May Queen Episode 11 Recap

May Queen finally reached 20% viewership!! exceded Five Fingers, and it’s own record, according to TNms Nationwide basis!! YAY!! Kim Jae Won previously stated that he was hoping for at least 15%. I am so glad it’s doing good, rating wise ūüėÄ


HJ greets GH, and recognizes her. GH is shocked seeing the scar and asks if she is HJ? HJ asks if she was well? GH asks about the scar, when did she get it? HJ doesn’t know it was long ago. GH asks where her mother is right now? HJ says her family is in Geoje, they didn’t settle in Haenam. GH says she needs to meet with her mother, and gets the address. KC is runs to the office, asking for HJ, and IM asks why he is here (all arrogantly..the two annoying ppl in the same scene, repulsive). KC says that madam stopped by here, and IM asks why his mother would be here? Cho tells IM that GH did come by looking for the new employee, HJ, she says GH followed her to the bathroom. KC runs to the bathroom. As HJ comes out of the bathroom, she sees KC and is startled, and greets him. GH is behind her, asking why he came here? KC puts o a fake smile and says he too heard HJ was here, so he came to visit, GH understands since she knows Chun and him were “friends”. GH looks towards the scar one more time and leaves. KC glares at HJ and tells her to see him for a bit.

They both go the top top of the building, and she apologizes saying she was going to visit him anyway. He tells her to shut up, and answer his questions. He asks in an angry tone, what GH talked to her about? HJ says she asked about her mother’s address, so she gave it to her. KC looks scared, but keeps it from showing. HJ says she asked GH if IH is doing well. and GH asked about her scar, and why it happened. KC is totally freaking out. He asks if she is planning on dating CH still? HJ tries to explain that she understands he thinks she isn’t good enough for CH, but..KC tells her to cut the rubbish, and just answer the question. She says she is sorry to him, but she loves CH a lot. KC slaps her really hard. He shouts at her, telling her she isn’t worthy of CH, and his love is definitely not her! OH NO HE DID NOT! I WANT TO STONE HIM TO DEATH, he is pitiful, but he has committed way too many crimes. He seperated her from GH, and then killed her adoptive father, whom she loved so dearly, and now he slaps her? You’ve got to be kidding me, he actually dares! grrrr. HJ says she understands that she is lacking but loving someone is not a crime. He tells her not to see CH ever! If she meets CH, he doesn’t know what he will do to her. He walks away grinding his teeth. wow really adjusshi? PATHETIC! -.- HJ stands there trying to hold back her tears, telling her self that she saw this coming anyway. If there are good things, there are bad things too. She is here b/c she loves ships. ūüė¶ aww you poor thing.
She gets a call from KS, he asks whats wrong with her voice? did someone scold her? HJ clears her throat and asks whats up? He asks if she toured around the place? She says she is about to, and then she will report to him. He tells her to meet at his yacht then, not the office. She asks why? and he says its b/c she likes boats, and the office is boring. After hanging up, KS has a smile on his face. aww if there is something more adorable than a boy in love, its Kim Jae Won/KS in love. (in cased you couldn’t already tell by the screen caps, I am a huge KJW fan!) ūüėČ

GH goes home. She hurriedly opens the box with Yoo Jin’s baby clothing. She is getting in her car to go see HJ’s mom, and KC comes there. oh great. He asks if she is going to HJ’s home? Didn’t he already tell her that it can’t be HJ. GH tells him thats why she is going to check. Nervous, KC offers to take her there. He lies saying he hasn’t seen Chun’s fmaily in a while.
HJ is working diligently at the plant.

IM is talking with DH in his office. DH wants to self develop propellers for the drill ships. IM is uneasy, and says they don’t have supplies to make it, thats why they always import it. DH tells him to find a way, he invested millions of dollars in this project, he should find the right ppl and put them at work, and use the proper technology needed. IM looks stressed. IH walks in. She said she heard HJ is working here, she came to see her. IM wonders why everyone is looking for HJ? even mother came by to see her. DH is unpleasantly surprised with this news. IH is upset that IM doesn’t remember HJ, she tries to remind him. She even tells DH, she was the girl that stayed at their home for a while. DH becomes more uneasy.
Meanwhile, KC is driving to Geoje with GH sitting in the back. GH is really in an emotional state of mind, looking at the baby clothing. KC gets a call from DH, he turns on the bluetooth. He tells him he is driving GH to Geoje since HJ appeared again. DH thought GH forgot by now, but he was wrong. He tell KC to finish things up well, so GH will forget aout Yoo Jin for good.
At his office, DH orders all files related to HJ.

IM and IH are sitting in his another place. IH gets the contact info about HJ.¬†IM asks why she cares about a beggar like her? IH says she is her friend, a friend who saved her life. IM notifies her about GH’s plans of marrying her to CH. IH laughs it off as a joke. IM says its serious, even father agreed. IH thinks this is just unfair, they didn’t even ask her. She asks him if he thinks CH and her math well? IM advises her not to hang out with beggars like them. DUDE, you are a beggar in my dictionary.

HJ goes to see KS on his yacht, he is chilling, and fishing. She asks why he is fishing right now? He explains that he saw a really big fish a while ago, he will catch it and make a yummy dish. He brags that he even won a fishing competition in the States. She asks if he is lying? He tells her to look at all the fish he caught. Just then, he catches another fish, but it’s already dead. She asks if he bought it? like he did in the past? KS denies it. But she catches him, saying the fish he just “caught” is a fresh water fish, what would it be doing in salty water? She tells him to get back to work, and goes to get the work ready. He makes the cutest pout while glaring at her.

She talks about pipes needed for the project, and he asks her question about the pipes, and why he chose a specific type? She answers correctly. He once again acknowledges that she has on site experience and she studied hard too. He asks why she is talking so formally with him? She says since they are working, and he is a sunbae, she should be respectful. He tells her to speak normally with him, and says this much work is enough for today.

He sits back on his fishing chair, looking at a picture. HJ is amazed at it, and knows that its a picture of a thruster. He is surprised she knows about this. HJ explains its a propeller for drill ships. She says she really likes them, but they can’t be made in Korea. He nods, and asks why she likes propellers? She says they are the ship’s heart, strong. He agrees, b/c that’s how he thinks of it too. He asks a question about the key things needed to make them? and she answers correctly, but adds that people are also a key component, b/c they are on the boat. She says if they don’t think about the people on the boat, the boat might turn out to have vibrations, so ppl are important. He claps calling her explanation excellent. She thinks he is making fun of her, but he says its on the contrary. He asks when she learned all of this? She saw on site and read it in books. She says she wanted to study more but she couldn’t go to school/college. He looks at her, its kind of expressionless.

While HJ is leaving, KS is walking behind her telling her going to school isn’t important. You don’t learn much there anyway lol, this brings back memories of all the times KS snoozed through school in the earlier days. He says that study happens in life. She asks if he is provoking her? He says if she wants to learn so bad, she can learn from him, he is the best teacher there is. She brightens up, asking if he really will teach her? He says she was his “master of welding” when they were younger, this can be repayment. They make a pinky promise, She says she is a bit skeptical of “liar” teaching her, but she will believe him this one time. He suddenly looks feels her hand, and even puts it against his cheeks, saying its really soft for a welder. once a playboy, always a playboy. She takes her hand away, and almost punches him, asking if he wants to get beaten up? He turns his head a bit, but eyes at her with a pout. (Btw, their other hands are still tied with their pinky fingers). Just then IH comes there, calling out KS’s name. HJ moves her hand away from his, and KS turns their back on both of them, and says “dang it”. IH recognizes HJ, and she is surprised to find out its IH. They hug. IH asks why she didn’t pick up her calls? she called so many times. HJ says sorry, it was off b/c of work. HJ praises her for getting¬†prettier, and she says her beauty is always being upgraded, KS scoffs in¬†disbelief. IH whines to KS, asking why he didn’t tell her that he hired HJ? He says its sad enough just seeing her face, does he need to tell her this too? HJ asks if they kept in touch all this time? IH¬†boastfully¬†says she followed him to the States. KS looks upward, and says no matter how many times he thinks this over, she is the movie “Misery”. HJ and IH glare at him but then laugh it off.

GH comes to see DS with KC. DS is sleeping, but opens the door, surprised to see GH and KC coming all the way from Ulsan. They sit down, DS asks what brings them here? GH says she has something to ask. She shows the baby clothing, asking if hse remembers it? DS does remember it, but tries to look aloof. KC says wasn’t it the baby clothing for her youngest daughter? DS says she isn’t sure, and tosses the clothing back to GH. GH desperately begs her to think it through again. DS says she doesn’t know, why are they doing this? GH takes out a baby pic of Yoo Jin, and DS takes a look at it, shocked that it was the same baby Chun brought home. GH asks if this is HJ? DS stutters as she says this is the first time she saw this. GH doesn’t give up, she asks about HJ’s scar. DS is truly shocked now, she moves her eyes from right to left, thinking about what to say. GH asks if they possibly adopted HJ and raised her? DS looks at her, really upset, why is she asking all of this to her? What? adopted and raised her? her perfectly fine daughter? this is bull shit she says. GH is on the brink of tears, as she apologizes. DS says if she is sorry, she should get out. KC gets up telling GH to leave. GH is tearing up and shaking, as she tells DS, that it’s because she lost the child. this is news for DS, and is now more than ever, shocked. GH continues, holding a picture of Yoo Jin, saying she lost her after she turned a year old. She asks again where she got the baby clothing from? DS says that she got it from some neighbor, how would she remember. GH weeps, asking which neighborhood? and DS says she doesn’t know, please leave!
As KC approaches her car, GH sits on the stairs crying helplessly. KC looks at her, and then looks up at DS’s house, glaring at it. oh please, do you not feel even a tiny bit of remorse to the family’s whom you ruined?
DS at home, is thinking about this over and over, how can HJ be? She goes and looks at HJ’s picture with Chun from years ago. She asks Chun what did he do exactly? He had told her he met a woman and had HJ with her. Then how can GH be? What must have happened?

HJ, KS and IH go to her restaurant. HJ praises it. IH says she is also going to launch an outdoor brand, then asks what KS and her are working on? KS cuts in saying she wouldn’t understand even if he told her, its ship building stuff. She locks arms with him, saying she can listen to him explain for hours. He lets go of her, and tells her to stop. HJ laughs saying they look good together. KS asks why even she is saying this? IH tells HJ that CH became a prosecuter, thinking HJ doesn’t know. KS’s expression changes, its like he is surprised but pretends to look like he isn’t. IH says he isn’t lacking in anything except his background. KS asks if he still stays with her family? IH nods, and then tells them about how her family is planning on marrying her to CH. HJ is obviously affected by this, almost like she is going to cry. IH says it’s funny isn’t it? How can they plan this without telling her? KS is busy eating. IH asks if he isnt even curious to see CH?
At the big mansion that CH and DH’s families stay at, CH is standing on the lawn looking at the ocean. IM comes there, kill me. He asks if CH is thinking about how to crush him and take over the company? Don;t act like you don’t know, their parents are planning his marriage with IH. He disses him saying a person like you, just b/c you rose up a bit, doesn’t mean you can play with such big people. CH says he has no plans of doing such, but he’s heard rumors about him, they aren’t good. IM’s tone changes as he asks what rumors? GH and KC arrive, and IM retreats. GH goes inside distressed. KC is also about to faint, but CH holds him, KC pushes him away without a word, and leaves too.

GH lies on her bed, upset. DH walks in asking how it went? GH says DS says she doesn’t know Yoo Jin, DH says he knew this would happen. GH still doesn’t believe it, she says DS looked like she was lying. She needs to meet once more, HJ seems to really be Yoo Jin. DH sighs, and gives her HJ’s resume, he tells her to look at her blood type. It can’t be HJ, she is just being sensitive right now. GH is crying, she pleads DH to look for the neighborhood that DS got the baby outfit from. He tells her to get a hold of herself. DH asks if his kids aren’t important to her? That dead child isn’t important. GH says she thinks of them as her kids, but IM doesn’t think that way. IM knows everything, about how DH was with her, when his real mother died. GH says she gave IM everything in place of Yoo Jin, but IM doesn’t think that way. She blames all of this on DH, and hits him on his chest. DH is outraged.

IM is reading, and DH goes to him, and slaps him, over and over. IM asks why is he like this? DH holds him by this shirt, and asks who his mother is? IM helplessly says its the mother I have right now. DH asks then why did he say those things, and bring up his dead mother, and hurt GH? He asks what the reason is? IM says it was when he heard about CH and IH’s marriage, and got mad. He says sorry. DH pushes him on the sofa, and asks if he really believed that? CH is just a pet they raised all these years. If we don;t pet him once in a while, he will run off crazily. He warns IM, if he hurts “his woman” one more time, he will never forgive him! He tells him to put his hand on his chest and carefully think about how GH raised him all these years. DH leaves, and IM cleans his lip, with a deadly look.

CH is telling KC to eat up, or he will get dizzy. KC confesses her met HJ, and slapped her. He knows him well, and that he is stubborn, so if he doesn’t stop seeing her, he won’t have any choice but to harass her. CH is absolutely crushed, as he asks what nonsense is this, father? If he wants to hit someone, hit him, why HJ? KC looks at him with really creepy eyes, saying he can blame him all he wants, he will go to hell and take all the punishments, so he needs to break up with HJ. CH is so angry, he heading is trembling. KC says this is the only way they can all live well. CH grins telling him that he spoke well, but when he decides something, he never looks back, even if he too ends up in hell. He gets up and leaves. KC looks on bitterly, and eats rice.

HJ is cleaning and thinks back to how KC slapped her, and what he told her. She gets a call from DS. DS asks if she is doing well? Work isn’t hard right? HJ says she likes it, and DS is happy to know that. HJ asks why GH wanted to see her? DS says there is not reason to see that woman. HJ wonders then why did GH ask for her address? DS tells her to listen, they will be coming to her on Sunday. After hanging up, DS tries to control her emotions.
HJ comes out of her room to find JW standing there. He is heading out, and she says she will cook food, he says she should have told him sooner, he liked home cooked meals. She asks if he eats out everyday? From now on, she will make breakfast and dunner for him, as gratitude. CH comes running in calling for HJ, and sees JW and greets him. CH asks to see HJ for a bit.

CH tells her he heard about his dad slapping her. She says its not a big deal, she is more worried about oppa. She says his dad seemed really mad, will he be okay? CH asks if she doesn’t even feel anger towards his dad? She says its her that is resentful. She says he worked so hard to get her, if she too had worked a little harder, and fought with her mom a little more, she could’ve gone to college. She says over the years, he has risen up, but she is still at the same place. His father cherished him so much, so its normal for him to hate her. CH calls her a fool, she did what she could, what more could she have done in her situation? She says getting hit by KC actually made her more at ease, b/c she is lacking for him. girl, you make no sense right now. She says through this, she also confirmed how much she loves him, b/c even after that, she didn’t want to break up with him. awww (but I still ship her with KS.. why am i so biased? lol) He hugs her, and he cries. She says she won’t waver, she will one day get his approval, after succeeding. She hears him weep, and asks why? CH says he is sorry. She asks why? as a man, crying like a fool? He says he is so sorry. She pats him. (shouldn’t¬†this be the other way around? him comforting her?)

HJ’s whole family offcially moves into JW’s house. They all greet him, and he happily welcomes them. HJ introduces JJ to JW, saying he named her. JW goes out with ST to help carry the luggage inside.

The next day, HJ goes to KS’s home. She asks him why he called her here for work? He says she wanted to learn design. She says its still his house, he says its his personal office, though he sleeps here. She looks at him, and he asks if her heart is fluttering b/c she is here? oh god, this man! She says though he should know already, she is stronger than oppa. He pretends to be scared. She goes in and sees the board fulled with articles about DH and Cheonji. KS immediately covers them. He tells her to address him as “master” from here on. She laughs.

IH goes to see KS’s GF. He asks why she came here again? She says she missed him. She asks if he liked the beef she got him last time? He says he threw it away, its not good for his body. This time she got him wild ginseng, b/c its good for health. He asks if her dad knows she is here? She says its her life, not her dad’s, sp lease accept the present. He gets up telling her to leave. She tells him if she marries KS, he will get Cheonji. She also wants to know where KS lives.

At KS’s home, he is busy teaching HJ all these really complicated equations. She is smart enough to keep up. He is impressed, and tries to rub her hair, and she his hand away, telling him there should be no physical contact! He leans in close to her, and asks if inside, she is actually enjoying it (him touching her). She asks if he wants to get hit? He asks what kin of a disciple is she? She should respect her teacher. She says that doesn’t apply to this. She threatens him to move away from her. Just then, the door bell rings, KS goes to see the cam, its IH! OMG the GF actually told her the address, thats funny! He is totally stunned, how does she always find him?!! HJ goes to see who it is, and as soon as she sees its IH, she opens the door and lets her him. KS is trying to tell her not to open the door but its too late. IH is displeased seeing HJ there too, HJ says they were working. She says that doesn’t make sense, they should work at a public place, why at home? KS says that’s up to him to decide! IH tells HJ to see her for a bit. KS says they are working right now! IH says she needs to do something to as a woman! KS scoffs.

HJ tells IH they were learning about¬†designing¬†ships. IH tells her she’s liked KS since elementary school days. HJ wows at the fact that IH’s liked him for 20 years. IH tells her she is serious. HJ says she won’t get in the way, but she wants to really learn about design. IH says she trusts her,, its KS she doesn’t trust, he used to follow her when they were younger too. HJ says he was learning welding from her back then, and she too has someone she likes, its been 15 years now. IH is happy for her, and asks who it is? HJ says she will tell her later. IH says she will believe her, since they are friends, but if she betrays her, she won’t just watch. She only has KS in her life, she can give up her parents too if she has to. IH tells her not to go to KS’s home again, she doesn’t like it.

KC is reading CH’s text message from HJ (it’s¬†Chief¬†Prosecutor¬†on his phone, as an alias), thanking him for helping her family move. CH snatches his phone from KC when he sees this. KC asks if this is how he’s been seeing her behind his back all this time? He even helped her family move? CH is ignoring this, and about¬†to¬†leave, when KC says this way that girl will suffer¬†more! CH makes it clear to him taht if he bothers HJ, he will leave this house!! WAY TO GO! PROUD OF HIM! KC is so upset and angry, he takes the sofa pillow and throws it over and over. Then he almost starts crying.

IM comes downstairs, and GH asks if he is heading to the gym? He ignores her, until she says his name. She asks why he is like this lately? He says whats the point of talking, she will just tell father everything. this boy is so rotten, i hope he dies soon..i am so mean. She asks what is he talking about? He says a stepmom is a stepmom. GH is crushed and falls to the floor, is disbelief.

She goes outside, and looks over the ocean. She takes out YJ’s clothing, and her picture and burns it. She cries hysterically as she watches the picture burn. NOOO this was proof!!

DS, JW and the family are ready to eat dinner. HJ walks in with BH, who she met at the doorstep. JW invited her, he thought she would like seeing everyone here. DS asks if she is his grilfriend? JW says no, and BH says yes at the same time. HJ reminds DS that BH is the person who helped them, she is GH’s little sister. BH says its nice to see them, she goes around to JW, and pushes YJ away, who is sitting next to him. BH sits beside JW. BH asks for wine, and DS and YJ just stare at her. lol

BH is drunk and sings, YJ calls her an ajumma and tells her to stop singing. BH says she isn’t an ajumma! JW tells them to try singing. All the siblings dress up, and HJ says she is the rapper today, her name is “the tinker”. ¬†YJ says she is the dancer, with the pretty body. JW claps, and BH glares. JJ is in charge of singing, and she is called “the young chick”. They all point to ST, ¬†and say “oppa Ulsan Style”, and he dances the gangnam style dance. after a while all of them start dancing to gangnam style, including DS. BH tries to push JW out to dance, but he ends up letting go, making her fall.

BH walks into JW’s room to sleep. JW tells her to go to HJ’s room. She says she can’t sleep without a bed, so JW tells her to go home then. She is drunk, and starts crying, asking why he wants her to go home, this late? She is about to hit him, asking if he knows what a gentleman is? He holds her hand in defense, and she ends up completely passing out on his bed. He wonders why he called her? lol they are cute!

HJ is washing dishes, and DS comes behind her and watches her. She thinks back to all the times she hurt HJ as a child. Slapping her, pulling her hair etc. She cries feeling so bad and guilty at how she didn’t even get to go to college. She thinks back to GH¬†saying¬†she lost the child, and remembers the picture. She gets emotional watching HJ. HJ tunrs to see her, and asks why she cries? Does she miss father? HJ hugs her, and they both cry silently.

BH is sleeping on the bed, and JW is on the floor. BH falls off, and she sees JW sleeping on the floor, so she purposely lays next to him. He moves further away not realizing, and she rols towards him, and puts one leg on top of him. He wakes up, and leaves. BH gets up and asks herself if she is a woman?

HJ is sitting outside, and JW sits next to her. She says she is thinking of father. He asks if things are well with CH? He asks if she wants him to be her uncle? She lost her dad, and he lost her¬†niece, he needs family. Can’t he be like a uncle/father. She says ajusshi… He asks fi she doesn’t want him to be her uncle? So she starts again, calling him samchun (uncle in¬†Korean). She says she would like that. She will tell him if she is having a hard time from now on,since he has always listened. He pats her back.

HJ is coming out to get on her bike the next morning, and sees KC lurking on the corner. not creepy at all.

The go by the¬†ocean¬†to talk. He is really angry, he turns to HJ and it looks like he is about to hit her again, so she closes her eyes, and turns her head, preparing for it. Seeing this, he just breaks down, and falls to his knees,¬†crying. She opens her eyes and is absolutely shocked seeing him kneeling to her. She gets down and asks what he is doing? He says since she’s known CH for 15 years, she must know about him. She tells him to get up. He tells her that CH’s mom left him, when he was an infant, b/c he was so useless, and lived like a servant. After that, he lived for CH, like a rat. He couldn’t die even if he wanted to. He says he knows he has made many sins towards her, and he will go to hell for it. But since he’s already turned into a¬†monster, he has to ask for a favor. If she truly likes CH, for his future, let him go. He must marry IH, so he can own Cheonji. HJ tells him, hopelessly, that IH doesn’t think the same way. KC says thats ok, CH can live with that. ¬†OMG CH, your father is a madman, psycho. He begs her to leave CH alone. He begs and cries. HJ is at a loss, she is getting emotional.

HJ stands on the big rocks by the water, and texts CH. She holds her phone against her chest, and ¬†tears up. CH gets the text, it says she doesn’t think they can be together, sorry oppa. He calls her immediately, but she doesn’t answer.

DH is telling KS that he wants to use the propeller his own company makes. KS asks if they are actually thinking about making a thruster here? DH says if it doesn’t work they will get it from, Rolls Royce, as planned. DH tells him to give them a chance, he is korean too, would’t it be nice to see their technology advance? ¬†KS says thats all fine, but the matter is of a promise (that he made to his company). DH says he cheated too, by hiring a employee that was already eliminated (HJ). KS is upset, he says that doesn’t make sense, 1 employee cannot be compared to a 20 billion won propeller. DH says it makes sense to him. If he went through all that to hire HJ, isn’t she valuable to him then? KS is pissed.

KS comes downstairs and sees HJ standing there, with her back turned to him. She is quietly crying. He goes to her “hey tinker”. She notices him and tries to wipe her tears. He asks why she is here? She wipes her tear, and shiff in her nose, saying its nothing. He holds her hand, and turns her to face him. He sees her red eyes, from all the crying. He is really affected seeing her like this, wide eyed. CH calls out HJ’s name, and comes takes her hand and is dragging her away. ¬†KS butts in, and takes CH’s hand away from HJ’s. CH is really not in the mood for this. KS asks “what are you?” CH glares at him, KS seems to be more concerned about HJ, as he looks at CH.


DH voiceover: Are you saying IH likes KS? (IH and KS are at a restaurant, and he is annoyed)

GF to KS: can’t you get married to IH? (KS standing by his¬†window, sighing, holding onto HJ’s headband.)

KS: so you want me to get into that family as a son in law, and take over Cheon Ji?

(DH shaking hands with HJ, smiling)

IM to HJ: you must be an expert at seducing men.

HJ to him: be careful of what you say. ( in a really cold way)

BH: until the day my breathing becomes hard.

CH kisses HJ on the cheek to her surprise.

KC handing DS money: Why are you letting the kids meet, i even gave you money? (CH and HJ seen at night by the water, holding hands)

DS to KC: you are just a butler at someone’s home! How dare you be rude to my daughter! (WOO HOO WAY TO GO! )

CH opening the car door for HJ and unbuckling her, KC is watching in disgust from afar.

KS grabs CH by the collar: Give up on HJ, you bastard!

3 thoughts on “May Queen Episode 11 Recap

  1. Thank you so much. A very good and detailed recap that is helping me to understand this Korean drama. The story line is also interesting plus good acting by the leading characters.

  2. Even though IH’s father is evil, I can’t help but feel happy during his conversation with IM regarding KC as “rewarding his pet once in awhile”. (Since that means IH and CH won’t be together at least for now). At this point I HATE KC’s character the most for his treatment of HJ and disregard for his son’s feelings. I think KC is delusional to think that he can marry CH with IH and take over the company.
    BUT THEN I saw the preview and when DH finds out that IH likes KS, I can’t help but feel that he’d rather have CH as a son-in-law rather than KS since he knows that KS has plans of revenge and he probably thinks he can easily manipulate CH like his father.

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