May Queen Episode 10 Recap

the alternative preview for tomorrow’s episode:

Question. Who do you think is better suited for HJ? Though I really love CH, personally him and HJ make kind of a boring couple. And the drama won’t get much out of that. KS and HJ on the other hand, they are interesting. In the synopsis of the drama it’s obvious that CH does not get HJ, after finding out about his father’s secret. Honestly no matter what, if him or HJ find out about it, things can’t go back to the way they used to be. But then what would be interesting is how HJ will develop feelings for KS. he is such a charmer, but it doesn’t work on her. And KS’s going to be shattered when he finds out HJ is dating CH, or maybe he will pretend to be happy. But as far as I know KS, he is the type to show his true feelings, and not suppress them.


KS comes in and throws the papers everywhere. HJ picks them up and KS regnizes her and she does him, from the club. KS asks if she remembers his face? he is still hurting. IM asks f he knows her? KS asks him who is she? The interviewer woman says she is a new possible employee for there tech development team. KS asks if they are hiring a gangster? HJ looks at him, and IM asks what gangster? HJ says its a misunderstanding. KS smirks and says she should say sorry if its a misunderstanding. HJ whispers to him that she is here for something important, and KS says so is he. IM tells HJ to get out. HJ has no choice but to leave since he doesn’t want to listen to anything she has to say.  She glares at KS as she leaves, but KS’s face looks indifferent,  as he snatches the papers from her hands. (he’s going to regret this so bad, when he finds out who she is). IM asks KS to wait until he finishes his interviews. KS says he doesn’t know about that but to him the 900 Million dollar drill ship is more important. IM tells him to talk in honorifics at least, he is the director of this division. KS tells him to stop joking around. IM stands up and says what? KS says when they were younger he was never as smart as CH, but did he become blind too? Thats why he got beaten by him everyday. IM is totally taken by surprise, are you KS? he asks. KS tells him he should at least look into his background when he is this important, or is it b/c he got so handson, that he couldn’t be recognized?

KS comes out of the building, and IH comes there, and gets out of her car. KS’s face says “oh not again”. He asks if she put a tracker on him? she says its fate. He is leaving and she asks where is he going? he tells her to use her “tracker”. She wants to go with him. She asks if he is going to the ocean, since he owns a yacht. He says if she likes oceans, he will go to the mountains, and if she likes mountains, he will go to the ocean. She threatens him that she will tell her dad who he really is. He asks if this is how she expects him to trust her? He says he already told and got lectured about it. She is upset, she was ready to throw her family away for him. KS pretends to care, but then gets on his bike and drives off.

HJ is watching a ship being built, from the ground, and she looks up at it. KS stops his bike and notices her staring at the ship building, sighing. He stares at her until a car behind him honks. He drives off. He keeps looking at her through his rear view mirror.

CH is calling HJ but there is no answer.He thinks back to what his dad said about if he marries IH, he will beat IM, and take over Cheon Ji. This is the reason his dad suffered for so long. He calls his dad and says he has something to say.

HJ is at the big rock (where she used to come when she was younger). She apologizes to her dad for not visiting much, and tears up. She says if she was hired, she was planning on coming here everyday. She says she really wanted this job. CH is behind her (when did he get here?) and he touches her shoulders. He says he knew she would be here, her phone was off. If she has passed, she would’ve called him. She says she wasn’t able to show them any of the things she prepared for. She tells him she saw IM, and recognized him since he is still a jerk. He asks if IM recognized her? and she says no he didn’t, he only say her education level. CH takes a deep breath, trying to supress his anger towards IM, and calmly asks if she is okay? She says this isn’t the 1st time she went through this, she might never be able to stay to him. CH becomes sad, and she tells him not to be sad. She says she even got new heels and good clothes from him. He says she should be wearing the heels, and she is scared they will break b/c of the rocks. He smiles and they leave to go eat somewhere. She almost falls, so CH carries her. She says she might be heavy for him. He says he is a man, but as soon as he carries her, he complains about how heavy she is. They both laugh. She says this reminds her of when her dad used to carry her.

KC is waiting at a restaurant happily.

CH brings HJ there, who is not at all aware that she is being taken in to meet KC. KC is confused seeing her. CH says she is someone he wants to marry, and HJ greets him saying she is HJ, its been a while. KC is not pleased. CH tells him to sit down but he walks off, and CH can’t stop him. HJ asks why he brought her here? He says if he told her, she wouldn’t have come. She tells him to go after KC, but he says he has to face this someday.

KC is in the restaurant hall, disturbed, he thinks back to how he killed Chun that night.

CH says sorry to HJ for not telling her. She tells him that she didn’t prepare anything. He says when will she prepare? he can’t wait any more. He says if they separate now, they won’t be able to see each other for another month or two. They have never been able to meet comfortable for even an hour. He will try to convince his dad, so she should not worry over it. She says that’s not the only problem, she also has family. If she isn’t there, they can’t do anything. He asks if now he has to wait until her family becomes rich? how long can she keep taking care of her mom, brother, and sisters? She says they are family. He says they are the people that are stopping her from being happy. Is that family? Can she for once think about her own happiness? HJ looks down, almost ready to cry. CH says its ok, he will take responsibility for them, so lets marry each other. She tells him to stop this nonsense, its her job to take care of them. She isn’t that shameless. She wants to work too. He tells her to work, she can work at Cheon Ji, he will beg IM to get her a job. She asks why he has to go that far? He says its b/c he loves her! He calls her a dummy, does she not know he loves her? Just then KC comes back in, and trees to pull CH out to talk. He tells him to talk here, and KC screams at him to come out when he tells him to. HJ is upset.

in the hall, CH tells him he had no choice. KC doesn’t want to hear it, they can talk when they get home. CH tells him to at least accept HJ’s greeting, its not like she is a stranger. HJ comes there, and KC (omg he is so UGLY..i am so mean, but its the truth) can;t look at her. HJ apologizes for shocking him like this, and he says he has nothing to say to her. He shouts at her, saying she gives him the creeps, so she should get out of his sight! (old man, you give me the creeps with your horrible over reacting acting). CH is outraged, he asks whats wrong with him? HJ tells CH she will call him later, she says sorry to KC and runs out. CH calls out her name, to try to stop her. KC grabs him and tells him not to go. CH asks what is wrong with him? how can he send someone off like that, no matter how angry he is? KC tells him not to go, kill him first, then go.

HJ is at the bus terminal, dropping tears. She cleans her heels.

At CH’s home, he tells his dad that he”s been seeing HJ for 15 years now. He didn’t tell him b.c he knew all the high hopes he had in him since he was little. He says HJ is the reason he is a person today, if she wasn’t there, he would’ve become a monster living in the type of environment they did. KC doesn’t care, he only sees him as Cheon Ji’s son in law. He says after suffering for so long, he finally sees a peak. Has he forgotten how his father lived? WOW some father you are KC, you should care for your son’s happiness first and foremost. CH says he hasn’t forgotten, he wanted more revenge on them than he did. He can crush over DH and IM if he wants him to, but thats not all to life. He wants to be happy too, and HJ is his happiness. KC tells him to stop talking about the impossible!!! CH shouts out “ABOJI”! KC tells him to either kill him and go to her, or become DH’s son in law. He has nothing more to say. A tear falls out of CH’s eyes.

DH is in his office with IM, going over all the achievements KS has accomplished. KS is currently working for a company called “Noble” with a high salary package. DH throws down the papers, and says he though the tiger was dead (KS’s grandfather), but he was raising his cub.  IM is confused, he says that KS was always last in school, so how can that same person be an MIT graduate? They have to be forged and fake degrees. DH tells him to not be stupid, a big oil drilling company like Noble would not have such standards. The door knocks, and DH tells the person outside to come in. It’s KS! ahh he is a handsome oppa lol. milky white Kim Jae Won. (i am a but of a fan!) He greets DH, and DH claps happily, asking why he didn’t tell him he was KS? KS says it would be awkward if he said it himself. Is he really the superintendent of Noble? KS says he was more surprised, when he took Hae Poong, he didn’t know he would become such a conglomerate. DH asks him straight, is it b/c of his grudge that he is being so hard on the inspection? KS smiles and says no, he is just an employee, and can’t act on his own judgement, he has no such power. Even though he has a grudge, he can’t do anything to someone so high up. He should just lay low. DH smiles and nods. KS asks if there is anything else he has to say? he has some work to do. DH tells him to talk later then, they will be seeing more of him now. DH laughs, and IM looks at KS, he seems to be holding in all the happiness inside of him. KS just smiles like he doesn’t care.

KS comes to his work place, he asks a female worker (her name is Team Leader Cho) if she finished the production sheet? (the worker is the same woman who was in the interview room with HJ and IM). She isn’t done, so KS asks why she is so slow? but he is smiling midst saying it. so intimidating. She says they need someone to finish it, they are reviewing final candidates. KS is going into his office, when the view of HJ flashes in his head from this morning when she was staring at the ship building. He asks Cho if that firl from earlier (HJ) failed her interview b/c of him? Cho says “oh Miss Chun Hae Joo? it was b/c she wasn’t qualified”. KS turns around relieved that it wasn’t his fault but then processes the name in his head. He looks at Cho and asks her to repeat the name. Cho says its Chun Hae Joo, why? He is totally stunned, the girl from earlier is HJ, the HJ he knew when he was little. He wants to look at her resume. He reads HJ’s resume, family details, father deceased, mother: Dal Soon, Brother: Chun Sang Tae..he throws his hands down, and lets out a sigh. He hits his thighs, upset and regretful, and calls himself a idiotic fool.

HJ comes to the soju stand, and DS asks how it went? Did she get dropped again from the interview? ST is drinking with his friends, and says oh look its the pillar of our family, HJ. He goes to her and tells her he quit his job, he will open his own business, and make her smile. She asks if he even has moeny to run a business? His friends feel the bad vibe and get ready to leave. HJ tells them to pay up for all the things they ate. ST says its okay, she doesn’t know since she didn’t go to college so she doesn’t know about college friendship. HJ demands they pay the money, and his friend says he will pay, but ST tells him not to listen to her. HJ takes the moeny, and tells DS she will go change her clothes. ST is angry, and he runs after HJ.

HJ comes home and sees JJ washing dishes. She tells her not to do housework. ST comes and asks if she thinks he is funny b/c she earns money? She tells him to stop, she is trying to hold in her anger. But he pulls her hair so she puts him to the ground and pulls his arm the other way. ST immediately says sorry. DS comes in and stops this. HJ asks DS why she isn’t doing anything about him quitting his job? She says its b/c HJ picks on him everyday. They need to encourage him. HJ says if he had done things to make her respect him. DS says they should at least see how he does in business. HJ argues with what money is he planning on running a business? He wasted so much money already, so now they are paying monthly rent. ST flips the table, and tells her to stop. HJ and him start fighting. YJ comes out and tells them to STOP! they tell her to study but how can she?

HJ goes to her room. She cries looking at Chun’s picture, asking why her life is not getting better? JJ comes and hugs her, she says sorry, and she will work hard, and study, so she can ease her troubles. aww she is such a sweetie 🙂 HJ says its okay, she was just upset, but continues to cry.

BH is waiting in a restaurant for JW. She is wearing a very cleavage dress which is covered by a leather jacket. She did it on purpose. JW comes in and BH greets him all sweetly. she is trying to seduce him, bottom line. lol but he is very disinterested, he says oh you’re here? let’s go up. They sit down. it’s IH’s restaurant and she comes to take their orders. She eyes at BH, and BH eyes back. JW puts on his glasses to look at the menu. BH takes off her jacket, showing lots of cleavage. JW is reading the menu and says he doesn’t know what to get. She tells him to order what she wants. This place is expensive, his salary will be used up. she whispers in a flirty manner. JW notices IH still standing there, and BH makes an order. IH says she will bring them as soon as possible.

IH calls her mom, and tells her that BH is here with the deputy prosecuter. something’s  going one with them. She is even drinking wine elegantly, when she usually drinks one shot of soju. JW is yawning. lol They start eating and he asks how the drilling team project is going? basically they talk about work. BH asks if all he thinks of is work when they meet? JW asks what’s wrong with that? isn’t that their common interest? BH throws a punch on the table looking crushed and loudly shouts how is that their common interest? she says lately there are lots of murder cases with motive. He says yea, thats how most cases are. She throws a spoon on his face, and screams: YAH!! she will pull out his teeth, she slams the fork on the table. She gets up and leaves. JW has no idea what happened. She tells him he should have enough sense to know why she is mad. jerk, she says.

She mutters as she walks away, that he doesn’t look at her face, or her breasts. lol she calls him a horrible bastard. HAHAH. She hears IH talking about her on the phone, about how BH threw a spoon on his face. BH is holding the pads she had stuffed inside, she asks if they look like pads that can seduce a man? IH asks GH on the phone if she heard? BH must be in an unrequited love. IH asks what’s wrong with her voice? GH says she is just tired.

GH and IM sit to have a talk. GH brings him a glass of juice, but her hands are shaking as she places the glass on the table. IM’s cold eyes pierce at her. She asks how long it’s been since he knew? (that she isn’t his real mom). He puts his glass down arrogantly, and says that’s not really important now is it? She asks again. He says he used to have dreams since he was younger. A mother who died and a little IH crying next to her. He realized later that it was not a dream. GH is trying to hold in her emotions. IM looks straight at her, and says he also knows that when his mother died, his father was not there, b/c he was with her. GH explains that her and DH didn’t know until afterwards that she died. Does IH know? IM says he isn’t stupid, its ok if he is hurt, there isn’t a need to hurt his sister. IM gets up and gets his bag, GH stands up too and tells him that no matter what anyone says he is her son, ok? IM just looks at her coldly, and walks away. GH controls her breathing, and she sighs, as a tear comes out of her eye.

HJ is at the soju stand working, and she thinks back to how CH told her he loved her, and then how KC told her not not show her face to him. HJ cries, aww poor girl. 😦 DS is watching her, and looks hurt watching HJ like this. She asks why she is crying? She says its not b/c of ST. DS tells her to drink soju, it will ease her. HJ says no, it will make her cry more. She continues to quietly cry, and DS looks concerned. She says “Hae Joo-yah..” but HJ’s phone rings. HJ knows its CH, and doesn’t pick up. DS asks why she isn’t picking it up? HJ wonders if something is in her eyes? why do tears keep falling? DS is getting sad watching her.

CH is trying to call again but it goes to voice mail. He looks worried.

The next day, HJ is heading out when a man from Cheon Ji tells her to come with him. He drops her off at a yacht dock, and tells her to walk that way.

She goes on the yacht, and KS comes behind her. He looks at her clothes and says they looks great. its totally sarcastic. She sees him and says “oh its that jerk”. He asks her if she said something? She asks why he is here? Cheon Ji people called her here. He says he is the shipowner’s superintendent for the ship being built in Cheon Ji. She is surprised. They sit down. He asks how she got so many licenses?  He calls her tactless b/c she is quiet. He says he is giving her a chance at a interview. He asks why she still works at a temporary position? She says she has worked in permanent positions before too. He says with her skills she should find jobs at shipbuilding plants. She says but those plants what a degree not a skill. Out of no where, he asks if she had a crush on someone as a kid? LOL i know where he is going with this. He moves next to her. He asks again. She says there was someone. He puts his glass down, as if he is ecstatic, but remains composed. He gets close to her face ans asks what kind of a person was he? She asks what this has to do with an interview? He wants to know her sentiments.  A person that made her heart pound as a kid. He asks if she has a boyfriend right now? He touches her hair and says if she doesn’t, than what about him? ohh this flirt. i love him. She talks in satoori, and asks if this has to do with her sentiment? He laughs saying he missed that dialect of hers. She throws wine on his face, calling him a jerk. She is walking away and he asks while cleaning out his eye if she doesn’t remember him? She asks why would she? He holds her hand to stop her, and she throws him in the water. She says if he is a superintendent, she is Miss Korea, she walks away. While KS is in the water, trying to keep up with all of this. 
HJ gets a call from Cheon Ji, asking if she met Ryan Kang? He said he would give her the job. She runs back to KS, who is trying to swim out of the water, but as soon as he sees her, he pretends to be drowning. She tries to pull him out but he pushes her into the water. Eventually, she pulls him out of the water, and he pretends to be passed out. She does CPR on him, and the second time she does mouth to mouth, he kisses her back. She calls him a pervert! He opens his eyes, and says nice to meet you, welder. She finally recognizes him, as she says “Liar”?

They both are sitting in the yacht, him with new clothes, and HJ is wrapped in a towel (she is wearing clothes inside). He complains if this is how a friend should be treated after meeting 15 years later? especially when he is trying to help her out? getting kicked into the ocean? She says he should have told her. He wanted to surprise her, he comments on how she is still the same. She says liar oppa hasn’t changed either. He smiles, and with a changed, more serious tone, he says he thought of her a lot. she didn’t did she? She says of course she did, from time to time. He brightens up, and asks really? she says she thought of him every time she saw the drill ship he gave her. He is touched that she still has it. She says it was the first present she ever received in her life. He says he will show her something better, a real drill ship. He needs her help with it. She says she doesn’t know much about it. He says she can learn. She looks happy and touched. He leans in closer and asks who her first love really was? She taps his forehead with a spoon and says it wasn’t “liar” so don’t worry about it. She eats the food, and he watches her like a happy kid.

DH comes to see GF. He talks about how KS grew up well. He was so busy enjoying his victory he forgot that he was raising a weapon again him, KS. GF wonders if KS can even get that far. DH warns him that he won’t do anything as long as KS doesn’t throw a knife without realizing who he’s up against. GF drinks his soju.

The next day, GF is at KS’s home. KS is so happy to have him there. He asks what his plans are? he told DH who he is? KS says it was going to be known to everyone eventually. KS says there is no point in telling him his plans yet. But he wants GF to take over a propeller factory. it’s one of DH’s subcontractor’s. KS asks why DH is interested in oil? he is already a chaebol from shipbuilding. thats the only thing he doesn’t know about DH.

HJ is standing by a lighthouse, and CH comes there. She smiles at him and he walks straight to her, and hugs her. He tells her about how worried he was. She asks if KC is okay? CH lies that his dad regrets saying all the mean things. She catches his lie and tells him not to, she sees through him. CH says time will solve everything. He touches his cheek and says he’s become thin. She asks if they should take a break until his dad agrees. He tells her not to waver b/c of this. She nods. He asks why she came to see him all the way here? She tells him the good news that she got accepted into Cheon Ji. She asks him to guess who she met today?

Scene shifts to KS, he is in his room listening to symphony.

Back to HJ and CH. CH is totally surprised, KS in Ulsan? She tells him about his position in Cheon Ji. He asks if Ryan Kang is KS? She says KS hasn’t changed, he is filled with mischievousness and energy. She says she most likely got accepted b/c of him though he says no. CH is thankful to KS for helping her out in his place. He did miss that brat a bit. He asks when she starts? She says she starts tomorrow. She says she will need a place to stay at temporarily,

CH takes her to JW’s house. HJ is excited to see him again, and she introduces herself and he is ecstatic to see her. He gives her a hug and says she grew up well. They go inside and JW says he looked for her for so long. CH says she got a job at Cheon Ji so she needs a place to stay. JW says her family can move in with him, he has 3 rooms to spare. JW then asks when the two started being in contact? CH says it’s been a while. He asks if they are dating? They both blush, CH says they are. JW laughs saying and says he though CH was slow but he is faster than him. JW says they match well.

CH comes home, and sees food uneaten. KC is lying in his room, with the most hideous pout. CH brings him a dish, and says him acting like this won’t change his feelings for HJ.  CH leaves. KC gets out of his bed, looking like idk what. He is frustrated, but about to cry.

JW is showing HJ to her room, and the rooms her family will use. She says he should use the master room. He says he doesn’t need it, he is barely home /bc of work. he is so humble. She says with her salary, she doesn’t know how much rent she can pay. He scolds her, that there is no money discussions in their relationship. She can give him as much as she can afford. If there is a problem they can discuss it later. HJ says when she gets a raise, she will pay back. She is thankful. He says its b/c she reminds him of her niece. HJ remembers the letter she read that Yoo Jin’s father/ JW’s brother wrote to his daughter. JW tells her that if Yoo Jin was alive, she would have been her age. HJ asks how, at such a young age did she die? Just then BH comes there, already in a foul mood. BH asks who HJ is? She is shocked, and wonders if JW was actually this type of a man, that just acted aloof. LOL HJ greets her since she remembers her. BH says she won’t greet back. JW laughs and asks BH if she recognizes her? She shouts who is she, in a jealous tone. its HJ! BH finally remembers “oh that little brat?” HJ glares at her and calls her an ajumma. JW laughs. BH laughs with him saying she grew up a lot. HJ bows at them.

The nex tday, HJ goes to work and introduces herself. Cho confronts her, and tells her to go meet Chairman IM, all arrogantly.

HJ goes to see IM, and says she will work hard. He asks how they know each other? KS and her? She says she met him during a fight, but it was a misunderstanding. IM says ok, and tells her to leave conceitedly. He murmurs that KS is a werid bastard.

Cho instructs her on her job.

GH is heading out to meet BH at the company, who didn’t come home last night. IH says there is sometihng going on with aunt BH. She tells her to meet DH when she goes there too, and have a nice meal. GH asks what it is that she wants? IH says she wants to lauch an outdoor fashion thing but DH doesn’t approve. GH asks if she is already tired of working with restaurants? IH says she wanted to do this for a while, since she studied fashion in USA. GH says she will talk to DH. GH tells her to eat before leaving for work. IH says she will sleep a bit more, a president should be late at times. she is so spoiled but at least she isn’t those annoying mean type, but then again, give her some time.

GH heads out and sees KC standing by the fence looking at the ocean. She asks if he is sick? his face doesn’t look great. (his face never looks great). BH comes there, hungover. She got kicked out of JW’s home, and she drank. She won’t be going to work. She tells GH she met HJ, IH’s school friend. She is staying at JW’s home. GH is processing this, and KC is unsettled. BH continues that she is working in the sea division of the company. GH gets in her car on her way to the company. KC runs to his home.

GH is telling the driver to go faster.

KC is driving his car, following her. omg after killing Chun, he still has the guts to get back on the road. KC is held back b/c of a red light.

GH goes to the company and asks Cho where HJ is? GHJ goes to the bathroom, and sees HJ’s burn mark on the back of her neck. GH recognizes it, and remembers how she got it. She tries to touch it, and HJ turns around, and GH asks if she is HJ? HJ greets her, as madam.


KC hands money to DS: Don’t make her meet my son.

KC glaring at HJ

KS to HJ: you said you wanted to learn about blueprints. First, address me proerply.

HJ: what?

KS: call me “master”

DH holding IM by his t-shirt: Who is you mother? Look at me and answer me!

IM to GH; you’re my step mother. (GH falls to the floor)

HJ: And I am the rapper, the welder, HJ.

BH cuddles with a sleeping JW

CH to a man (who he probably hit to the floor): What are you talking about? Who?

The man: Park Ki Cheol

CH looks like he is about to shatter b/c he is so shocked. (OMG did he find out the secret?)

10 thoughts on “May Queen Episode 10 Recap

  1. Thanks for the recap. I love the ch and hj couple. Love the way ch kiss her on the cheek while she was sleeping, love the way they had this romantic first live moments when they were younger. since they were teenagers, they’ve kept their love for 15 years. That’s something you can’t change so fast except the writers turn ch to an evil guy, which I dont wish at all. Anyway i love your recap thaaankkkk youuu so much.

  2. Thanks muchly for the full recap:) I totally agree about KC, because of his grotesque facial expressions throughout the drama I came thisclose to giving up altogether… the guy takes pathetic to a whole new level!

  3. Thanks for the recap. I like Kang-san a lot. Such a big mess, KS wants to take back GF’s company but HJ is GH’s daughter which is wife of DH. LOL

    • But technically DH killed HJ’s dad and stole his property/company so HJ is very much against DH so she would be on the same side as KS.

  4. Many thanks for the recap! I for one love the CH and HJ couple! Too bad we all know how that will end but like someone above mentioned, they’ve been together for 15 years. They have such a deep mutual understanding and I love it when CH is talking to his dad saying that HJ was the only one that kept him from being a monster. Poor CH, he can’t be happy because of what KC did to BOTH HJ’s dads. At the beginning I thought KC was just an accomplice to killing HJ’s real dad so you can’t really blame him because DH threatened him and he didn’t do the actual killing so CH should still be with HJ. But since KC killed HJ’s step dad then it’ll be just that much harder for HJ to accept things. I can’t believe his nerves. He wants his son to get revenge by marrying IH? Why does he want his son to live through what he had to for his entire life. He should be happy that CH wants to break free. Plus I have a feeling that CH will be the one who will feel so guilty that he’ll break up with HJ without giving her an explanation. ='(

    • that’s what I predict too, CH will feel really guilty that he will let her go, and marry IH. I do like CH-HJ but i guess it’s b/c I really like KS’s personality, that I want him and HJ to end up together. To top it off, I for one am a huge Kim Jae Won fanatic, so I guess I am a teensy bit biased about him lol. I dread what’s to come to CH however, the poor man will be completely shattered. But what I hope never happens is: something happens to DH, and IM has to take over. If there is someone I hate more than DH, its his son. Thinking about him kills my mood -_-
      And I still think what KC did to GH is unforgivable, he watched her marry the man who killed her husband. Even though he was helpless b/c of DH’s threats. Especially when HJ turned up again, and then again in another 15 years. Towards the end of this episode, he still tried to stop GH from meeting HJ. that is super low of him, what is there for him to be scared of? His son is old enough to take care of himself, there is no point in hiding this secret any longer. grr I don’t like KC.

      • Well I’m curious to see how IH will agree to marrying CH. For the longest time she’s been holding a torch for KS so I don’t think she’ll agree without a fight. Though of course DH will oppose KS as his son in law. Plus it’s not like KS likes IH so it’ll be a losing battle for IH. Though I have to agree right now I don’t find IH annoying. Yes she’s spoiled but she seems harmless? But her claws are sure to come out when she finds out that KS likes HJ.

        Grr yes I find KC’s character SO ANNOYING!!!! How can CH have a father like him. I thought he would feel sorry for HJ after meeting her again but nope he doesn’t want to see her at all. He could have at least shown some remorse. I think at this point I hate KC more than DH. But I bet his retribution will be seeing his son CH miserably married to IH.

        As for IM taking over the company, I don’t see that as likely? DH sees IM as incompetent and once CH marries IH, I have a feeling DH will put CH in charge.

        I am also curious to see what will happen now that GH knows HJ is the daughter. Will she tell DH and will DH “accept” her? Will DH try to get rid of her? Though if she is accepted into the family then that will be doubly awkward during dinner where she has to eat with CH as her brother-in-law.

        Aack I haven’t seen a melodrama in awhile. Hope my heart can take it.

    • I think the show would reveal early on the birth secret (alibi:she almost drowned but HC saved and raised her), but not yet the real circumstances, so KC and DH are still off the hook. And my guess, GH finding out HJ is her daughter would understandably pour her all on HJ. And that’s gonna be a big blow for IH coz they are really close and she grew up hoarding the mom’s attention + KS affection for HJ, would just trigger her jealousy.

      I was thinking there’s a silver lining on HJ growing up with her current family. She grew up strong and balance. She was loved by HC, giving her an inner confidence and the hardships made her stronger. I’m still pissed with GH’s attitude and few episodes back (when she refuse to help/house the family).

      My heart really hurts for CH coz you know he just loves her so much and without his light(HJ), he’s gonna become a monster (as he told his dad). But, their story is just too complicated and painful.idk

      I AM LIKING Kang-san’s revenge attitude. He’s taking the high road on his revenge (if there is such a thing). CH, I hurt for you, but HJ is better off with KS. Kim Jae Won is rockin’ as KS.^^

  5. ah, I’m such in love with the ch-hj first innocent love couple. ohh, so ch will marry ih cos he found out that secret. poor him.. he has a good heart&had a hard childhood. bad fate force him to chose his father over hj. if this big trouble would not have happened, ch and hj would have grown up together in a healthy environment & could have had a chance to be happy ever after. but this whole issue is the point of a drama haha xD i totally agree with dramagirl, he is going to suffer a lot, letting go the love of his life. this is also the case for ih maybe she will be forced in this marriage too. i hope, the writers at least give ch and ih a happy life at the end. ^^ i’m curious now how ks and hj relationship evolves 🙂 he2, bloomingbird fav couple 😉 🙂

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