Still Cuts for May Queen Episodes 13-14

New preview:
CH is furious with his dad KC.
KS calls out HJ’s name, and she asks if he is drunk and he looks like he is. He blows out air from his mouth while he closes his eyes, and theb he opens them and smiles at her.
DS visits KC’s home, and goes as far as to try to hurt him, and tackling him to the floor.
HJ is driving KS’s yacht, and he stands behind her, with sunglasses, enjoying the breeze and smiling watching her. HJ looks happy.
DH receives a car license plate, with blood on it. His person asks how they should proceed?
CH is telling KC something, most likely regarding his treatment towards HJ, and his crimes towards her in the past.
JW comes home, and the scene shifts to 2 people kissing, can’t see their faces. Jw walks into his room, to see it is decorated with balloons, and there is a banner of him and BH, and it says she loves him.
CH is trying to hold onto HJ, but she takes her hand away, and says though she loves him, she can’t do something like this, and marches off, looking really upset.

What must have happened for these two to meet up, and talk so seriously? I am guessing it’s work related, but we will find out tomorrow I guess.

2 thoughts on “Still Cuts for May Queen Episodes 13-14

  1. Oh man.. are CH and HJ breaking up so soon? Grr and on top of that they show KS and HJ being happy together? Grr at least give me a few more episodes with happy CH and HJ. Hehe =P

  2. idk, I don’t think CH and HJ’s relationship will end that fast. She is probably just upset at him temporarily. Though I ship KS and HJ, I doubt their love will start this soon, it will take until at least episode 20 at most, well at least for HJ to feel something for him lol, KS already likes her!! >.<
    I wonder what's going on with HJ's sister though, and who is that strange man next to her? o_o

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