May Queen Episode 17 Recap (Complete)

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay today, I was soooo busy!! exams around the corner ūüė¶
The recap is complete!! ūüôā

The episode starts with CH telling HJ he wants to break up, after pushing her hand away. He says she was right, he can’t let go of his father, no matter how much he hates him, since he was raised by him. He is sorry, and says she can hate him if she wants, since he can’t take care of all the promises he made these past 15 years. HJ is quietly listening, her heart is breaking. He is also tearing up as he says he never wanted to hurt her, he wants things between them to go well. He stops his words, and turns his face away and cries. She touches his cheek, and says even so, why must he resign his job? He says his job is meaningless without her. She looks down and says she doesn’t hate him, he’s always been there for her, and made her life easier to live, and not to worry about her. She can’t lie that her feelings aren’t hurt, but she will be okay. He hugs her, while crying, and calls her a fool, if she is in pain, just say so! She thanks him for loving someone like her for a long time. She says she needs to get back to work, and let’s go of him. She tells him to be happy and smile, no matter how hard it gets. She wants to cherish his smiling face. She tries to hide her tears, and smiles while she runs off. CH stands there in pain. HJ is also in pain, as she is walking alone, and almost gets run over by a car, b/c she isn’t even paying attention to her surroundings. She sits since her leg hurts, and thinks back to how CH massaged her foot when her heel broke, and then got her new shoes. She weeps, hurt.

CH goes to his house’s porch, and starts throwing the garden chairs and table in frustration and anger. One of the body guards tries to stop him, but he pushes him off. KC comes running there as CH picks up the chair and tells him to stop this. CH tells him to let go, in a loud voice. He is walking towards DH’s home with the chair. KC sees GH and IH come outside the house, and he slaps CH after seeing them. He scolds CH to come back to his senses, is he crazy? CH says he¬†is crazy. He looks really scary as he says he did everything that KC wanted, he broke up with HJ. Is he happy now, after ruining his own son’s life, is he happy?!!! GH calls out CH, and asks what kind of behavior is this? CH avoids her, and gives KC a look before leaving. GH and IH ask KC what happened to CH? IH asks if he and HJ broke up? KC just looks worried.

HJ is in the bathroom washing her face. She goes to the office, and Team Leader Cho scolds her about being late, and the other employee mocks her, saying that new employees are scary. When he worked, he had to run coffee errands, but now the situation has switched. HJ smiles and says she will get him coffee and as she is going to make it, Cho tells her to top forcing herself to please them, and go meet with Director IM, he is looking for her. In IM’s office, he asks HJ how long she’s known his mother GH? She says when she moved to Ulsan as a kid was the first time they met. He asks why thy came to Ulsan at that time? She says it was her father’s choice. He sarcastically calls her impressive, first she looked like she was flirting with KS, but had CH as a boyfriend, now who is she trying to catch? his father? It makes sense since his father told him to add HJ to the propeller project. He asks what her goal is? HJ wonder why he treats her like this? KS walks in and asks what’s happening? They are quiet, and KS tells HJ to get to work. KS reminds IM about the request her made (about putting HJ under KS’s jurisdiction). IM gestures at HJ to go with KS, and looks pissed.

In the main office, KS tells everyone not to give HJ any work from now on, since she is working only for him.

HJ takes KS to the the office balcony, and he asks what the problem is? She is fuming. Why did he turn her into the stupid one? He has no idea what she is talking about and laughs it off. She asks if he can do whatever just b/c he hired her? The way he acts to the other employees doesn’t help her at all, she says. She doesn’t want help from anyone! She asks how long he plans on staying here? after building the drill ship, he will go back to USA. She wants people to¬†acknowledge¬†her skills, but she can’t do that with the way KS acts. He looks serious and asks her if she really has all the skills to stand confidently in front of the other employees? He is sorry to say that though she is good at the production site, she isn’t qualified in the office. She suggests he put her in the production site only, that way she won’t have to think about other¬†stuff, and will just be¬†physically¬†tired. He notices she is upset, and asks if something else happened? She denies it. He looks worried, and she tells him to leave it be, and walks away.

The scene shifts to KS climbing up the stairs on the ship, looking scared b/c of his fear of heights. He finds HJ standing by the balcony edge. She is wailing, and he looks upset seeing her like this. She falls to the floor, crying.

CH is sitting on the bench by the ocean view, in front of DH’s house. IH comes there and calls him stupid for¬†breaking¬†it off with HJ, just b/c of his father. He ignores her and as he is leaving, she starts to slightly hit him telling him to get married to HJ! He turns to her, his eyes as cold as ice. He taks both her hands and gives her a push. IH just looks upset.

DH visits JW’s office. DH puts his hands forwards to greet him, but JW doesn’t even look at him and asks why he is here? DH says JW must really hate him still? JW says its not him he really hates, he hates people that breaks the law. DH playfully asks if he isn’t even going to offer him tea? JW coldly tells him he can go have coffee from the machine outside. DH tells him to stop this, they are both getting old, and when thinking¬†about¬†his older brother Hak Soo, he should act like this with him. JW scowls that he always brings up his older brother when he is at disadvantage. DH says there is nothing he is ashamed of. Though JW doesn’t know how he won CH over, it’s not going to work on him b/c he won’t give up, since he still has info about IM.

IM comes home, and GH asks if he is sick or something, since he’s been looking that way. She got him medicine. IM tells her to stop acting like she cares. He “knows” she seduced DH and is trying to take away IM’s position as the successor of the company. Does she want that position that badly, or does she have someone else to give it to? She pretends to be nice to them but them she tries to betray him and his sister behind their backs? GH can’t believe he is saying all of this, and is frankly tired of it. IM ¬†says he will¬†definitely¬†reveal everything under the mask she wears. BH calls out IM, and walks to him in anger, she hits him with her purse, how dare he talk to the person that raised him that way? She hits him over and over, and then holds him by the neck and slaps his face LOL. IM gets angry and marches upstairs. GH tells BH to stop his, and BH says she cant! She comments that IM is such a arrogant bastard, how dare he talk to his mother that way!! She asks since when has he been acting like this? She needs to tell DH about this, and GH begs her not to, IM knows about her being his step mother. GH cries, devastated, and BH is speechless.

HJ comes home, and her whole family surprises her with a birthday song and cake. This really cheers her up. They tell her to blow the candles and make a wish. She blows them out, and they all happily clap. At the dinner table, JJ asks why they never celebrated HJ’s birthday but always celebrated everyone¬†else s? DS says HJ was always busy. YJ asks if it’s true that DS went through lots of trouble giving birth to ST oppa, and DS says its¬†true. YJ asks what about HJ, she’s never heard about how HJ was born. DS and HJ exchange gazes nervously. DS lies that she is tall like ST, it was hard giving birth to her too. JJ made a key chain for HJ, since she didn’t have money, HJ is touched. YJ also got her a present and said it was hard for her to buy it, she promises it wasn’t stolen money. Even ST got her something, its a sun cream, since she works outside. HJ is really really thankful, and tears up. HJ goes to her room.

She is crying by herself inside, and DS comes in. She sits next to her, and asks whats going on? Is she upset since this is the first time they celebrated her birthday? HJ says¬†that’s¬†not why. DS explains that at that time, they were all busy trying to make a living. DS admits she was wrong, and HJ says thats not it. DS asks if something is wrong? HJ hugs DS, and weeps, calling her “mom”.

CH is drinking soju at a restaurant, and over hears a guy breaking up with his girl friend, and the girl is begging him not to do this. CH coldly looks towards them, and sees the girl crying, as the guy is heartlessly drinking in front of her. The guy glances towards CH and wonders why he is looking at them. The guy walks up to him and tells him to stop drinking, and throws all the bottles and glass off CH’s table. CH gets up and punches him hard, over and over. He is about to beat him with a chair.

The scene shifts to CH sitting at the police station, and the police is asking him for his name. CH is just sitting there, looking down. KC walks in, to get him. The officer asks who CH is? He beat up a person, and isn’t saying anything. KC says he is a prosecutor, and the police is speechless.

KC brings CH home, and asks why he is acting this way? He didn’t even act this way when his wife left him. CH goes into his room, drunk. The security guard brings KC a box of stuff from CH’s office.

KS is working in his officetel, and calls HJ’s phone, but ST picks up, and asks who “Liar” is (It’s the name HJ saved on her phone for KS)? KS guesses it’s ST, and asks why he is anwering her phone? She is in her room. KS asks if she is okay? ST asks why would she be sad, it’s her birthday. KS is surprised, since he didn’t know. ST says he gave her a present today, and she started crying. ST asks when he will come over? KS says okay, and hangs up. He is still surprised that it was her¬†birthday¬†today.

KC is going through the box of CH’s things from the office. He finds a bunch of letters. He looks at them and then is really sad. He thinks back to the day when DH killed Hak Soo, and threatened him and shot him on his leg. Also when DH threatened him with CH’s life. The times when he worked like a servant, and all the times DH abused him, and threatened him to think about his son. He also remembers how CH said he wanted to get revenge on IM and DH more than anyone, but that isn’t his whole life, he wants to be happy to, and only HJ can do that for him. KC seems to be repenting.

The next day, DS asks HJ if something happened with her and CH? JJ said she was crying all night. DS calmly tells her she isn’t meant for him, why is she suffering inside? KS is a 1000 times better. HJ tells DS that she and KS aren’t like that, so why even bring him up? DS tells her that KS is a busy man too, but he came all the way to their home with presents, so what kind of relationship can they have? Just then ST calls them out, saying KS is here. KS also says he is here. DS pats HJ’s lap, and says “i told you.” and leaves smiling. HJ is just open mouthed.

They go outside, and KS greets DS with a bow. KS says he wanted to¬†grill¬†some meat, but needs to find a place where the wind and the people are nice, so he came here. He clears his throat and gives HJ a bouquet of rose, and says he doesn’t know why she was born, but since she was born anyway, she should live well. KS then calls his secretary in, with a poster of a cow, and a wrapped box. He says he wanted to bring a cow, but it’s hard to butcher so he brought a picture. He asks DS what kind of beef she likes? DS likes the most expensive one lol. KS shows her where in the picture, the most expensive part comes from the cow. The secretary opens the box, and there is A++ quality beef. They are all happy. KS asks where YJ is? HJ says she is at the library, but what is all of this? KS says its the joy pf choosing the meat they want, and served¬†automatically. ST suggests they have a beef party, and HJ is happy seeing her family happy. KS smiles seeing HJ cheered up.

Everyone is eating beef, and KS gently strokes JJ’s hair and tells her to eat a lot. ST asks him if he likes HJ? KS scoffs, and asks if he is crazy to like someone that looks like that? He tries to hit her forehead with a spoon again but she blocks it like a reflex. KS sits back down, and tells ST he has a high level in choosing girls. DS asks then why is he getting them this expensive things? KS says its one of the 101 ways to get a disobedient student to obey him. He tries to explain to DS better by using stock markets as a example but they don;t get it. KS then says if there is a skinny cow, is it better to kill it or first feed it and kill it after it becomes fat? ST¬†innocently¬†says it should fatten up first. DS asks if he is saying he will fatten her daughter up, and then eat her? LOL dead. KS says no, he is doing this so he can bring the best out of his student. DS then asks KS if he can create work somewhere? ST is still unemployed. HJ looks at DS. KS asks if ST is still playing around? DS asks again, and KS tells them to leave it to him. Even HJ is surprised.

In DH’s office, he finds out that JW is getting involved directly in their investigation. DH is pissed that he dared challenge him.

DH comes to KS’s home looking for CH. they go to his room, and see him sleeping. DH shouts at him to get up, though KC tries to tell him that CH is not feeling well, he’s only been drinking the past few days. CH gets up, and DH questions if he could even be sleeping right now? He needs to block JW from trying to get IM! CH tells him in a cool voice that he already resigned. DH tells him to convince him then, since he is close to JW! KC tries too explain that CH isn’t feeling well, he should make him do this, and DH tells him to shut up! He says just because he pampered them things these past years, they try to play on top of his head?! He orders them to do as they are told, since he is holding the knife. If IM is bothered by any of this, he will ruin them! DH leaves, and CH starts ¬†laughing cynically, and then becomes serious again, and lies down again. KC is worried.

BH gives JW the reports from all the subcontractors and vendors from DH’s company, and she says he was right. H tells her to take it back, and stay out of this since IM is her nephew. He holds her by her shoulders and she gets nervous. He confesses that he also likes her, and she nervously says she isn’t ready for this yet. How can he say this at this place, he should’ve taken her somewhere and told her with a better mood. He tells her to listen, she needs to stop liking him from here on, b/c he will end up hurting her sister GH. There is something like that, that’s why they ¬†won’t work out. He turns his back on her, and she slaps the big file on this head, and he turns to her with his head in pain. She says she isn’t fine with that! She wants to see how far this will go, she become this old already b/c she was always waiting for him. Where will she go now, she calls him a evil bastard, and hurts him some more, and then marches off. He watches her go, and his head is still hurting lol.

KS is leaving HJ’s place, and she thanks him for today. He tells her not to just say that verbally, but show it by studying hard. She says she knows he came to make her feel better, and he scoffs. He tells her not to jump to such conclusions. He says honestly, he would like it if she broke up with CH. She becomes serious and asks what he just said? He gives a sneaky smile, and tells her that it’s not like she’s been dating CH for a few days, just think of this as a lover’s small fight. He also asks her to let him know if CH’s father continues to oppose them. He will take KC somewhere high up and just…She cuts him off and asks if he can even go somewhere with heights? lol He admits that his fear of heights is the greatest flaw he has, and clears his throat, looks at her and laughs. She smiles. He tells her not to go down, that’s ¬†not like her. She agrees, that she will only act this way for today, from tomorrow on, she will act like her normal self. He pats her, and hopes to see a more lively HJ next time. She bids farewell, he smiles and leaves. HJ sighs.

IH is in front of KS’s¬†office tel, trying to punch in the door code, but it doesn’t work, he changed it. He panics and tries knocking on the door. KS is coming home, and sees her outside his door, and hides. She calls him but the phone keeps ringing. She puts it down, and sits down against the door, looking really sad. KS peeks in at her, and he kind of feels bad seeing her like this.

YJ meets IM at a restaurant, and complains about his constant calls per day, its annoying. He says he thought her phone was just an accessory since she didn’t pick up, and she says she didn’t answer b/c he was calling her lol. He looks at the time and asks if she has a watch, he waitind here for 30 minutes for her. She asks if she is his personal helper or something that she has to run over when he calls? He smiles and tells her to sit down, she says she has nothing to say, she is leaving. IM puts a box on the table, to get her attention. She comes and sits down, open it to find a branded watch. She asks “ajusshi” why is he like this to her? He already told her before, he likes her. She says she doesn’t like old men! He says she does like expensive things like this watch, and she admits that she will take it if he wants to give it to her so bad. He touches her hand with his, and wants to ask her something. She slaps his hand off of her, and he shouts in pain. He tries to quiet down,¬†embarrassed¬†that other might be watching. She tells him to ask his questions but not to touch her! He asks her when was HJ adopted? She asks him to ask again, and he says that HJ isn’t her mother’s real daughter! YJ gets pissed, and¬†remembers¬†he mentioned this last time too. She returns the watch, and says she won’t accept it. She is leaving again, and he tell her to go ask her mother. She gets pissed, and he cunningly tells her that there may be a world that she doesn’t know about. She runs to him and steps on his leg, and he screams in pain. Before leaving she sticks her tongue out at him again, and he can’t believe there is a girl like her. He actually kind of laughs!!

GH is drinking alcohol at home, and DH comes to ask why she is still awake this late. She asks if she woke him up? He asks if something is wrong, she never drinks. She says there is nothing in this world that goes the way she wants it to. KS and IH didn’t work out, BH likes an in-law…and IM..IM…DH angrily asks if IM todl her something again? She sarcastically says no, he didn’t do anything. As GH gets up, she looses her balance, and when DH tries to hold her, she brushes him off. He asks if she is sure she is okay? She is even drinking now. She wants to be alone, and tells him to sleep. He holds her hand, and asks how he can know if she doesn’t say anything? She asks him why he couldn’t let her go? He should’ve let her live with Yoo Jin in her heart. She cries, asking why he always held onto her? DH asks calmly why she is talking about that child again? He says she’s lived happily til now. She says she too thought she was happy, but she doesn’t think she is. She cries more, saying she thought she could hold onto Yoo Jin, but looking back, she wasn’t holding onto anything. From the beginning her hands were empty, and it’s still like that. She blames everything on him, before when she had found out that he cheated on her with IM’s mother..they should’ve ended things back then. (wait what?!!! they were together before DH was with IM’s mother, and what is this about her not ending things with him even then?) She weeps, why did he come look for her again, why didn’t he let her go, he even brought her all the way here. He hugs her, and she cries hysterically.

KC comes to CH, who is still lying down. He wants to talk. KC tells him that his father was also a slave, and lived like a rodent all his life. He doesn’t remember his face, only heard from his mother to not live like a slave. KC says his life was the same as his father, he is a slave but through that CH was his only hope. Since CH was smart, he put everthing on the line for him. He thought he can do anything if it’s for CH. CH gets up, tearing up, but angry too, and tells him to stop. Doesn’t he see what his obsession has turned his son into? KC admits he was delusional to think taht if CH married IH, he would be compensated for all the pain he lived through. CH scowls that he sure learned that he was delusional very quickly. KC sits down, and tells CH to leave with HJ, forget everything, including him. CH asks if that makes sense, how can he do that when his father killed hers. He insists he leaves, thinking he doesn’t exist, or he too will end up living like DH’s slave. KC cries saying he can’t see his son living the way he did, and holds his hand. KC tells him he is his hope and happiness, but he ruined him. He asks CH to throw him away, and leave to find his happiness. CH holds his hand, and asks what he will do? KC says he will pay for his sins before leaving, and tells him to never look back to him, its his final wish. CH is really touched.

KS visits DH’s office. DH happily invites him in and asks what brings him here? KS says as an inspector he has to work weekends too. But also notices that DH is working weekends too. KS looks at one of the maps there, and DH asks if he is interested in minerals and fossil fuels? KS says he wasn’t but he is gaining interest in it b/c of him. He asks DH how long he’s been interested in this? DH says its been a long time. KS asks if it’s b.c of Yoon Hak Soo? DH asks him how he knows about Hak Soo? KS says he heard his father and Hak Soo were¬†friends, from GH. DH is surprised. He asks DH if he knows anything about his fathe, Kang Woon. DH says he doesn’t know that name but he knows Akiyama, a scholar in Ulsan that studied vessels. He abandoned his country b/c his father was against his marriage. KS asks if that means his father was a japanese citizen? DH isn’t sure, he had heard it slgihtly from Hak Soo once. DH tells him to just ask his GF, and KS scoffs saying he wouldn’t be asking anyone if his GF told him. DH tells him he might be better off without knowing, ignorance is bliss. DH laughs, and KS is confused.

ST is going to work in his white suit, and HJ and DS are proud. They tell him to last for longer than a month this time. HJ says she can’t even look at KS in the face, and ST tells her not to worry. At the site, ST meets with GF’s secretary, and hopes to be atleast at a higher level than him. ST meets with GF, who is the president, and can’t believe this old man is in charge. GF gets up and kicks him, how dare he call him old! Why is he dressed in a white suit, when he is supposed to weld! He orders to secretary to get ST properly dressed, and ST is shocked that he will be welding. ST mumbles about KS making him to this, and GF smiles. ST says he is so good looking, it doesnt match with working as a welder. ST says its beneath him, and GF hits him, and tells him he won;t be leaving so fast. people help ST change clothes against his will.

CH puts stuff on his USB drive, and comes out to bid farewell to KC. KC tells him to get what he wants in Seoul, since he packed less. KC can’t look at CH, and asks if he told HJ yet? CH didn’t, she won’t go if he did. KC tells him not to call here b/c DH might track him down. CH asks him if he will really be okay? He should just come along, but KC can’t face HJ. CH is hesitant, and KC tells him not to care anymore. CH apologizes, and says he will come back to get him. KC says there is no need, CH hugs him, and cries. KC tells him to be healthy, and live in a good world. They both cry.

IM shows DH the arrest warrant he got, and DH is pissed at JW! He comes home, and finds out CH left with a big suitcase. DH marches into KC’s home, pushes him aside and sees CH’s things are gone. DH asks KC where CH is, and KC doesn;t tell him. DH is pissed and asks again.

HJ is walking on the street, and KS surprises her from popping out from behind a lamp post. She gets scared, and asks whats up with this? KS asks if she isn’t happy to see him? She asks why he came here? He came to get her, since her motorbike broke, isn’t he a wonderful master? He tells her she better, she missed a lot of lessons, if she doesn’t he will hit her calves with a stick (a form of punishment teachers use for bad students). HJ provokes him to try, she will hit him with a bat. KS pretends to be terrified of her threats lol. He laughs and she follows him to their car, but just then CH rushes there. He tells HJ to go with him, and HJ is uncomfortable, and tries to say “oppa, me..right now..” CH looks at KS, who tells HJ to go, she can study later. HJ looks at KS, and CH pulls her to his car’s door, and puts her in. CH gets in too, and drives off. KS just watches, trying to hide his pain.

HJ asks CH in the car where they are going, and why he has a suitcase with him? CH doesn’t say a word.

Back at home, KC pleads that DH let CH go, since KC has served him for so long. DH says CH betrayed him once, he can’t let go. KC says CH won’t bother him again, just let him live normally. DH says as long he needs him, CH needs to work for life for him. KC threatens to reveal everything he did all these years, killing Hak Soo, and ordering him to kill Yoo Jin, he will tell GH. DH laughs, how dare he try to bite him? DH tells him to go ahead and try, and then see what he will do to his son CH. As DH is leaving, KC attacks him from behind, trying to strangle him. DH’s body guards come in, and kick KC off and beat him up. DH gets a table, and starts beating KC up relentless for trying to kill him. The table breaks, and DH puts his foot on his neck, and asks where CH is. KC says he probably already left on the plane. He tells DH to do what ever he¬†wants¬†to him but he can’t touch his son CH. DH tells him to die then, and kicks his neck and lets go. It looks like KC is about to die.

DH’s men are heading to the airport.

CH drags HJ to the airport, and she wants to know whats going on? CH tells him to stop asking and just follow him. She can’t, they already broke up, so what is this? He tells her to go¬†abroad¬†with him, and she asks him if he is in his right mind? CH says there is a reason, he can’t explain it, just this once, she needs to do as he says. She tells him to think about her, she hasn’t even said good bye to her family. She doesn’t even have a passport with her right now. He says she can get it in Seoul or contact her family later. He couldn’t tell her before b/c she wouldn’t go with her, and she says its the same right now. She can’t go. He says she has to, or they can’t ever be together. They both look at each other, and CH gets a call from KC’s phone, but its DH. DH asks if hasn’t gotten on the plane? He continues that he sent a text to HJ..if they still want to go together, go ahead and try!DH hangs up, and KC is lying next to him, not sure if he is dead or not, but he is bleeding. CH is shocked, and horrified. HJ checks her phone, its a picture of the lisence plate that KC used to kill her father Chun. CH is double shocked, and HJ is triple shocked since she recognizes it.


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