May Queen Episode 8 Recap


DS, ST, YJ and HJ start crying, feeling helpless, and hopeless. BH finds them, and asks why they are sitting under a bridge? what’s going on? HJ is silent and looks at the rest of her family.

While KC is working in the garden, BH is helping pull HJ’s cart. She brought the whole family at DH’s home. KC is wondering why they are here? BH tells them to wait, she goes to talk to GH about their situation.

BH tells GH inside about JW’s arrest, and blames it on DH. GH says she will look into it. BH brings IH and GH out to HJ’s family. GH whispers in BH’s ears what happened to them? and how can they stay at her house? BH says they will be homeless if they don’t help. DS says some things to make her and her kids look pitiful. CH invites them to stay at his house. KC is not sure about this. DS and the kids head to CH’s home.

Meanwhile, prosecuters come inside GF’s office, KS is there too, and they tell him he is under emergency arrest for tax evasion, and embezzlement. NOOO!! They hand cuff him and take him in the car, and GF tells KS not to worry, he will be out soon. KS looks worried.

GH goes to see DH at his office, to inform him that JW got arrested, and needs to be released! DH asks why she is being this way? GH says it happened because of him. DH says its a problem between the police and JW, not him. She shouts at him to have him released, he has the power to do it!!! DH sighs and says he will look into it. GH also tells him that HJ’s family is going to stay at their house for now, but he needs to get them a home. DH is surprised.

HJ is drying washed sheets by hanging them. CH helps out, and says he will do it. HJ says sorry b/c of them he has to give up his room. CH says he is happy she is here. HJ says she is too, and they smile. While they are trying to dry the sheets, holding each end of it, HJ loses her balance and ends up falling towards CH, he catches her in an embrace. (this scene was rather unbelievable). They let go, and seem shy, and just then annoying IM comes and asks CH if he is dating that beggar? HJ shouts that she isn’t a beggar, and he tells her to take a look at herself, and her situation. CH tells him to stop, not to take his frustration out on her. IM says it must be true, he does like her, that’s why he is being so defensive. IM starts to lightly slap his cheeks, telling him to answer him. HJ is getting annoyed by him so she gets a broom, and starts hitting him with it. LOL! love this. IM asks if she lost it? She says she has totally lost it, why is he bothering people that did nothing to him? He needs to experience it too, that feeling of being bothered. CH tells her to stop, and GH comes there, and sees this.

GH brings HJ inside for a scolding. You know, the same routine, misunderstanding the situation, and taking HJ as a bad girl. HJ is sorry, and GH tells her to shut up. She notices HJ’s worn out clothes, and asks what happened to the clothes that she gifted her? HJ hesitantly says she sold it, and GH is upset. How can she sell someone’s thoughtfulness? GH tells her to stop explaining and leave, its not like they will be staying here that long anyways. HJ bows and as she is walking out, she looks towards GH again.

At night, DS can’t seem to sleep, and HJ asks why? DS doesn’t know what to do from here on. HJ uses Chun’s words that even though its so dark that you cannot see, it doesn’t mean the world doesn’t have light. So to not be sad. HJ says she will do well, even if she has to leave school. She won’t make them starve. DS asks why she should leave school? If she really wants to support them, she must keep attending school. She can’t get a proper job if she doesn’t graduate. 🙂 well, at least she has some heart in her.  She tells HJ to sleep, and then tries to touch HJ’s head if affection, but takes her hand back, tearfully. I think deep down, she still loves HJ as her own.

BH is waiting outside the police station wih a bag of food. JW is released, and BH runs to jump on him and hug him tightly. JW complains about her doing this early in the morning. it’s embarrassing he says. She asks if he got hurt? He says if people saw her they would think he got released after being locked up for 10 years. BH says its bc she was worried. She tells him that GH asked DH to help you get out of jail, so she knew he would be out at this time. She gives him tofu to eat, but he declines so she stuffs it in his face, and he does the same back to her.

They go to HJ’s home, and think about what they will do? since HJ is homeless and didn’t even get compensated. He tells her to not worry, he will be able to sleep at other ppl’s home since he knows them. BH tells him the village will be gone soon. He says since he already started, he should see it to the end. He also tells her to take care of HJ. She asks why he treats HJ like family, he can’t even take care of himself. He tells her go stay with her family, and she says she needs to watch him, since he lives so indecently. He asks where she is going? She tells him he told her to go help people move. JW smiles, and she shouts at him to not smile, she hates him. LOL they are so good together.

At the police station, GF is trying to call people like senators bt no one is willing to listen to him to help him out. GF asks who the police who was the person that wanted him arrested? He is pretty sure its DH, but the police don’t tell him. GF gives in, he tells them to call DH, he will give up the pear orchard. One officer gets up and slaps GF’s head with a book. He tells him that he is a criminal now. GF is angry, he shouts at them to call his lawyer. The officer lightly slaps his cheeks and tells him to call his lawyer himself. He slaps him really hard this time. OH NO!! POOR GRAMPS 😦 The other officer stops him from hitting GF, but that guy is really mad. The police tell him he will be arrested for at least 10 years, not matter what. They tell him his era is done, he should worry about his grandson now. GF gives in, and asks what DH exactly wants from him?

DH is on the phone thanking someone for all the help, he will never forget this. (I think he is talking to the police). so many corrupted bad people in this drama. I can’t wait until, CH, KS, and HJ grow up and kick this ass hard. DH gets up, and looks at him window, saying that one era has finally ended (referring to GF’s era).

KS and their driver/bodyguard are waiting outside the police station. GF comes out, looking not so well. KS runs to hold him, asking if h is okay. GF pats his shoulder. The driver asks if they should go to the hospital? He says he is fine. They go to the ship yard, and GF tells KS to go to the states, and stay there until he gets a doctoral degree. KS argues back, but GF tells him that their company will be gone. GF says he started off as a welder, and through sheer hard work, he made this huge industry, but now someone else is taking it away. 😦 He continues, with pain seeping out of his words, that he is old and useless now, so KS, as his grandson, needs to fight for it, instead of him, and get it back. Go to America, fight over the top ranked people there, win over them, after that they will have some hope of getting the plant back. KS asks when he needs to leave? GF tells him to leave today. KS asks if DH is responsible for this? GF sighs and says he lost to DH, he is scarier than he expected. He asks KS if he will be able to take the plant back when he returns? DH is going to expand it. KS confiently tells him that if its expanding thats even better, b/c he will take the expanded part too when he returns. GF smiles and pats him on the shoulder. BOO YAH! I WANT TO SEE KIM JAE WON!! though i will miss Park Ji Bin as KS.

KS is going to meet CH I think, and IM stops him. He rubs it in KS’s face, that he read the newspaper about how his GF got arrested. KS doesn’t say anything, but clenches his wrist. IM asks why he came to his house? Is he going to ask his dad for help? KS ignores that and asks if it’s true that HJ is staying here? IM: wow that beggar sure is popular, well it goes without saying, she will fit him more now (that his GF lsot the company). KS calls him a bastard and punches him to the ground, and asks if he wants to die? pause…OH HECK YEA!! THAT PUNCH, AMAZING *claps hands* T_T well deserved for that prick. play. IM looks up at him and laughs, he gets up and says his punch was good, but a punch is just a punch when he has a good background. KS is about to punch him again, but HJ calls KS out, “liar oppa…what are you doing here”? IM looks at both of them, and comments they look good (in a mocking way), and tells KS he will see him in school after vacation. HA! too bad KS will be in America! HJ makes a face at him as IM leaves. She asks KS why he got into a fight with that jerk? KS holds her hand, and picks up the bag he brought, and asks her to see him for a bit. He is dragging her, and she let’s go and asks why he is grabbing her hand like that? KS tells her that he is going to the States. She asks why? He gives her the gift bag, and tells her he won’t be able to keep the promise of showing her how shipbuilding works. He gives her this instead, its a model of a boat, that he made. Its a drilling ship, to pump out oil, its the most costly. HJ is shocked at how expensive it is. He tells her to make ships like this. She asks how can she? He says she is good at welding and repairing, his GF started off as a welder too. She is sorry that she has nothing to give him in return. He takes off the head band she is wearing, and says this will do. OMO OMO! i ship these two. She asks if he is sure? its more of a loss for him this way. KS hugs her, she tries to let go, but he keeps holding her. He says he won’t be able to see her for a really long time, so take care. Just then, like any typical drama, CH sees this. HJ sees CH watching, and lets go immediately. She tells him even if he is going to the moon, what does that have anything to do with her? KS just smiles, and HJ walks off, passing CH too. LOVE TRIANGLE! ohh my fan girl heart, i personally like KS-HJ more. KS looks at CH, doesn’t say anything though.

HJ walks and stands in the garden, saying “She won’t be able to see him in a really long time”? She looks at the ship model, and then feels her head, where she wore her band, and thinks back to how she first met KS, and all the times they shared together. She cracks a big smile 😀 SHE CARES!!! YAY THERE IS HOPE!

KS and CH are sitting, and CH asks why he is leaving to the US? KS says his GF ordered it. He won’t see him until he graduates college. KS also tells him its good for him huh? since he can hold onto to HJ now, without any competition. CH seriously tells him he doesn’t want to joke around right now. KS says then as a friend, he wants to ask for a favor, he wants CH to leave this home. (DH’s home).  He is smart, so when he becomes successful, he must leave this place, and never look back, because this home and him will be enemies when he returns. He doesn’t want them to be enemies. OH GOD, this is just great, in the synopsis it says CH becomes DH’s son in law, this is just perfect..they will be enemies then. I totally shipped these two too! 😦

GF signs all the papers for DH. DH tells him to not be too upset, he was going to retire soon anyways, just think of it as early retirement. Spend the rest of your life relaxing he tells GF, and GF clenches his teeth.

GF goes to look at his industry for the last time, and screams out “THAT BASTARD!” over and over, and breaks down. 😦 He cries painfully. KS comes behind him and watches, bitterly. don’t worry gramps, KS will bring it back.

KS is at hte airport, ready to depart, when a crying IH comes there. KS asks why would she be here? She cries asking if he is really leaving? She asks why? KS smiles and says its b/c she annoys him too much. aww I like how he doesn’t speak with hate. He tells her that while this oppa is gone, she should grow up, and meet a good guy. He rubs her hair, and says he will miss her too. She says she will follow him to the US, and KS jokingly says he will run to Africa then. She cries, and he holds her shoulders and says in time she will forget him, and then we…its nothing, take care, he says. He walks away, and she stands there calling his name and crying like a little girl, that she is. KS is sitting at his terminal, holding HJ’s head band, he gets up to go.

HJ is cleaning up DH’s home, and she sees the ship models in his office. She holds one, its similar to the one KS gave her. DH comes in and tells her not to touch them from here on. She says sorry. She asks if this is a drill ship? the one that pumps oil? DH is impressed. She asks if he will be making one like this? He puts his arms together, smiling. She says she heard from the villagers, that’s why he is demolishing the village, to expand the ship plant. He asks if she is mad too, that he took her home away? She denies it, saying it wasn’t her home in the first place. She was just asking because she wants to know how to make a ship like this. He asks her if she wants to make ships? well if she does, she needs to study a lot first. She asks how much? He says she needs to graduate college, and study abroad too. HJ looks disappointed, and he says i guess ships aren’t something she should be interested in. HJ agrees with him. IH walks in asking why she is here? HJ says she was cleaning. IH tells her not to, its the housekeeper’s job. Also, her mom told her to give her some clothes to wear.

HJ tries out a pretty white dress. IH praises her, saying good clothes give her wings. Isn’t she grateful? HJ says she feels uncomfortable wearing this. IH tells her to listen to her, when she tells her to wear it, she should wear it, instead of talking too much. DH also says she looks pretty. IH tells her to spin around. DH laughs at the girls, enjoying themselves. IH suggests HJ put her hair up. While, IH puts her hair up, DH notices the burn mark on HJ’s back neck. He stops smiling, and is shocked.

He walks out of the house, uneasy. He goes towards KC;s home, DS and KC come out. DH asks DS, if HJ is her real daughter? KC is shocked. DS is upset, who told him this? She is her real daughter, she gave birth to her after holding her inside her belly. APPLAUD! she finally did something right! DS asks if he is looking down on her b/c they are poor? DH says that’s not what he meant. DS continues that HJ even looks like her, when they go to the market, ppl say they look alike. DH apologizes, and asks KC to see him. DS stands there wondering how DH knew?

DH asks KC why he brought HJ’s family here? KC says it was ordered by GH. He orders KC to send them somewhere else by tonight, he will take GH out as a distraction.

KC goes to his home, thinking. He then gets the paper he found at Chun’s home with the tel.#, and he gets the money he was going to give Chun for his debt. He calls the debt collectors over.

Later, HJ comes in to CH’s home. DS, ST, and CH are sitting. CH gets up seeing her in the white dress. She asks if she looks weird? CH says she is really…really pretty. HJ tells DS she will take it off right away, but DS says why? it looks good (DS isn’t looking directly at HJ though). ST asks why DS didn’t say anything like last time? HJ smiles. Just then the debt collectors come in. CH tells them to leave, this is his house, not theirs. The push him to the floor, and HJ is really pissed, she tells them is a cold voice, that if they lay a hand of CH, she won’t stand still. KC comes in, and they sit and talk. KC pretends that he just found out about the debt. KC says he will pay it back, but don’t harass them. DS asks why should he pay? KC says Chun died b/c of him, if it weren’t for him, Chun wouldn’t have come here. KC says in return they need to leave Ulsan, and go back to where they came from. CH and HJ seem sad.

KC gives the debt collectors the moeny, and tells them to keep their promise. They agree, but they want the rest of the money from him. more money? oh perfect. Walking back, he runs into CH and HJ. She is very thankful. CH also apologize for misunderstanding him. KC tells them to sleep, and walks off. CH hold HJ’s hand. KC turns to ask why they aren’t coming, and he let’s go immediately. CH runs to his dad. In HJ’s hand, CH left a note.

The next day, HJ and her family are ready to leave. IH is sad, and asks them to stay, her mom was going to find them a home. DS says no. IH tells HJ to call often and visit in the winter. HJ says ok. IH cries saying everyone is leaving, first KS oppa and now her. She thanks KC and gets on the truck, and it drives off. Where is CH? The truck is driving, and HJ looks sad, but as she is looking by the bushes, she sees CH standing there, watching her. CH’s voiceover from the letter: HJ, we will meet again, contact me for sure, wherever you are. If you are worried about my dad, you can send it to my school. To me, who didn’t know how to smile, and was filled with darkness, you taught me how to smile for the first time in my life. Because of you, I found out that this world isn’t hopeless. I know now, how to get through life. Just like how you want to make ships, I want to own the big ship plant. lets believe in ourselves. let’s take care until we meet again. HJ smiles. She tells the driver to stop, she runs to the big rock by the water and bids farewell to her father Chun. She will take care of the family too, and come back to visit. Stay well and don’t worry, and I love you. Chun is shown in the sky, crying.

GH and DH return home. Their maid is complaining about how HJ’s family didn’t take the garbage out before leaving. GH notices her baby Yoo Jin’s clothing in the box. GH frantically asks if it was HJ’s family that threw this away? DH is shocked, and GH starts crying out Yoo Jin’s name. She calls for KC, and asks what this clothing is doing here? Why was this in HJ’s garbage box? DH says she is mistaken. GH says she knitted this herself. She begs KC to tell her. He says he doesn’t know. GH wonders if her daughter is still alive? by chance is her it HJ? KC says no that can’t be. GH says HJ could be adopted. KC says he saw DS pregnant with HJ. DH tells her she is overreacting. GH screams out why this clothing is here? DH shouts at KC to find out why HJ had it. GH wants to come along. DH looks tense.

KC runs into his home, and calls the debt collectors again, asking if they arrived? He tells them that HJ must not reach Hae Nam (the place HJ’s family is going to).

GH, DH and KC arrive in Hae Nam, where HJ used to live. The house is a wreck. GH asks where they went?

The debt collectors throw HJ and her family to the floor, in some unknown place. HJ says they promised to return them to Hae Nam. They lock them up, and leave. The leader tells them to take the girl to the island, and they can figure themselves what to do with the rest. YJ starts crying, as HJ knocks on the door to get it opened.

GH and the rest are still waiting for HJ to arrive. DH tries to convince her that it can’t be HJ, and she probably doesn’t even remember if she really knitted this clothing. GH says she is sure she made it. She needs to meet HJ! KC says its possible they got the clothing from somewhere for their new baby. GH says she needs to see DS at least then.

HJ and DS are digging there way out of the old barn they are locked in. The hole is big enough to YJ to go out and unlock the door. YJ tries but the lock is too high up. YJ gets a bigger brick and stands on it, she reaches the lock and opens the door. They run without their stuff, but HJ goes back to get KS’s ship model. awww. They see the debt collectors coming so they hide. The debt collector says they only need HJ. I think HJ hears that, she tells DS that they need to depart from here on, and meet up at the bus terminal.DS holds HJ’s hand, and pleads her to not go. HJ says its ok, tehy will meet up, and tells ST to take care of the kids. HJ calls out the debt collectors and lures them to another direction. DS cries for HJ.

GH is asking people if they know HJ?

DS, and the rest are waiting at the terminal for HJ. They wonder why HJ isn’t here yet?

HJ’s been caughtm they debt collectors put her on a boat, and they get on too. She asks why they are doing this to her? She needs to take care of her family. If its money they want, she will pay it surely. She bites the leader, and runs off. They chase her. She ends up by  a cliff, the only way to escape is the ocean. She says “father, please save me”.  while clenching her wrist, she jumps in.  The debt collectors are shocked. HJ is in the water, with her eyes closed.



Jae Hee as CH: I am Park Chang Hee of Ulsan Supreme Prosecutor’s Office. Do you want me to call all reporters and make a nice scene for a photo shoot?

Kim Jae Won as KS: Is the production instruction sheet done?

His employee: Not..yet..

KS: why are you so slow like that? (he says it calmly)

Han Ji Hye as HJ: Hi, ajummoni.

market Adjummoni: what are you doing right now?

HJ: I am your top customer, you should add this much more at least.

HJ waving at JH: Oppa! (she trips and CH runs to her)

CH: are you okay?  (and then shy’s away)

HJ: Hello, please take care of me. (at an office, KS is there)

KS:  Chun Hye Joo? (looking surprised/ not smiling)

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