May Queen Episode 13 Recap

Since I utterly abhor KC, I have decided to not add any screen shots that have his face in it today. Though I really wanted to add the picture where DS walked in and scared the life out of him, haha KC is such a sissy. From being tormented all these years by DH, he has gone completely psycho, and needs to be admitted into a mental hospital. If CH won’t do it, I will (though idk how). Speaking of CH, I feel so bad for him. 😦 He knows it’s coming, he will have to leave the love of his life soon. But I can’t help but notice, and I am pretty sure everyone did, that HJ didn’t smile once, while seeing CH in today’s episode, but she looked so happy with KS. While I was watching another drama, I heard a girl’s first love tell her, as she was starting to feel something for another man, that love isn’t always about sharing pain together, but happiness too, making her realize that she had moved on, leaving her first love.


KS tells CH to give HJ up, he made it clear before to not make her cry, but what did you father do? do you know? He hit HJ, and was dragging her away, while holding onto her hair! Did he know or not? Doesn’t he remember the kind of life HJ’s lived thus far? He knew this since they were kids, but him, who’s been seeing her for 15 years, does he not know? CH is really upset, and disappointed in himself, by the looks of it. He removes KS’s hands from his collar, and walks away, KS holds onto him, raising his voice. CH, with a shaky voice, tells KS to not bother him right now, he is about to go crazy. He looks infuriated.  KS tells him that he is also about to go insane, but he is holding it in right now. He can’t even protect her, and he calls himself a prosecutor  ouch, that must have hit a nerve. If it’s like that, he needs to let her go. CH starts shaking, with anger/frustration, as he walks away, with blood shot eyes. KS watches him go, and sighs in frustration.

HJ comes home, an DS eagerly asks if she met CH? HJ is feeling down, and acts like she is fine in front of her. DS asks if they had fun? HJ nods, and puts on a forced smile. She walks in her room. DS notices something is wrong, and goes to her. She asks if CH left? She should’ve invited him in for tea. DS then notices how HJ’s top is slightly ripped, and also her red cheek. She asks what happened? looking concerned. HJ lies saying she was walking in the forest, thats where she got it. DS laughs it off, and assumes her and CH were probably doing something intimate. HJ shouts  “mom”! HJ says she needs to change, and tells her to go out for a while. DS says ok while laughing. After she leaves, HJ sits down, almost ready to cry thinking about how KC treated her. Outside, DS is organizing HJ’s shoes, and as she is about to close HJ’s room’s door, she sees HJ having a hard time. DS closes the door, looking worried.

CH comes home, really upset. He asks KC why he did it? KC asks if he already heard? He made it clear before, if he keeps meeting HJ, it will just get harder for her. Plus it seems like HJ has another guy. KC sounds really cocky, like he is proud of what he’s done. CH, utterly disgusted, pushes the table to the floor, making a mess. KC scolds him, what is he dong?! CH screams, why did you tell him to sell a 13 yr old girl?! KC is confused. CH throws the files on the floor, and KC sees the picture of the loan shark. CH shouts, demanding an answer. What had HJ done wrong, at such a young age? Her dad was your sunbae, who came to Ulsan to meet you, and it hadn’t even been long since he past away, that you ordered this of his daughter! Why to those little kids? KC confesses he did it b/c of him, since at that time, he wasn’t studying, and followed her around, so he did this so he wouldn’t meet her. Will that do, he asks. CH laughs in disbelief, looking shattered, and calls his father crazy. He tells KC again, that at that time HJ was young, only 13! CH sheds tears, but in a scary way, and asks what he had done so wrong, that he had to do that to her? KC shouts at him, saying he can do it again, so he should break up with HJ, or else. CH marches into his room, and packs his clothes in a suitcase. KC tries to stop him, looking desperate. CH heartlessly glares at him, and leaves. KC sits on his bed, not believing what just happened.

CH is driving, and he speeds, trying to take out his anger. He stops outside of HJ’s home. He calls HJ.

HJ tells DS she’s going out, to meet CH, he is outside. DS tells her to bring him in. YJ comes home, asking if HJ is going somewhere? HJ leaves. DS tells YJ to follow HJ secretly, there seems to be something wrong with her and CH.

HJ runs to CH, and asks about how the interrogation with the loan shark went? CH says, lets not talk about that peice of trash for now. CH tells HJ to marry him. He left his house. HJ is shocked, as she asks why? He says he met KS, and learned about what his dad did to her. He is gong to sever his relationship with his dad. YJ comes, and hides to listen in. HJ explains that’s not right, he is still his father, and raised him. CH asks if she plans to get her hair pulled by his father all her life? YJ is surprised. CH says he can’t see her like this, when HJ says she is fine. His father is crazy, he tells her. YJ leaves, having heard enough.

At home, DS, ST and JJ hear from YJ about HJ being hit by CH’s father. DS is out right mad. ST saw this coming, if he brought home a girl like HJ, and he was a prosecutor, their mom would beat her to a pulp. JJ tells him to say something that makes sense, he isn’t a prosecutor, so how does he know. DS looks angry.

Back to CH and HJ. He tells her to move out of her home, and live with him, and get married. She asks what is wrong with him? Did he forget that her family needs her? CH speaks the bitter truth, that isn’t your family (b/c she is adopted), and your mom isn’t your real mom, so why cling to them? CH can’t look at her face, since he knows he hurt her with his words. She is upset, and is walking away, he holds her hand. She says she is pissed right now, how can he say that? CH says I threw away my dad for you, why can’t you do the same? HJ says she never told him to leave his dad, and why is he like this? its not like him. CH says he can’t bare it anymore. She says if thats so, then he should just abandon her! HJ says though she loves him, she will not throw her family away, they are everything to her. CH: more than me? HJ requests he doesn’t compare. CH in desperation says he can take care of them! HJ asks if he doesn’t think about her self pride? How much more pitiful does she need to become? CH finally realizes what she means. She tells him to go back to his home. She can wait for him for a long time, she isn’t that weak. HJ: take care of your father, until some time passes. If you act like this, I will become the bad one. She leaves.

HJ meets JW at the house entrance, and she says adjusshi, and he reminds her that he is her uncle now. She asks “uncle, where are you coming from?” He said he had something. He heard she went on a date with CH, did that go well? DS comes out, and tells her to talk for a bit, and drags her inside. All the siblings are there, and JW follows behind HJ. She hits HJ on the arm, asking why she didn’t tell them? about CH’s dad hitting her? Why is she letting herself get beaten? JW is shocked, and asks if that really happened? HJ denies it. DS grabs her arm, and says YJ heard everything! how long has this been happening? this wasn’t the first time either, was it? HJ says it n0t like that! DS says she should’ve known when that old man came to give her money to make them break up. DS is really pissed, she wants to have a word with CH. She tells HJ to end it, if she goes into that home, that old man will beat her/harass her to not end! She won’t let her marry into that house! HJ shouts, begging her of all ppl to not say this, she is already having a hard time. She loves CH, and weeps.

CH is shown in a hotel room, and lies on the bed, distressed.

The scene shifts to HJ, in her room, trying to work, but thinking about everything that happened today.

Then, it shifts to KS, who is in his officetel, working diligently on the project. He sighs, and then thinks back to how KC treated HJ. And then to the scene where he asked her if she was happy with CH? and she said she was, very. In his room, KS punches the table to let out his frustration. He gets his backpack, and leaves. He races to the ship yard dock, and gets out of his car, and stares at the water.

KS goes to see his GF, and tells him he dreams of making the most expensive ship in the world. The drill ship, the one DH is making. But the important parts need to be imported, like propellers. Those are what he is working on right now, and that will become the basis of their own company’s reorganization. (Haepoong Shipbuilding, the one his GF owned).

DH finds out from his secretary/person, that KS gained ownership of the propeller factory. He says it shouldn’t be a big deal since its a small contractor, most of the important things are already in their own headquarters.  DH still feels uneasy b/c its a propeller factory.

HJ is at the plant, the cable and the pipe installation is being delayed, and she is upset. The worker says he is frustrated too, they make us do such hard work, and give us little pay. HJ is surprised hearing how low they are paid.

HJ goes to see IM to report about the problem. She says the workers aren’t meeting the deadlines, and based on the amount of work they are given, they are getting paid too less.  IM says that is not something she needs to be concerned about! HJ tries to explain to him, why it can be a problem, and IM angrily drops his hand on the table, and shouts what does she know to get involved?! He says he will look into it, so get out. HJ leaves, and IM calls in the team leader. idk he looks mad every time I see him. Does he just sit in his office all day, and expect his dad to welcome him with open arms?

KS and BH meet up for coffee. He called to see her, and she asks why he needs her, she is a oil worker. KS tries to flatter her by saying she is more than that, she is a petroleum expert, and smart, and beautiful! BH feels very flattered, and even adds in a little laugh. She heard he stayed abroad, he has good taste. She suddenly makes a straight face and says, she has no interest in younger men. He gets to the point, he wants to know why DH is so interested in the petroleum drilling industry? BH says for now DH is only interested in domestic drilling, and KS says that is what he doesn’t understand, b/c there is not petroleum found domestically. BH asks if he has heard of Dr. Yoon Hak Soo? (HJ’s real dad, JW brother)

KS is walking in the hall, in deep thought, wondering about Dr. Yoon Hak Soo. His attention shifts to HJ, who is looking out from the balcony. He walks to her, and says “Chun Hae Joo sshi”. She immediately greets him, formally. He asks why she is here, not working? She says she worked outside today. He says well then she should work with him for now.

He drives her to the dock, where his yacht is. She asks why they are here? He says its part of his job to comfort a stupid employee who can’t say anything while getting hit by someone. He makes her sit on the drivers seat in the yacht. He remembers her favorite thing is driving boats, so he tells her to do that. She says she needs to go back for work, and he asks if she owns that place? telling her to stop thinking about work for now. He is also a busy person. She asks if she really can take the wheel, and he does a ok hand sign, and smiles.

She drives the yacht happily, feeling the ocean breeze. KS is also enjoying the scenary and the breeze. HJ looks at KS smiling, and he smiles back at her. And then he watches her in admiration as she drives joyfully.

After returning to the dock, he makes her omelette. He even makes a smiley face with ketchup, and then gives her permission to eat it. She smiles saying she can’t eat it, the smiley face is so pretty. He says your smiling face is prettier. aww. She looks at him, feeling shy/uncomfortable. He just smiles, ignoring that, and telling her to eat. She gets at it, praising the dish. He says there is nothing he can’t do. While she eats, he stares at her with affection, and she catches him gazing at her. He immediately starts eating, looking down. She thanks him, for doing this to comfort her, every since they were little, he was always a great person. an oppa she wanted to lean on. She says it would be nice if he was her real oppa. NOOOOOOO!!! HE IS YOUR FUTURE LOVE, WOMAN! Don’t hurt him by saying that!! 😦 She adds that she loves CH oppa a lot. KS: even though you get hit? He tries to look indifferent. She says thats her fault, b/c she is lacking. She says sorry to him, b/c she wants him to be just a friend, like a tree. how the hell is a tree even compared to him? A tree? really? She says she is really selfish right? He grins, and hits her head with a spoon. He reminds her, how great their age difference is, how is he her chingoo (friend)? She pouts angrily at being hit. He smiles and says even if he is a tree or an iron plate, if she needs to lean on him, she can. But in return, she must learn design! and don’t use IH as an excuse, b.c this is official work. He is not teaching her for free, there is noting free in this world. He is going to teach her, and then use her skills. He then playfully asks if she got that, idiot? She laughs and agrees. He gazes at her one more time, while she eats.

DS comes to see KC. She marches in his house, without knocking, and kicks her shoes off. He just woke up, and asks why she is at his house? She says he stops by without asking, why can’t she? She gets close to his face, and demands to know if he really hit her daughter? He says he warned them already. She tackles him to the floor, and bits his arm, and he screams like a wuss. He calls her crazy, and she says she is. Her daughter is important to her, just like his son is to him! She’s heard of the son’s mother beating a girl, but this is the first time she’s heard of the son’s father beating up a girl! He tells her to leave, and says she will get her daughter married to a better family. Even though things changed, she will not hand HJ over to him! Before leaving, she threatens him saying she will break his arms, if he does that to HJ again, and then swoons her purse at her, as he tries to dodge it like a coward.

On her way out, she throws salt on the house, and on KC’s car. GH sees DS, and invites her inside, DS doesn’t want to but she insists. She apologizes for her behavior last time, and asks if she came to see KC b/c of CH and HJ? DS asks how she knows, and GH tells her about how they found out when CH and HJ came over for dinner. DDS asks aobut what she meant about her lost daughter? GH says she lost her a long time ago by the sea, after her 1st husband past away, and it was b/c of KC’s mistake. Plus HJ and her daughter has the same birth mark, so she misunderstood. GH says she had the hope though she knows her daughter is dead. DS seems to be connecting the dots. GH says when HJ gets married (with CH), she will treat her like her own daughter. DS asks why treat someone else’s daughter like her own? and she gets up to leave, telling her not to think of such weird things. As DS heads out, she wonders how KC lost her child?

HJ comes to the office, and Cho scolds her for being late. Cho asks when is she planning on finishing her assigned work? KS comes in, and asks Cho when she will finish the work he assigned her. HJ says she will have it by tomorrow. IM comes out of his office, wanting to speak with KS, and walks back into his office. KS then comments on Cho’s outfit, before leaving. Cho wonders whats wrong with it, and catches HJ giggling at her.

In IM’s office, he tells KS that he wants to use the imported thrusters from Rolls Royce (the place KS works for), in contrary to what his dad DH wanted. KS laughs sarcastically at how confusing the father-son pair is, they are opposites. KS gets close to him, and asks if possibly he is a step son of DH? IM looks visibly pissed, but with a smile he says they don’t have funding for technology for making thrusters yet, that’s why. KS asks if he is telling him to not follow President DH’s orders? IM says the company is having internal financial problems, and wants all of this to be kept secret from his dad. He says aren’t they friends after all? KS seems to have thought over it, and agrees, he will do that, and leaves. IM says (idk if he is really happy, or pretending to be) they should meet up later for a drink. KS denies it, and says instead just don’t bother a weak employee, since who knows, one day his like may take a sad turn too. KS leaves, and IM looks satisfied, by getting KS to agree to  the deal.

JW has finally found enough evidence to indict IM. The man working with him wonders what IM is planning on using all that embezzlement money for? JW says they will find out. CH walks in with a file, and JW tells him to put it on his desk and leave. CH asks if they are working on a case, and JW says its nothing much, and suggests they go out.

DS, JJ, and ST are cleaning food, I think. ST complains. CH comes in with a gift, an JJ greets him happily but DS ignores him. With what face did you come here to show me? you should go live with the old man that pulled my daughter’s hair. She says she does not consent to their marriage anymore, even if he is a prosecutor, not to a family that will get HJ beaten. She throws all the garbage from cleaning the food, on him. She says she misjudged him, he can’t even protect the woman he loves. Get out! CH looks disappointed in himself, and guilty. He bows and apologizes calling her mother in law, and she sneers. How is she his mother in law? no matter how successful he is, to her no one is better than her daughter! She tells JJ to open the door and show him out, and pour some salt at the entrance too. yikes, that was harsh. ST takes him out, and CH bows again.

Outside, ST says he will try to support them. CH thanks him half heartily. ST then with no pride, asks for money, saying HJ has no money saved up (b/c he used it to buy a useless car!). CH asks how much does he need, and he says a lot.

CH is walking to his car, and makes a call to HJ, but her phone is off. She is at KS’s, learning design. CH gets in his car, and tries again, but its unavailable. He sits in his car, feeling depressed.

KS is explaining HJ some stuff, and he praises her knowledge skills, surprised again. He taps her head with a pencil, and says she is doing better than he thought. She says she is very interested in propellers, so she did some study, and then tries to hit his head with a pencil, but he flinches away playfully, and they both laugh, and get back to work.

CH is still in his car, depressed. ohh poor thing 😦

Back at KS’s place, HJ is getting drowsy, and tells him to wake her up in 30 mins. He tells her he has a bed inside, they should go sleep in their comfortably. LOL he is so perverted. She tells him to go sleep in  there! He calls her a brat, and then tells her to sleep on the sofa then. She does just that, and falls asleep. He looks at her, smiles, and gets back to work.

IH is mad that KS is not picking up her calls. GH says he is probably busy. IH pouts, and GH asks if she likes him that much? She says just thinking about him makes her heart go crazy. GH says she told her dad about KS, he wasn’t that upset about it. IH is happy. GH wants to meet KS. I AM SORRY, BUT DOES KS HAVE NO SAY IN THIS? HE DOESN’T EVEN LOVE HER O_O

DH and GF are at a restaurant. DH is here b/c he knows GF is taking car of the propeller factory. GF pleads him to let him get some work too. DH suggests instead, that KS and IH get married. He and IH like KS, why don’t they forget their old scores, and help each other this time. GF asks if he will use his kids for business needs now? DH laughs reminding him he was worse, he knows about KS’s parents, he heard stories. GF becomes angry, and tells him to shut up, he doesn’t know anything! DH bows, and says sorry, he just wants to say he isn’t as bad as him. IH is precious to him, and is willing to let her marry KS, and for GF’s position, he doesn’t have a reason to refuse. GF looks disgusted though.

KS is on his laptop looking up info about Dr. Hak Soo. His attention gears towards HJ, and he covers her with his sweater. He watches her sleeping, and he asks if she knows why he fell in love with her at first sight? it’s b/c she knew how to weld. He trails off saying, then sighs. He lightly moves her hair behind her ear, but she moves a little, and he freaks out, and leaps off the sofa, and goes into the kitchen and pretends to be getting soda. She asks what time is it? It’s 11:30, and she freaks out at how late she is. She then goes to look at her workbook, and its already done. KS sips a bit of the soda, while walking towards her from behind. He finished her english assignment that Cho gave her. OMG he is so sweet! He hands her to soda, and she drinks it.

He asks if she is touched? Doesn’t he just get more cooler every time she sees him? She mocks him saying she was going to saw thanks but the words don’t come out now. He says there is no need for words, he knows by looking at her eyes. She blinks and then says her eyes say she is sleepy. He offers to drop her off at home, since its so late. Hasn’t she heard, he is Manner Kang, and she laughs, asking how can he brag this much about himself? He says thats his charm. He also tells her to be careful around him, if she falls for him, there is no way out. IH is a live example, he says. they both laugh.

He drops her off, by her house. She thanks him, and he tells her not to miss any weekend lessons. He calls her disciple. And she agrees and calls him master. He smiles, and says he will leave then, and she watches him drive away. CH comes there, asking if she was with KS all this time? (not in a jealous way). He asks why she didn’t pick up his calls? She apologizes for not picking up her phone.

KS is happily driving back, and notices the tablet PC, and turns back to where he dropped HJ off.

back to HJ-CH. HJ asks if CH is going back to his home? He says she is his home. She tells him to go back, or his dad will be hurt. She tells him not to talk about his dad. She says she has to, he is his father, someone who raised him. He may not know since he hasn’t raised a kid, but she’s been with JJ since she was born, so she knows how attached they are. It’s the same with his dad, and he raised him alone. How can he throw him away like that? He says its not like that, you fool, don’t say anything if you don’t know. She says if he wants to see her again, he should go home, especially when thinking about her own father. He suddenly hugs her, ready to cry. He says he is very distressed, feels like dying. He can’t forgive his dad.

Just then KS car pulls in around the corner, and he sees the hug. He looks down, and smirks, but its very sarcastic. He looks at the table pc, and then back at them with a heavy sigh, and drives away.

HJ comes home, and gets soju. DS comes in the kitchen, asking if she met that jerk? She tells HJ not to go to their house either. They can’t be together. HJ says she should do that. He was the first person, after father passed away, that smiled warmly at her. She will give up. DS tries to say something, looking concerned at HJ’s behavior. HJ asks why they are so poor? She never hated father foe being poor. Did he even save money from working on boats? why did he die so soon? If he were alive, he would’ve let her study. then maybe she would’ve been acknowledged by KC. She starts crying, and DS hugs her, and cries too.

CH is at work, and gets a call from DH, wanting to meet right now! CH goes in, and sees the man that was working with JW on IM’s case in their too with DH. The man leaves, and DH tells CH about JW’s plan on indicting IM. DH is furious. CH looks at the files, and DH tells him to block this.

KS is drinking at the restaurant, and IH is happy to see him but asks why he is drinking midday? KS tells her he’s been drinking since last night. aww, b/c of the hug? it must have hurt him a lot 😦 She asks what happened? He asks why she called him? She asks if he is free Sunday? He says he doesn’t know, what are Sundays to him anyway?  She has a outdoor presentation, and wants him there. He just looks at her, with drunken eyes. She gets frustrated. He looks at her, and asks if he should just marry her? She asks what kind of proposal is this? it doesn’t count, but then she takes it back. She asks if he is being genuine right now? He says being sincere or not doesn’t really work anyway. She stops smiling.

In the office, HJ, IM, Cho and others are sitting in a small meeting. HJ has not been informed about something, I think. She tries to explain something about the thrusters, and says she will fix the data for it. Just then, IM tells her to get out. (b/c his pride got hurt, since she knew more about thrusters than him).He asks who is she to think she knows everything? She tries to calmly explain him her claim, and he gets up and shouts “HEY!” Cho gets up too, and tells her to leave. She is walking out with the file and IM tells her to leave the files, doesn’t she know its all confidential? he’s such a jerk, as he degrades her by asking if she knows anything? HJ puts the files on the table, bows to IM, and leaves. IM warns Cho to never let HJ attend meetings again.

HJ is on the second floor, standing by the railing, sad. KS is climbing to the second floor, still drunk. He sees her, and then becomes happy and says “yah! tinker!” She gets embarrassed, and tells him not to say that in public. He stands against the railing with her, asking why she is here? She asks if he is drunk? and he purposely blows air out of his mouth, and then smirks. He tells her to answer his question. She says she got kicked out of the meeting. He asks why? still very drunk. She tells him they were looking at the wrong material, and she pointed that out. He says “ayyyeehh those people..” and is about to walk to them but then asks what the meeting was about? She tells him they were talking about one thruster about looking at a different thruster’s design, but got kicked out. He says thats weird, is she sure? She asks how can oppa also not believe her? He says it makes since, she she learned from him. She also tells him about how workers are making a fuss b/c of little pay, compared to the work given. She told IM but he ignored her, though she is an outcast. KS wobbles his head vigorously, to shake off his drunkenness, and then slaps himself multiple times.  KS says their is definitely something weird, this will be fun. He calls his secretary I think, Mr, Kim, asking him to confirm something for him.

CH comes to see JW, to talk about him trying to catch IM. Why wasn’t he informed? JW asks how he knows? CH says he found out from DH, and the man was a spy. CH tells JW to give it up. JW resists. CH says instead of catching a small fish like IM, why don’t they just catch DH? CH’s little smile, shows he has a scheme in store.

DH is in his office, and his secretary/bodyguard, gets him a box, there is a license plate inside. He tells DH not to touch it, he may get his DNA on it. DH puts on gloves. The number plate is 3480, the same plate that was on the truck KC drove that killed Chun (HJ’s adoptive dad). DH asks what the charges might be for a murder case? The guy says atleast 15 years for this kind of case.

Cho is scolding HJ again, and DS comes in with lunch, and hears this. HJ tells her that the material they were using was wrong. Cho degrades her by telling her she read all this from the internet, she is just a middle school graduate! How dare she lecture ppl with degrees? HJ says she didn’t get a diploma but she did go to high school, and requests her to not offend her by mentioning her education status. She workds hard and study’s on her own time. Cho tells her to not come back here today, just go work at the site. DS finally calls HJ’s name. HJ is surprised seeing her there. DS smiles.

DS brought lunch, and HJ cheers up, praising the dishes. DS says she is better than her, since she was cooking for them since she was young. HJ feeds her compassionately. DS then says this is the first time she packed her lunch, when they were younger, she only packed lunch for ST. HJ says she stole food from others back then. DS starts crying, b/c she is so sorry. She says she is sorry and weeps. HJ asks if something happened? DS says she deserves to die, for treating her so coldly when she was younger. If only she had met a better mother than her, she cries. HJ says it was long ago, but is getting emotional. She would’ve been properly educated if it wasn’t fer her, instead of living like this, and receive more love. HJ tears up, and DS says she isn’t her real mother, very hesitantly, she is not her birth mom. HJ is taking this in.

6 thoughts on “May Queen Episode 13 Recap

  1. I think KS will find out it was DH who Hj’s real father and KC who killed HJ’s adopted father.
    Is very impossible for CH and HJ end up together, HJ can be forgiving but they will not find true happiness, after the truth is out

  2. I actually didn’t mind that HJ didn’t smile at CH once. Because all the times they met, they were pretty serious with each other. I mean why would you smile if you learn that your boyfriend left their father just for you. Especially for HJ, who is really big on family, this is a big blow for her.

    Also I knew the license plate was involving KC and not IM, though that’s weird how they’ve kept it all this time. Don’t tell me DH is going to use that to blackmail CH into doing whatever he wants. Guess DH is still evil. =/ But shouldn’t the statute of limitations have passed already? Since it was several years ago?

    Aarghh I can’t bare to see CH all depressed so I suppose I’ll just be reading your recaps from now on. Thanks for being fast recapping them. =)

  3. ,was I the only one irritated by HJ character esp. for this ep? Her rationalization of “deserving” the physical aggravations that she received from CH’s dad made me fuming mad!

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