May Queen Episode 2 Recap

Main Characters:
Hae Joo (HJ) played by Kim Yoo Jung and later by Han Ji Hye
Kang San (KS) played by Park Ji Bin and later by Kim Jae Won
Chang Hee (CH) played by Park Geun Tae and later by Jae Hee
In Hwa (IH) played by Hyun Seung Min and later by Son Eun Seo
Ki Cheol (KC) = CH’s father; DH’s servant
Do Hyun (DH) = IH and Il Moon (IM)’s birth father & Geum Hee’s second Husband
Geum Hee (GH) = IH & IM’s adoptive mother; married to DH; HJ’s birth mother, but both of them don’t know this.
Yoon Jung Woo (JW) = HJ’s birth father’s brother, her uncle, unbeknownst to the two.
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Important Notice about Recaps

Hello everyone, I am sorry I haven’t been updating on my blog for the last week, I am on vacation with family and I will be back next week (August 12th). I am writing this via my phone, since I don’t have my laptop with me. its impossible for me to write recaps without my laptop. T_T
I will start updating immediately upon my return home. Thanks ^^