May Queen Episode 18 Recap (Complete!)

*There is no preview for episode 19, MBC will post it Friday on May Queen’s official page.

CH has completely transitioned to the dark side. He has really turned into a scary person. I still don’t understand what he was thinking when he kissed IH. Does he really want to go down the path of marriage with her? Because if he does, he is completely helpless. I hope someone snaps him out of this madness, it will only make him more miserable, if he does this to himself. I was thoroughly impressed at Jae Hee’s acting! Let’s just hope all this heartless acting pays off, and DH dies by his hands, though I hope HJ and GH also get to strangle DH. ūüė°
As for KS, he is such a sweetie pie! My heart really broke for him when she called out CH in her sleep, when KS was taking care of her fever. I think he can make her really happy, and give her a good life, if she chooses him. I also think when he finds out at the end about HJ and CH’s break up, rather than being happy, he is upset, b/c HJ didn’t even think about sharing it with him. He told her earlier to lean on him when she has problems, he will listen. He must have felt unimportant to a certain extent in her life. But I can’t blame HJ, since she didn’t tell her family about it either. The story is finally kicking speed, with one boom after another. The ending was intense! GH’s suspicion increasing on the¬†possibility¬†of HJ being her daughter Yoo Jin, and CH’s dark intentions taking pace, with HJ’s shocked face at the end. What was she thinking that made her so uneasy about CH having all the files regarding her father’s accident case. Is there something she knows, or someone she suspected?¬†ūüėĮ


HJ sees the lisence plate picture and wonders what this is? CH also sees the picture, horrified, he takes her phone and smashes it to the ground. HJ gets angry, why is he acting this way? He says she isn’t the only one who will leave her family, he too came from leaving his father. She says she doesn’t understand him, and he isn’t the person she used to know. She leaves from there, and CH picks up her phone, and then calls DH from his. DH is sitting next to hurt KC at his home, he tells CH that he will tell HJ everything about how KC killed her father if he leaves. CH says he has her phone now, so it doesn’t matter. DH hands the phone to KC, and CH can tell from KC’s voice he is injured but KC tells CH to leave, and not care about anything. DH takes the phone away, and tells CH to try to leave. CH asks him what he did to his father? DH tells him to come look himself. He orders CH to actually come to his office first, they need to talk. After hanging up, DH gawks at KC,¬†saying¬†his name over and over, and KC¬†struggles¬†to move. CH is standing at the airport, frozen. He realizes something and starts running.

Outside, HJ gets on the bus, and CH comes running out looking for her. HJ sees him from inside the bus, looking for her, but he¬†doesn’t¬†see her until after the bus starts moving. He runs¬†after¬†the bus, only to be stopped by DH’s goons. He is surrounded by them, and starts fighting them. CH sees the bus is gone now. DH’s secretary tells him to come with them, DH is waiting for him, isn’t he curious about how is dad is right now? He shows CH a video of KC lying on the floor of their house, bleeding and in pain. CH is devastated. The secretary blames CH for making his father go through such hardship. CH starts fighting them off but he is outnumbered. The secretary tells him to cooperate, it would suck if both father and child have to suffer. They put him in the car.

They drag CH into DH’s office, and he asks for them to be left alone. DH asks CH if the men didn’t harass him too much? CH is more concerned about his father right now. DH tells him he should be okay in a few days, he was planning on turning himself in, so he got beaten, isn’t it better than way, than being tagged as a murderer? He will even be able to rest for a few days. He says he likes men that have pure love, abandoning their father to be with the woman he loves. But if he makes mistakes, he has to lose both father and the woman. He asks CH what he should do? CH sneers. DH asks if he should send KC to jail, and tell HJ about how his father died? CH grinds his teeth in anger, and gets down on his knees, and admits he was foolish, asks for forgiveness. He will do as DH says from here on. aww poor thing ūüė¶ DH tells him to get up, and says thats not what he wants, if he is¬†indigenous, it will make him want more revenge, he is just glad that CH returned. DH smiles, and says he cherished him since he was little, and then laughs. CH looks pissed, trying to suppress it.

HJ looks at the sky, and talks to Chun, asking if she was right not not follow CH today? But she did want to go with him today, holding hands tightly and leave everything. She asks if he is still watching over her? She needs to stay strong, she is tearing up, and says Ajaj. She smiles and says she has a family to be with, if she acts tired like now, father will be sad.

At work, ST is having a hard time working. GF starts making him do it properly, and scolding him, and pressuring him. ST tells himself he was wrong to trust KS. hehe. He later tries to sneak away but gets caught by GF and his secretary. ST asks why he is treating him so harshly? He has high style, and graduated from College. He also asks why the secretary doesn’t do anything but gets to dress up so fine, and the secretary says he graduated from abroad. ST is speechless. ST gets back to work, saying this place is miserable. GF looks at him and laughs happily.

KS is searching for someone on his laptop.

The scene shifts to KS standing on on the dock, watching the water ,and shipyard. HJ runs to him, calling him “liar oppa”. She asks why he is here? She went to his officetel to study design. He tells her, she should’ve just continued her date (with CH), and learning what?¬†design? HJ reminds him about how much he tried to convince her to continue learning from him. KS pretends not to know, and says he doesn’t remember what happened 30 mins ago. She asks him why he is here though? He is looking at ships, and HJ asks why from here? She realizes its probably because he can’t go high up on the boats, she wonders how a person who is a ship inspector be that scared. He asks her why she likes ships? She wonders why the sudden question? He reminds her how she liked boats since she was little, its weird for a girl to like boats. She just feels happy seeing boats. Before, her father took her on boats, and she would be very happy, no matter how hard her life was. It gives her strength. KS smiles. HJ asks what about him? He says his reason is similar, he likes beating the ocean. He likes azimuth thrusters b/c they keep the ships in the same position, no matter how many waves hit it. Many people made ships but none ever beat the ocean, but the azimuth thruster can make it possible. She looks at him in admiration, and he asks why? She says she envies him, since he grew up with no worries, he was able to dream so big. Her only dream was to make a small boat for her dad. He says he is jealous of her, since she knows her parents well. She suggests he ask his GF about his parents, and he says he doesn’t want to hurt him. GF must have been through a lot to not mention them even once these 30 years. KS is determined to find out on his own, at least he is sure his father was braver than him, to give up on his family and country to be with the girl he loved. HJ has no idea what he means. KS says anyway its nice to know they both want the same things. She says she misjudged him, because she thought he grew up without ever getting hurt. KS smiles and says there is not a person in this world that hasn’t been hurt, they just need to endure. He strokes her hair, and says they should get going, she needs to study. She smiles and follows him.

A distraught CH comes home and sees his father in a terrible condition. KC asks why he returned? He shouldn’t have looked back. CH says he can’t leave him like this, or DH will harass him for life. KC said he would’ve been fine in jail. CH tells him he couldn’t go anyway, b.c HJ didn’t want to come along. KC asks him if he is even a man? He couldn’t convince her? he cries saying he was ready to take all the blame, so why did he return?! He deserves a good life. CH says this is his fate, he has given up on a good life, he will walk into the dark like DH, and get a higher position that him, stand above him and destroy him. He will do anything for it, even becoming a devil. He will make him lose everything. KC breaks down, and cries helplessly. CH just stands there looking heartless.

CH is sitting by the ocean in front of the mansion, with all the letters from HJ, he reads one that congratulates him for getting into college, and how she was so proud that she shouted to everyone that he is the person she likes. CH reads another letter, about her telling him she got hurt at the factory, but passed her bar exam, she keeps crying instead of being happy. She tells him not to worry. CH cries reading it. He takes a lighter out, and burns all the letters.

ST is lying down at HJ’s home, and KS and HJ come in, and DS greets them. Upon seeing KS, ST bursts out in anger, how can he put him in such a job? HJ slightly hits ST to stop being mean. KS asks if his first day was bad? ST says he feels like he was sold off, they even changed his clothes forcibly. Even when he goes to the bathroom, the secretary would stand guard. KS says it won’t be that bad, his GF always welcomes people in that manner, it took him 15 years to get where he is, and tells ST to endure it. ST says this is not acceptable, he won’t work there anymore!! DS hits him so he hides behind KS.

KS tells ST to endure it for one more month, after that he will be put in a position where he will forget all the suffering. He tells ST to trust him. HJ tells ST nothing is easy in life, if he works hard, it will be worth it and he’ll adjust. She tells him that KS’s GF is a good person, and very skilled. ST tells HJ she hasn’t seen GF’s temper, and asks KS if he knows what he is talking about? KS looks upwards, and acts like he doesn’t know, but his face shows all the hardship he went through. ST wants to quit, so DS tries to catch him to hit him, and HJ joins in.

KS is leaving and HJ is seeing him off, he tells her not to worry about ST, he begged his GF to take care of him. ST will be able to get his 1st¬†license¬†in a month. HJ judges by ST’s behavior, he won’t be able to last. KS says he’s made sure that ST can’t run away, and wants her to leave it to him. She thanks him for taking care of her family. KS agrees, to show her gratitude, he suggests she give him one kiss. She gets frustrated, and tries to punch him, and he¬†flinches¬†back. KS says this is the type of HJ he likes seeing. He asks if she is doing well with CH? HJ looks down, and he says if she is having a hard time, she can share it with him. He can listen to her problems. She says she its ok, there isn’t a problem. He tells her to head inside, and she bids him farewell.

HJ goes to her room, and calls CH, and apologizes for this morning, she wants to meet him now if possible.

CH is waiting by the lighthouse, and flashes back to when he first met HJ when she was attacked by bees. He looks sad, and HJ reaches there. She is sorry about earlier but says it’s his fault too, how can he drag her away like that? He even broke her phone. She smiles and cutely asks him to compensate, but he isn’t smiling, he is just looking at her apathetically. He asks if he told her about going with him before dragging her, would she have come? She doesn’t really answer it, and he says she too must be tired of all this fighting, he is sick of it too. He calls himself pathetic for giving up everything for her. She looks concerned, and he tells her heartlessly, that when she left the airport today, everything ended right then, b/c she chose her family over him. She says that;s how she is, he knows that too. CH asks her if she knows why they met? She was dirt poor, and harassed by her step mom, but couldn’t even go to school. He says there is no one as pitiful as her, so he thought he was the only one that could take care of her, thus they were together for 15 years. She calmly says “oppa” this is going too far. ¬†Though he is mad, how can he say such things? He asks just b/c he was with her all this time, did she think she was someone great? yikes. He continues growing angrier, whats so good about her family? Why is he suffering b/c of beggar like people?! He coldly asks, what is there that she can do for him? Can she even help her starving family? She asks him why he is acting up? She knows he doesn’t mean any of this. She asks what happened, why is he trying to make her fall out of love by saying such harsh words? She says it will hurt him more. He holds her by the shoulders, and says she is too stupid to even understand what he is saying. He says his father was right, she isn’t a woman that suits him. He tells her to get out of his life, and not to call him. He walks away, but he is holding back his tears. HJ jsut stands there alone, overwhelmed and devastated.

The next morning, we hear JJ calling DS, telling her that HJ is seriously sick. She has a high fever, and DS tells her to call the hospital, she is worried. HJ gets up, and says she needs to go to work. DS says she can’t, she is sick. HJ gets up and says she is fine, she can handle it. DS scolds her to take the day off. HJ is adamant to go. HJ gets dressed to leave, and DS asks if she will be okay, even her face is pale. HJ says they can’t feed themselves if she takes a day off. She leaves, and DS wonders what happened? JJ thinks it’s b/c of CH, she’s acting like this after meeting CH oppa yesterday. DS is pissed, she knew this day would eventually come. How dare that bastard..she asks JJ for CH’s phone number.

CH is dressed for work, and gets a call from DS, demanding to know what happened with HJ? She’s been sick all night long. CH said he did what they wanted, he broke it off with her. He tells her not to call again. DS is pissed, calling him a rude bastard. She tells JJ to wake ST up. DS guesses that CH took all the advantage of HJ that he wanted, and then dumped her. YJ is shocked that HJ got dumped, the righteous unni.

DS, and HJ’s sibling gang go to DH’s mansion, and see KC washing the car. DS demands to know where his “smart” son is? KC says he is at work, and DS pushes him, saying “damn you”! CH broke up with her daughter, and went to work the next day?! ST says what CH did, is the same as a crime, since they spent 15 years together, HJ’s precious 20’s past away in that relationship. YJ says he needs to compensate! ¬†JJ blames KC for opposing from the beginning. DS tells him to bring CH, while she is still nice. KC gets up, pissed, and DS dumps a bucket of water near him. She orders him to bring CH! DH comes there with IM and IH, asking angrily what’s going on? YJ hides behind ST upon seeing IM. DH tells them to leave, and DS says they won’t until they have a word with CH! DH is annoyed and orders KC to bring out the other butlers to kick them out. DS says they won’t be moving until they meet CH, is he deaf? IM pushes her to get out, and DS falls. IM tells KC to call the cops. YJ steps up, who the hell is he to push her mother? IM asks if this is her family? He comments they are beggars after all. ST grabs him by the collar, telling him to repeat that! IM twists his arm, and tells him to know his place. JJ shouts at IM to let go of her brother, and bits his leg, and IM screams in pain, still holding onto ST. IM pulls JJ’s hair, telling her to let go of him! YJ grabs IH’s hair, and tells her to let go! DH tells KC to call the other butlers! DS joins in to hurt IM, and DH tries to push her off his son. DS gets pissed, and grabs a broom, and chases DH with it. DH is scared, and wonders what’s up with this ajumma? He finds a garbage can lid, and uses it to shield himself. She hits the lid forcefully, and DH is terrified, and asks what’s wrong with her? GH and BH come out to see this scene, and BH starts laughing upon seeing DH scared out of his life. GH looks worried. KC brings out the butlers and they stop DS and everyone else from fighting. DH is about ¬†to call the police but GH stops him, saying they are HJ’s family.

They are all inside DH’s home, and IH is pissed “what kind of things are they?” DH scolds KC for letting ppl like them inside. DS calls DH an ass, and asks what he would’ve done? Will he think about other’s pain when seeing his daughter shed tears of blood, like they saw HJ? KC tells DH about CH and HJ breaking up, but how can they storm into the house like that? DS says even though the kids are done, she has unfinished business with KC, since CH used HJ. BH¬†midst¬†giggling, says even so, how can they march in like that? DS points at her, and tells her not to interfere. DS threatens KC, she will see how well he lives after making her daughter suffer. If CH comes near HJ again, she will kill him! KC shouts at her to leave! DS says its so dirty and cheap here, she wouldn’t stay even if they asked. ST kicks the sofa once, before leaving with his family lol. BH is cracking up, and even DH laughs saying that was so absurd. IM has an expressionless face, his lip is bleeding lol.

At work, HJ is sick, and sweating b/c of the fever. Cho asks her when she will submit her report? An employee tells Cho that KS and HJ are working together right now. Cho tells them that KS is only here for a year, why must she worry about him, HJ’s salary comes from this company! Cho gets back to her desk, and HJ brings the finished report to Cho, who comments that she isn’t good at using her brain. She orders HJ to change the water tank. The male employee adds that he tried to change it but his waist was hurting. HJ struggles carrying the big water container, and KS walks in asking why she is carrying that, seeing she doesn’t look well. He grabs the tank from her, and pretends that it’s heavy and tells Cho to carry it, who starts struggling since it’s so heavy. KS ignores her, and asks HJ why she isn’t picking up his calls? She lost her cell phone, and he calls her careless. HJ is paying more attention to Cho carrying the bottle, as KS asks her how she lost her phone. She goes and takes the bottle from Cho, and seeing this, KS immediately takes it from HJ, and puts in effortlessly on the water machine. He also says that a man should at least do this much, and mocks the male employee that didn’t help out.

KS and HJ are at a shop, looking for a new phone. He notices she is sweating and touches her forehead, and she tells him not to touch her. He says she has a fever,¬†that’s¬†why he¬†touched¬†her. She says its his fault, and tells him to stay away from her! KS scoffs in disbelief, and then gives her the sneaky look, and stands close to her, and grins. He whispers that she is feeling “hot” b/c of his touch. She says she will beat him up if he doesn’t keep distance! KS backs away. The lady tells HJ that her contacts will stay in the phone, but pictures and text messages won’t. She picks a phone, and KS is about to pay for it, but she stops him, saying she has money too! She tells the lady to put it in 12 month installment. He sneers at her calling her prickly. HJ is leaving the store, and he asks why she is so busy? She has work. KS explains that they both share the same work, they don’t need to go to the site today. HJ suggests they go to the factory then, and he asks what for? She says she really needs to work on something (to keep her mind off of CH).

At the factory, GF is making ST work really hard with manual labor, even beating him with a stick on his butt. KS and HJ are watching this, and HJ tries to step in, but KS stops her, telling her, GF was in the special forces, so he is good at training. He tells her there will be good results out of ST.

HJ goes to a welder, and she corrects him, by telling him the method, and saying his speed is lacking. The welder’s ego gets hurt, and asks KS who she is? KS just gestures at him to let it go for today. HJ is welding with a mask, and KS is watching her. HJ almost faints, and he runs to catch her, asking if she is okay? She has tears in her eyes, when she takes off the mask, she kicks the thing she is welding and shouts why it’s not working right today? Why is everything like this today, she wonders in frustration and anger. She cries saying she wanted to do some paper work at least. KS watches her cry, concerned.

KS brings her to his office tel, and she lies down on the couch, telling him she will sleep for a bit, and to wake her up later. He asks if she really doesn’t want to go to the hospital? He tries telling her to sleep in the bedroom, but HJ is already sleeping. He takes off his jacket and covers her with it to keep her warm, while mumbling how stubborn she is.

CH is at a restaurant with 2 men, about testifying for a trial (IM’s). He wants them to not do it. One man asks if DH requested him to ask them to stop b/c he lives in DH’s home? CH says they aren’t so important that DH would personally request. He wants to come to a compensation. The men are convinced he can’t pay the amount they lost, and want to leave since they already testified at the prosecutor’s office. CH threatens one of them about how he is cheating on his wife, whose family gave him a¬†factory. The other man steps up saying blackmail won’t work. CH also threatens him for using illegal drugs.

JW hears the news, that those men changed their testimony. JW is determined though, they will push through this! But those men said their written testimonies were forced. JW knows DH is doing this, but later finds out that it’s CH. He is outraged.

CH is reporting to DH that the work is done regarding IM’s matter. DH is really happy, and says this is why he cherishes him. He tells CH to start working in the ocean business department from next week. Lastly, DH wants to hit JW, he is a weed that needs to be rooted out.

Back in KS’s home, HJ is now lying on his bed, and he is putting a wet towel on her forehead to cool down her fever. He sighs, and holds her hand while she sleeps. He calls her a brat, whats so painful that she is suffering like this? Why can’t she just say she is hurting? She wanted to lean on him, he also told her to lean on him, then why can’t she? He says its still a relief for him taht she is sick and lying down here, when else can he see her this close for this long? aww!! HJ starts breathing heavily, and saying “oppa”. KS becomes alert, and says he is here, but realizes she is talking in her sleep, she says “CH oppa..don’t go..CH oppa”. KS looks sad.

ST is tired with his body aching from work. YJ comes and kicks him, and he tells her to make him food. YJ asks him if HJ is really their biological sister? ST says that’s nonsense. YJ thinks it’s strange, how HJ cried on her birthday, and she doesn’t look like them. ST says going by looks, YJ looks the worst lol. YJ says though her memories are blurry, a long time ago, mother only gave HJ a hard time. ST tells her to make him food he is hungry. YJ leaves, and then its starting to make sense to him, that HJ might be adopted, but he hits his head, and says that doesn’t make sense.

BH hears from JW that CH bribed the testifiers. JW says he is on DH’s side totally now. BH says it is possible since he also broke up with HJ. JW is surprised at this news. BH explains how HJ’s family came to their home, and made a mess, though it was fun to watch. JW is pissed that he went that far to do that to HJ. BH gets mad thinking about it too, since it was for 15 years. BH blabs about how CH needs to be punished for being so heartless, but JW is fuming up.

IH comes to a bar, and she sees CH drinking there too. She walks to him, he ignores her. She asks what he will do about HJ? Will he really end it? She snatches his shot glass, and drinks from it. She asks if he is ignoring her? Did they break up?! She starts hitting his back, how can he drink at a time like this? He even moved out for HJ b/c he wanted to marry her, but she guessed this would happen, since he is a butler’s son. CH drinks, ignoring her.

HJ is dreaming back to the night when Chun got into an accident leading to his death. She wakes up, remembering where the¬†license¬†plate was from, it’s that car, she says. KS runs in asking what’s wrong? bad dream? is she okay? HJ is in a state of shock, she asks KS to take her to uncle JW. KS is confused.

IH is bothering CH, so he glares at her. She asks if glaring will make him a man? He can’t even protect his woman! CH gets up to leave, and she stops him, doesn’t he hear her?! CH flicks her hand off of his shoulder, and she slaps him. CH suddenly grabs her very forcefully, and kisses her. His eyes are as heartless as ever as she struggles to let go. She slaps him, and is outraged that he did that, how dare he! She is confused, and hurt, and mad. She says she won’t stand still, she will destroy him! She marches off, as CH cleans his lips with his hand, his eyes are a cold as ice.

GH and BH are talking to a doctor, and he tells them he will let them know about the results when the blood test comes out. He tells GH to get a vaccination for pnuemonia since she has low immunity levels. BH agrees and GH says its okay, but BH ignores her. GH gets vaccinated. She is lying on the bed, and says it seems she is done, and asks if shse can leave from the doctor. The doctor comments on how she has a special blood type, its not just a regular AB, its Cis AB. He explains that when Cis AB crosses with O, the outcomes won’t be A or B, they can be different. She asks if a child’s father is O, can the baby be AB? The doctor says yes. GH thinks back to how HJ’s type was AB, and wonders if HJ really is Yoo Jin.

JW asks what brought them here? HJ has some questions but so does he. JW says he heard she and CH broke up. KS is surprised, he didn’t know but stays quiet. HJ doesn’t want to talk about it. She wants to know about her father’s car accident, and if the culprit was caught. JW says if he was caught he would told her, but the statue of limitation has expired. JW tells her that CH took all the files related to the accident with him, and HJ is bewildered, as he tells her that CH wanted to look more into the car. HJ’s face changes, she is shocked. KS asks whats wrong?

No Preview.

6 thoughts on “May Queen Episode 18 Recap (Complete!)

  1. A few people commented CH is pityful, but I think he is as selfish as his dad.
    He just drag HJ to leave and has no intention to tell her the truth, is he going to the truth after they have a family?

    • You know what, I completely agree with you. People keep feeling bad for him, but to a certain extent, he brought this upon himself. He has the power to steer his life into a better direction, but his anger is consuming him with revengence thoughts. He shouldn’t have dragged HJ like that, not even considering how she felt about all of this. He should’ve been honest with her instead of breaking her phone to hide evidence. It was lame.

  2. Ah, Chang Hee really has hit evil at a full run and Jae Hee does an excellent job with embracing the dark side of the role. I am with you on not wanting CH to use IH for his revenge to stomp on Jang, but that’s probably what’s going to happen. Sigh.
    Can’t wait for the weekend and the new episodes!

  3. i felt for CH when he burn the letters from Hj with spoke alot,his trying giving up on her(we know he will never love again except her).
    for me this drama revolves more around CH transformation effectively,he is like jekyl trying to suppress his evil side for the sake Of love for Hj do they can have a nice life together,but now that he is been threaten badly that he’l loose her,its no suprise that his evil side is taking over considering he had it developing from childhood.
    he has basically given up on life,thats a pity.

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