balance. But it’s just my opinion ūüôā Plus, Kang San can fight for the woman he loves, and so can In Hwa ūüėÜ

After HJ asks JW if he knows the culprit that killed her father, he says he doesn’t, but he does know that CH has all the files related to the case, since he wanted to know about it. HJ flashes back to when CH smashed her phone at the airport when she saw the license plate picture. KS asks what’s wrong? She must have a reason to coming this late to ask JW all this. HJ tells them about the¬†license¬†plate picture that was sent on her phone, she feels that it’s from the car that hit her father. JW asks her if she remembers the plate #, and HJ isn’t sure but she has the feeling that it might be. KS thinks it’s her fever acting up, how can she be sure when she saw it 15 years ago? HJ explains that the lisence plate had blood on it, in the picture. JW asks to look at the picture, and HJ tells him she lost it. JW says he might find it from her phone records. HJ agrees, since she really has a strange feeling. JW and KS look at her, also starting to do their own thinking.

Back at home, GH is flashing back to how she saw HJ’s scar, and how the doctor said it’s possible for her child to have an AB blood type. IH walks in furiously, demanding CH is kicked out of here. GH scolds her that KC and CH have lived with them for 30 years like family, so its not possible. GH asks what happened, and IH says she will put CH in jail! she walks to her room, locks her door, and thinks back to CH kissing her. She throws stuff off her dressing table, and GH is outside the door desperately asking her what’s¬†wrong¬† IH is lying on her bed, crying, calling CH a bad man for daring to do something like this. GH keeps¬†knocking¬†and IH tells her to leave her alone!

KS and HJ are eating out, and he sees her sulking and asks if she still blames herself for her father’s death? She asks him how he guessed? KS reminds her how he and CH had carried her home after her father died, and she was kicked out. HJ says, it’s true that he passed away b/c of her. Her heart drops when she hears about a car accident. Had she not taken her bicycle there that day, he would’ve lived, she cries. KS tries to console her, explaining that its trauma that hasn’t healed, the bad person is the guy that did the hit and run, not her. He also thinks she is overreacting about the picture. She says they’ll find out after it’s been investigated, she tells him to eat, trying to put up a smile. He argues back telling her to eat!

CH comes home, and KC asks if he drank again? CH ignores him, and goes to his room. KC heard that he will be the Director for the Maritime Division. CH looks at him, and arrogantly says he sold his soul to the devil, so he should start high up. KC tries to give him advice on how to deal with this, but CH cuts him off by telling him to worry about himself, and tells him not to do something that will get him beaten up by others. He does into his room and gets a call, but CH doesn’t pick up.

It’s HJ on the other end of the line, and the call goes to¬†voice-mail¬† she leaves a message, she is calling because she has some questions about her cellphone. She requests CH to call her back, they don’t have to meet up. She stares at the childhood picture of her with her father.

GF is at KS’s officetel, and he finds out KS has been looking up info about Hak Soo, and Akiyama. KS walks in, and GF asks how he figured out the name “Akiyama”. KS says he looked it up since he wasn’t telling him. GF scolds him for looking for a dead person, he was an unfilial son that he doesn’t want to even think about. KS says they are still his parents, so he has a right to know, so why must GF stop him? GF gets up and says he already told him everything he should know, so what more is there? KS says he wants to know his mothers name, where she was born, grew up, how she met his father, and how and why they passed away!? GF doesn’t want to say anything about that woman. KS asks if her being a welder was a problem? Isn’t he also a welder? GF blames KS’s mom for seducing his son, and making him leave him, and his son. If KS’s father was still alive, he wouldn’t have let HaePoong fall into DH’s hands. He warns KS to not bring up his parents¬†again! KS just wants to know where they passed away, and GF says it was in Japan, they were driving, and drowned into the ocean. KS asks how old he was when his parents died? GF tells him he raised him all his life, not them, so don’t bring them up ever, if he still wants to be his family. GF leaves, and KS feels a wave of emotions, but tries to suppress them.

DH is in his home office, thinking. He takes out a book, and finds a picture inside, with a message “To my closest friend, Hak Soo. From Kang Woon.” Hak Soo, Kang Woon are in the picture with DH standing in between, like they were all very close.

The next morning, a distressed IM comes to talk with DH in his office. He complains about CH being the executive director of the division when he doesn’t even know anything about it! CH betrayed them once. IM asks if he is that displeased with him? Is he really the successor of this¬†company?! DH tells him to shut up! He asks IM if he thinks he is worth becoming the successor? after all his mistakes? DH tells him he is doing this to prepare him. A tree that doesn’t bear fruit, if it’s poked a few times, then by next season, it finally bears lots of fruits, and that’s what he is doing to IM. IM just angrily walks out after asking DH if actually he is just trying to uproot him?

CH arrives for work, and is greeted by the staff. He walks in like some big shot chaebol, with body guards/ personal secretary’s trailing behind. He goes to the office lounge, and greets his employees. HJ is present. CH doesn’t even look at her, and continues that he has no interest in what they have done until now, and he doesn’t trust any of them. He says they will know the reason by the end of today, and everything from now on needs to to reported straight to him. One of the employees asks about IM, and CH says he didn’t give him permission to ask questions. IM walks in, glaring and CH, and starts walking to his office, when CH tells him not to be late to work anymore, or leave when he isn’t finished talking.¬†IM tells him not to play around, and angrily walks away. KS enters clapping and¬†congratulates¬†CH, and bows telling him to take care of him. CH ignores it, and tells everyone to work, and goes to his office. HJ looks sad.

KS goes to CH. CH tells him to talk more professionally, “Mr Ryan Kang” and KS says he doesn’t want to. He’s been like this since he was a kid. He asks CH if he stayed with DH to get this position? CH asks if there is a problem with the ship? KS says even if there is, does he even know what a drill ship is? CH says he doesn’t know much, but he knows that thrusters is where the problem is. If the company has to pay, it will. KS laughs mockingly, so he’s done his research about IM spending funds elsewhere. He asks CH if that’s the reason he got this position? CH doesn’t want to answer any personally questions. KS asks him the reason for breaking up¬†with¬†HJ. Was she getting in the way of his ambition to reach the top? CH tells him to leave, since he is busy. KS scoffs, and leaves after gesturing to CH, that he is watching him.

HJ goes to DH’s office, and DH mentions about how DS and her family caused a problem at his house. HJ has no idea, so DH changes the subject, and has a job for HJ. He asks if being in her new position is worth it? with all her skills? She says its fun, and he asks if she knows about the azimuth thruster,¬†of course¬†she does. He wants her to go to the factory and make sure it’s being made properly. He praises her saying with her skills she can be trusted. HJ is touched for getting his¬†acknowledgment¬†even though she didn’t go to college. DH says he cut down mountain trees when he was young, they¬†weren’t¬†owned¬†by anyone, but the government insisted it was theirs. DH got beaten for saying they weren’t! His father lost everything, their farm too. He hated that person, but today he is thankful, b/c it made him what he is now. He pats HJ’s shoulder, and recognizes her as HJ, he says she reminds him of himself. She thanks him, and leaves. DH smiles, actually happy.

IM hears from Cho about HJ going to inspect the thruster at the factory, and is outraged to find out DH ordered it. IM is stressed, and the male employee says there won’t be a problem since HJ probably can’t tell the difference¬†between¬†standard propellers. Cho reminds him that HJ could tell the difference btw side & azimuth thrusters just be looking at blue prints. IM tells Cho to bring HJ to his office after she returns. IM finds out that there has been no call from Indonesia, they are going to test it once more. IM is pissed.

HJ is checking the thruster at¬†the¬†factory. She tells manager there is something missing for the azimuth thruster but he has no idea. She shows him that it’s already be casted on paper, so its weird that it hasn’t been made. The manager gets frustrated since he doesn’t know. She asks who ordered for this? The manager makes an excuse and leaves. HJ is left wondering what’s going on. KS finds her “hey tinker, what are you doing here?” She tells him DH told her to check things but..KS tells her to come have lunch, this is useless. HJ says DH ordered it, so it’s important. She gets a phone call from JW for lunch, and she agrees to meet. KS can’t believe she ignored his suggestion but will have lunch with JW. She tells him that JW has the phone records. She leaves, and he follows her complaining about how he brought her dinner last night!

KS and HJ meet JW at his office, and he informs them that though his text shows in the records, there is no way of finding out who he is. KS finds all of this strange, who would send her the picture as a joke? He asks her if she has a stalker? JW says he will take care of this, and they go have lunch.

HJ tells KS that there is something strange about the azimuth thruster. She explains to him what’s missing, that shouldn’t be. KS laughs and wonders what they are making, and then realizes they aren’t. HJ asks what he means? KS doesn’t want to say this in front of Prosecuter JW, but IM ordered the thrusters funds to be used elsewhere. HJ is shocked. JW wants to know more. KS asks if CH didn’t tell him when they attempted to catch DH last time? JW is flustered.

CH is in his office looking through files intensely. IH barges in, wanted to speak with him, and he¬†closes¬†his laptop in lightening speed. She wants to talk with him else where about why he did that to her? He walks out, and they go to the empty hall way. She tells him to leave the company and the house while she is being nice. He doesn’t say anything, and she shouts if he heard her? How can a lowlife like him dare to do that to her? CH asks “do what?” IH gets nervous, and then frustrated, does he really not remember? He kissed her at the bar! Why did he? He passively says he did it b/c she was annoying him, it’s not like he can hit her, she is a woman. She is outraged, and he says he is leaving, he as stuff to do. She starts hitting his back, as he is walking away, calling him a bad jerk! He turns around, holding her hand, annoyed. She tells him it was her first kiss, with KS it wasn’t like that. But CH stole her first kiss! He puts her hand down, and she tells him to give back her first kiss! He asks what he should do to give it back? He starts walking closer to her, and she becomes nervous. He asks if it will return if he kisses her again? She covers her lips. He warns her not to bring this kind of stuff up again, because then..(he will be really mad). He walks away, and she threatens to tell her father everything! He doesn’t care, he even offers to come with him, he is meeting DH right now. She watches him leave,¬†feeling¬†defeated.

CH informs DH about IM and the thruster and Indonesia matter. DH is furious. CH also adds that KS knew about this. DH rushes to confront IM. He passes the office lounge, and goes into IM’s office. CH watches along with the employees from outside his office. DH¬†punches¬†IM upon seeing him. DH demands to know how this happened with the thruster matter? He says before being his father, he is Cheonji’s president! How dare he lie to him! IM says it’s because it would’ve been hard to make them in the company so he asked for it to be made in Indonesia. DH slaps him, reminding him how he told him to trust his father! No matter how much of a bastard he is, he can’t even believe his father? IM’s lips is bleeding, and DH throws¬†everything¬†off IM’s desk, and sneers at his title “Director.” DH continues that even though he is his son, there is no place for someone who can’t believe in him! IM argues, then why doesn’t he believe in him either? He made CH the executive director, why can’t he believe him in using the indonesia company? DH shouts even so! and smashes the phone.

HJ walks into the office, and can hear DH shouting at IM. The whole lounge is frozen and listening. DH walks out, and leaves, while everyone bows. CH coldly tells everyone to get back to work. HJ goes to see him in his office. She goes to tell him about the azimuth thruster, and he tells her that he already knows about it and told DH. HJ understands thats why DH was shouting at IM. CH coldly says she can’t just come into his office, unless he asks for her. Doesn’t she know her place? He tells her to leave. She stares at him, and he asks if she didn’t hear him? She asks him if he still has her cell phone? There is an important picture in there that she needs. He says he doesn’t have it, does he need to buy her one? She says no, she just wants to know where her cell phone is. And the money he gave, she will give them back. She excuses herself, and leaves. CH sits in his office, trying to keep a straight face.

HJ walks out of there depressed. IM comes out of his office, and slaps HJ, thinking she told DH about the Thruster issue. She gets mad, he tries to slap her again, but she twists his arm, and he screeches in pain. She is also mad at him for lying, was he thinking straight?! He tells her to watch it, it was bad enough that her family wreaked havoc in their home. HJ asks what he means? IM tells her to go ask her family! He leaves from there.

DH calls KS into his office, and confirms that KS knew that the Azimuth T. can’t be made. KS asks who he heard this from? it must be CH? DH asks if he had fun watching, when knowing¬†it can’t be made? KS plays innocent, why would he try to play him? KS sits on a chair, and says he thought with DH in charge, they would be able to make it. KS worries if his company finds out, DH will have to pay them a huge amount of money. DH says they will buy the thrusters from Rolls Royce company. KS says it will still take time with the current drill ship, about 11 months but the contract with his company was about 3 months from now, so won’t be able to meet the deadline, thus DH will have to pay 40 million dollars. KS hopes DH doesn’t scold IM too much, the oilfield in Indonesia can be successful. DH tells him he is good at annoying people, and KS laughs sayings it’s american style, and takes his leave. DH scoffs at KS, who is finally starting to show his claws to him.

GH visits DS at her home. DS is not that happy, thinking she came looking for compensation for what happened at her house last time. GH says there is no such thing, since they were mad at CH, and she and HJ share a special fate. DS asks if she shares a special fate will all her daughter’s friends? there is no need. GH asks if HJ is really DS’s real daughter? DS gets mad. GH tries to explains that her real daughter may have been an AB blood type, like HJ. Plus the scar HJ has is the same. DS says taht she is B and her husband was A, so HJ is AB. GH tries to explain that HJ is similar to Yoo Jin. DS understands that GH thinks her child might be alive, but HJ isn’t the only AB in the world. She tells her to think about her current children, IM and IH. GH says sorry and cries, she also wants to move on, but just the thought that Yoo Jin may be alive, she feels sorry to her late husband. She weeps that her heart hurts, and DS is swayed. She asks about what her first husband did? GH says he studied¬†petroleum. DS is flustered, as GH continues that he loved Yoo Jin a lot, she was the only child. GH cries b/c of her own sins. DS feels bad watching her.

GH leaves distressed. DS is still sitting there, thinking. She looks at the picture of Chun and HJ from childhood. She talks to Chun saying HJ was never his daughter either, then why did he love her so much, enduring all the hatred DS gave. She now understand why he loved HJ so much. She asks why he left them so soon? He should’ve lived to see her treat HJ well too. DS tears up.

KC is walking around the front yard to the mansion, and one gardener says he heard about CH’s high position. KC is proud that the position is higher than IM’s. KC offers to help him, and the gardener says he shouldn’t. KC guess thats rights, since he too is not in the low status. IM comes home, and sees this, and sneers. KC continues not noticing, that he wants to wash his car, but… The gardener says he will take care of it. KC tells him to keep up the good work, and then sees IM, who says he sure grew up a lot. KC asks why he is here so early? IM says he didn’t feel well b/c of his son. why? KC asks how he can talk this way to an elder? IM says he isn’t an elder in his eyes. GH comes home and witnesses IM asking KC “since when were you an elder to me?” She asks him what he’s doing? He just walks inside the house. GH is mad, she wants to talk to him, and shouts at him to listen! She scolds him that she can’t tolerate his rudeness anymore, even though she didn’t give birth to him. With the love she gave him, she has full right to say this as his mother. He talks back, and she shouts, what wrong did she ever do to him? He asks what did she do right then? GH raises her voice “WHAT?” He says she did one thing right, stealing father from his real mother. She slaps him. He asks why she did that? Father, and now her, both think he is nothing? She says if her son is wrong she can hit him. He shouts how is he her son? He tells her to find Yoo Jin, and be a mother. She is flustered. He asks if she wants to know what else he found out? He guesses her daughter is her secret card, to kick out IH and him and place her in their position. He tells her to do what she wants, and leaves. He is such an insecure prick, grr.

Back at the office lounge, KS hears from Cho that HJ got slapped by IM. He is really really angry, pissed to the max. Cho says IM thought HJ had told on him, and KS defensively shouts that it wasn’t HJ!

He walks into CH’s office, raging. CH is busy with work. KS asks if he knows about HJ betting hit by IM? He passively says he is busy with work and doesn’t have time for a female employee. KS scoffs, and rests his hands on the sofa, clenching them in anger. He breathes in and out, and turns to face CH. He asks him if he was always this kind of a bastard? CH tries to not listen. KS continues about how HJ loved him for 15 years, and endured so much pain, he pities her. He thought of him as a friend, and was foolish. He calls CH a bad man! He spits on the floor and stomps out.

CH doesn’t show any emotion, but breaks his pencil in frustration.

HJ is standing by the railing, watching the shipyard. KS comes there, and sees her. He looks hurt, and puts his hand on his heart. He walks next to her, asking why she is here? She says she was thinking about what “liar oppa” said. KS asks what did he say? About how azimuth T. never move no matter how many waves hit it. People can also do that? KS asks if she doesn’t hate CH? She tells him not to think that way, CH is trying to make her not love him anymorem they dated for 15 years, so she would know. KS breathes out, and faces her, saying let’s go, to make Azimuth T. that win the ocean.

They drive to the yacht dock. She is telling him she is not sad anymore, they don’t need to come here. He makes a dopey expression and knuckles her head, saying he didn’t come b/c of her. If they were in his officetel, he would think perverted thoughts, so he brought her here, he says lol. She slaps his head, and he whines that he didn’t hit her as hard as she did. HJ walks out of the car.

In the yacht, HJ is impressed that KS finished the design. She asks what he will do once he is done with it? He will sell it expensively. She suggests since Cheonji can’t make one, he can sell it to them. He says they will have to pay him a lot for it. She says they need materials to make it. He says thats why people can’t make Azimuth trusters b/ they don’t know what’s inside, it’s highly confidential in the know how companies. They are different from normal thrusters. He takes out three types of flour¬†spaghetti¬†like noodles. She tells the difference btw the 3, one is chewy made with¬†potato¬†starch, so it can’t break that easy like normal noodles. The other one is made with soda, so its more chewy. KS says taht’s what they are looking for, like soda or¬†potato¬†starch. HJ asks if they have to find it out, since they don’t know? KS laughs, impressed, and says after it’s found, she will make it with her pretty hands. His GF will provide the¬†money. HJ is so touched, she will be making it herself. He says this is why he spent time teaching her. He pats her shoulder, and calls her the¬†artisan¬†to make the Azimuth T. for the first time in Korea. HJ is ecstatic.

IH opens her jacket store, and sees two mannequins kissing, and she stares at it. She asks angrily who put them on display?

She marches into CH’s home, and asks KC where he is? She goes into his room, to see that he is changing his clothes, revealing his abs. Her eyes open wide, and then she calls him crazy and turns her head to position the wall. He passively says she walked in on him. She turns to him to talk back, but sees his muscles again, and turns around, and says she didn’t! She walks out of the room, dumbstruck. KC says he was going to tell her but..IH asks why he is¬†telling¬†her now? She walks out upset. KC smiles and says she didn’t even give him a chance to speak.

Outside, IH feels her heart pounding, and wonders why?

IM is drunk at a restaurant, and YJ is trying to wake him up, asking how much did he drink? He smiles upon seeing her. She asks if he is a stalker? Why does he keep calling a person that doesn’t like him? She sits down, and says she wants to change her phone number, but doing it just b/c of IM makes her lose pride, so she won’t. He smiles and says looking at her now, she is very pretty. She says that’s just the beginning, and he chuckles, and takes out the watch from last time. She says she didn’t want it last time! He says it’s already hers. He says he has no one else to give it to. She takes it, hoping he doens’t have other intentions, or she will hit him again. She takes it and is leaving, and he tells her not to go, can’t she stay with him for a while? She says she isn’t some bar hostess. She puts the watch back on the table, and as IM is getting up, he collapses on the chair. He says he has no one, so he is asking her, since he has no one to drink with. (I feel bad for him, but he brought this upon himself, he could’ve made friends if he wasn’t so arrogant)He says he is lonely. She says she will stay for 5 minutes, and he smiles, and then sulks again. She looks at the watch, and drinks wine.

HJ comes home, and asks why DS isn’t at the stall? She heard about how DS and the others went to CH’s house. DS asks if she isn’t angry about being dumped? HJ says thats her and CH’s matter, they didn’t need to go¬†that¬†far. She says she will pay back, if they want money. She wanted to break the house, but held it in. She did that so he can never face her agian. HJ lies that they broke up on good terms, but DS says knows the real reason. She did that so she won’t get sick from all the anger. She calmly says she isn’t good enough of a mother for HJ. If she was raised by her birth mom, she would’be lived grandly. HJ asks if her birth mom is alive? ST is outside the gate and hears this. HJ says she can’t live with her birth mom. DS says that just slipped out of her mouth that she would’ve been better than her. HJ says DS is the only mom to her. ST is shocked.

KS and BH have coffee and he praises her looks. She says¬†that¬†guys tells her that¬†a lot. KS heard she is going to Japan tomorrow. BH wonders if he really likes her, since he knows her schedule. He has a favor, he wants her to find out more about Akiyama (his dad), who passed in the ’80’s in the shipbuilding industry in japan. She asks if that’s possible with just a name? KS says he was friends with Dr. Hak Soo. BH says her brother in law? then she might know. KS is surprised that Hak Soo is her brother in law since he thought DH was her brother in law. She clarifies that he was GH’s first husband. KS guesses that’s why GH knew his dad. He tells BH that Akiyama is his dad, and he needs her help to find out his identity.

DH’s secretary informs him that JW is still targeting IM about embezzlement. DH wonders how JW found out?

BH is with JW in his office, and asks if he won’t miss her since she is going to Japan? She tells him that Mr. Watanabe proposed to her, so she might even live in Japan. JW looks at her, and asks if it’s for real? She nods, saying she is old now, and can’t keep waiting for a person that doesn’t want her. She praises Mr. Watanabe, and JW takes off his specs, seriously. BH smirks, thinking he is finally jealous. But JW asks if there is anyone that uses a phone under a false name in her¬†family? She is outraged, and tells him to go die! She throws stuff at him lol. While she is stomping to the door, on the way out, HJ opens it, and it hits BH and she stumbles lol. HJ asks if she is okay? BH walks out.

JW and HJ walk and he tells her that the photo was sent from a location near DH’s house. ¬†HJ suddenly sees the loanshark, handcuffed, walking with the police. She is shocked, and JW asks what’s wrong? She tells him about the alleged. JW interrogates him in the room, and HJ asks if he remembers her? He was going to sell her off! JW tells him to speak up, and he says he told CH¬†everything¬†last time. He tells them¬†that¬†KC gave him money to sell her off. HJ is flustered, and JW is shocked.

CH finds out from DH about JW trying to catch IM with the embezzlement. He asks CH how JW found out? CH thinks.

KC is watching the ocean from the mansion garden. HJ angrily walks to him, asking if he told someone to sell her off?! KC looks at her nervously.

6 thoughts on “May Queen Episode 19 Recap (Done!)

  1. wowwww….
    more interesting.
    Chang hee like the devil.
    San oppa like an angel
    oke .. I will wait until it is complete recap.

    gumawooo Onnie ūüôā

  2. may i ask who will Hae Joo probably end up with? is it Kang San or Chan Hee? since i am seriously watching the drama just because of Kim Jae Woon, i wouldn’t like it to see him hurt…. pls reply ): i’m down to episode 10, and still can’t see who really is her love interest… plsssss thank you!

    • in the summary of the drama by mbc, KS is supposed to be the first male lead, and he most have assumed he will ebdbout with HJ since the synopsis states the marriage between IH and CH. So i am hoping (my drama gut tells me) she ends up with KS but there is also a possibility she ends up with no one.

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