May Queen Episode 12 Recap

I found this picture (look above) on the official May Queen page. This for me, is good enough to know who HJ is going to end up with!! OMG my ship is going to sail!! :)) OTP, KS and HJ. I hope KS doesn’t stay sad for too long though, poor thing. And I pray for CH, to not turn into a crazy monster, once HJ leaves him. I certainly don’t want him to follow his fathers foot steps. KC is crazy.

All this time, that I’ve gotten to know KS’s character, I don’t think he will go and marry IH just because his GF says so. That is the one difference, I think, between KS and CH. Though CH is stubborn, I think in the end he might give in because of all the suffering his father endured. And because KC is a psycho on the loose, and he might kill HJ if CH doesn’t let go. But now there is also the mystery of KS’s parents, who are they? Why isn’t his GF telling him about them? Every character’s story is intertwined with one another. I love it. But seeing both male leads like this breaks my heart. Though I admit CH lived a terrible life, he had HJ by his side for 15 years. KS’s life was pretty harsh, growing up without his parents, and then being sent to another country all alone, only to return as a genius to crush his GF’s enemy. His only strength was HJ all these years, who to him was like a motherly figure, but now she too has someone else. I really feel for him ūüė¶


CH is dragging HJ away, and KS pulls CH’s hand away from hers, asking who he is? They both glare at each other, until HJ says its CH oppa to KS. KS is surprised and smiles, CH asks if he is KS? KS hugs him, but CH’s mind is on HJ only right now. He apologizes and says he needs to speak with HJ for a bit, and leaves with her, leaving KS wondering whats going on?

CH brings HJ tothe cliiff from their childhood, where they looked at the industry from. He asks what happened? Did his dad hit her again? He asks her again saying she told him she would never waver. She says its because she only thought of herself, she thought no matter how hard it was, she would get through it, b/c she loves him. He can become even greater if he leaves her. He asks what nonsense is this? She says he once told her he wanted to own the whole industry. CH guesses his dad told her about his supposed marriage with IH. He argues that that doesn’t even make sense, does she think IH would want to marry him too? no. His father is not in the right state of mind. She tells him not to speak of his father like that. She says his dad even kneeled to her so she stops seeing him. She says that if her own father was alive, and dissapproved of them, she would listen to him. CH says her dad wouldn’t say something like that though, does she really want to end their 15 years together? A tear comes out of her eye. He tells her to look at him, without her, he is nothing.¬†fortune¬†and dreams are meaningless if she is not there. She loves him right? HJ nods. He tells her not to cry then, they have to be strong. He hugs her.

HJ comes to her office, late for work. ¬†Team Leader Cho scolds her for coming in late. IM watches this from behind. Cho gives her a bunch of things to read, they are in english though. Cho asks if she can do it? HJ says she will give it a try. IM asks if she plans on only working by the parachute b/c thats what she was hired for? He then asks if everything for the seminar is ready? Cho says it is, but they have’t heard from KS yet. IM asks HJ if she knows where he is? She says she saw him a while ago.

KS comes to CH’s office to meet him. They greet each other, CH welcomes him with smiles. KS asks if a friend he met after so long is invisible to him? CH laughs and apologizes for earlier, and they take a seat. CH says he heard he came back a month ago, as a shipowner superintendent. If he had known sooner, he would have visited. CH guesses KS didn’t know about where he was either during the time. KS says he knew, he is a¬†prosecutor, and he still stays in DH’s home. ¬†CH asks then why didnt he find him sooner? KS tells him to stop askig questions, he has¬†some¬†of his own. KS asks how long he’s known HJ? CH says its been a long time, 15 yrs. KS asks if they are dating, and CH says they are in love, and plan on marrying each other. KS looks crushed. CH thanks him for hiring HJ and even teaching her about ships. This is confirmation for KS that they are really dating. He laughs to himself, and then tells CH this is foul play, a long time ago, KS had sent him a letter asking about HJ’s whereabouts, but he¬†pretended¬†not to know. CH says sorry, ¬†he had a reason. KS says ofcourse, its their privacy now. KS is getting up to leave, and CH tells him to meet up later, with HJ and him. KS declines saying there is no need to see him anymore, did he forget what he told him long ago? To leave DH’s home, but he is still living there. CH looks to the floor and asks if that is why he didn’t look for him before? KS walks to the door and tells him to take care of HJ, though as lovers they might argue, he can’t let her cry. CH doesn’t say a word. KS walks to his car, and sees the missed calls from Cho, about the seminar and hurries there.

BH is doing a presentation of drill ships, and IM, HJ, IM, Cho and others are there. KS walks in, and takes a seat. He greets DH, and IM glares at him. He starts listening to the presentation, but his attention suddenly moves to HJ, and DH notices. KS looks away from her, letting out a sad sigh, and then looks back at her, and goes into deep though again. BH talks about thrusters, and she calls out KS name: Ryan Kang, to get his attention. DH glances at KS, wondering whats going on?

After the presentation, KS is walking out of the room with DH and IM, HJ and Cho are behind them. DH asks KS if he liked the presentation? KS says it was well made. DH asks how he feels about the thursters and propellers? HJ and Cho bow to DH and are leaving. KS immediately looks at HJ walking away, not paying attention to anything DH is saying. IM tells him to talk, DH asked him a question, answer it. KS apologizes and says they will talk later. He runs to HJ, and asks to speak with her right now. DH and IM are watching this. HJ says she needs to get back to work, but he drags her away by asking Cho if she is ok with HJ being gone for a while? Cho nervously says¬†that’s¬†fine. DH grins and says “of course”.

HJ asks if he brought her all the way here just to ask this? KS says he wanted to just confirm it from her. It is true that she is dating CH. He asks what she likes about CH, more than him? He asks if she was pretending or really didn’t know he liked her too, since they were younger? She says they were kids then, but why would he like someone like her? He asks why he can’t like her, but CH can? whats the reason? She says her and CH had similar pains. And IH always liked KS oppa, IH doesn’t like her going to his home to learn design either, since she will be sorry for IH, they need to stop. She thanks him to teaching her, and says she will leave then. As she is leaving, he asks if she is happy? with CH. She nods saying she is very happy. He smiles, but pain is hidden in it. She smiles and walks off, as he watches.

KC comes to JW’s home, to see DS. He asks how she can do this? He even paid their debt, so why did they come back? DS is not happy with him either though, she asks why those men took them to Geoje? not Haenam? That day, just thinking about how HJ almost died, scares her. DS then asks if what’s up with GH and the lost child? what is this? Why did she come to her? KC says he doesn’t know. LIES! He says that is not why he came here, does she know about CH and HJ dating? He hands her money, let’s not see each other again. DS is shocked at the amount of money.

KS is drinking, and GF comes there, and KS pours him a glass. GF asked if something happened? KS says he has a lot of work these days. GF came to talk about the propeller factory he wants him to take over. KS says DH is faster than he thought. GF asks what? and KS says its nothing and pours him a glass. GF slowly tells him about how he’s been thinking that he should marry IH. KS says what? and then¬†just¬†laughs it off, and asks if he wants him to marry her and then take over Cheonji, as the son in law? GF is serious, he heard that IH is crazy about him, so this is a good chance, and DH won’t live for long anyway. KS drinks.

KC is waiting for IH outside the big house. IH comes from work, and he runs to her, she seems tired. He asks if he should bring her some healthy tonics? She coldly tells him not to worry about her, and CH instead. KC is smiling like a fool as she walks away.  ughh no words on how much he is screwed up.

Inside, IH asks GH if she really thinks her and CH match? GH says he is good in every aspect. IH doesn’t think he matches her though. GH says she thought about her happiness when she brought this up. IH tells her she never saw him as a man, and she likes someone else. GH asks who it is, eagerly.

GF takes the alcohol away from KS, who is drunk. GF asks why he is like this today? KS smiles and says he is crazy for alcohol today, and since he is drunk he wants to ask something. He wants to know about his parents. GF says he told him not to bring that up ever. KS whines, why not? he doesn’t even remember what they look like, they don’t even have a picture. GF says they were undutiful kids, that left their own father (him). He was so mad that he¬†burned¬†their pictures. KS asks if its true that his mom was a welder? GF says this much is enough for today, he will go now. KS makes him sit back down, saying he won’t ask about that anymore. If GF leaves too, he will be too¬†lonely, he says. KS tells him that though he has never seen his own mom before, he met a girl that was like her. ¬†and She has been in his mind for a really long time…he shouldn’t have gone to america. He asks why he sent him to the states? why? and he slowly passes out. GF seems concerned.

HJ finds out from DS that KC stopped by. DS asks if she is really dating CH? She says she is, and he is a prosecuter. DS lightens up hearing that. DS asks if she loves him too, to which HJ says yes. DS asks if CH is really serious about her, or is he playing around? HJ says they are both serious. DS says well then she approves, they can date. HJ is happy, but asks if its because he is a prosecutor, that she approves? DS talks about her case in marrying Chun, but then stops saying at the end, its a win win. HJ asks why she is so kind to her these days? DS says she was always kind, she just uses rough words. HJ holds her hands and thanks her, saying it gives her courage when she is like this. DS smiles happily.

CH is shown waking up at night, and looks at pics of him and HJ on his phone, and smiles happily.

HJ is shown doing the work she was given earlier, while everyone else sleeps.

and KS is shown staring out of the window at night, holding HJ’s headband, looking upset.

GH tells DH the next morning, about IH liking KS, and the reason she went to USA, was b.c of him. He asks why she didn’t say anything earlier? GH says its b/c he took over KS’s grandfather’s company, so she didn’t say anything and suffered alone. DH says that was long ago, and he even paid them a reasonable amount for it, though it was little. GH says even so, its been headlining news for years. DH smirks, and says so its KS, like he is brewing a scheme.

At work, HJ is getting scolded by Cho, for not doing her work right (the english papers she had to read). KS is at the back, listening in. HJ begs for sometime, so she can understand it properly. Cho says she is a strange person, no one cares about her situation right now. KS grins, mockingly. HJ tells Cho she will work harder, but she needs some time. Cho shouts saying she should just reapply, after she is ready! Another employee comes in, asking why HJ has’t brought him coffee yet? Is she acting like she didn’t hear? HJ remembers and says sorry, she will get it right away. The employee tells her to make it like the cafes. KS steps in, as HJ is about to leave. KS tells Cho he just emailed her a file, about Russian Shipbuilding, he wants her to summarize it in 10 pages, ad email him. Cho asks if its in russian? He asks if she can’t do it? should he email her the arabic version? she has until tomorrow. Cho looks nervous. KS asks to speak with HJ, and ¬†tells the employee (that asked for coffee earlier), if he can bring him a cup of coffee, double expresso, while he is talking to HJ. He tells HJ to follow him.

They come into the hall, and she asks how people will think of her, if he does that? (she says it in the casually way like he has asked her). KS turns around, with a very serious/distant face, and in a formal manner says “Ms, Chun Hae Joo, we are at work right now. What I did was not for personal reasons, but b/c the employees were unreasonable.” HJ apologizes. KS tells her to continue learning design from him. HJ says she already told him earlier (that she can’t). He asks if she is not a pro? She should differentiate her personal and professional life, but if she doesn’t want to, thats ok. He doesn’t want to work with¬†unprofessional ppl. ouch. He starts walking away, and she tells him to wait. She asks if what he said is the truth? He says he no longer has interest in a woman who is already taken, he already told her yesterday. She agrees, she will learn from him then. KS’s back is turned to her, and he smiles a little. He faces her, and tells her to turn in the things he assigned her. He also tells her that he is not doing this for her, its b/c he needs to do this, so she shouldn’t be burdened. He turns around and walks away. real classy. OMG WHAT GIRL WOULD NOT TO ATTRACTED TO THAT!

HJ is working, she checks the propeller and asks if they got the measurements right? b/c in the book its different. The worker asks how can she be so sure, she just touched it. He’s been working this job for years, but she is now going to tell him whats right? She tells him not to say that so easily, she has done milling for 3 years. He says he’s been at it for 10 years! He looks at¬†the¬†manual, and throws it at her. DH and IM step in, asking what¬†they¬†are doing? The worker says this girl is ridiculing him about how he got the width of the propeller wrong. DH stares at HJ, asking if she is sure? HJ says the width is over 10mm. The worker asks if she is crazy? DH asks if its okay if they measure it? She says yes.

They do measure it, and it turns out HJ is right. DH tells the other workers to get back to work. DH asks if she really knoew just by feeling the propeller? She is Chun Hae Joo right? its been a long time. HJ is ecstatic that he remembers her, but pretends to be cool. He puts forth his hand for a shake, and she cleans her hands of her t-shirt and shakes hands with him.

In the office, DH asks IM to put HJ in the Thruster Development team. IM¬†argues¬†she’s only been to middle school, laughing, saying she is just a laborer. DH says this is why he can’t do anything! IM¬†straightens¬†up. DH says he saw her resume, does he think its easy for a girl who oly went to middle school to work from the bottom and get 10 licenses? She could be a hidden treasure in the trash. IM says even so.. DH says KS hired her for a reason! He eve lets HJ report him the inspection results. IM aruges that it could be b/c they’ve known each other since they were kids. DH says KS wouldn’t keep her by his side just for that. DH scolds him saying that bastard KS is better at judgement than him, making IM lose face.

BH comes to JW’s home, and DS is heading out, dressed in formal clothing, BH greets her. DS asks whats in her hands? BH brought some side dishes, her sister is really good at cooking. DS glares at her. BH asks if HJ’s home yet? DS asks what’s it to her? ¬†BH calmly says she is being rude, and HJ works under her at the company. DS says if its about work, why discuss it at home? She also warns her to stop coming this house. BH laughs and says she been coming to this home fore a while, she is just a tenant, so why make a fuss. DS tells her its ot good for a woman to follow around a man with no self respect. BH is shocked, and asks her to say that again. DS says if a man shows no reaction to her feelings, she should find someone else. DS also tells her no one is happy with her coming over anyway, and leaves. BH tells herself to calm down,¬†since¬†she is here with a goal.

BH goes into JW’s room, and gets his suit from the closet. She takes out a seal (those folktale ones), and puts it in his suit. She says until the daw JW’s stone heart beats just hearing her breathe. She lets out a chant. Then she gets¬†embarrassed¬†of herself lol.

JW is hearing news at work, something about IM. Just then DS calls out his name, and he is pleasatly surprised seeing her here.

CH’s secretairy tells him he has a visitor, its DS, HJ’s mom. CH gets really nervous, and tells her to let her in. He bows 90 degrees when DS walks in. He says its been a while, with a smile. She just looks at him, up and down. They have tea. DS asks if they are really dating, and if he really does love HJ? CH says he does. DS says but his father disapproves. CH asks if HJ even told her that? DS takes out the money KC gave her,saying his father gave them to her. He is speechless. She reminds him about all that HJ’s suffered in life. DS says she doesn’t know much about manners since she was not educated, so even if its a rich man, to her no one is better than her own daughter HJ. ūüôā damn I am so touched, way to go DS! DS tells him about how HJ may have a temper but she knows how to take care of the house, work and elders. DS tells him the worst kind of man for any woman is the kind that can’t protect her! OH YES, you tell him! DS says if he is going to not marry her b/c his father disapproves he should stop now. CH assures her, taht if he was going to do that, he wouldn’t have started. DS is pleased, and says she will believe him, and get going. CH says “mother” at least eat before leaving. She tells him to work hard, so HJ doesn’t have to run around. CH becomes shy. DS looks at him and laughs saying its nice hearing him call her mother in law. CH becomes embarrassed and laughs.

IM calls HJ to her office. He asks why she pretended not to know him, when she did? He tells her taht his father wants her to join the Thruster project team. HJ is surprised. He sits on his table, looking at her, saying she must really be good at seducing men. He asks what her relationship with KS is? (OMG sometimes I wonder if this guy has a man crush on KS? Ever since they were younger, he would not say much to KS, and look down like a shy girl. well until his company got stolen…) HJ tells him he should know she’s known KS since they were kids. So he is just a oppa she knows? How much does she know about him? Is he an oppa she’s shared a bed with? (OH SHIT JUST GOT SERIOUS..SHE WILL KILL YOU!) She glares at him with scary eyes. He mocks them. He tells himself out loud, what? judging ppl? When a man and woman are together, its for the same reason. She tells him to be careful with his words, with a scary tone. IM says oh now thats the beggar he remembers from the past. She says he too is the same asshole from the past. He scoffs, asking if she doesn’t know the situation? he is her superior. A superior who can’t do anything? Is he that proud of his situation? he should be ashamed! IM is provoked by this. But just then, IH walks in, calling for HJ. She asks why she is here? HJ tells her she was reporting to him. She invites her for dinner. IM asks why bring a beggar? and IH says she is a friend, and father invited her.

GH, DH, KC, and CH are sitting on the dinner table, waiting for IH, who comes there with HJ and IM. HJ is totally shocked seeing KC there. GH affectionately tells HJ to have a sit. HJ sits next to CH, the only chair available. awkward. KC is pissed. IH tells CH and KC if they remember HJ? KC says yes he does. IH says CH and HJ look good together, sitting next to each other. IH asks why they didn’t greet each other though? HJ is speechless, and CH confesses they are seeing each other. GH asks if that is true? KC tries to shut CH up, but CH goes on, saying they have been seeing each other for a long time, and he plans on¬†marrying¬†her. HJ is stuned. IH asks if this is true? Even IM¬†congratulates¬†them, saying they match (but its more like taunting but w/e). DH laughs out, happily. KC is silent, probably with his insides exploding in anger. GH asks KC if he too knew about this? KC angrily throws his plate to the floor, startling them all. IM arrogantly tells KC” oye ajusshi, what are you doing?” DH looks super pissed at this action of KC’s. KC marches off, angrily. HJ tells CH to follow him. ¬†CH¬†apologizes¬†to DH and GH, telling them about KC’s disapproval. He hopes they would hellp him out here.

CH and HJ walk out of the house holding hands, happily. KC is creeping on them behind the bushes. He watches in disgust, as CH opens the door for HJ and buckles the seat belt for her. As they drive off, KC watches him, looking really really mega pissed. (he is mentally insecure, I tell you!)

KC comes to see DH in his office. DH is angry that he dares throw a plate of food in his home! KC apologizes, but his face shows how¬†insincere¬†he is about the apology. KC asks why he invited HJ over? DH says that girl is promising, seeing her¬†struggle¬†to survive, though she is poor, reminds him of himself, through his own hard times. KC remembers him asking before if he does’t feel awkward seeing HJ, since she is GH’s real daughter. DH laughs saying its been so long, and his wife has moved on too, so they should forget about it. But why is he so against CH and her? KC says they¬†definitely¬†cannot be together its utter nonsense! DH asks if its b/c he prefers IH? ¬†DH says he feels bad for losing CH, but if you become too greedy, you end up losing. DH then angrily asks why he told IM about how his mother died? (oh my god, it was KC?!) Did he think CH, and IM can switch places? KC stutters in fear, thats not it. DH says he will let it go for CH sake this time, and he is too old to get beaten up too. As DH walks away, KC watches him hatefully. (Though I hate DH’s guts, I hate KC and IM much more, I hate their existence!!! ahhh the frustrations of just looking at their irritating faces, kills my day, but then KS makes it go away ūüôā )

CH and HJ are by the dock, holding hands. CH says he had no choice but to do it this say, for his dad to see. HJ says she was shocked seeing his father there, she would not have come if she knew. ¬†CH turns her to face him, and tells him to not avoid things anymore, and she agrees. He wats to come meet her family, formally, and then go on a date with her. HJ says she has some things to do, and he tells her she came to Ulsan after so long, when is she going to see him then? HJ says they are meeting right now, and he says not like this. He wants to date like others, doing cheesy things that give ppl goosebumps lol. I can’t believe he said that! its cute ūüôā HJ kind of teases him asking if he too¬†understands¬†those kinds of things? ¬†CH clears his throat, and looks away from her eyes,¬†embarrassed. He says as long as its recharging.¬†¬†She smiles and kisses him on the cheek. She asks how that was? and he says it was a little weak. HJ hits his hand, and he shows her he got goosbumps, it worked! lol they both laugh.

The next day, CH comes to HJ’s home, with a gift, to formally meet them. He sees ST first, and says its been a while, he his happy to see him, and says he is CH. ST remembers and is happy too. CH, and HJ’s whole¬†family¬†sit, and they find out he is a¬†prosecutor, and ST is impressed. YJ says it was always her dream to marry a rich man, and playfully says, HJ unni got with a prosecutor? ST asks why date HJ though? JJ says there is nothing wrong with her unni, and DS pinches him to shut it. JJ says HJ is amazing, she works hard too! CH agrees, there is not woman that matches up to HJ. DS is really happy, and says he has a handsome face. CH asks ST what he is up to these days? and ST says he is doing business, they should get soju sometime, and CH nods.

Some one is asking JW if he is ready to attack IM from Cheonji? will he be ok? JW says they went over the files, and as a prosecutor he just needs to know if a crime was¬†committed¬†for now. ohh i am so ready to see IM’s ass get kicked! The man that works under JW, says it might be hard since its barely enough, and Cheonji probably has their own defense. JW says he will back him up, he just needs to find more evidence. The man suggests CH would know more about Cheonji. JW says he can’t b/c he lives with IM’s family, CH must not know.

CH and HJ are on a date. They ride bicycles in the park, side by side. They go to see a scenic river/cliff, and they both look through installed binoculars. Just then CH gives her a light kiss on the cheek. She gets embarrassed, and CH smiles widely. They go see the information boards of the area. They find a drawing of a man who caught a whale 1000’s of years ago, and are amazed at how they had boats back then. CH pinches her cheeks saying she would’t be HJ without mentioning boats. HJ remembers how they saw a whale that one time, when they were stranded in the ocean as kids. CH says it gave them hope at that time. CH tells her to live with hope from now on, even though things become hard.

KS is at a IH’s restaurant, sitting by himself, looking absolutely lifeless, and demoralized. ūüė¶ IH is ecstatic to see him and asks when he got here? He doesn’t even move, or look at her, he is just lost in thought. She asks what is it? did he come to look for her? He turns his head to face her, not smiling, no emotions. He says its sunday, but he has no where to go. aww you poor thing!! IH says why can’t he just say he missed her? KS looks at her, seriously asking why she likes him? IH giggles and says there is never a reason to like someone. He says still, there should be something she likes about him. She says everything about him, has a reason. b/c he is korean, b/c he is handsome, b/c he is in front of her. KS is in disbelief and looks away again, as he scoffs, whats that? She tells him even if he wasn’t korean, or handsome, she just said that b/c there are part of what she likes about him. But she can’t tell him the real reason. He stares at her, trying to understand. She says even if he wasn’t here, she has always liked him, thats why. He says he kind of understands, and says she is also someone who turned out wrong, just like him. ¬†He says it in a very solemn way. She notices he is being weird today. WOW YOU JUST NOTICED? She asks if something happened, and he just sighs.

KC angrily marches into JW’s house, to see DS. He shouts if she is really going to do this? Letting the kids meet, when he even payed her. She says she gave the money back to CH, and he was speechless. She tells him to pretend not to know anything, and let the kids meet. What will he do if HJ doesn’t like him either, as a father in law. Say something that makes sense! he yells. She tells him to stop yelling. He says how dare a girl who only graduated middle school, and is a welder, date his son? DS gets up, really pissed off, asking whats so good about his family? He is just a butler at someone’s home! How dare he treat her daughter like this? She says its not like she likes sending HJ to a family that wrongs her! But his precious son came to her home today, and kept calling her “mother in law”. She says she too feels like dying, but seeing CH treat HJ so preciously, she agreed. KC is totally tongue-tied, and is about to leave, and DS tells him to just follow his son’s words. She also says its a trend these days to have babies before weddings, since HJ is like her, she will have lots of them. KC looks at her with fury. He screams at her to watch what she says, does she think everthing she says will be reality?!! JW listens to this and as he comes home, and asks to talk to KC alone.

JW tells him that though he understands, he too had his own hardships before. He tells KC to think about those times, and then look at HJ from that perspective. KC looks disgusted as he says its b/c JW doesn’t have any kids, he won’t know. JW tells him he is now HJ’s uncle, so now she is like his blood relative, so if its her background he doesn’t like, he need not to worry. KC asks why he needs to be her uncle? what is she to him? He says when he sees HJ, he thinks of his dead niece, Yoo JIn. KC looks away.

CH is reading the newspaper at a cafe, and HJ asks if he is looking a pics of pretty girls? He puts the newspaper down and laughs saying its a hobby to read, and drinks his coffee. HJ glances at the paper, and sees a picture of the loan shark that almost killed her when they were little. She spills the glass of water from the shock. She tells CH, looking scared, saying its that man!

CH and her come to the police station. He came to meet the loan shark, HJ looks at him from the window and confirms it is him! the man that put her family in danger. CH puts a hand on her shoulder for support.

KS is in his officetel, holding HJ’s headband, he looks at the time, and then calls her but it goes to voicemail. KS says he even told her in that way (about learning from him professionally), but she doesn’t even want to learn design anymore. ¬†He looks¬†disappointed.

HJ is walking home, alone at night. KC is waiting for her at a corner. ok, not creepy at all. He walks to her, with a very scary face. She is startled at seeing him. He slaps her. He yells about how he begged and knelt at her, and even gave money, but she dare try to ruin him! He then grabs her hair viciously, and she cries in pain, telling him not to do this. He is dragging her away, by grabbing her hair, telling her to follow him, he will teach her a lesson. Just then, a car stops there, its KS!!! He sees this scene, and runs out of his car, seperates HJ from KC, and punches KC to the ground. He asks HJ if she is ok? HJ holds his hand, telling him not to hit him. He is CH’s father, she pleads. KS is totally shocked, and in denial, as he looks at KC, who is on the ground, looking back at them.

CH is interrogating the loan shark, asking if he did all of that to HJ? He says he doesn’t remember since it was so long ago. CH is looking at his crime history. CH sits next to the him, saying there is a way to reduce his charges. Plus the stuff he wants to know, was so long ago, he won’t be charged for it anyway. The loan shark lets his guard down, and confesses that it did happen (the thing with HJ’s family). He asks if its really true that he won’t be charged for it? CH punches him to the floor. He then kicks him over and over, telling him she was just a little girl, a 13 year old! The loan shark tells him it was a request from a client. CH asks who it was? The loan shark says it was someone that lived in their home. CH screams: WHO WAS IT!!?? The loan shark says it was Park Ki Cheol! he was the one that gave this order. CH is horrified, he can’t even get words out of his mouth, as he says: what? CH’s expressions show hate,¬†disappointment, and betrayal.

KS is racing his car to the prosecution office. CH is walking out of there, totally crushed, and disheartened. KS walks out of his car, and grabs CH by the collar, furiously! He says: You bastard, give up on HJ! CH looks at him, as if he knows what he must do, but really doesn’t want to.


CH furiously throws everything to the floor, furious, asking KC why he told that loan shark to sell a 13 year old girl?!

KS is shown standing in his room, looking upset. (HJ’s voice over: I love CH oppa)

DS grabs KC’s hand, telling him they both should just die! (and then she even tries to hit him/scare him, ultimately making him fall to the floor)

KS telling IM, that he heard they want him and IH to marry.

DH’s family on the dining table, IM asking GH: this time it’s KS? Is she playing games with IH? DH looks at him in anger.

DH finds out about the prosecuter’s having enough evidence to arrest IM. (DH is looking at a bloody car plate.

JW walks in into his room which is filled with balloons. (a scene where two people are kissing, but its more like the girl initiated it, and the guy is trying to stop her) – lol i think its BH and him. JW reads the banner, it says “Clueless JW, I love you”, and there are pics of BH and him on it.

CH to KC: I heard you told them to make her disappear for ever!

4 thoughts on “May Queen Episode 12 Recap

  1. oh my gosh! i can’t wait to see when HJ starts falling for KS…i wonder how that’s going to happen. thanks for the mini recap! no one else is recapping this drama except you.

  2. i love the show too n i want chang hee out of the love triangle soon…n for hae joo to discover who killed her real father n they (HJ n KS) can both join hands n defeat tt old man…hahaha….

  3. *Sigh* that date between HJ and CH was bittersweet. While it was cute seeing them act all cheesy, I couldn’t help but feel that it was the start of their end. ='(
    After hearing the loan shark confess that it was KC that ordered for HJ to be sold and then KS telling KC to break up with HJ, I felt a double whammy for CH. He looked so dazed after hearing that his father ordered his one love to be sold and KS hasn’t even told him that HJ was beaten up by his father. Grrrr I hate KC!!!

    But yeah I don’t think CH will marry IH just because of the struggles his father went through. If anything he will force his father to tell him the whole truth about why he wanted HJ to disappear and once CH finds out that it was DH who was behind the murder of HJ’s real father then he will try to take DH down. That’s why he will agree to marry IH so that way he can take them out from the inside and at the same time protect HJ. Also CH will feel unworthy of HJ once he finds out that KC killed HJ’s stepdad and push her away but he won’t stop loving her deep inside and always make sure that HJ won’t get hurt. HJ meanwhile will be confused about why CH is acting like this and try to fight for their love but he will reject her multiple times. The final rejection being that he weds IH. This gives a chance for KS to get closer to HJ since he will comfort her. Haha we’ll see if my predictions are correct.

    I’m curious about the case regarding IM. The bloody license plate sure looks like the same one KC used. But yeah that was years ago so perhaps IM had a hit & run of his own. This probably explains how IM will be out of the picture in regards to running the company. At the beginning I was wondering how CH will run the company if IM is around. I mean even if CH is the son in law, there’s no way that DH would let him run it. But if IM is in jail then DH will have no choice.

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