May Queen Episode 14 Recap

Recap Complete!! 😀 

Back to where we left off last episode: DS tells HJ she is not her real mother, HJ plays dumb saying she doesn’t know what she is saying. DS explains that when Chun went to work on a boat, one day he came back with her in his arms. He had told her that he had fallen for another woman on an island, and that broke her heart. Therefore, she lived life hating her, at time she even thought of abandoning her on some days when Chun was not home. All that hatred directed to her, though it should not have. HJ confesses she knew about all of this since she was young, she understood b/c she was just hurt, and having a hard time. The breaks DS’s heart more, that HJ knew and quietly endured everything she threw at her. DS cries in guilt. HJ says she still didn’t get abandoned by her, and she is living diligently today b/c of those hard times. When DS tries to tell her about her real mother, HJ stops her, and tells her that she is the only mom she has. She is the mom that has been with her all this time, they live together, fight together, and comfort each other. Whats important about a birth mother? With DS she has lived life, even when they both wanted to die. DS hugs her, and cries, and so does HJ.

The scene shifts to KS, who finds out that DH’s company Cheonji didn’t give up on development in Indonesia, but no one at headquarters knows. IM has been working on it secretly, even though they have officially pulled out. KS finally gets it, IM wasn’t planning on making a thruster at all, b/c he can’t make it, due too all his money going to Indonesia.

Meanwhile, in DH’s office, DH punches IM, calling him a bastard. He asks IM why he screwed over 7 of their vendors? and he only paid them half. DH tells him to look at a file, telling him their contractors are their arms and legs. What was his reason for this? IM confesses that he wanted to make up for the money they lost in Indonesia. DH tells him to forget about that already, business is not always profit. Because of this he paid the contractors on half of what they deserve, and cut off the company’s pillars? How can he be trusted to run this group, DH asks? KS visits just then, giving the news that his company has given approval of developing thrusters from DH’s company. As long as they are made well, they can be used for the drill ships. IM feels betrayed by KS, but DH is very happy, since things are going his way. KS warns them that they need to make it well, or must compensate for the losses. DH says his is confident in this, and is grateful to KS. KS laughs, and asks if something’s wrong with IM? is he not happy? IM looks totally pissed, but puts on a fake laugh b/c DH is watching.

But in his own office, IM asks KS, how can he do this to him? He already told him to use the thrusters they originally made! KS said he had promised but DH tried very hard to convince his company, so he had no say in it. IM reminds him how he said he can use his influence! KS admits he just said that not to lose face. KS asks why he is so nervous about this whole thing? IM explains it’s because they don’t have the technology or funding for it. KS still praises DH’s willingness to face the challenge to achieve his dream. He advices IM to think more like his father. As KS is on his way out, he asks IM if he’s heard about the marriage talks for him with IH? his GF told him, that DH wants it to happen. He asks IM what he thinks about it, and IM just asks, what? KS says they might become brother in laws. It will be weird since IM used to follow him around in school but now he will be above him, but that can’t happen right? IM looks really mad, and KS walks out of their happily. IM throws stuff off his desk, and screams out while clenching his fist.

In the office, KS tells HJ to follow him, out loud. Cho glares at her, and HJ follows him quietly. They go to the site. She asks why they came here? aren’t they supposed to go see the drill ship progress? KS bursts in laughter. He then says since she likes propellers, he will start teaching her about them. He tells her to be ready for it. He wants to make an amazing propeller, not a cheap one like they have here. He wants to make a azimuth thrust propeller, whatever that is. She asks why a ship inspector like him would want to make a propeller? He reminds her that he isn’t teaching her for free, she needs to make the propeller for a drill ship, with him. KS tells her to study harder from now on, and she agrees. He gets call from his GF, and KS says he will stop by after work, he wants to ask something to him too. HJ is thinking about the propeller, and smiles.

JW and CH are sitting, and JW asks him if he is confident to do this? CH asks for only 5 days, he has been doing his research for a while on DH. He has enough to charge him. JW wants to know why CH wants to do this, isn’t he close to DH? CH says he doesn’t know how he lived all these years in that home. DH made him only want 2 things, to become more successful than him, and to get revenge. Though he wants to fulfill both, achieving one is enough for him. After this is over, he wants to live a simple life.

DH, IM and GH are eating at the table, at home. IH sits with them, and reminds her dad about her PT this sunday. DH says he will come, but if she doesn’t do well he won’t give her any money. GH tells DH that KS has also agreed to come, and IM glares at her, as she suggests they eat dinner with him after IH’s presentation that day. IM puts his spoon down, and asks if it’s true that she wants IH to marry KS? (umm KS said it was DH who wanted it, why is he always blaming poor GH?) IH says it is true. IM tells GH about how a while back she wanted IH to marry CH, and now KS? Is IH a joke to her? IH tells him to stop. DH raises his voice, scolding him for talking to his mom in that manner. IM gets up and says IH is his sister, not a stray dog! He tells her not to pair her with anyone she feels like, and marches off. DH shouts at him but GH stops him to following IM. IH wonders what his deal is, when she is the one that likes KS.

GF is working on some motor-like thing-a-ma-jig, when KS comes there with HJ. He introduces HJ as a colleague. GF goes with KS to talk privately. HJ looks at the machine, and starts working on it, and fixes it like a pro. Meanwhile, KS asks his grandfather if DH came to see him again? GF says he did, and asked him to seriously consider his marriage with IH. KS scoffs, commenting that old men are strange, why are they planning his marriage, without even telling him? Are they going to give birth to his kids too? but GF is serious, KS changes the topic by asking if he knows Dr. Yoon Hak Soo? Just then they hear HJ calling for the grandfather. They go to HJ, and GF is totally amazed at how HJ fixed the motor. HJ says its a 90’s machine right? and GF is further stunned at her knowledge. HJ says she’s been handling boat engines since she was a kid. KS smirks, not really surprised. GF says he couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it, but she figured it out. HJ tells him what was wrong. KS boasts about HJ, telling GF that this is the type of engineer that assists him. GF is so happy, and says she is amazing. KS then asks about Hak Soo again. GF says there is one person who would know more about him, that’s JW, Hak Soo’s younger brother. HJ is surprised.

HJ is at KS’s officetel, and asks why he wants to meet JW? JW is her uncle, she says. KS laughs, did she started lying, after learning from him? He tells her that JW’s last name is Yoon, her father’s last name was Chun, and her mother’s is Jo. She corrects herself, saying JW is someone who she calls uncle, he is her landlord. KS asks her to introduce him. She asks for something in return, she says the food he made in the yacht was really good.  He gives her a sneaky look, ooh was that it? She should’ve told him earlier! He tells her to work, as he goes in to cook, happily putting on his apron.

JW meets with KC, who he called. He gives him a assault accusation notice, b/c he hit HJ. KC mumbles, now that girl is spreading rumors. JW continues saying though HJ might settle, he can’t forgive him, and will punish him according to law. KC asks why he is interfering, and scolds him, saying he has no right. JW tells him he is the one who shouldn’t interfere, hyung, marriage is btw man and woman. KC says he is CH’s father, and JW asks how long will he weigh CH down with those words? Does he not know where CH is happy? KC says he knows what will make CH happy more than anyone. JW goes with his words and says as HJ’s uncle, he will also think of HJ’s happiness, and warns him to never appear in front of HJ, ever. He is HJ’s uncle, and that means if something happens to her, he will not forgive him. WOOT WOOT! GO UNCLE!

Back at his home, KS serves pasta, and HJ digs in, praising his cooking. He says its a result of 15 years of self training. While they are eating, HJ asks about KS’s parents, where are they? He becomes serious, and then sarcastically says, she sure is asking very early. He tells her they passed away in an accident when he was just a baby. GF raised him after that, so he doesn’t even know what his parents look like. She asks if he has pictures of them? He says his GF is a bad old man, he couldn’t stand to look at a child that left before his parent, and burned them all. She asks if he knows nothing about his parents at all? He says there is one thing. He trails off after saying, my mother…and then changes the topic to the taste of the food. He tells her to eat up or it will ruin the taste. He starts eating, so he doesn’t have to talk, and she looks at him with sympathy. He says a good looking person can see 360 degrees around him, so stop staring at him and just eat.

CH’s at work, looking over papers, and then looks at the time.

HJ is leaving KS’s building, and he follows her, “tinker.” He gives her a tablet PC, that she can use to review everything she learns. She doesn’t want to take it, since it’s expensive. He scolds her, is she not going to review her work? He puts it in her hands, and says its a gift from this teacher. aww. She feels shameless since she is always receiving from him, so he says he will take it back later, its double double, so she should keep her shame in her pockets. He smiles and says he will drop her home, but just then CH comes with his car.

CH walks to them and says he got KS’s address from IM, and then asks KS if he is doing good? KS says he is just so-so. CH is sorry, since he has to teach HJ til this late. KS says its cool, since she isn’t stupid like he thought. HJ looks at KS. CH thanks him, and says he will pick her up from now on, if KS takes her home, he will be feel really bad. KS just looks at him. CH says, lets go, to HJ, and walks to the car. HJ thanks KS, and he smiles. HJ gets in the car, and CH closes the door for her, happily. KS looks at them, talking happily in the car. aww he must be totally heart broken. After they leave, he stands there alone, and then scoffs. He comes back to his room, and stares at the empty home. He looks at the sofa HJ was sleeping on, and the table she ate on. He sits on his desk, imagining her next to him, working, and then she disappears. He sits there all lonely. He must really love her 😦

CH is seeing HJ off by her home. He asks if studying is going well? He says he should’ve studied ship design instead of law. He knows learning design is important to her, so he is holding it in, though he is jealous. She asks about his father, and he tells her not to talk about that or they will fight. She says she really can’t take the fact that he is apart from his dad b/c of her. She even thinks he becomes scary sometimes. He asks if he is scary? She says when she met him before, she felt comfortable and warm, but now its like he is unfamiliar. He says sorry, and that his father will move out of that house soon too. She asks if they made up? He says that day might come after they get married, and he has calmed down. He says he just wants to see her, when he sees her he feels sorry. She says its more like that for her. If it wasn’t for her, he could’ve met a better woman.  He hugs her, and asks her to stay like this for a while. I am sorry, (I don’t hate CH, or HJ in particular) but they are so boring, and these scenes are so repetitive, they always talk by this dock, about how they feel sorry towards one another, and then it ends with CH hugging her. I think I am more annoyed at the repeating scene, than the couple itself.

ST is on some street, with a brand new car. He looks classy, and tries to get girl’s attention but they look at him in disgust. He stops two women and offers them a ride in his new car, and they find him annoying. Tehy ask him if that is his car? He says it is, and when he looks at it, a person put up a sticker on it. He runs to peel it off of the car.

YJ is partying at a club, with her silver wig on. IM walks in and looks at her, and she is looking back, dancing, and trying to seduce him from far. He calls her in his booked karaoke room. IM’s secretary whispers something in YJ’s ear, and she seems surprised at something. IM tells her to sit down, he is scary, not looking at her or smiling. He pours her a drink, and she says she isn’t good at drinking. He tells her to stop kidding and drink up. He looks at her from bottom up, disgusting bastard! He asks about her age, she lies, 22 years old college student, at a women’s university, but came to Ulsan due to family. She asks if he is really the director of a shipbuilding company? He tells her to shut up, he likes it quiet. Time passes and he is drunk, and suddenly smashes his hand on the table, screaming he is the problem huh? Always, he is the problem! He then says let’s go. She asks where? He says the second round (sleeping with him). She is pissed, who does he think she is? a bar hostess? He takes his wallet out and hands her money, and walks out drunk. They go to the hotel room, and he asks if she will take a shower first? and she tells him to, so he goes to the bathroom, as she sits on the bed. She sneaks to his suit, and takes out his wallet, and steals all the money and leaves.

YJ comes home, with the wig off. HJ catches her red handed, angry at how late she is. YJ lies saying she was at an after school class, and HJ hits her after smelling alcohol. HJ nags at her, and warns her, she better get good grades this month! She agrees and runs to her room, and HJ sighs.

Inside, while JJ is sleeping, HJ uses the tablet PC, and enjoys it.

GH comes into KC’s home, and sees the mess in the house. She goes inside KC’s room, and finds him lying on the bed with a soju bottle next to him. He gets up, and asks what brings her here? She was concerned since no one picked up the phone, and she hadn’t seen him, is he sick? He says no. She asks why CH is at work on a Saturday? KC tells her that CH moved out of the house, looking terrible sad. He begs her to bring him back, he doesn’t answer his calls. He cries saying CH hangs up when he hears his voice,  he can’t live without his son. GH feels sympathy, as he cries. I should feel bad for him, but i don’t care.

At the dinner table, GH tells DH the news of CH moving out, b/c KC disapproves of HJ. This is news to BH, she didn’t know CH and HJ were dating, and IH fills her in that it’s been 15 years. BH says CH is truly nice, he even moved out of home for love. IH bluntly tells them, she too will move out of the house, if they don’t approve of KS with her. GH tells her not to even make a joke like that. BH is even more shocked, she asks if IH is dating KS? IH blushes and says it seems like they started. (what?!! poor KS has no idea how fast this girl is moving). BH looks crushed, but then whispers that she too will move out if they oppose her marriage. DH asks, is she also dating? BH says no, and then nervously laughs.

BH visits JW’s home, and sees DS doing laundry, and tries to walk into JW’s room, trying to not get her attention. DS tells her she can’t enter someone’s home just b/c the door is open, its not like they even want her here. BH gets irritated and stunned when she sees DS doing laundry and a man’s underwear is there (JW’s). She tries to grab it from her, she can’t take a bachelor’s underwear and they argue. DS purposefully throws the underwear on her face, telling her to have it since she wants it so bad, and also hands her his socks, and leaves. BH mumbles how much she hates that woman lol.

At DH’s home, IM is leaving somewhere, and GH tells him to drink water before leaving. He coldly asks her if she poisoned it? Doesn’t she want him to disappear, so she can marry IH off to any man she likes. GH can’t believe her ears, doesn’t he know she loves IH like her own. Is it because of his previous mother? IM mocks isn’t she, the person in front of him right now, his only mother? The only woman his father acknowledges. She reminds him that she raised him all these years. He asks if she has even treated him as a first born son? He was never asked of his opinion on his younger sister’s marriage. GH argues, her words stuttering, that IH likes KS, and asks if IH liked a beggar she would approve of him too? He raises his voice, only a step mother would do something like this! Why? Is she going to tell on him to his father? He’ll just get hit again anyway, since that’s what “mother” wants. He is just being unreasonable right now, he makes no sense, just a butt hurt bastard. GH drops the glass of water, and falls to the floor, shaking and shattered. (These types of scenes are also very repetitive, or maybe it’s just me…)

CH is at work, and thinks back to the all those cruel things DH did to his father, beating him with a golf stick, in front of him.  He clenches his fist, and just then DH walks in, he came to check on the thing about IM. CH says he is trying to convince his Cheif to not indict IM, and contacting people to testify for IM. DH then tells him to come back home, not b/c of his father, but b/c he needs him by his side. CH apologizes and says this is his own personal life, and DH shows his disappointment since he thought they were close. CH passively says he will take care of things for IM.

Back in his own office, DH looks at the box with the lisence plate and other evidence against KC for killing HJ’s father. DH sneers, so he wants to leave my side huh?

KS is teaching HJ, at his place about propellers. They hear his door open and its IH. HJ stands up nervousely, and KS, totally shocked, says “oh, it’s misery (IH), how did you get in, are you hacking in now”? IH says that his GF gave her the code! IH asks HJ if she is coming over on Saturday’s too now? Anyway, she came to confirm if KS is coming to her presentation thing tomorrow, and KS asks why he would go there? HJ secretly kicks his leg, and says he will go, of course. KS is confused, but agrees to go, and then asks HJ if she wants to come too? IH gglances at HJ, begging her to decline, so HJ tells him she is busy. KS looks stuck.

IH and HJ come downstairs in the lobby, and IH is upset, she asks if HJ ignored everything she asked of her? IH offers to find her another tutor, and even pay for it. HJ reminds her she already has CH, why would she think of anyone else? IH finally understands, and says she heard CH oppa moved out. HJ says he is in a hotel, and IH asks if they are staying together? HJ is shocked, and IH happily agrees to let her learn from KS. HJ is thankful, and happy.

ST is dressed all classt again,and JJ asks where he is heading to? Is he a proxy driver? ST says he will go earn money. JJ follows him, he looks like a creeper. JJ sees him getting into his new car.

JW comes home, and BH is angry, why did he arrive so late? JW says b/c he was working. JW asks if she has nothing better to do? Its Saturday, she should go meet friends or go on a blind date. She tells him she came to save him from his boring life, since he isn’t married. He argues she isn’t either! She comes a bit closer to him and asks if he doesn’t feel anything at all for her? He asks why would he have bad feeling for her? he doesn’t. She tells him not those type of feelings! JW looks confused, and she kisses him on his lips. He immediately pulls her away, and she is about to cry. JW explains there can’t be those kinds of feeling between them! Because she is GH’s younger sister. She kicks him, and cries. She calls him some bad names, and then asks him to think about why she is like this, while he is rotting away his life! She runs off. JW goes to his room, and finds it decorated with pictures of him and BH, and she wrote down that she loves him. He sighs, and looks sorry.

BH is at DH’s home, crouched on the sofa, with her face covered. GH asks her what’s wrong? BH is crying blames her as the reason that JW doesn’t like her! GH is surprised since BH told her before that there was nothing going on with her and “uncle JW”. BH says there is not relation like that btw them (in laws relationship I think), she thought he was clueless all this time, but it was b/c he had crossed her out. She tells GH she really likes JW, what will she do? She weeps.

JJ reports to HJ that ST oppa has been strange lately. He was wearing a white suit, and drove off in a brand new car. Why does a proxy driver need a car? JJ shows her a, envelope she found in his room. It shows that CH deposited 50 million won in ST’s account, and she is outraged. HJ goes out of her room, as she hears DS talking with ST. HJ glares at him and asks about how he got that car? He bought it right? HJ screams, where did he get the money?! He lies, and she shows him the deposit, and asks if its from CH oppa? ST tries to defend himself, so whats wrong with getting some money from my future brother in law? DS hits him, is he crazy?! ST says they can think of it has him paying them for giving HJ to him. DS beats him more, calling him a bastard. HJ can’t take this, and walks out angrily.

It raining, and CH walks outside and sees HJ standing in the pouring rain. He runs to her with his umbrella, and she throws it down, demanding to know if he gave ST money? Why? Are they beggars? Why does he make her so pitiful? He shouts how is that pitiful, they are lovers, and can’t he do this much for her? She says she can’t do anything for him, his family broke b/c of her. He begs her to stop talking about family  can’t they just talk about each other? She says family is important to her. He asks if it’s more important than him? And she says it is, more than him! She wants to break it off, and tells him to return to his dad. B/c of her, he has to go through all this pain. She walks away, and pushes him away, but he grabs her, and says he can’t let her go, he will die instead! Can she live without him? b/c for him, without her, he feels like dying! She cries and he kisses her, very forcefully, and she gives in, and its a full out make out session.

At home, KS calls HJ, but it goes to voice mail, so he leaves a message. where is she? why isn’t she picking up? if she comes over, he will make her a delicious meal. He smiles.

In the hotel room, HJ is only wearing a shirt, and CH is happily drying her hair with a towel. He notices her burn mark on her neck, and he asks when she got the scar? He says he also has one, and shows her. they both got it when they were younger. She finds this fascinating. CH says it’s possible they were together, when they got it, so they can meet again in the future, like fate. They promise to stay together, until the scar fades. She leans on his shoulder, and he holds her.

IH does her presentation, and DH and GH are very pleased. KS looks bored and out of place lol. DH agrees to invest in her project. KS comments that the color was nice when she asks him how it was?

They go to eat at a restaurant. GH says it’s been a while, KS used to come to their home a lot before. KS says her cooking was really good, when he thinks of Korean food, he thinks of her cooking. IH tells him to come often then, GH will cook for him. GH then asks how his GF is? KS’s expression changes, its more serious. DH assures KS that him and his GF don’t argue anymore, so what does he think of his daughter IH? KS looks at IH, and confidently says she is pretty, and cute. DH is about asks him what kind of response is that? He gets a phone call, and he picks it up, and then looks upset when he hears something. KS looks straight at him, with piercing eyes.  DH tells GH he needs to go to the company and tells KS they need to talk later.

In his office, DH realizes it wasn’t IM that HW was aiming for, it was him. He is pissed. He asks his spy who the prosecuter in charge is? The spy answers that it’s CH. DH is completely hit hard, he is outraged.

Back at the hotel (OMG it’s already day time, so they spent the night together, this screenwriter is going to be the death of me). HJ is putting lotion on her hands, and CH hugs her from behind. He asks if she can stay longer? It’s not like they are kids, he doesn’t want to be away from her. HJ has to go b/c DS might worry. CH gets a phone call, ruining a cute moment they were having. It’s a call from JW, and his voice seems tense, as he asks CH where he is? DH found out about how CH is plotting against him. He tells CH to come right away, he has everything ready, so they just need to arrest him.

KC is called to DH’s office, and he walks in like a scared mouse. DH says he sure raised a smart kid, but does he know what happens when a dog bites it’s owner? He will beat it up, to the point where it can’t talk. KC asks what this is about? DH shows him the license plate, and evidence against him for killing Chun. KC is shaken up. DH says he knew it was him all this time. He then laughs in an evil manner, and then glares.

HJ arrives home, and JJ tells her that there is a problem, YJ unni is at the police station!! HJ can’t believe this and looks worried.

KC drives to the prosecutor’s office, and sees CH coming out with a bunch of people behind him. I am guessing they are going to get DH. KC tells him not to do this, and he pushes him off. KC comes in front of CH, and kneels. CH tells him to get up, and KC says he can’t do this, please.



CH arrests DH in his office.

IH visits KC’s home, telling him she has no plans of becoming his daughter in law, so let him marry HJ. KC looks at her arrogantly, smiling.

HJ looks sad, and then CH is shown lying on his bed, completely devastated.

BH: what is your secret method of getting a prosecutor’s heart?

IM turns around, and sees GH and HJ together all happy.

DS asks, who is that child’s father?

IM is looking at a paper that has HJ and GH’s names on it.

IM telling CH to be careful touching the license plate, it has his father, KC’s fingerprints on it.

KS and IH are walking on the runway, sporting jackets, and IH suddenly pulls KS and kisses him on the lips, as KS tires to push away but fails. HJ watches this with a “Oh my god” facial expression.

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    • I concur with all of the above:) Various blogs are recapping the same dramas these days so as a reader I usually choose which to follow based on the writing style of the recapper… but when I saw the BB header I knew I would be coming here for my ‘May Queen’ fix. Good taste speaks volumes;)

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