May Queen Teaser Pictures Episode 9 & 10

Alternate Teaser for Episode 9 can be seen here:
Young HJ is seen opening her eyes in the water (where the episode 8 left off, and swimming upward). Scene shifts to the grown up HJ, who is driving a motorbike. KS (Kim Jae Won) is seen in a yacht with lots of girls in bikinis, oooh he turned into a playboy. Next scene, KS is at a club flirting/dancing with a girl, and HJ comes there, and she kind of chokes him by pulling onto his tie, and back flips him (like min young did to lee min ho in city hunter) and he ends up falling on the floor. (this scene is funny!! lol) KS seems so surprised, and scared of her. And then grown up CH is shown (its the same scene from the original preview for episode 9)

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