Spoiler Pictures for May Queen Episodes 15-16

The epitome of swag right here (picture above) 😀
I am really upset though, that I don’t see a single picture of CH!! 😥

oh and watch the new preview here: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/mayqueen/preview/
New Preview:
CH arrests DH. IM wonders about HJ and GH. KS, HJ and JW are sitting together, I am guessing HJ brought KS there so JW can tell him about his brother Hak Soo. At the fashion show, IH kisses KS forcefully on the run way, and HJ has her mouth wide open in surprise. In IM’s office, he throws water on HJ’s face and shouts at her 🙄 . It seems that KC is being arrested? and he wants to meet with CH, and is desperate. CH and DH are sitting in the interrogation room it seems, and DH shows him something (I think about Chun’s death), and asks him who he thinks could’ve killed him? CH glares at DH in rage. 😡


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