May Queen Episode 16 Recap

Since most of today was a depressing episode I decided to put this picture as the header since its funny to look at KS’s fear of heights (though I understand him, since I too am terrified of standing on high places especially with water underneath)

No preview!! NOOOOO! Well… this is what I am hoping for the upcoming episodes. I hope there will be a leap of a few years/year after CH-HJ break up. Why? because if the plot is supposed to make HJ fall in love with KS, it will be impossible for her to get over CH this fast, their love was 15 years in the making! like come on! Also, it will show how much the characters have changed over the years, CH and IH more so than others. CH will have completely gone to the dark side, though I am pretty sure he will still have a a little bit of light in his heart, that he keeps for HJ. IH will be wreaking havoc, with jealousy consuming her fully. I don’t even want to think about DH, KC, and IM though, it makes me mad. With IM unraveling the truth about mother-daughter GH & HJ, it will be intense. I doubt it will come out in the open this early for everyone else to know, though. What are your thoughts? Where do you think the plot is headed, and what are you hoping for? Please do comment, I want to know different thoughts on the possibilities that lie in the episodes ahead.
Recap Complete:

DH and CH sit in his office, and DH’s bodyguard brings the evidence box with the license plate of the truch KC used to kill Chun. At first CH is furious, do they think he will believe what they say? Does DH think he can get out of the mess he is in? DH is confident however, they play a voice recording tape where KC is confessing to CH that he did kill Chun in that accident, and he cries terribly. The bodyguard says he saw KC drive a truck viciously the day he killed Chun, and then they found out Chun was dead. CH thought back to the night when KC came home distraught from killing Chun, and his head was bleeding b/c he hit in on the rock several times. DH says he had to keep this evidence as insurance since he never knows with people these days. He also warned CH previously not to go this far. CH is really really just about to have an emotional outburst. He asks DH what was the reason his father killed Chun? he must’ve told DH, since he allowed them to record this confession. DH tells him to ask his dad personally, he is a prosecutor after all he can find out stuff like this.

CH walks out of there half dead, traumatized. He thinks back to all the times KC didn’t acknowledge his relationship with HJ. how he said he willl go to hell and endure everything heaven throws at him, so he can’t be with HJ! Then back to this morning, when he begged CH not to arrest DH, or they both will die! CH almost loses his balance walking downstairs.

GH and HJ are in a restaurant, and she asks HJif her mother told her anything? HJ wonders what? GH says she lost her daughter a long time ago, and she also had a burn scar on her neck like her. IM is sitting at a nearby table, covering his face with a paper, and listening. He gets a call and walks out. HJ asks if she told her mom? GH says yes, but HJ wasn’t her child. Also the blood type  was different, HJ is AB. HJ says that is true. GH says even so, HJ seems familiar, and when she looks closely, they look alike. HJ stops her there by saying how can she be related to madam? But HJ looks unsure herself. 
IH is waiting for HJ, and as soon as she comes, IH calls her name and slaps her hard. IH is about to slap again, but HJ stops her and angrily asks what’s the meaning of this? IH is pissed, is HJ two timing? She warned her so many times not to go to KS’s home! HJ argues that she got her permission! IH clears that it was permission to work, who gave permission to make KS oppa like her?! HJ is confused. IH continues, she tells her that she will marry CH and then she stirs KS oppa’s heart? Is she playing around? HJ denies it. But IH goes on, HJ knew that KS liked her too right? She has CH and is using KS! HJ says thats not it! IH says if she really wanted to learn ship building, she could’ve paid for her to learn! She hates ppl like HJ, who act all nice, and then use them, and then keep both men. HJ says she denied KS’s offer many times, but this really has to do with work. KS wants to make a propeller and he needs her help for it. It’s always been her dream to make a drill ship. IH asks what she will do then? KS likes her.  HJ says alright she won’t go. IH says that’s not the problem! She needs to prove that she has no feeling for KS oppa, she needs to tell KS straight, and take care of this!

IH comes home crying, and GH asks what’s wrong? All she can say is “I…San-ie Oppa”. GH hugs her, and she says she will talk with KS. IH cries.

CH comes home, and he wants to know the truth. KC confesses it is true that he killed Chun. Why did he do it? it was a mistake KC says, he tried avoiding HJ’s bicycle, and he was there, and ended up dying. CH asks then why dd he change the  license plates and cause a hit and run? CH’s voice hardens, as he asks for the real reason. He doesn’t even want to call him father. Why? KC says he was threatened by that man (Chun), he came to Ulsan to get money from him. He harassed him all his life. OMG why does he still lie now? CH tells him to cut the crap, don’t lie! He isn’t stupid, that man loved HJ more than anyone! Who is the real villain here?! KC says it’s the truth. Though he is a devil in CH’s eyes, he did everything for him. Chun was probably the same, a good father at home, but a devil he wanted to kill! CH doesn’t buy this. KC says he even killed a person, why would he lie? He shows CH the bullet wound on his leg, and says it was caused by Chun just b/c he didn’t like him. I hate him even more, how can KC lie at a time like this? KC says he killed him to save CH, b/c he threatened to kill him if KC didn’t give him money. CH is about ot cry, b/c he doesn’t believe it. Either way, the thing that doesn’t change is that the father of the woman he loves so dearly, was killed by his own dad. KC ruined his life, he cries. KC says he feels like dying but he had no choice, please believe this! CH just gets upa nd goes to his room. He gets a call from JW, but doesn’t pick up and throws the phone on the floor. KC cries outside, crouched down.

JW wonders why CH isn’t picking up.

HJ talks to DS at home. Why didn’t she tell her that GH had a lost baby? She heard from GH. But it can’t be her since they have different blood types. DS scoffs, this is unbelievable, she didn’t tell her b/c she didn’t think it was necessary. HJ asks her if she knows her real mother? DS doesn’t know, Chun had told her that she died so Chun brought HJ home. DS asks if she wants to find her? HJ says DS is her only mother.

GH visits KS’s home. She is surprised he is home, since he didn’t pick up her calls. He tells her to have a seat, she gets to the point, does he know why she is here? KS looks colder than usual, and says he already told IH everything that needed to be said. GH says IH is crying and not talking, does he hate IH? He sees her more as a younger sister, not as a woman. GH tries to convince him that can change over time, but he is adamant.  IH isn’t the girl he loves, he says bluntly, and apologizes. She asks if it’s because of IH’s father and brother? KS says honestly, she may not know, but he would like it if he never saw DH or IM, they aren’t people he likes. GH says well there is not point if he hates them, as she is leaving she comments he is more frigid than expected, his parents weren’t like that. KS is surprised that GH knew his parents. He asks about them, and she says his father was a friend of someone close to her (her first husband). They met a long  time ago, when she lived in Japan. He asks what his father did? She asks if his GF didn’t tell him? She says his father studied in japan about shipbuilding. He asks if his mother was really a welder? She isn’t sure b/c later on his parents past away in an accident.  He asks about the person who knew his parents, can he meet that person? GH says he is also dead, his name was Dr. Yoon Hak Soo. KS is truly startled.

KS is drinking next to his GF at the dock. KS tells him he knows that Hak Soo and his father were friends. GF asks where he found out? KS wants to know now. GF looks uncomfortable, why is he asking when he doesn’t want to talk about it? KS becomes frustrated and asks what exactly happened that he can’t know? it’s been 30 years! GF tells him that his mother truly was a welder, thus GF opposed to their marriage, but they married on their own. He didn’t want to talk about this, b/c he doesn’t like thinking about them. KS is processing all of this, and GF tells KS him, he is just like his parents, he likes a welder (HJ). KS asks how he knew? GF says with his age, he can tell just by looking. KS smirks. GF asks if he will marry her even if he opposes like his parents? KS says even if GF says yes to them, there is no way he can marry her. GF asks if she doesn’t like him? KS looks at the sky, chuckles, and calls his father a cook guy to be able to do things he can’t do. He asks his father to tell him his secret!! GF wonders if KS is really drunk? KS chuckles again and then sighs.

YJ is all dolled up, with heels and nice clothes. She looks at her reflection through a glass door. Her “home” clothes are in a bag. She hears a car horn, and it’s IM, waiting for her. She is unhappy to see him, he asks if she’s been well? She scowls at him as he tells her to get in, and walks off. He runs to her and grabs her hand, didn’t she hear him tell her to get in? She asks if he lost his manners? (he never had any to begin with) IM opens the car door for her, and tells her to get in respectfully. They go to eat at a pizzeria  and she is amused at the food. She asks him why he brought her here? she’s busy. IM reminds her she is a scandalous student repeating a year in college. Why is she playing hard to get? She says still she has her own schedule! He says “for a thief  she has good taste in clothes”. YJ knows HJ already compensated for what she did last time. And the clothes she is wearing were originally hers, she isn’t a thief. IM puts a designer bag on the table, and she tries to look indifferent. She asks what this is? IM says she should know, she was trying to buy this right before the police caught her for stealing from him. If she had said so earlier, he would’ve gotten it for her. He wants to date her for real. She calls him a ajusshi, and says he is much older isn’t he? IM tells her he is 31, and she calls him overripe. Money isn’t everything, and 31 is totally old for a 20 year old like her. He holds her hand, hoping to seduce her. He asks why she is playing so hard to get, she even followed him to the hotel last time. She hits his hand (thats touching hers) with a fork? and tells him she isn’t that easy. IM’s hand is hurting, and he looks pissed. She gets up, the money she stole from him was b/c he treated her like a prostitute last time. She gives him one last look and comments that he looks like a jujube seen that’s been spit out. (YJ WILL FOREVER BE WORSHIPED FOR SAYING THIS)

He follows her out, and grabs her hand. She angrily asks what is he doing? He wants her to answer only one question, is HJ her real sister? She calls him weird. He wonders how there can be a girl like this? Just b/c he is being nice doesn’t mean he is easy to deal with. She tells him to let go! To think he was going to help a beggar like her, he says. She starts screaming, “please save me! this man is drunk”. People start staring, and IM let’s go of her hand, defeated. She moves away from him, and then sticks her tongue out, and runs off. He semi-laughs and almost intrigued?

DS is working at the soju stand, and wonders how is HJ not the daughter of GH? The clothes and the birth mark are right. What on earth is this? HJ comes there to help, and tells her to go sleep. DS tells her to go rest instead, she will work here. HJ flicks some water on her, and cutely asks if she really isn’t going? DS splashes her back. This is way cute. DS gets a water hose and shoots the water at HJ, while laughing. HJ screams but looks happy. CH is watching from his car, teary-eyed looking at HJ.

He walks somewhere, very sad. Thinking back to when he first met HJ, and all the times together from childhood to present. He screams out, crying hysterically. emotional outburst, all the feels.

The next day, JW is really angry at CH, when he hears that DH’s been cleared. JW asks if CH’s crazy? after all they went through to catch him, he went free?! Wasn’t he confident about this? isn’t that why they went through with this? Then why was he set free? How many times will DH use money to buy his way out of being indicted? CH just says sorry. JW asks if he was pressured? Didn’t JW promise to back him up no matter what?! He says he will finish the job since CH can’t. He wants all the evidence, and CH tells him that it was returned. JW guesses DH won CH over, and punches him. CH falls down and gets back up. JW looks betrayed, why did CH do it? money? promotion? CH gives his resignation letter, and tells JW he isn’t qualified to be a prosecutor, and is sorry. He bows and takes his leave. JW is worried, but still angry at the sudden betrayal.

CH visits DH. DH thanks him for returning everything that was taken. If you hit a boulder with a egg, the egg will break, but the boulder will not even be scratched. CH looks totally broken, and admits that he challenged someone he was no match for, thus he resigned his job. DH didn’t want him to go that far though. CH wants to end it here, he will move out of their home with his father, ASAP. DH asks if CH thinks he will let him leave like that? A person who tried to get him in a mess? CH must stay by his side until he dies, and serve him as his owner, making up for this betrayal. He has no free will anymore. DH addresses him as the son of a murderer. (what a hypocrite, what does this make IM then? son of a third degree murderer?)

CH is on his way out, and sees HJ coming upstairs and hides. HJ walks past him happily, not knowing of this. CH looks distressed.

HJ is sitting with IM. He asks if she convinced CH to stop the indictment? HJ says she didn’t do anything, and he guesses CH isn’t the type to listen to others in matters like this. That bastard tried to attack them? IM asks something about KS to her, and just then KS walks in, wondering why his ears are itchy? Were they talking behind his back? KS tells HJ to get back to work, did she have something to tell Dep’t head (IM)? IM tells her she can go. HJ heads out, and KS congratualtes IM, I am guessing b/c Cheonjji got out of this mess, CH was going to put it in. After KS leaves, IM looks at the cup HJ was drinking from. OMG DNA! He is going to find out if HJ is GH’s child!! for once, I think IM is doing something good, getting closer to the truth.

HJ and KS are at the site, and HJ climbs to the top, and looks at the water from the balcony. KS can’t go near the balcony since he is scared of looking of heights, and stands  on the side, a bit behind HJ. He is so cute! He  complains that she should look inside the boat, not outside. She just wants to look for a bit. He tells there are chances of falling off from there. HJ realizes he is scared, and she puts her weight on the balcony by lifting both her legs. KS gets scared she might fall off, and runs to grab her. He looks terrified, he asks in frustration if she has some sentiments towards him? If so, tell him! He scolds her, and then looks down and hides behind her like a scared puppy, holding her hand. She playfully hits him, and pulls him closer to the edge, and he sits down, trying to resist, pleading her to stop, hes scared, he says. He lets go of her, and runs to hold onto something. He scowls at her.

KS and HJ walk to the other side of the site, and he is talking about work, and HJ brings up the thing about IH. He gets annoyed, why is IH being brought up during work? HJ is upset, IH is her friend, how can KS do this. HJ feels sorry towards IH. KS says it’s his own heart, why does she need to be sorry? He becomes serious, why is she sorry? does she like him too? Didn’t she want him to be like his real brother? She can;t ignore IH’s feelings, it was her fault too since KS likes her. She tells him that she can’t come to his home to learn any more, and he gets upset too. Was she really like this? Wasn’t her dream to learn about ships and her biggest regret was that she missed out on learning. Was she this weak to let go of her dreams b/c a “friend” tells her to? He is disappointed in her. He also mentions how he hasn’t taken action towards her, has he asked HJ to date him? marry him? Has he tried to steal her away from CH? No. He can’t do anything about his feelings for her, so she shouldn’t interfere, since it’s his heart.  And never say that she doesn’t want to learn design, because then he will be really mad. She asks how he can’t be considerate of what the other person thinks? He says he is a jerk, he lives as he wants, and doesn’t compensate in work.  He scolds her that she has to be strong to survive in this world, doesn’t she know? Cut the crap, and get a grip, he tells her.

GH visits IH’s room, IH is eager to know if she convinced KS? GH tells her to give up on KS. He was very adamant that she isn’t suited for her as a marriage partner. IH says at least she shouldn’t tell her this, doesn’t she know how crazy she is for him? (sweetheart, you can’t force someone to love you. You need to learn that from KS.) GH tells her it’s not that easy to change someone’s heart, so she should give up, she hates seeing her in pain. IH starts tearing up. GH advises her that the faster she cleans out these feelings, the better she will be. IH says if it was that easy, she would’ve given up. She whines at GH, why is she trying to convince her to give up? She should be convincing KS to accept her. She says she can’t give up on KS. ugh so annoying. Why are DH’s kids so freaking annoying? #@%@&^%^&#%^!@#$~#

KS visits JW at his office. JW asks why a is a shipbuilding superintendent like him interested in his brother, who was a petroleum expert? KS asks what was said about Hak Soo’s death as reported by the intelligence agency? It was a death under suspicious situations. The person in charge of the Japanese Intelligence Agency back then was DH. KS is stunned, it was DH?

They show DH in his office, taking out a roll he took from Hak Soo before shooting and killing him in front of KC. DH keeps it in his safe.

JW understands what KS means, he too suspected DH at first, but there were lot’s of people including his sister in law (GH), and other witnesses. It can’t be DH he is sure since they said DH tried to save Hak Soo (oh the irony!) KS moves on to asks him if he knows a man named Kang Woo, his father? He was a friend of Hak Soo’s. JW remembers his name, but never met him, since there was a big age difference between him and his older brother Hak Soo.

The scene shifts to IM giving a lab tester the DNA samples of both GH and HJ. He wants it tested as soon an possible, he will pay what ever amount.

HJ is at work, and calls CH, she leaves a voice mail  telling him she misses him. She heard that his investigation is done, is he still busy? or did something happen? She misses him so much, she dreamt about him at night.

CH is at home, drinking a bottle of soju. KC tells him that DH called, and said he will get CH a position in Cheonji Shipbuilding soon. He knows that CH is hurting right now, but he needs to get himself together. CH ignores his presence. KS tells him about how shocked and scared he was when CH brought HJ to see him. CH eyes at him, and KC continues that when his wife left him, he too wanted to die, but today he is still heartlessly alive. He tells CH that his happy days will come back some day. CH puts on a sarcastic smile, and says that’s never going to happen. HJ is his light, how can he live without light? maybe he can live, but probably as a demon, a man more evil than his father, and more evil than DH. CH looks really scary, like there is not person inside him. KC looks concerned, and CH goes to his room. In his room, he reads all the text messages from HJ, and listens to her voice mail about how she misses him. She tells him that they will take a vacation like he said, as long as she is with him, it doesn’t matter where they go. CH cries helplessly in his room, heartbroken.

IH is leaving for somewhere, and sees CH’s car in the driveway, and goes to his home. She wants to speak with CH and KC tells her he is in his room. She marches in, and KS has a sly smile, and stands by the door to eavesdrop. ugh he is so hate-worthy.  She wakes up the distressed CH, and asks if he isn’t going to maryy HJ? How can he be like this just b/c KC disagrees to it? He has no idea what she is saying, and she says this isn’t the time to be acting like this, he needs to go marry HJ right away. (God she is so selfish, she only came b/c she wants HJ out of the way, so KS can be hers.) CH is not in the mood to discuss this, and tells her to get out, calmly. IH keeps talking, he needs to run away with HJ, if KC keeps being this way. She will give money, if he needs it. CH bursts out in anger, DIDN’T SHE HEAR HIM TELL HER TO GET OUT? She asks why he shouts? Who is really the one who should be screaming right now? CH just ignores her, and lies back down. IH comes out and catches KC eavesdropping. She gives him a peice of her mind, why is he opposing his child’s marriage with the girl he loves in in this modern generation? If HJ isn’t good enough, does he think CH will be good enough if he wasn’t a prosecutor? She has no intention of marrying into his family and become KC’s daughter in law, so he should accept HJ. She stomps out. He scowls at her, he looks so ugly.
KS is at his officetel, and has a carbonated drink. He calls someone.

KS comes to HJ’s home, with his secretary holding a bunch of gifts in his hands. ST asks who he is? KS guesses since he is ugly, he must be ST. LOL. He nudges ST on his forehead, and and asks if he can’t even recognize his hyungnim?  ST asks who is her? Why is he doing this at someone else’s home? KS laughs and asks how come he is still the same? He still can’t use his head? Just then, JJ and DS walk in, and KS bows and greets her. He asks if she’s been well? He comments that HJ is pretty b/c she looks like DS. Even after 15 years, if she walks next to HJ, they will look like sisters. DS is so flattered, and tries to hide her smile, while glancing at ST, asking who is he? KS then recognizes JJ as the sister that HJ helped give birth to. The scene shifts to them sitting inside, and KS officially greeting himself as KS, the grandson of the old ship building company Hae Poong. He is surprised they didn’t hear about him from HJ at all. ST asks how he met HJ again? KS says he is her boss right now for the drill ship project. DS asks what a drill ship is, and ST tries to explain it, but it’s wrong, so JJ gives the proper explanation of how expensive it is, and KS says its a trillion WON ship. DS is speechless, and KS continues that he is the shipowner’s inspector, but he can be considered as the ship’s owner. ST laughs and reminds him that he used to place last in school, how can he be this high up? KS tells him that he was voluntarily being last, he didn’t try to work at school, whereas, ST tried as placed second last. DS asks his reason for coming here with so many gifts, a high stature person like him? KS tells them he tutors HJ, but recently she isn’t cooperating, and even missed her lesson today, thus he had to visit this home. DS is surprised that he is close enough to HJ, that she goes in and out of his house. He asks where is she, and what is she doing to miss her lessons? DS orders JJ to call HJ to come home. SR is really happy to meet KS again, and DS is almost scared at how high up KS is.

KS is waiting in HJ’s room, and looks at her childhood picture with Chun. ST, DS ans JJ are eavesdropping from outside, with the door slightly open. KS turns and sees them, and startled, they move back, and go away. KS laughs. this was so cute!

BH meets JW at a restaurant. She asks if there is a possibility of having a relationship with him now that DH’s case has been closed? She is just joking though, it’s been a while since he rejected her, and even if he wanted to get together, does he think she will accept him? She says she that kind of a easy woman. She repeats that she is evey easy. She says since everything’s been sorted, they can be happy now right? JW is in deep thought. He tells her that if he sees DH again, he will have to quit his job as a prosecutor, b/c he will punch him and break the law, therefore he wants her to relay a message to DH for him. She looks concerned, what happened? JW doesn’t know how he bribed CH, but he won’t back down on catching DH. If DH plans to cover everything up, he needs to make JW give in first. She asks why he is so serious? He asks if she gets it now? why they can’t be together? With rage in his eyes, he says he will never compromise with DH. He is leaving, and she asks for at least the reason he is acting up. He says thats all she needs to know, she gets up, and asks if he still doesn’t know how she is? If DH did wrong, she will not take his side, so JW should tell her what the meaning of this message is, she has been his friend for over 30 years! He looks at her. 

ST and DS are wowing at all the gifts KS left for them. ST brags about how KS’s present is better than what CH got them. DS agrees and comments on how HJ is just like her, very popular with men. HJ walks in and asks what this is?   DS takes her to a room, and she pats HJ. HJ has no idea whats going on, and DS tells her to stop pretending to be innocent. DS knows she goes to KS’s house, the grandson of HP shipbuilding. KS is confused, and ST explains that KS stopped by today. She is shocked, and DS asks what their relationship is. HJ says there is not relationship, buit DS doesn’t believe her, since KS came all the way here. HJ tries to say she loves CH, and DS shouts that bastard has been crossed out already! ST tries to tell HJ to take this opportunity and get with KS. DS agrees that KS is not a 100, but a 1000 times better than CH! He is handsome, and has a sense of humor, and pleasant personality  nothing is missing (I agree, adjumma! 😉 ) HJ can’t say anything other than stop it, b/c she knows everything DS said is true! He is all of those things and more, but she doesn’t want to admit it. HJ is frustrated, and leaves. DS follows her. ST is hopeful b.c of KS.

At the dinner table, DH asks GH why IH isn’t there? GH says she isn’t well, and went to sleep. DH asks why? GH says she will tells him later, and IM rudely asks why she can’t tell him when he is there? DH is about to scold him, but BH marches in, super pissed. She grabs IM, and tells him to get up. She asks if it’s true that he shortchanged the vendors to pocket some money? GH asks why BH is being like this? DH also says “sister in law. company talk is prohibited at home”! BH rudely states, do they not see her trying to restrain herself right now? GH asks what’s going on? BH says DH should know better, with charges of tax evasion, stock price manipulation, illegal inheritance and more, plus IM’s charges. DH looks really pissed bu tries to remain composed to not freak out GH. GH asks DH what this is? DH scolds BH, where did she hear such nonsense? They are cleared of all charges. BH tells him she heard from JW, who is in charge of this care. why? DH clears his throat nervously, and says he will explain everything to her after dinner. BH doesn’t want any explanations, she and JW will reveal everything, and bring it back to normal. After saying that she leaves. DH suppresses himself, but is really mad.

HJ is in her room, and sees a sticky note that KS left for her. Its a threat, that everytime she misses a lesson, he will go to her house and encourage her, is that clear?

Back at his officetel, KS is waiting for her call, and is praying for it to ring, and it does. He does a small victory cry “asa! it worked”! He clears his throat and picks up, trying to sound all manly and cool. Why is she calling at this time? HJ tells him not to do stuff like this. She is serious. He acts oblivious, and she says it makes her more burdened when he does things like this. Also she wont go to his house. He asks why? She says she is busy at the company these days. She says sorry, goodnight, and hangs up. KS can’t believe he got cutm and stutters “h…hel..hello?”. He talks to the phone, and mumbles that she should tell him goodnight, after she makes it so he can sleep! He looks bummed.

The enxt day, HJ finds out from JW that CH resigned his position, and she is shocked. JW says it’s really complicated to explain. HJ asks if there was a problem? If uncle JW wouldn’t know, who would? JW says he doesn’t answer his calls, and tells her to visit CH.

IM gets an envelope in his office, and he sees the lab report, and has the biggest shock, it says the DNA match is 99.87%, proving that GH and HJ are mother-daughter. He is breathing heavily, and KS comes in startling him. KS asks if he saw a ghost or something? why is he so scared? He came to ask him to put HJ under his jurisdiction instead of IM’s.

CH is waiting by the waters, standing on the rocks, and DH’s mansion right behind him. HJ comes there, and looks worried, why didn’t he pick up her calls? He resigned? What’s wrong with his face, is he sick? She touches his cheek, and he pushes her hand away, and tells her he wants to break up.

No Preview. another week of anticipation.

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  1. Oh man the beginning of the end. *Sigh* Yes I agree, if they want to make it believable, they should do a time skip. One where IH and CH are married already and HJ is alone but with KS as support. Then they can just flashback to the time when HJ got rejected by CH multiple times.
    I don’t think IM will tell anyone the truth about HJ and GH. If anything he’ll use this leverage against GH.
    My poor poor CH, I don’t think I can stand seeing him evil but he really has nothing else left. He has to let go of his only light HJ.
    I’m curious to see the role of KS’s parents in all of this. It seems as if they might add drama to the mix? It seems KS’s grandfather doesn’t like mentioning them but why? Also for those saying that KS has no baggage, he still wants to get revenge much the same against DH. But yeah obviously he doesn’t have a father who killed HJ’s step/dad. Unless his father is the mastermind behind the killing of HJ’s real dad. =P JK! Doubt that would happen.

  2. Thanks for your recap! Adding my two cents to the mix…
    While I agree that a time jump would be good to keep the story moving forward, I think this drama actually likes to wallow in despair too much to do that (just look at Gi Chul, he’s torture all by himself) so I think we should brace ourselves for the onslaught to come next week. The only way I can even imagine HJ moving on is if she learns the truth about her father’s death and understands why there can’t be a happily ever after with CH… although I don’t see them giving that info away anytime soon! There are so many ‘reveals’ to be made already, I would actually prefer that each one were dealt with in its own time so we get a chance to process the fallout rather then everything suddenly being sprung on us in the penultimate episode! But I bet they’ll milk the melo for all it’s worth, mental (and logical!) breakdown here we come…

  3. I dont find Jae Hee act with emotion in his part. I was not upset how he cried ,when thought of past with HJ. KS plays his part well carried forward from young actor Park Ji Bin. I felt it when KS and HJ’s conversation, he and JW are with strong character
    It does not bother me if HJ does not end up with KS, but I would prefer her with KS
    or no one. I can’t find any logic that she should end up with CH.
    Honestly, if HJ and CH end up together, I would feel shortchanged , I wouldn’t say time
    wasted but to me is a failure!!!!!!

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