Unexpected You Episode 17 Recap

Terry is a really good husband, he really looks out for YH when its truly needed. MS’s constant behavior toward YH needed to stop, and hopefully it does after this episode. But I want Terry to come to understand how important it is to support his whole family, rather than just his wife. Always taking his wife’s side can hurt his parents and sisters, in ways he has yet to understand.

On another note, I am so glad someone other than Il Sook knows about her divorce. Now that YH is aware of this, Il Sook can maybe seek comfort from her, as not only a sister in law, but a friend. I think YH should open her heart to Il Sook as well, I think these two could be great friends.


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A Gentleman’s Dignity (New Drama)

This drama is awesome in so many ways!! hahaha my favorite line in the first 2 episodes that have aired so far: Kin Do Jin to Seo Yi Soo: “I know what your butt did last spring”. It just sounds so intimidating, but perverted, though the situation last spring was far more different. By the 1st episode Do Jin had already fallen for Yi Soo. Don’t you just love it when the male lead falls in love first? I am going gaga with this couple. I hope people can check this out šŸ™‚

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Unexpected You Episode 14 Recap

Every character in this drama have their own flaws, as wells as their own charms. YH, though usually ignorant about many things, and spends more time worrying about her own life, decided to sacrifice something she wanted for her husband’s happiness.

If there is one character in this drama that I truly admire, it is Il Sook. I really feel for her, and I hope one day her ex husband realizes that he was wrong, though I don’t want them back together. She deserves much better. I can alreadyĀ foreseeĀ the heart break her parents are going to face once they find out she has been divorced and abandoned by her husband. She is really strong though, I would’ve been a bigger wreck than her, if I were in her place.

As for YS and JY, they finally cleared their misunderstanding! JY is getting back at her for all the times she talked rudely to him. Its funny too watch, how can a grown up man like him be so childish?

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Unexpected You Episode 13 Recap

You can see the fear in his eyes, when he saw YH at the park. I hope one day he comes to understand why YH is so strict with him, she doesn’t want him to end up like their older brother. I think love might change him in the future, it will teach him what responsibility is.

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Unexpected You Episode 12 Recap

Poor Jae Young is being pushed around by YS without even knowing the proper reason why? He even has dark circles now T_T

Hopefully YS clears this misunderstanding about JY soon. What I want to know is, how will he react when he finds out she thought him and Yoon Hee were having an affair? He will be shocked lol

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Unexpected You Episode 9 Recap

OMG i am totally shipping YS and JY right now!! I can’t wait until their relationship develops more! JY is the funniest and cutest guy i’ve seen in this drama. He is a cutie!! This pic is during the scene when YS and JY are talking about him taking her handmade table. yep I am going down with this OTP!! xD

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Unexpected You Episode 8 Recap

At this point it’s pretty obvious that Yoon Bin and Il Sook are going to have a love line in this drama, through the episode. I am just curious about how she will turn thisĀ narcissistic man into a normal person. Also in the process, Il Sook will come to see him as a normal person instead of a popular celebrity she was fan crazy about. And I already can’t wait until her ex/husband finds out, when these two fall in love.Ā Ā He will probably turn into a jealous husband, who might leave his lover, to come back to Il Sook. This is just a guess though.

On another note, I think that JY’s view is changing about YS. He probably does have a little bit of interest in her, and its growing by the episodes.

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Unexpected You Episode 4 Recap

This episode was important for a lot of reasons. 1st of all Yang Sil knows the truth yet decides to hide it from her family. She has a secret, she knows something about how or why Terry/Gwi Nam went missing as a kid in the first place, and somehow it involved her. The way she was behaving it could be something really serious. 2nd reason, Jae Yong is formally introduced, and judging by the circumstances in which him and YS met, it’s pretty obvious that their love line will develop! I can’t wait. I think JY is the type that likes to be beat up or screamed at by a girl. That’s probably why YH was his first love. I wonder who will fall for who first.

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Unexpected You Episode 1 Recap

I am the type that usually watches shorter dramas, like Roof Top Prince, Moon Embbraces the Sun and etc. But the first long running drama i saw was Ojakgyo Brothers, and boy was it AWESOME! i liked its plot better than most dramas I’ve watched, and I have watched A LOT. Unexpected You is the drama that started airing right after Ojakgyo Bros. and it even recieved higher ratings than it’sĀ preceder, so thought I would give it a try. I love it already. I want to recap it because I want people to give this drama a try. The love lines are going to be great!! there are 4 different love lines, and all of then are funny, cute and really interesting.


Terry (aka Bang Gwi Nam) and Yoon Hee Couple

The Bang Family elders

Cha Se Kwang and Bang Mal Sook couple.
Yoon Hee’s brother, and Terry’s sister

Jae Yung and Bang Yi Sook couple! THEY ARE SO FUNNY and cute!!

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