May Queen Episode 15 Recap

I am so glad KS finally told IH that they can’t be together, not b/c of her father, but b/c of his feelings for HJ. Though I highly doubt it, it might at least allow IH to let go of all her deep feelings for him. She needs to move on with her life, instead of being stuck in an unrequited love. I would like to say the same for KS, but I don’t think he will get over his feelings for HJ just yet, nor will IH actually, but a girl can dream. As for the preview, it seems CH has finally found out the forbidden secret of their past from his father. Thus, initiating the break up with HJ, but OMG I really can’t take this ūüėź it’s neither’s fault, the parent’s really screwed up their kids’ fate. poor HJ-CH.

The episode starts with KC getting on his knees in front of his son, CH. He tells him not to do this, he can’t do this, with a panic in his voice. CH gets down and tells him to get up, but KC says if he does this, he (KC) will die, so he can’t do this! CH says this is an important matter, and gets up. KC says if he does this, he too will die. CH ignores his words, and gets into the car, and leaves with his men. KC shouts as the cars leave, pleading to listen, but in vain.

CH goes to DH’s office, with his men. CH tells DH to cooperate with the search, its law,¬†midst¬†smirking. His men start looking through his office, and taking files and other things with them. They go the the other offices and lounges and takes stuff from there too. CH is on his way out, since they got everything, but DH suggests they should at least talk. He asks CH how long he was planning to catch him? CH ¬†says it wasn’t like that, he is just doing his job at stopping criminal conduct. DH says though he doesn’t know how CH feels about him, he had a good impression of him, since he is smart. But how dare he betray him like this?!! CH smirks, and asks if he doesn’t remember how he cruelly treated his father all these years? DH clears his throat and calls him a foolish brat, was this about revenge, b/c of that? CH glares. DH says if he were in CH’s shoes, he would’ve tried to become even greater, and rich, but b/c of revenge, he just threw everything away? CH says he will leave now if he is done talking? DH shouts his name, and tells him he still has attachment with him, its a waste to just throw it away. He warns CH, that if he goes any further than this, it will split him and his father KC. CH glares at him, and says he will go to the end, and then they will see who really splits, and leaves. DH is pissed.

HJ comes to the police station to get YJ. YJ is crying, and HJ asks why she is here? what happened? The police tells HJ the reason is theft, but YJ denies it, and HJ gets mad, stating that her sister is not like that! The officer gets angry too, telling her that the evidence is right in front of them, why would they falsely charge someone?! IM comes there, and HJ is shocked to see him, as is he. YJ is bummed to see him. IM asks YJ if she thought she wouldn’t be caught? YJ calls HJ her unni, and IM is surprised that they are sisters, and sneers. IM is walking out, and HJ runs after him. He says he is not going to forgive a¬†thief! HJ says she is only 20 ( in korean age, so she is actually only 18 years old). She requests him to forgive her this once. IM says she still followed him to a hotel room! HJ says she will pay, but please let this go, and says sorry. IM asks why would he let them off? Why should he do as she says? It makes sense they both are sisters, going after men for money. HJ is upset, as IM asks if she too did that to KS and CH? HJ reverts to her satoori dialect and warns him to watch what he says. As for her sister, it was him who told her to go to the hotel! He was planning on taking her there and doing all those things to her! IM get angry, is this how she asks for a favor from him? HJ is frustrated to the point that she is about to cry. IM gets a phone call, and he looks outraged, and gets going. As IM is leaving, HJ holds his arm, begging him, but he pushes her away, and says move! you bitch! ¬†HJ decides to call CH, who is really busy with the DH thing and is very sorry, but can’t talk right now. HJ doesn’t get to even finish what she was saying, so she dials uncle JW but it goes to voice mail so tells him to call back ASAP, its urgent. She is really worried, just then she gets a phone call, its KS ūüė鬆!! He asks “hey tinker, what are you doing?” She just says “San-ie oppa..”

KS rushes to the police station, and meets HJ there. He asks what happened? She says YJ is inside right now. He asks the amount she stole? She tells him that money is a lot and YJ used some of it. ¬†He says the amount she used¬†isn’t¬†a lot, she just needs to compensate. HJ argues its a big amount, and says YJ needs to eat bean rice to come to her senses! KS tells her it was just a mistake. She says money is not the real problem though, the person who charged her was IM. KS can’t believe his ears.

IM, on the other hand, is in DH’s office, enraged that CH did this! In anger IM says that bastard! He is about to leave to confront CH, but DH tells him there is no need, this isn’t something IM should get involved in. He will take care of this issue, so IM shouldn’t worry. And then DH asks him something.

At home, IH comes to GH, annoyed that KS is not picking up his phone again. GH says she thinks that KS doesn’t like her, it seems she is the only one in love. IH says it’s not like that, but her face shows that she knows deep inside that KS doesn’t have feelings for her. ¬†GH says as a woman herself, she can tell. IH denies it, and says last time he even said he wanted to marry her. GH still doesn’t seem to believe it. IH convinces her that it’s b/c KS oppa is hard to figure out b/c of her dad. BH comes running downstairs, she is heading to the company, and runs into the wall, since she is in a rush. GH wonders why? its sunday though. BH is heading out, and DH arrives. BH asks how this happened? she just heard. DH asks if she told GH about this? BH says she isn’t stupid, she didn’t tell her anything. DH tells her it’s not a big deal, she need not worry. She says she can find things out by talking to JW about it. DH says there is no need. BH leaves, and DH marches to KC’s home.

KC’s house is as it was when CH left. KC says sorry. DH is super pissed, and asks hom how he will take responsibility? KC stutters that CH isn’t picking up his calls. DH says he should go meet CH personally then! Doesn’t he realize who is really going to be in trouble? He (KC) even killed a person. DH leans in and says CH doesn’t seem to know. He basically threatens KC into getting CH to stop this or he will tell. He then pinches KC’s cheeks and laughs in an evil way.

HJ comes home, and her family is waiting. They ask about YJ. ST comes out and says YJ went to a party and got into this mess. HJ glares at him and tells him to sell the car he bought, she wants to return to money to CH oppa. She tells him to earn money and buy the car if he wants it so badly, is he a beggar? ST gets mad. She hits him asking why he asked CH for money, when he knows whats going on between him and her!? ST tries to get DS to stop HJ, but DS hits him too. She tells him to sell the car! As for YJ, HJ says she will be out of the police station in a bit. JJ wonders why she got arrested? BH comes there. DS asks why she is here? JW isn’t home. BH scoffs that she came to meet HJ!! DS gets defensive, why did she come to meet someone else’s daughter? HJ asks DS why she is so sensitive? She takes BH to talk inside.

BH came to ask HJ if she knows anything about what CH is up to (referring to the company). HJ is surprised and says she doesn’t know. ¬†HJ says she called him earlier but he hung up b/c he was busy. BH says she will try to find out more about it, and asks her to find out more from CH as well. BH also adds that she knows CH and her are dating. She is happy for them, and then gets to the point. What is the key to stealing a prosecutor’s heart? HJ just looks at her.

KC is at the prosecutor’s building, demanding to meet with his son CH! the security stop him, saying CH is not allowing anyone inside right now. KC whines like a baby, as he is dragged away.

JW and CH are working inside. A security guard tells CH his father stopped by, but CH doesn’t want any disturbance. JW asks if it will be okay? His father came all the way here. CH doesn’t seem to care right now.

KS comes into IM’s office, and guesses he must be upset since prosecutor CH took everything (mockingly). IM asks how he can be happy when the¬†company¬†is going through this. KS asks if he should cry? They were the one’s at fault, why would he cry? IM just looks at him scornfully, what is the reason he is here? KS tells him to settle the money with HJ’s sister YJ. IM says he can’t do that. IM gets up, and smashes his hand on the table. IM says he betrayed him remember?! (the propeller thing). KS asks what about it? IM tells him he shouldn’t be able to ask for a favor after that, besides YJ is a theif! KS agrees with him suddenly and mentions the thing about him using/stealing DH’s funds for Indonesia’s energy project, and blackmails him, indirectly of course, leaving IM no choice but agreeing to settle the issue about YJ. KS happily leaves after telling him as friends they should settle for only half. IM looks pissed b/c he has an inferiority complex, but can’t stand someone making him look lower than them.

HJ comes out of her room, and tells DS she will go get YJ. BH follows, and DS wants to speak with her. BH asks what it is? Its about GH, DS says she heard that she lost her baby. She heard it from GH herself. BH is surprised. DS asks who the father of that child was? She knows this is her second marriage. Did the father by any chance work on a boat?  Did GH abandon her baby b/c it got in the way of her marrying DH? BH gets pissed, how dare she ask such questions? She leaves, upset. DS looks at the picture of Chun and HJ. She says there is no way and Chun is the real father, thinking about it makes her head hurt. She wonders what the truth is.

KS and HJ are waiting outside the police station at night. YJ finally comes out, and sees KS, and says “oh! adjusshi”. HJ runs after her to hit her for going to jail, and KS is just shocked at being called “ajusshi”. YJ hides behind KS as HJ tries to get her, and says adjusshi please help. KS spouts that he is not an adjusshi though. YJ calls him oppa, and KS smiles, and holds HJ from her waist and she lets go, and he holds her again, hoping YJ will be able to run away from her. What he doesn’t realize is this time he is holding HJ from her chest (her breasts). She freezes, and asks him where he is touching her? He looks and awkwardly asks why did he end up touching her there? She headbutts him, and he falls to the ground.

HJ catches YJ and is pulling her away by grabbing her hair, and then she notices that KS is on the ground, and he hurt his head b/c of HJ. HJ tries to get him up, and asks if he is ok? He pushes her hand away, and in pain says he is not OK! He can’t even open his right eye. She let’s go of YJ and looks to see if he really got hurt bad, and as she is helping him up, YJ runs off. HJ runs after her, telling her to stand still! KS is left there alone, and he shouts in frustration to stop this!

HJ drags YJ home, who is screaming for her mom. HJ asks what good did she do to call out her mother’s name like that? Did she lose her senses? HJ hits her and DS, ST, and JJ come out. DS pulls HJ away from YJ, and ST tells them to stop. YJ says it was that man (IM) that told her to go with him! DS is outraged at hearing she went to the hotel! YJ says nothing really happened, she took the money and got out of ¬†there. HJ hits her, asking if stealing money is good? YJ says she was just going to drink at first, but he said it was no fun. DS hits her, still stuck at the word “hotel”. ST and HJ try to stop DS. They both cry, and DS say she can’t live like this, thinking about Chun.

BH comes home, and GH asks why she is so busy? BH asks her why she is telling ppl useless things? HJ’s mom knows about Yoo Jin? IM is listening from another room. BH continues, her daughter’s death is not something to brag about, why tell others? its been 20 years, and why HJ’s mother of all people? GH says she had a reason. BH tells her what ever it was, what if the kids find out? BH goes upstairs, and IM watches GH sigh, and then leave too. He wonders how Yoo Jin and HJ are connected.

At work IM is screaming at HJ b/c of work. He warns her if CH damages the company even a bit, she is fired! HJ requests him to differentiate private lives from their professional lives. She says she can’t tell CH oppa how to do his job? IM asks if she is taking sides with the man who is going to ruin this company? She says its just general knowledge, if the company was not guilty, there is not reason to fear this. IM throws water on her face, calling her a wench. He never liked her since she was younger, just a gold digger. HJ bows and leaves. IM is such a douche.

Meanwhile, KS visits DH’s office, to check on how he is doing since the¬†company¬†is in a mess right now with the seizure warrant. DH assures him that his work won’t be affected. ¬†KS says even so, if DH gets indicted, it will put him (KS) in a awkward position, though he can get another¬†company¬†to do the work. DH says he is a chaebol, chaebol’s never get indicted. KS needs to report this to his own company though, but DH doesn’t want him to. KS says he needs to since he is a mere¬†salary man. DH brings up the¬†possibility¬†of him marrying IH, meaning he doesn’t have to just be a¬†salary man. KS says he has a tidy personality, if his father in law gets arrested, it will make him uncomfortable. Anyway, he tells DH not to get arrested since their contract with his company is worth a lot of money. He gets a call from HJ, and he says he will meet her there. DH is listening, as KS continues “what work? the company is in chaos, how can he work under such conditions”? He hangs up, and takes his leave, hoping DH doesn’t get arrested for the sake of his own company. DH crosses his arms, and says “these young bastards”.

KS goes to meet HJ and JW at a cafe. KS introduces himself as Hae Poong Group Kang Dae Pyong’s grandson, KS. JW is pleased to meet him, and shakes hands with him. They sit down to talk. KS asks JW if his brother Hak Soo was involved in the ChilGwangGoo exploration? JW isn’t sure since he was in the army at that time, but Hak Soo was a researcher for a¬†Japanese¬†petroleum¬†company, so it cant be possible. KS hesitantly asks why Hak Soo was murdered? HJ is surprised, and JW asks why he wants to know about something like¬†that? Just then JW gets a call from CH at work, and JW says he needs to leave, its busy today. He tells KS they will talk later. On their way out, JW says sorry to HJ for giving CH lots of work recently, and b/c of that they can’t see each other often. HJ says it no biggie, since she is busy too. JW leaves.

HJ asks KS if it’s true that Hak Soo was murdered? KS says it was reported that it was the Yakuza’s doing, some say it was Naikaka’s doing (Jap. intelligence agency), but its never been confirmed so its a mystery. HJ asks why they would want to kill him? KS says thats what he wanted to¬†know. KS tells her to come with him, but she has to go to work. He asks how can she work when the company is in chaos, what can she do there? She’s a outcast at work anyway he says, leaving her speechless. He tells her to follow him, so she does.

He takes her to a big work site. He brags that this whole thing is his, and she asks if “liar oppa” is telling the truth? He says it is, so he can make a azimuth thruster (the one he needs HJ’s help with). They see his GF working there, and go to him. HJ looks around. GF is nagging at a worker who can’t weld properly. KS calls his name, and GF is happy to see them. HJ guesses they are working on the aluminum alloy? GF is once again surprised by her knowledge, she continues that the current and voltage isn’t right. GF doesn’t agree, and thinks she is wrong about the voltage. But HJ knows she is right. KS watches both of them argue, and slightly smiles b/c he is enjoying this. HJ thinks its 26 Volts, and GF thinks its 28. KS stops them, and suggests¬†they¬†battle it out by welding. GF is upset that KS doesn’t trust his own grand father. HJ agrees to the competition. KS wants them to make a bet, and they don’t want to, so KS gets angry and says then they can’t use these tools, its his company anyway!! HJ tells him to stop being so petty. KS pouts, and GF whispers in his ears if he is acting childish b/c of her? KS tells him what the? if he doesn’t want to do this, than don’t. GF clears his throat and agrees, if he wins they have to do everything he says. KS smiles and agrees. HJ wonders why no one is asking for her opinion? GF tells her not to do it if she doesn’t¬†want¬†to, so HJ says she will try it out. They both weld while KS observes in between. KS checks with the probe. ¬†HJ wins, and GF says he must have lost his touched. He asks HJ how she did it? She explains. KS brags to GF that this is the type of person he hired.

HJ gets a call, and KS;s face drops as he hears it’s CH. She hangs up, and KS puts on a forced smile and asks if it was CH? She says she has to go, he wants to meet up. KS lets her go, since she did this much today. As HJ runs off, KS watches in heartache.

CH is waiting outside his building, and HJ runs to him. They sit and he asks if she is okay at the company? She says work’s slowed down b/c of the warrant. He touches her cheek lightly, and apologizes since she must be having a hard time. He asks if IM is¬†embarrassing¬†her? She lies he’s isn’t, and tells him not to worry while holding his hands. He suggests they take a vacation after this is over. He just wants to sleep next¬†to¬†her for a few days. She agrees since he looks tired these days. He smiles and CH’s colleague comes to get him. CH hugs her before he leaves b/c he misses her a lot.

BH is drunk at a restaurant, and JW comes there, he nags, why is she drinking again? She says it’s b/c him and his ppl made it impossible for her to work. She asks what they are searching for in the company? He reminds her he already told her not to bring those matters up. She agrees and tells him to sit down. She tells him to forget about that, but what will he do about her? He is shocked, he asks if she¬†committed¬†some kind of crime too? She reminds him he kissed her, but he says she was the one who kissed him! To be precise, that wasn’t a kiss, he says. She leans in closer, drunk, and puckers up, asking if they should kiss properly this time. He just looks at her, she looks at him and calls him a bastard, how can anyone crack him, he is such a hard bean to open. She sits back down, and he says they can’t happen. She asks whats so bad about her being GH’s sister? He says they are in laws. She says legally they are strangers, didn’t he study law? He says law isn’t the real problem, it’s his heart. She asks if that means he doesn’t like her? He says they should just stay good friends. She asks again. He says its not that he doesn’t like her..She stops him there, and says thats good then, she doesn’t expect much. He tells her not to cling to false hope, b/c they just can’t happen. She says he’s known her for so long, does she look like the type to back down that easy? He says her sister isn’t the only problem, he plans to put DH behind bars. They will become family enemies, how can he become her lover? She asks if DH’s crimes are that serious?

ST is all dressed up again, and DS asks where is he doing? HJ comes in and asks the same question. She wants the money right now, for selling the car. He says cars aren’t sold that easily, and JJ comes out saying they got a call yesterday, someone wanted to buy it. He gives her the money, and she asks if this is it? He takes more money out, but its not the full amount so JJ looks in his socks and finds more. DS tells him to take of his pants too, he probably hid it there too. ST takes the money out, and HJ warns him to never ask CH for money again! HJ gets a call from IH, and she has a favor to ask. After everyone leaves,ST takes out some money from his collar and dances in joy.

KS is sitting in the park at night, and sees a mother with her baby in a stoller. He watches her take care of the baby, and he looks a bit sad, probably missing his mother. HJ sees him, and goes to him and asks what he is doing? b/c he is still staring at the mother and baby, and not at her. He says he is being stood up by her, and enjoying the fall breeze. He thought she wanted to have a date with him, did she come b/c she wants to be tutored? She denies it. He asks if it’s because she missed him, looking hopeful. She sits next to him and says IH wanted her to talk to him. KS looks¬†disappointed¬† She continues that IH is launching her brand on Saturday, and he refused to come? KS clears his throat and says¬†that’s¬†right, he won’t go, why should he? HJ tells him to go, take it as giving her a favor. god this is annoying, how can she be so insensitive to his feelings? ridiculous! He asks why IH is making her ask for that kind of favor? She says she really wants to learn design from him and for that she needs IH’s permission (no you don’t!). She tells him to go. He scoffs, is she IH’s servant? He is teaching her and she wants to learn, so why is IH in between? HJ asks why he can’t do as she says? as a favor. KS sighs, and agrees. NOOOO!! He gives in saying he is her (HJ’s) servant so he will go. She thanks him, and he looks up at heer, and tells her to come too, in return. She asks why? He says she might go on a date with CH instead of being tutored, making him jealous, why? She glares, and he says if she doesn’t want to, she has to kiss him once. LOL. He even leans his cheek closer to her, and she hits him. She says she will come, and gets up to leave, she has stuff to do at home. She says she will see him tomorrow, and calls him daddy long legs. (in the daddy long legs book, the girl ends up with him!! there is hope for KS-HJ shippers like myself ūüėÄ ) KS watches her leave, he looks sad. He watches the mother and baby again.

At the fashion show, IH finds out from GH and IM that DH can’t make it, she is upset. She cheers up as soon as she sees KS walk in, with HJ. She immediately clings to him. KS looks annoyed lol. HJ says sorry, she wasn’t invited but came. IH says it’s cool, there will be a surprise later. They both greet GH, and she is pleased to see HJ. IM just glares at HJ. The show starts, GH looks at HJ in affection and fixes her hair, and IM notices.

Back at the company, CH personally arrests DH after finding evidence of tax evasion, and manipulation, and getting an arrest warrant. DH’s bodyguard shouts at them, and CH tells him to just be thankful they didn’t notify the press. DH reminds him about his warning to not go this far. CH handcuffs DH, though it’s not necessary. DH doesn’t seem scared, and asks if CH feels better like this? CH says he waited too long, and DH laughs.

KS is brought back stage at the show, and he is whining why he can’t just watch the show? IH says one of their male models dropped out, he needs to¬†substitution. KS thinks this is crazy, he tells her to use one of her current models! She holds him and says he is good looking like a model! He smiles and says it may be but he doesn’t like being on stage.¬†He ends up¬†going¬†on stage anyway with IH. poor thing was probably forced by IH lol. omo he is such a handsome oppa, milky white KJW. When they walk up to center stage, IH grabs him and kisses him. Everyone is shocked, GH, IM, and HJ alike. No one is more shocked than KS though, he tries to pull away, but she holds him tightly. He finally pushes her away, and looks at her in discontentment and confusion. He immediately looks at HJ, who is speechless. The crowd is cheering, and KS looks really disappointed in IH, and walks off stage. IH follows.

HJ comes to meet GH and IM after the show, and GH asks her where IM and IH are? HJ says they went out, probably to talk about what happened. She guesses they must be having a nice talk (quite the contrary!) IM is leaving, but stops and looks back and GH and HJ, and then flashes back to what he heard BH and GH talk about earlier. GH wants to talk with HJ about something.  He watches GH walking with HJ, having her shoulder around HJ. He looks suspiciously.

Meanwhile at a restaurant/cafe, KS and IH are talking. IH is looking down the whole time, probably disappointed in herself. KS is looking straight at her, he doesn’t seem angry. He asks if she has nothing to say to him? She says it wasn’t her intention in the¬†beginning¬†but it happened with her even realizing. He says she is a likable person, and he knows she has a good heart, and he also knows she likes him. IH seems pleased that he knows. KS tells her that even so, her and him…it can’t happen. She looks distressed and asks if it’s b/c of her father? He says no. She asks then what? Why can’t they be together? KS just looks at her, and she asks if it’s possibly b/c of HJ? KS looks down, sighs, and slightly nods. She can’t believe this, she tries to explain to him that HJ is with CH, and they plan on getting married. He says he knows, but in his heart, he hates it. He knows that HJ and CH like each other and she will never be his, but when he sees HJ, his heart hurts, flutters and¬†becomes¬†heavy. He tells IH since she likes him,, she should understand how he is feeling. A tear falls out of IH’s eyes, and KS says he is sorry. He tried to move his heart to her, but with the way his heart is right now, it can’t happen. If he dates her (IH), they will both just be miserable. She cries and says he can get HaePoong back, isn’t that why he went¬†to¬†America? If he goes to her, he can get it back, she is okay with the way his heart is. He explains to her calmly, she is a great girl, why is she wasting time in a painful love? She should let go of him and meet someone who will love her. She asks then what about him? She cries, why should he live like this? She asks who can love him more than her in this world? How is she not as good as HJ? KS sighs. I can tell it wasn’t easy for him to tell this to IH, he cares about her, though it may not be love.


CH asks DH in the interrogation room if he is sure he doesn’t want a lawyer? He discusses his crimes but DH is not complying. DH asks if this is being recorded? He wants it turned off. CH asks if he will confess if he turns off the recording? DH nods so CH turns it off. DH asks if CH knows why KC is against his¬†marriage¬†with HJ? He takes out a picture. DH explains that Chun Hong Chul (HJ’s adoptive dad) died 15 years ago in an accident. The picture shows the site that he died in with Chun’s body’s silhouette on the road. DH asks him to guess who the culprit was? He goes closer to CH, and says its the person that shares the same blood at him. DH shouts in CH’s face that he is his home’s salve and servant!!! He laughs, and CH gets up really pissed. OMG DH is a devil!

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