May Queen Episode 9 Recap


Episode 9:
Young HJ is in the water, she remembers her dad’s words, she opens her eyes, and swims up, she is somewhere in the water, and she sees lights on a nearby shore and swims there.
15 years later:
HJ is working as an engineer/welder, and a worker asks her to fix a problem that another worker screwed up on. HJ is very bright when it comes to her job, and gets it done bringing praises. HJ asks for a pay raise, but the boss says he can just buy her a meal. She rejects it and asks to leave for a bit.

She drives her motorbike to the market. She buys seafood, and she takes extra asking the market ajumma to let her take it since she is a regular, and kisses her on the cheek so the ajumma agrees. She drives home. DS is there lying on the floor, and HJ energetically calls her out, to get up. DS tells her to eat first, and ST comes out. She scolds him for waking up this late. She asks if he is doing well as a salesman? He tells her to stop nagging him. She also asks why a car was parked in their spot? They should have it towed. ST and DS exchange glances, and he tells her that its his car. She is shocked, and upset. DS takes the blame. HJ sees the car and asks how much it was? the engine is not working, and they were tricked into buying it. DS asks whats wrong with him buying a car, when she has a motorbike. HJ tells her that she made the bike herself by collecting each piece one by one. HJ is totally pissed off. She gets a message and runs off.

She reads her email, she got accepted into a company called Cheonji, and she has to attend a final interview. She is happy, and looks at her dad’s pic and says she did it.

Enter CH. Him and his men come into a comapny, and tell them to cooperate with their search warrant. There is huge ruckus, and CH takes a fire extinguisher and throws in on the glass dorr, shattering it. The head of the company comes there very angry. He tells them to sue him if they are upset, but he shows them the list of names. People that need to be arrested for doing wrong things. He calmly asks if he should get media involved in this too or are they going to come with him quietly? CH is leaving, after giving him the time of 5 seconds, and they give in.

CH comes home, he still lives on DH’s new property, which is huge. KC welcomes him, in proper shirt and pants, happily. CH came early so he can greet DH. He says he will go take a shower first. KC got him medicine, its good for health. CH tells him to eat it then, but KC gives it to him. CH drinks it and goes to take a shower, just then CH;s phone gets a text from “Chief” and KC tells CH that. CH comes out and looks at KC telling him its for work. He goes out to talk, and its none other then HJ. She asks if he is busy? Why does she always call him first? Why can’t he? Does the “Chief” have to text first? CH smiles/shy laugh asking what happened? She tells him she is coming to Ulsan. She says she misses him thats why, but truthfully, she has a interview at Cheon Ji Shipbuilding. She says when she comes she will be able to see him. He says in a passive tone “oh really””. She asks if he doesn’t want her coming? He says thats not it, he likes her coming here. Just then HJ’s boss calls her so she hangs up. CH is in deep thought after he hangs up. He sees DH’s whole family arrive.

He goes to greet them. It seems they got very rich after owning the ship industry. A grown up IH, IM are there too. (oh great IM is here..everybody let’s celebrate…not). DH and GH happily greet him. They came from IH’s restaurant, and he should’ve come too. IH too agrees, she says CH is too much, she invited him and also told him to bring co workers, but no one came. CH says its b/c he is busy. They head inside, and IM gives CH a glare.

DH is impressed with CH’s work, about how he recently caught another Ship company owner. DH tells him not to be too harsh on their punishment, since it will affect the economy, since DH needs that man. DH talks about how proud he is to have CH backing him up, if only IM was like that. They talk about some oilfield in Indonesia, and how IM didn’t do a good job in working things out with them. He is angry with IM. GH comes to remind him not to talk about work at home. DH then asks IM if the superintendent engineer has said anything? his name is Ryan Kang (hmm Kang..that sounds familiar). IH who is heading upstairs immediately comes downstairs hearing that name. She asks the name again, and IM repeat it. CH asks about what Ryan Kang does. and DH enlightens him that Ryan Kang is a genius, graduated from MIT. IH smiles.

Enter Ryan Kang aka Kim Jae Won, aka KS! He is on a yacht chilling with 4 girls wearing bikinis. hmm i sense a player/ girl magnet. A girl tries to hug him and he flinches, abruptly warning her “Don’t touch”! He then tells them to stop now. They ask if he doesn’t like them? He says he does, he likes the bikinis. He changes his clothes, and they get off the yacht, and go for a drive. Gangnam Style is playing in the car. Everyone stares at the girls in the bikinis and KS smirks.

They come into BH’s work place, and BH smiles at him knowing its Ryan Kang. He got something for the president, but he isn’t there. So KS throws the papers on the table, telling her to give them to him. He calls her “imo nim” = aunty. After he leaves, she is pissed, and screams at the bikini girls to get out and to call the president. LOL she is still the same.

HJ comes to the soju stand that they run. DS is working there. HJ tells her to leave, she needs to make dinner for YJ and Jin Joo (the newest sister, that was born in last week’s episode). DS asks if she can’t buy ST a car? he is at marriage age, and he can’t get girls b/c he doesn’t have a car. HJ asks how much money she earned today from the soju stand? She makes a point saying that this much money is so little, even if we work all day, and her pay too. They don’t have money to buy a car. Jin Joo comes holding a bucket, she is doing chores. HJ is upset, that JJ is too little to be doing this, and scolds DS. She goes to help her and asks where YJ is? She finds out that YJ is at a night club, and is really pissed, she gets on her motorbike and rides to get her.

KS is at that very night club, and many girls are trying to get his attention, some girl buys him a drink. YJ is there (in a silver colored wig) and locks KS as her target. She pulls him by his tie and brings him to the dance floor. HJ arrives, and sees KS and YJ really close to each other, almost like they will kiss any second. She get’s KS’s collar and pulls it to the point of almost shoking him. KS, terrified, asks if she is a gangster? She says she is this girl’s gangster unni. How dare he dance with someone underage. KS is stunned and asks YJ if she is underage? YJ denies it, and HJ grabs her by her hair, but ends up pulling her wig off. She then throws the wig and tries to grab her real hair, but KS stops her. He asks how she can do this to her sister? HJ is not in the mood to reason this out, she back flips him to the floor, and then gets a bucket of ice and throws it on him. This must have been traumatizing for him. lol. it was funny though. She then warns whoever the owner of this place is that if they let her sister in here one more time they are so dead. She grabs YJ out. KS can barely get up. outside, YJ tells HJ that the dress she is wearing is borrowed and if something goes wrong with it, they have to pay a whole month’s pay. HJ is shocked, and this gives YJ an opportunity to run off. While chasing her, HJ bumps into IH, but keeps running. IH shouts at her, but then sees HJ grab YJ and is torturing her. IH wonders whats wrong with those ppl. lol

KS in in the club, cleaning his clothes, and a girl walks up to him. She recognizes him as the person who ordered the drill ship. She too is a ship inspector. (her english pronunciation was a bit off) KS is impressed, and they are kind of getting to know each other when KS hears the familiar “San-ie Oppa”! He looks startled. How did she find him? She tells the girl to get away, KS is hers. The girls leaves telling KS he must be really popular, see ya. He too reluctantly says goodbye. He asks how she found him? She says she was always good at it. She drags him out. He asks if she told everyone at her home that he is Ryan Kang”? She asks if he thinks she is stupid? She knows about how her dad took his GFs company away. He asks why she is like this to him, when she knows everything? She grabs his arm and says so what? they can be the next Romeo & Juliet. He doesn’t want to lol. He tells her to let him go. She tells him he is drunk, she will take him. He laughs and then looks into her eyes and says tht her intentions seem to be different, and he runs off, calling his secretary. He gets in the car, after bidding her goodbye and telling her that this oppa loves her, as she tries to stop him. The car drives off, leaving IH standing there calling his name, saying its been so long since she saw him.

‘In the car, KS looks sad/deep in thought. They go to a old looking place, and he tells his driver to go home. He then goes to meet his GF there, who is eating ramen. KS nags that he should’ve told him to get some proper food. He tells him to come live with him, or he will get sick here. But GF doesn’t want to, he thinks that if a person who lost his company lives comfortably, he will never get it back. GF tells him to stop coming here, he will be caught. KS says he already got caught, by IH. KS tells him that he will fight DH fair and square, unlike the dirty tricks DH used on them. A will appear. GF coughs, and KS pats him telling him to go to the hospital, but he won’t until he gets Hae Poong back.

KS comes to his home, and sits on his desk after looking at a bunch of articles he put up on the board about DH taking over Hae Poong and making changes to it. The company is now called Cheon Ji. He turns on his laptop, and then opens to drawer to get HJ’s head band. He looks at it and smiles, remembering her. And then starts working, as if he gains strength through her memories.

At HJ’s home, HJ is scolding YJ, about why she skips tutoring? Does she want to end up living like her? YJ doesn’t want to go to college either, ST oppa went and still lives like this. HJ asks if she wants to live like her? welding? YJ says she will find a good man and have a good life. HJ asks if thats why she goes to clubs? YJ doesn’t care, she is tired of living in this tiny home. HJ tells her to shut up, but YJ says she will find a foreigner and marry him if she can’t find a korean man, even if she sells her body. HJ slaps her head, pushing her away. HJ shakes her asking if this is how she raised her? DS comes asking whats wrong? HJ says she own’t be treated like human if she doesn’t study. She wanted to go to college but couldn’t b/c of her and ST oppa. She wanted to at least graduate from high school but she was busy earning that she couldn’t. HJ cries and throws stuff on the floor. ST scolds her to stop, she is so busy earning money, she can’t even see her brother? Who is the person that brings money home? HJ asks how is he the main earner? After graduating, he hasn’t brought any money to their home. He’s wasted it all! ST is about to hit her, but DS stops him. She tells HJ to stop too, if Chun saw them he would not be happy. HJ is walking away, and DS asks where she is heading now? HJ asks who will take care of the soju stand? someone has to be there. YJ cries, and ST is upset.

HJ is at the soju stand, drinking soju. DS comes there , and tells her to stop blaming ST, what he said is true, and everyone knows about what she’s been through. When Chun died, she too had to take care of all 4 of them as a mother. HJ says its not b/c she’s lived in difficulty, but b/c its unfair. She really wanted to go to college, she could have found a good job, and they would live well. But DS wanted to send ST to college and didn’t let her go. why? DS says she didn’t know ST would be like this. HJ: Now JJ and YJ have to study, noe one understands how she feels. They are all like this. (crying) When will we start living like normal people. DS looks at her with sad eyes, and then snatches her soju, and says its for customers, and then tries to drink it herself, and HJ and her have a tug of war for the glass. Customers some, and HJ immediately gets up and starts serving them. She also finishes up cleaning and closing the stand, while DS sleeps. HJ wakes her up, telling her to head home now. its 3am.

While everyone is sleeping at home, HJ tucks her sisters in. She then studies for her interview, midst yawning. She tnen goes and tucks DS in her blanket, and prepares rice for the morning in the cooker. It’s morning and she goes out on her motorbike.

The chairman that CH arrested earlier, asks what he must do to not be in prison? CH tells him to pay all the taxes he owes, and money for all the damage, make a public announcement and get rid of smuggling charges. CH also tells him to help out the shipbuilding company too. The chairman figures out that he got arrested b/c he cancelled the contract with Cheon Ji. (I guess DH still uses dirty tricks). CH says its just advice, what does he want to do?

DH is screaming at IM in his office. There is a billion dollars on the line..yikes thats a lot. IM says sorry. DH says he won’t be able to do it. As a son he should follows his footsteps but he is so small. He worries about the future of this company when he looks at him. IM looks hit hard, especially when CH calls DH, and DH is all smiles and laughs. CH on the other line, tells him that he did as DH told him to. CH asks him to call his Chief, since he needs to accept this. DH gladly agrees. IM looks really pissed.

CH is in JW’s office. OMG JW cleaned up well. CH tells him they will have to denote the arrested Chairman, and JW asks why? they have enough evidence to put him behind bars. CH tells him that that man already agreed to make a public apology and pay for all the wrongs. JW says it won’t work, keep that man in prison, but CH says he can’t. The Deputy Chief (the one CH asks DH to call) has already agreed to letting him go. JW gets up, angry. He is CH’s boss, how can he directly go to the deputy chief? BH comes in to visit, she greets CH, and senses the tension. JW asks CH why the real reason is? He wasn’t like this before. CH tells him to ask Chief, he leaves. CH too looks like he let JW down. JW sits back down, with a deep sigh. BH asks whats going on? JW says its work related, but how can she just stop by like this? She heard he put up rooms for rent, and her room is one of them. why? He says there is not ‘her room”, its his home. She just sleeps over without his permission, even when she has a good house. She laughs and jokes, and then gets to the point, if he touches that room, she will just sleep in his room, on his bed with him. JW i startled, what? BH asks if he is doing this b.c he wants to sleep with her? and laughs saying she isnt that easy. He tells her to leave. She scolds him not to tell her when to go, she will leave when she wants to. LOL these two.

HJ is getting ready, and YJ comes in with a dress for her. She ignorantly says she heard about her interview, she should wear good clothes. As soon at YJ leaves, HJ takes it and looks at the outfit happily.

CH is waiting for her, and HJ comes there calling out “oppa” when he waves at her, she is walking to him when her heel breaks and she falls. He runs to her asking if she is okay? She takes the heel and wonders how this can happen? CH laughs, and says its a bit weird seeing her dressed up and wearing heels. He massages her foot, asking if hurts? She says “oww” when it hurts, and CH looks at her, and they smile all cute.

He takes her to to the shoe store, and she tries on a heel. He asks if she likes it? She says yes but its costly, she doesn’t even wear it often. He says she can wear it when she sees him. She tells him that ppl say if he buys a  shoe for her, she will run away. He laughs, telling her to try running off, he is an expert at catching ppl. She laughs.

They look at clothes that she can wear for the interview. He picks one out and she says she doesn’t have to get it. He tells her not to worry, he can afford this much, he is well known as a prosecutor.  She goes to try it on, and he gets a call from KC. He doesn’t pick up.

KC is at a restaurant with DH and his whole family. He tells DH, that CH might be busy. GH smiles saying its been a while since they all ate together. IH asks KC how the food tastes? He says its good. IH says she is making a lot of money. She goes to get wine. GH asks KC if IH is a good type of girl? KC agrees. GH says she is asking seriously, how does he think about her with CH? DH, IM and KC look at her, not really smiling. especially IM. IM tells her not to even joke about this. GH says she is serious, since DH is taking care of his wedding, she wants to take car of IH’s. She doesn’t like rich families or politicians. IM slams his glass on the table, and raises his voice “mother”! DH shouts at him to not talk like that with GH. IM pleads DH to say something. DH, though he isn’t smiling, says CH is not bad, he is fine for IH. DH isn’t really that happy when we see his face. KC continues eating, and he smirks, as if he has a scheme.

At another restaurant, HJ is eating a lot, and CH watches her, admiringly. He already at with co workers earlier. As she eats, he parts her hair behind her ear. She doesn’t even react to it, they are very comfortable and close to each other. CH cautiously tells her that IM will be interviewing her, he might have remembered her. HJ says she doubts that bastard remembers her. She asks if its b/c he is worried IM might find out about their relationship? CH says its the opposite, he already wants to tell his father about them. WAIT WHAT? they are dating? i never knew they were this serious. HJ tells him not to tell his dad yet. He is a prosecutor, and she doesn’t even have a diploma. He says that doesn’t matter, but HJ says it does to her, and it will matter to his dad too. CH asks how long they have to keep meeting like this? She says sorry, and asks him to wait a bit, until she gets hired, and gets a good status. He smiles and tells her to eat more, hiding his disappointment. She is done so he says he got her a hotel room to stay in.

HJ is totally stunned at the room. its beautiful. She tells him to sit, and he says he needs to leave. She asks if he is tired? and he says he worries she might be. She isn’t though. He says ok then he can stay are chat a bit more. HJ goes to see the bed. She calls CH to sit on it too. they both sit on the bed, and they bounce on it while sitting (i know this sounds wrong, but it isn’t lol, idk how else to explain it), they laugh and look at each other, becoming conscious, but smile. CH says he has to make a quick call, and goes to another room. HJ lies on the bed, saying its comfortable, wondering when will be the next time they see each other.

CH calls his dad. KC is really eager to tell CH about the marriage proposal, so he tells CH to come home quickly. CH goes to tell HJ he has to leave, but she is already sleeping. He sits next to her, and holds her hand and parts her hair, and kisses her on the cheek. He gets up to leave, and looks back at her one more time. He says that when he is with her, he too is so happy he could die.

KC is waiting outside the house for CH. As soon as CH comes, he runs to open his door (he acts like a butler to his own son tsk tsk). He asks why he didn’t pick up his phone? KC tells him that GH and DH want him to marry IH. CH is in disbelief, and asks to repeat it. CH  tells him to stop talking nonsense. KC says he sees hope. CH starts walking away, and KC says its not like that.

IM sees KC walking after CH, asking him to listen to what he has to say. CH is ignoring him. IM looks disgusted. He goes inside and drinks water and slams the glass on the table twice. Trying to breathe out his anger. GH comes and asks whats wrong? did he fight with DH again? IM asks if she is serious? CH and IH? GH asks why he is like this to CH? IM says he is a servant’s son! IM asks if IH was her real daughter, would she still send her off to someone like CH? He walks away. GH is shocked, and tries to control herself.

The next day, HJ heads for her interview. KS is at the smae place, he is looking at a boat design plan. He takes the plan, gets on his motorbike and rides away somewhere.

HJ enters her interview room. IM tells her to sit down. HJ introduces her self and sits down. IM sees she only graduated Middle School. Another interviewer says she got the highest score on the practical test. She can even beat the winner of their company title winner. She also has 10 licenses in many engineering fields. HJ jumps in saying she can also read blueprints, and is CAD certified (whatever that is), and knows a lot more. Just then, KS walks in. IM says his name “Ryan Kang..” KS wants to talk to IM. IM says he is in the middle of an interview. KS says this is not the time for interviews, he isn’t using blueprints they agreed on or the pipes. does he think he is laughable? KS then angrily throws all the papers, and they fall to the ground. HJ gets up and picks them up. She gives them to KS, and he recognizes her as the one from the club last night, the one that flipped him. HJ too recognizes him as from the club. KS says: You..!

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  1. good luck for the exam and thousand gratitude. i love your recap. you’re the only one who recaps may queen. gonna follow your great recaps till the end. really love it. thanks a lot.

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